The Joy of Music Without the Pain

My past has been heavily entrenched in music. I was always drawn to it as a form of expression – from waking up first thing in the morning singing the latest nursery rhyme taught at kindergarten, to learning to play my favourite pop songs on piano or guitar. I joined the school choir, and I was always playing music on the radio or my favourite album: I worked for a number of years in a CD shop, married an amazing singer/songwriter and have hung out with a lot of musicians. I loved every minute of it… or so I thought. Continue reading “The Joy of Music Without the Pain”

Expressing in Full

by Katinka de Lannoy, The Netherlands

A dear friend of mine is, and has been, a true inspiration for me when it comes to expressing what is just there in her heart and her body to express. She has a love for humanity and a willingness to share her unfolding livingness and joy with others.

The intent behind her expression is never recognition. Continue reading “Expressing in Full”

The Power of Group Work

by Johanna Fredericks, Perth WA

Recently I attended a True Expression workshop held by Victoria Carter in Perth. A small group of about 8 of us participated. The workshop was open, safe, playful and joyful. The main part I wish to share about is the power of group work.

I know that the words group work and singing don’t seem to have much in common but they actually do! I learned about the true power of group work… it was amazing! Continue reading “The Power of Group Work”