Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’

By Haresh Ashara, 39, Brisbane, Australia

It was TIME: enough with holding back and getting lost in the conundrum of justifying monies spent in investing in my body.

“Either way this body is going to die”: I had a choice to make to either live with diseases, aches or pain (which was inevitable with the way I had been living – when nothing had worked in the PAST). Or, I could try something new… 

It was time to ditch the voices that forced me to find rationale – but did not have the answer to why I felt JOY, Harmony and Love every time I had a session or attended a workshop with Universal Medicine.

Common Sense, huh? Doing the same thing in the same way will deliver the same results. It was time to try something new, and jump into that which had a proven track record of feeling joyful. It was a time to invest in something big.

The Universal Medicine Retreat in Vietnam was my first step. The moment I walked into the hotel room and opened the balcony, I felt at home. The view, the smell in the air, those trees, that buzzing noise brought back cosy feelings of my HOME. My body felt right at home and my feet found bounce.

Five days in and the retreat felt like being in heaven and felt like a confirmation with a big stamp “WELCOME back HOME”. WOW!

The HARMONY, The JOY, The brotherhood, The feeling of oneness, The all – inclusive men’s circle – Knights of Hoi-An. I was loved and loved and loved – it reminded me of just how Lovable and Amazing I am.

Finding love and support within, this chrysalis broke the shell and grew wings. I swear by my wings that I didn’t drink RED BULL. Not even Sugar. And yet, it felt like the most natural thing I know – no high, but a true reminder of what I can live each day.

On the last day, at the celebration dance, my body just knew how to move. The mind had a shocked expression on its face with the way the body was moving. It was moving with the divine rhythm and connection. My body became completely fluid. I’ve never danced that long with joy. This was my first time that I really enjoyed it.

I now know who I am – I am much greater, and more love than I imagined.

And, yes, I do have wings, not like red bull, but those of a Son of God – who chooses not to fly, but to walk firmly and lovingly on this Earth.

Inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

214 thoughts on “Universal Medicine Retreat… Growing WINGS without RED BULL’

  1. It’s refreshing to see people appreciate something they have seen or become re aware of. Why are we so critical of ourselves and each other a large portion of the time? Why is it more often then not we will first find a fault in what someone is saying or doing then simply appreciate them not matter what is being said. Regardless of what I may think at times it’s great to simply and truly appreciate people not for what they do or have done but just for being who they already are. We are all looking for the same thing in different ways and appreciation will support us all to see it sooner.

  2. “I now know who I am – I am much greater, and more love than I imagined.” A priceless investment in yourself that keeps on growing.

    1. So true Mary for when we invest in building ourselves and clearing away the unnecessary rubble we can all live the greatness we innately are.

  3. No need for red bull when you already have wings to fly through life. Everyone is capable of immense potential and we certainly don’t need sugar to give us the energy to live it as in itself by allowing it to be it is very invigorating.

  4. The Universal Medicine retreats are an amazing experience, they are life changing but not in a rah-rah kind of way, but by offering a deeper connection to our own beings, and to the truth of our place in the universe and how to live in connection to that. They are a form of universal medicine!

  5. Haresh your beautiful description of the Retreat in Vietnam is inspiring me to attend next year, we all have the potential to grow our own wings with the amazing support of Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon and all the gold that these Retreats consistently offer us.

  6. We tend to settle for something that brings us a state that we find satisfactory (in relative terms) until we come across something that brings a state of wellbeing we did not even knew that was possible. Business as usual is no longer possible afterwards.

  7. I get a great feeling just reading these inspiring words Haresh and at the same time I appreciate all the superlatives in the world convey only a fraction of what is felt at a Universal Medicine Retreat?

  8. I love the conundrum of feeling like you are flying, but doing so in a way where I feel solid, both feet on the ground, no hype. That is a sustainable joy that is deep and precious – to be savoured and built upon.

  9. I loved your sharing of so much joy and appreciation for your experience at the Universal Medicine Retreat, I have felt this when I have attended past retreats, they have been totally inspiring and so joy-filled, a taste of heaven on earth.

  10. Haresh you have so beautifully captured what I too felt when I attended the Vietnam Retreat. I walked in one immense joy filled body for those days. Creating a new marker for what was possible in my everyday if I chose to stay with those movements.

  11. The way you describe it, it becomes very tangible what living like a Son of God is like, Haresh. We all have these markers, and then it is saying: I will live this way every single day.

  12. So cool, made me smile, made me want to finally invest in a Vietnam Retreat, well maybe a few more years as I have 5 children to organise, once they are older, they will be exited to have the house to themselves but for now, you have inspired me and excited me about the day I will invest and how much I will love it when that day comes, thank you.

  13. Haresh, your sharing here is an absolute Joy to read. Having attended these events myself, I absolutely resonate with the power that they hold, and just what is on offer here for us all to re-connect to the truth of who we are – the soul-full being of Love, that deserves to walk this planet in all of his or her own glory.
    I trust that this expansion has never left you since…

  14. Oh you inspire me to want to go to one of these retreats in Vietnam! It has been one of my goals but I never seem to make it! I can feel the depth of joy and the lightness in your body, there is no sugar high or caffeine hit to give you this, it is clearly true vitality. Goodness, how would we not be inspired by this?!

    1. Lucy, the Universal Medicine Retreats in Vietnam are amazing events – the presentations by Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and other guests offering the deepest inspiration for the true living of life that I know, and the place offering its own particular magic that allows one the opportunity to light up from the core of one’s being, and expand… as Haresh has so powerfully shared here.
      There is definitely something special about Hoi An in Vietnam, that allows one’s body and being to let go – a tension usually felt in everyday life in Australia (as astute as we may be…) drops away…

  15. I have never drank Red Bull but I can totally relate to what you are sharing Haresh. The Universal Medicine Retreats are incredible, every time I attend one I feel I am absolutely ready to be more loving, more joyful and more playful, and ready to embrace life. Every experience supports me to deepen my relationship with myself, with God and people around me. It is very, very supportive for anyone and everyone.

    1. I love what Haresh is saying about the evidence of what’s good for us is in how we feel, especially within our body and even in how we move, as well as the qualities we can reconnect to inside of ourselves like joy and love. All of this beauty is definitely our home; it starts from our heart and spreads outward! And, I agree, who wouldn’t what to invest in more of that through everything that Universal Medicine offers?

  16. More Joy, more Love, more Harmony, more Stillness and a lot more Truth; are all needed on earth now! Lucky they are all the qualities we naturally and divinely bring by virtue of being universal beings. So.. what to do? Live it in every step and make a mark to inspire others.

  17. It is interesting that today we as a humanity rely on so many artificial substances to keep us going because we have stepped away from ourselves and a simple way of living.

    1. So true Kristy, and that is because it requires more energy to live disconnected from our essence. Once we choose to reconnect to our essence and live love, joy and harmony consistently we will have more energy than we need and naturally this would then start to feed back to humanity bringing healing to earth.

  18. I love how you express it Haresh, that you have wings with which you choose to walk firmly and lovingly on earth. We all do and as we learn to live with those wings it brings a whole other level of lightness to living and being here, being all we are. Thank you for sharing as you have, I beamed reading it today.

  19. ‘And, yes, I do have wings, not like red bull, but those of a Son of God – who chooses not to fly, but to walk firmly and lovingly on this Earth.’ And with every step you take you are blessing the earth, confirming yourself and others it is possible to live the love that you are, beautiful Haresh.

  20. Beautiful Haresh, we are all connected in a beautiful way and know what is needed to bring us back, sometimes it is a session or a commitment to go on a retreat and feel how it is to live our life without the burden of our own protections loving and being loved.

  21. Very cool Haresh. I love your openness to ditching past choices and giving something new a go. And it’s fair to say you picked something both out of the ordinary and extraordinary at the same time!

  22. Coming up to the UK retreat this is a real joy to read. That so many meet to reconnect and confirm we are all here to support ourselves and one another to evolve is divinely beautiful. All my choices to the contrary can just drop away as I choose love once again.

  23. I had a similar experience too Haresh, on the celebration night of the retreat I attended, there was so much joy and love in my body – I felt amazing. I was strongly connected to myself and the flow on from that was being so connected to others and so much love for my fellow brothers and sisters. I had only experienced a night out like that before, under the influences of alcohol and drugs. That night of the retreat I was being me, all of me, sober and in bed by 9pm! It was completely amazing – a strong marker in my body to know what is possible.

  24. I found that the voice in my head had too many negative thoughts and that I would convince myself that I was far lesser than I actually was. Through Universal Medicine, I have reconnected to my essence from within, and it is far more powerful than the voice I used to allow to guide me.

  25. If we all ‘walked firmly and lovingly on earth’ and we all moved with the same flow and grace, the world would look and feel very very different to what it does today.

  26. Since we tend not to register how our movement affects us, we hold no record of how many collision courses we have set in. Some are more immediate and obvious. Others are more long term ones. To be able to understand that our movement has consequences that will happen sooner or later and that we can avoid them by changing our movements is nothing short of fantastic. This is the kind of insights we get from Universal Medicine, in addition to the practicalities of what does this means.

  27. “And, yes, I do have wings, not like red bull, but those of a Son of God – who chooses not to fly, but to walk firmly and lovingly on this Earth.” – Love this Haresh! ‘Wings’ of presence not of escape, beautiful.

  28. “It was time to try something new, and jump into that which had a proven track record of feeling joyful.” This sentence, I can’t help but smile. Just as we can dive head first into projects, missions or even drama’s and suffering I ask myself now “What if I dived in head first into all the ways of life that bring me joy?” Theres no resistance from my body thats for sure and any that does come up I know cannot be coming from my body. Thank you Haresh.

  29. Oh I love this – and boy oh boy is it a call to go to a retreat! Thank you – I feel like I smelt the air you smelt! What I also deeply appreciate is when people come back from these retreats and share, those who did not go to them can feel all you unfolded in yourself come through your writing and we are all blessed. A call to go ourselves.

  30. When we live in divine connection with ourselves and everyone else there is no sugar or food that could replace this joyful feeling.

  31. I loved what you shared so beautifully Haresh, I too love the joy harmony and heavenly love that I have felt at the Universal Medicine retreats, a deep sense of brotherhood amongst so many people.

  32. Haresh, I just relived my first retreat in Vietnam. It gave me an incredible marker for how I can live each day in incredible connection with myself and the all.

  33. Haresh, you have shared very beautifully what it feels like to live from our essence and the Universal Medicine Retreats supports us to deepen our connection with our essence and to make the necessary adjustments to our daily rhythm for this deepening to occur.

  34. Love what you have shared Haresh as you have expressed so beautifully how natural it feels when we choose to live in connection to who we are, to our Soul. As Sons of Gods here on earth this is our true way of being, living the oneness of the light that we are, here to shine and magnify this love through the everyday lives we live.

  35. “I now know who I am – I am much greater, and more love than I imagined.” Now this is True Love – the love that we are all seeking.

  36. So beautiful to read Haresh of the deep joy you found within and the absolute love that you are, that we all are as sons of God.

  37. It is obvious that you learned what feels it is like to fly once again, Haresh. True flying, as we are meant to be as the Sons of God we ALL are. Is this why we like speed in fast cars and planes so much? And love to dance in such a free way, as you described?

  38. Haresh,
    An absolute game changer if we continue the do things as we have always done them, nothing changes, but if we choose to change even the slightest in how we move our body, everything changes. The beauty in your sharing is that we do have choice, as you have offered, a choice to continue with old patterns, or not.

  39. Such a pleasure to read. The investment in something that enables you to find this place within yourself is beyond priceless and what the mind can ever find rationale for… but the heart and body can’t but know as truth.

  40. Universal Medicine 5 day retreats are an amazing gift to oneself. 5 days of dedication and commitment to learn to live life as the soul would live it as opposed to how our spirit chooses to live. I have now done six or seven of these and every single one of them has been life changing, each one has aided me to evolve.

  41. The choice to walk lovingly and firmly on this Earth is a beautiful one. It does give a sense of having wings as there is true freedom in this choice.

  42. Thank you Haresh. I have just been part of the 2016 Universal Medicine Retreat in the UK and am deeply inspired by all that was shared to feel an ever deepening commitment to the purpose of life and to live love in every movement and moment.

  43. Reading this Haresh brings a smile to my face, there is so much joy and love at the Universal Medicine Retreats that is experienced by everyone – no need for sugar or stimulants when we say yes to this true love and brotherhood.

  44. Thank you Haresh, beautiful appreciation and celebration in this blog, coming up to the 2016 Vietnam retreat! No coincidence I found this blog on the eve of my first Vietnam retreat! The words, I was loved and loved and loved and being at home, are well received. Wings ready to be expand…

  45. Thank you for sharing Haresh. It’s beautiful to feel the joy of your experience of the Universal Medicine retreat. These events are truly life changing and evolutionary.

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