Playing with Life and Waking up with Me!

by Clare, Customer Service and Child Care Worker. Canberra 

This morning as I woke, I felt – ah… is it Christmas, is it my Birthday? Then I realised, no, it is me! I am lying here, gently tucked in under my blankets, with Me. This felt so warm and so beautiful… it is not Christmas, it is not my Birthday – I have simply woken up with Myself, in all the beauty that I am.

Feeling the joy I felt as a child, feeling the glow of the day dawning, feeling my heart sing within my chest, feeling how, as I lay myself to rest so lovingly the night before, I have woken refreshed, inspired and divine. This Is Me. This is all of us. This is Love.  

Good morning!

With the love and support of Universal Medicine, the simplicity of feeling who we are at heart is on our doorstep, if only we choose to open this door and let love in. A love that is not scary, it is strengthening; a love that does not pretend, but only asks you to be more, when you are ready. A love that says, life is joyful, come play with me!

Today I will play, with life and with me, to enjoy the sun, the birds, the builders next door and the work that needs to be done, for all of this is life and all life has its place.

How fantastic to feel and to know this and to allow myself to express this.

What a joy it has been and forever will be, if I continue to choose to wake up with Me.

657 thoughts on “Playing with Life and Waking up with Me!

  1. “What a joy it has been and forever will be, if I continue to choose to wake up with Me” – absolutely. And why wouldn’t we?

    1. Very beautiful, simple and joyful way to be, ‘Today I will play, with life and with me, to enjoy the sun, the birds, the builders next door and the work that needs to be done’.

  2. The innate beauty we connect to at the end of a completed day, a day that was filled with purpose allows us to sleep in away that then allows us to awaken feeling vital and alive ready for the next day and thus waking up with yourself as you have shared Clare.

  3. If you have ever played Sims you may know what I am referring to, but recently I have been waking up feeling like my bar for sleep is full. In the game each person had a bar for their basic needs – food, sleep, toilet, etc. when you made them eat or sleep the bar would fill up and they wouldn’t need to eat or sleep any longer. If the bar for sleeping was full, it would be green, and then as it starts to get empty the green becomes fainter, eventually turning into yellow, then orange, and then red when they have been deprived of sleep. When on orange or red, the characters would walk like they are very tired, they would think about sleep and wouldn’t be able to do activities for a long time before the draw your attention to the fact that they need sleep and so on. My feeling is that the majority of us live our lives on the yellow bar at best, but mostly in the red. When you think about your day, how often do you think about wanting to sleep? How often do you feel tired and not rested enough? Although I feel quite full of energy and rest well during the night, I don’t always wake up feeling like my sleeping bar was filled to the top but when I do, my perception of the world and my day are completely different.

    1. Going back to this game, I remember what a metaphor for real life it actually is. At some point I got an addition that the characters in the game could go to university. During their university years, all I made them do was study, I had even discovered cheat codes which I could type in so that their needs were fulfilled in order to make them study 24/7 & better their skills but not worry about sleep, food and so on. I used the cheat codes because without them it was almost impossible for my characters to graduate with fulfilled needs – the hours of the day were just not enough. A few years after playing the game, I went to university & can tell you that many of the students lived exactly like that – deprived from their basic needs, on the cusp of a burn out but since in life we don’t have cheat codes, we have pills, drugs, coffee and sugar and many, many people rely on these pick me up substances to go through the day, week, month, degree. We graduate with a piece of paper at the expense of the systems within our bodies – endocrine, digestive, lymphatic and so on. The harm done often is difficult to reverse & we are then thrown in a workforce which rarely supports its workers to thrive.

  4. “With the love and support of Universal Medicine, the simplicity of feeling who we are at heart is on our doorstep, if only we choose to open this door and let love in.” Beautiful Clare, and all we have to do is align – and choose.

  5. It’s a beautiful marker to feel our beauty, our true beauty underneath the physical. I have heard it many times that the inner beauty is more important than the outer, but I never got to understand it until recently. When the inner beauty is truly ignited, when a person – a woman or a man are okay with the glow, the shine on their skin as they wake up and are simply content in their body, there is a beauty that is not earthly – it is beauty that cannot be matched or covered by make-up, it is seen and felt.

  6. Waking up with ourselves in full – feels amazing. I love spending time with me under my duvet before getting up and embracing the day ahead.

  7. “This morning as I woke, I felt – ah… is it Christmas, is it my Birthday? Then I realised, no, it is me! ” I love this sentence because it expresses so beautifully the joy that is felt when we are deeply connected with ourselves.

  8. For the most part, many of us crawl through life in a deep slumber with ourselves. Hence why the reawakening can be such a joyful process.

  9. Who we are, the love we are within is a gift to this world, one that needs to be claimed and deeply appreciated within ourselves, celebrated and shared with the world. When we do, freely and simply be who we are, the joy becomes more and more our normal.

  10. It’s true when you are just in the moment fully present life takes on an enjoyment that is felt in the body that is undeniable.

  11. That’s sounds like a freakin awesome way to wake up! How many adults could say that… very few I don’t regularly feel like this but quite often and it is enormously enjoyable.

      1. It takes self care to a new level because it’s not just about the body that is cared for, but also our being so we can wake up with the joy of our true selves as Clare did. It brings a new and very needed dimension to self care.

  12. When we welcome the new day with a heart full of joy and an openness to the potential of the day, it blesses us with a new beginning regardless of what has happened in the yesterdays prior.

  13. “What a joy it has been and forever will be, if I continue to choose to wake up with Me.” – a true re-awakening.

  14. Joy is such a gorgeous feeling – and to think that most of us have striven to be happy, make others happy, have a happy life…when joy is there all the time waiting to welcome us home.

    1. Beautiful Elaine. Having only recently come to be open to feeling joy in my body, it’s a permanence, unlike happiness which is fleeting.

    2. Beautiful Elaine, and it reminds me of the many times I have compromised being me in full to “keep others happy”, when I could instead just choose to be the joy I naturally am and let go of how they react or respond, as at least joy is something real and a truth to share.

    3. As we grow we begin to believe that joy is something to be found outside of ourselves. We are constantly disappointed when we never find it. What we don’t realise is that it is waiting for us inside, very simply for us to re-connect to.

  15. We all knew that delight of waking up, feeling lovely to just be us, and wondering what the day will bring. I don’t know many adults who wake this way anymore. Its great to know that is not something we need to leave behind in childhood.

  16. ‘Today I will play, with life and with me, to enjoy the sun, the birds, the builders next door and the work that needs to be done, for all of this is life and all life has its place.’ I love this! I know I’ve been dampening down with the ‘I’ve got so much to do, I haven’t got time to play and appreciate.’ Such nonsense. Had a big moment of appreciation as I do a bit of driving for work and it was a beautiful day. There was once a time I would drive and be in the stress of what the next thing to do when I got to where I got to and be totally preoccupied away from loving the autumn sun. Now I can let go of all this and enjoy the day. There is much more space to appreciate and fully be present but that’s great to feel too.

  17. Going to bed and waking up connected to ourselves, changes our lives as we become more deeply connected within, and our choices change as we realise that life is about purpose, and not at all about self.

    1. So true Sally, the way we tend to ourselves when we go to bed is a major influencing factor in how we feel when we wake up and subsequently how our day unfolds.

  18. Beautiful Clare. As I write this the sun is shining through the shutters, the birds are having a party outside and I am feeling appreciative of the grandness of love we are. What a joy.

  19. Waking up to serve need not be seen as a struggle but one of absolute joy for what a great joy it is to wake to playfully be you

  20. Waking up fully with ourselves – and going to bed with ourselves too – leads to a beautiful following day. Appreciating and celebrating ourselves feels so important.

  21. “With the love and support of Universal Medicine, the simplicity of feeling who we are at heart is on our doorstep, if only we choose to open this door and let love in.” Beautiful Clare and so true. Love is always on our doorstep and the first step can be to go within and love ourselves.

  22. This blog is such a beautiful reminder of who we truly are – when I read it I remember my own splendour.

  23. It ought to be normal to feel this way. As soon as I start to notice that this same joy and love is not being felt in my expression then this is a signal to me that something underneath is going on and it is medicine to look deeper and be honest about what I am feeling.

  24. It is a beautiful insight whenever we notice a new way to express or receive love as the blog by Ingrid describes very well.

  25. This week I really felt moments when I reconnected with just how delicate and gorgeous I am. It’s so lovely not needing anyone else to confirm this or need anything from someone to make me feel ok.

  26. This amazing sharing brings me back to appreciate all what I am. The sparkle of joy that I can be if I deeply care my body as it deserves.

  27. It is very refreshing to read your sharing Clare, specially today that I didn’t wake up feeling so light. I love the joy that each one of your words brings. Any festivity or celebration on the calendar can’t compare the joy for being the preciousness we are and all what we can bring from our essence.

  28. You prove that no one is more gifted than another. It is about us, how we put ourselves to bed, what choices we make, that we can feel as a result as glorious as you do. We either align to the fire that is equally within us or we don´t.

  29. I experience my heart singing when I go to see a Universal practitioner, it is the most amazing feeling the whole of my chest is literally singing with the joy of knowing that I am going to be with heaven even if it is just for a short period of time. Now I feel that my heart needs to sing always so that everyone else gets to feel the immense joy we can all experience by meeting one another in the fullness of life.

  30. The moment you enjoy yourself, everything you do is just fun. No matter what it is. Bringing yourself to anything you do, is maximising any chore or any job or any simple move. We can choose. Nothing can be boring, only when we disconnect.

    1. The only question remaining is, how much do we allow to see the magic that is actually all the time around us?!

      1. …as every moment can be a new beginning for something grand, if you but allow it.

  31. I love your supper sweet inspiring blog, reminding us all that we can wake up with us everyday when we choose a consistent loving way to live.

  32. It’s incredible to wake up feeling yourself, feeling light, rested and ready for the day.

  33. Clare, I agree. One of the loveliest features of my life is that I wake up and on quite a few days actually feel good and that without any anticipation – no Christmas or birthday or any reason.

    1. In fact, Christmas or birthday how we know it to be, is actually boring and dull compared to the feeling, when we are connected with ourselves and celebrate our own spark.

  34. Coming back to me is a simple choice in each moment that allows me to feel the natural joy that is within.

  35. Finding a way to deeply rest or go into repose so we sleep with our body that is closed down, so at the end of the sleep we are fully rested, as you have shared Clare. This is definitely a science that is opening us to the many woes we have had in our many lives because of the normality of sleep deprivation. Thank you Clare for much can be learned by listening to our bodies, and that our natural sleeping rhythms, is what our bodies have always been asking us for. Most of us from a young age have been deprived of sleep and maybe a study could be conducted around true sleeping rhythms.

  36. I love this blog, as it reveals how much I can focus on what is wrong with me, when all the time within me is this natural joy and playfulness which is patiently waiting for me to reconnect and live in fullness.

  37. How we go to bed and the influence that has on our next day has to be the greatest medicine I was ever taught. It is a forever deepening relationship and one that brings great healing.

    1. Agree Lucy, it makes perfect sense that the quality we take to bed is what we wake up with. Even simple things like allowing the body to wind down before sleep can make such a difference.

      1. Yes, well worth putting a winding down practice in place. The dedication to being consistent in the standard of Love you want to live as your normal is something that is worth investing in.

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