Serge Benhayon – The Real Deal

Shevon Simon
Shevon Simon

I first saw Serge Benhayon in person in June 2010 at a Universal Medicine workshop named Heart Chakra 1.

I was amazed straight away that this man stood on what some would call a stage, but it was not a stage as Serge was not putting himself above others and he was not preaching or performing. It was more a platform, of a slightly raised height so that everyone in the room could see him equally and from all angles – so no-one would miss out. This was not for him and in a grandiose ‘look at me’ way, but something you would naturally do to ensure everyone in the room was included – that day I felt included, I felt at home.

Serge Benhayon, Presenter
Serge Benhayon, Presenter

One thing of particular note I realised as I watched him, was that you could get a lot from the way someone walks. Serge walked with a gentle confidence as he moved across the stage. When he stood still his body language was relaxed and open, not slumped. When he rubbed words off the presentation board it was without aggression. I’d never before taken such notice of how someone moved, but these details were standing out very clearly for me to see. I could tell that Serge was not trying but that he was at ease with himself and so his movements came naturally… it felt refreshing. My eyes kept honing in on these details and I felt myself relax as I watched each move.

As Serge Benhayon presented, again I was inspired by the way he was so humble and honest – a very ordinary man. This was a far cry from the many self-help, new age, spiritual presentations I had attended over the previous ten years or so. There was something different here.

Serge Benhayon presenting at a Universal Medicine event
Serge Benhayon
presenting at a Universal Medicine event

The next day Serge walked past me as I stood in a line – this time he greeted me stating “It’s good to see you again”. I could feel the heart warming genuineness in that statement, like he was greeting a long lost friend. My attention really pricked up now: an ordinary man and now so genuine on a personal level.

The Serge Benhayon I saw on stage was the same Serge that had greeted me off stage. It was significant to note that he was no different. He had not put on a show on stage and then he was different off stage. He did not walk past workshop attendees ignoring them or acting like they weren’t there.

I met Serge a year later at another Universal Medicine workshop, greeting him warmly and sharing a hug. I felt that Serge did not want or need anything from me. We were, at that moment, two people sharing their open hearts and then we carried on with our day. I was left feeling confident, special and valued but not different or more special than anyone else in the room and surprisingly not feeling any residue of wanting more from him.

Every time I have spoken with Serge since, whether that’s in person or via email I am treated with:

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon
  • Honour and respect as a fellow human being and as a woman,
  • Directness – no fluff or ambiguity,
  • Love – as in a deep care and consideration,
  • Encouragement and
  • Honesty.

Each time I encounter Serge I am left feeling of value, confident that I am worth being on this earth and that genuine love and kindness is still available. I have only spoken with Serge in person a few times but each time he treats me as an old friend. I have observed he is like this with others too.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are inspiring me to change my life and live with the simplicity of an open and honest heart with anyone I meet.

Serge Benhayon is the real deal!

by Shevon Simon, London, UK

408 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – The Real Deal

  1. Choosing to live a live of simplicity and with an open heart is no mean feat in the face of being constantly told that we need to harden up and protect ourselves from the big bad world. I’m beginning to ask whether the best form of protection is to be open and allow everyone in equally. Surely if we felt accepted and not judged by others, we would feel less likely to retaliate or need to protect ourselves further. It’s possible that there is a very simple way to turn everything around.

  2. Serge Benhayon sure is the real deal and because of that it is a joy to listen to him present. He presents what he lives himself and this is deeply inspiring.

  3. I am with you on this one, I really love how down to earth your writing style is, you can feel that you are a very real and direct person and I respect the way you have delivered this observation to the world. I feel you are speaking on behalf of many that have met Serge Benhayon over the years. I know that you summed up everything I would have liked to share, so for this I am grateful to you.

  4. The genuineness and committed-ness that is Serge Benhayon is constantly inspiring, and words don’t describe how much joy it brings to my life and that of many people I know.

    1. I totally agree Harry – committing to love certainly brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘commitment’, along with a whole new level of joy and liberation.

  5. On meeting with Serge what we share with him in person is so special and unique and leaves us feeling full of love without wanting more, and the amazing thing is that he has the huge capacity of divine love to share this with everyone he meets in his absoluteness.

  6. Serge Benhayon epitomizes the absoluteness and equalness of who we all are, as such represents and reminds us of our innate way of being, that we are far more than what we think and being Soulful is very real and very possible too for us all to live. This is a choice that is always available to us, choice that is forever ours to make.

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