Words by Serge Benhayon…”Be Love”

by Katinka de Lannoy 

I met Serge Benhayon for the first time in June 2008 in London. My first impression, without having heard him speak, was one of simplicity and warmth. If I had been honest my true feeling was to never ever leave his side again.

I spent ten days in England that time for a couple of Universal Medicine workshops and courses. An amazing experience which would change the way I saw and understood life. This was mostly something I felt on a deeper level, not something my mind could understand at the time.  

The first times I personally spoke to Serge Benhayon we did not have long conversations. Actually, for a long time I was not able to be close to him for more than a few minutes. But that was all okay, for Serge has the ability to say it all in only a few words, two if needed. The few words he said to me were “be love” and “just be all that you are”.

In the years after I never forgot these words. Somehow they were always there in the back of my mind. I can see now that I have been trying very hard to not feel who I truly am. This was before I met Serge, but I also continued to feel that way for quite some time after that event. I did not want to see the simplicity of what he teaches – to just be ourselves.

Today it is not clear what exactly happened that made me stop resisting, but I did.

Today I choose to come back to this precious beautiful being that is me, every time I get distracted.

Today somehow it’s just not possible, or at least too painful, to do or think anything that is not loving and supporting of me.

It all began with the words “Be Love” and I am finally allowing myself to be just that…

242 thoughts on “Words by Serge Benhayon…”Be Love”

  1. What I can feel is how powerful it is when words are spoken with a vibration that matches with the truth represented by the words, and we do not need many words to communicate that truth.

  2. It is all we have to be because it is who we are, where we are from and what we are made of, yet I for one, needed Serge to remind me of what I have always known but not lived, therefore have slowly forgotten and replaced that knowing under a few layers! Unpeeling those layers takes a while but is so worth it because life is simpler being who we are.

  3. I am beginning to get a sense of what ‘Be love’ truly means in my life. For a long time after meeting Serge Benhayon I didn’t get what Serge meant by ‘Be love’ and if I’m honest I am still learning what it means to live from the love that I am. The word love has been so misinterpreted in all areas of our lives but every untruth including the bastardised meaning of this word called out in my life I am saying yes to being the love I am.

  4. Those few words ‘Be love’ and ‘just be all that you are’ are so simple and yet if we could all fully understand what this means and could adhere to it we would have heaven on earth.

  5. ‘Be love’, these 2 simple words have been life changing for so many people worldwide. Thank you to Serge Benhayon for consistently reflecting to us all how to make our movements more loving and true.

  6. We can be loving to ourselves and then next moment there is a deeper level to discover.
    One day certain clothes are ok to wear and next moment I feel the material is not soft enough for my skin.
    It is a beautiful path of return to discover the depth of our love once again.

  7. Haha it is so easy to be everything else and live in the complication of this yet we struggle with something so simple- ‘be love’.

  8. Beautiful reading Katinka. To make life about just being love – and doing everything with love – took me also quite a while to see that is the essence in life. And not all the things the world asks us to do, our job requirements and personal goals. Seems simple, but is big shift. Just be love.

  9. Yes absolutely Katinka, I was so far from being love, that I really had no idea what Serge even meant when he said those words. Always living a false sense of love where I thought love was a doing, the idea of being love was so foreign to be incomprehensible to me. That was then. Now I have grasped it and it is a life changing thing to come to understand.

    1. Doug reading your comment it feels beautiful to reflect on how much we have all changed because of those simple words “be love”, and the connection we all have now to the true love within ourselves, a lot for us all to appreciate.

  10. Katinka, I’m not sure what has happened for me either, I can so relate to what you are saying as I am, after a number of years of fighting it, starting to accept that all I need to do is ‘be love’.

  11. HA! I love your positive reaction to Serge’s words ‘Be Love’. I for one, can say I have felt very disgruntled hearing those words, particularly when I first heard them. Be love? What does that even mean. It used to drive me mad. As I slowly shed layers of hurt and protection, I’m warming to the idea…I mean it makes perfect sense, ‘be all of you’, what else is there to do on this planet if not be all of who we are? It’s perfect, and testing all at the same time.

  12. I love the simplicity yet a power punch of a blog to bring it back to who we truely are – Love. When in the thick of it, “be love” & “just be all that you are” is all the confirmation I need – thank you.

  13. It is through the acceptance of the love, which is natural within ourselves that we know that nothing is capable of getting in the way of us living it the fullness for the good of the all.

  14. “It all began with the words “Be Love” and I am finally allowing myself to be just that…” Perfect in its simplicity and a message for humanity.

  15. When words are spoken from one who lives love as Serge Benhayon does, they are incredibley powerful and amazingly healing – and we all have access to this when we choose love.

  16. When the two simple words ‘be love’, are mouthed by one who live this in full, it can have the effect of dismantling within us all that we have put in place to not live this love, if we are ready and we heed the call.

  17. I have often heard the words “Be Love” from Serge and as simple as those words are it is it seems to me to be incredibly hard to honour them as there is so much rubbish in the way. Mostly self bashing stuff like a sense of worthlessness, lack of any appreciation. So there is a lot of discarding that takes place before the love can grow and blossom but when that spark reignites once again in our bodies it is such a grand feeling and the warmth melts the cold heartedness we were living with to be replaced by a sense of joy that bubbles up from seemingly nowhere.

  18. I feel that when people attend the workshops, presentations of Serge Benhayon there is a transformation that takes place and I feel it takes place in the body first and the mind gets in the way, but if you stay open to what is presented it just makes so much sense and that for me is when I came to the understanding that my body knows much more than my mind will ever know, so it’s more prudent to listen to the body as it doesn’t lie.

  19. Beautiful Katinka. I recently been contemplating on my first encounter with Serge and the email exchanges too. My first words with Serge was how I always struggled for the truth and his constant reply I always receive is to live what I know. I have chosen to struggle in other words instead of being the love and all that I know.

    1. Thanks for your comment Rik, it makes sense to me also that when I am in struggle I may be resisting the truth I know.

  20. What a blessing to have someone like Serge Benhayon to consistently reflect and remind us of how amazing and loving we all truly are.

  21. Thank you Katinka for a beautiful sharing of such simple words, words that hold the universe within them, for we are love made by love and come from love, and love is all there is, all the rest is an illusion.

  22. It is simple and profound when what someone offers us, we choose to actually receive. It is all to common for us to reject all of life’s offerings and then act like we need answers, when in fact all of the answers are given to us time and time again.

  23. It is a natural process, is it not, to get in touch with one’s Love – and then wrestle with it… Have we not done this over and over and over again, for millennia? And then, it becomes a powerful process – or we could say, one of self-empowerment, chosen from a very deep level of our own Will – to embrace this Love, and never turn back.
    The realisation along the way, is that we needn’t have ever ‘turned back’, or indeed ‘turned our backs’ on Love in the first place. Yet to dwell in this past is not necessary, if the Glory becomes treasured and truly accepted within.

  24. A beautiful sharing Katinka, on the power of having such simplicity presented to us – from a body and being that lives it to the bone (and then some).
    And so our world changes…

  25. How we live as a humanity is quite far from the love that we are so it can take some time to let go of what we have come to think love is and return to a greater love within and allow this to be expressed.

  26. When we simply choose love as our foundation, our whole life changes because our choices come from love first, rather than just a reaction to the outside world.

  27. “Be Love” these words invite us to feel the quality of love, and to then live it. A quality that ignites every cell in our bodies that brings absolute joy to the moment, the minute, the hour, the day, the life in which we choose to live it.

  28. In the simplicity of Love, we know who we are and can live that day in and day out. Be Love is a gorgeous reminder to simply be who we are and see that same love in everyone else.

  29. How can two words like that, two words we might individually use a lot, now mean so much more? Answer is: the livingness of that love and being all of that. So hence, when Serge Benhayon has written those words or spoken them out, it comes with a livingness that carries the love of being, and hence, those words are no longer simply just words – but a living.

    1. Well said, thank you for the reminder that words are sounds that have a ripple effect and therefore those that come with a lived way can impact our bodies, our hearing, in a different way. In this case it reignites something deep inside us that knows this is where we are from, what we are made of and who we are – so simple. We are Love.

  30. A beautiful and simple sharing Katinka.. If we were all able to remember these words that Serges Benhayon has spoken many times (be love), knowing that we are indeed love and we are here to express Love on this Earth, how many wonderful changes we would see.

  31. ‘I did not want to see the simplicity of what he teaches – to just be ourselves.’ I can relate to this Katinka, I have done my best to be myself instead of surrendering to who I am. The doing is a way to distract and resist the truth, the truth is we are love, and yes we can fight this but we simply always are.

  32. Thank you Katinka for a great sharing. What you share here is the truth and in those simple but profound words that Serge Benhayon shared with you ” Be Love”, is all it takes to change our world if we so choose!

  33. Beautiful sharing Katinka and powerful testimony of the universal truth that is forever shared by Serge Benhayon. Being love is a quality that is universally shared. As when we choose to begin to honor and live our love, who we are in essence, we realise that this love is the truth of who we all are in essence and as such the lives we live is honor of us all.

  34. The amazing thing about Serge Benhayon is that he does not only offer you words, but his words come with a lived way and the reflection of his livingness – this is what makes the transformation possible and ‘all of a sudden’ we are able to let go of old habits and really stubborn patterns, that we tried so hard to work on and get rid off – just gone as if they’d fallen off us.

  35. I can totally relate to experiencing the same feelings you have described so well “An amazing experience which would change the way I saw and understood life. This was mostly something I felt on a deeper level, not something my mind could understand at the time.” This is a living testament to the words of Serge Benhayon that ‘the body is the marker of all truth’.

  36. “I did not want to see the simplicity of what he teaches – to just be ourselves” – I can feel how it was the same for me. It was very challenging to accept that I had actually walked away from the simplest of all things I could ever do in the first place, as I already had a version of ‘me’ that I had become so used to that I even convinced myself that was the true one.

  37. Beautiful Katinka. The words ‘Be Love’ convey so much perhaps most significantly that love is something we embody from our beingness rather than seek outside of us. This simple shift has the power to transform us and our relationships with others. It is as if everything is conveyed in these two words.

  38. Thank you Katinka for a beautiful sharing, so simple so true and so powerful “be love” “just be the love that you are” Serge Benhayon’s words convey so much wisdom in simplicity.

  39. Katinka, how grand it is when we finally get the words that Serge has spoken to us. For me it seems to take a while, until it finally drops in what the full meaning of what he says, in answer to my question that I have spoken with him and yes it is usually for me and the whole of humanity.

  40. Well, these simple but powerful words undo the complexity we create in life “be love” and “just be all that you are”. It also is a moment of appreciation for the many very beautiful ways Serge Benhayon nurtures and supports so many people.

  41. “It all began with the words “Be Love” and I am finally allowing myself to be just that…” I too recall Serge Benhayon saying the same to me. We all have the love inside – we ‘just’ have to let it out so that we can be that love and reflect it to others around us. It gets noticed….

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