How Crazy is That?

by Joel Levin

I participated in the Livingness One Workshop run by Universal Medicine last weekend. The workshop explored at its simplest level, how we can live from our essence.

In small groups we explored the presented possibility that life has two possible directions along a single continuum…

One direction is our glory, our divinity, our amazing light. That direction remains ever-an-option for all to take. That direction is love, it is joy; it is our true expression.

And so the other direction can only start with the pain of separating from that love – it can only start with a hurt. Continue reading “How Crazy is That?”

Lies about Love

by  Johanna Fredericks, Bachelor of Education, Perth WA

The lies about Love that I have fallen for were exposed to me yesterday when I attended the Couples Workshop held by Universal Medicine. As it turns out, it wasn’t really just for couples, it was actually a ‘Relationship Workshop’ – about our relationship with self and our relationships with others.

We were asked simple and direct questions that, for me, exposed the false ideals and beliefs that I was holding on to around what Love is. Continue reading “Lies about Love”

Letting People In – True Love for All

by Nicole Serafin, Tintenbar, NSW, Australia

I recently attended a presentation by Universal Medicine that dealt with relationships and letting people in.

At this presentation, the level of love that was being presented was so deep you could not help but melt into what was here being offered – love and only love.  Continue reading “Letting People In – True Love for All”

My Guide

by Rod Harvey, Marketing Manager, Gold Coast, Australia

Throughout my life I looked to others for inspiration, or to be my guide. They included teachers, work colleagues, sport coaches, team-mates, self-help dudes and the myriad of ‘successful’ people I read stories about.

While I enjoyed their stories or accomplishments, little they said or did really rubbed off on me.

In early 2007 I listened to a presentation by Serge Benhayon and there was enough in what he said to intrigue me to go back again. I liked how Serge spoke in an assured yet humble manner. He was totally different to any of my previous role models.   Continue reading “My Guide”

Esoteric Yoga: The Yoga of Stillness

by Lyndy Summerhaze, Crabbes Creek, Australia

When I sat down to write about Esoteric Yoga and stillness the question naturally arose: “If we don’t know stillness how can we know true movement?” This almost felt like a basic tenet of what yoga is all about. We move and speak using the energy that is already present in the body – and if that energy is in disarray, then our movement and expression will be of that same quality. I have come to realise that to know and connect to the stillness within the body is first essential if I want to move and speak in a true way.  Continue reading “Esoteric Yoga: The Yoga of Stillness”

I am Worthy. Reclaiming Myself as a Son of God


I was a deeply religious child – I felt the immense divinity surrounding me. I remember driving along in the backseat of our family car looking at trees in wonder of how they came to be. I used to pray to God at night because I could feel his presence around me and I wanted to honour that by saying his prayer.

And then I got older and started to see more… Continue reading “I am Worthy. Reclaiming Myself as a Son of God”