Serge Benhayon – The Real Deal

Shevon Simon
Shevon Simon

I first saw Serge Benhayon in person in June 2010 at a Universal Medicine workshop named Heart Chakra 1.

I was amazed straight away that this man stood on what some would call a stage, but it was not a stage as Serge was not putting himself above others and he was not preaching or performing. It was more a platform, of a slightly raised height so that everyone in the room could see him equally and from all angles – so no-one would miss out. This was not for him and in a grandiose ‘look at me’ way, but something you would naturally do to ensure everyone in the room was included – that day I felt included, I felt at home.

Serge Benhayon, Presenter
Serge Benhayon, Presenter

One thing of particular note I realised as I watched him, was that you could get a lot from the way someone walks. Serge walked with a gentle confidence as he moved across the stage. When he stood still his body language was relaxed and open, not slumped. When he rubbed words off the presentation board it was without aggression. I’d never before taken such notice of how someone moved, but these details were standing out very clearly for me to see. I could tell that Serge was not trying but that he was at ease with himself and so his movements came naturally… it felt refreshing. My eyes kept honing in on these details and I felt myself relax as I watched each move.

As Serge Benhayon presented, again I was inspired by the way he was so humble and honest – a very ordinary man. This was a far cry from the many self-help, new age, spiritual presentations I had attended over the previous ten years or so. There was something different here.

Serge Benhayon presenting at a Universal Medicine event
Serge Benhayon
presenting at a Universal Medicine event

The next day Serge walked past me as I stood in a line – this time he greeted me stating “It’s good to see you again”. I could feel the heart warming genuineness in that statement, like he was greeting a long lost friend. My attention really pricked up now: an ordinary man and now so genuine on a personal level.

The Serge Benhayon I saw on stage was the same Serge that had greeted me off stage. It was significant to note that he was no different. He had not put on a show on stage and then he was different off stage. He did not walk past workshop attendees ignoring them or acting like they weren’t there.

I met Serge a year later at another Universal Medicine workshop, greeting him warmly and sharing a hug. I felt that Serge did not want or need anything from me. We were, at that moment, two people sharing their open hearts and then we carried on with our day. I was left feeling confident, special and valued but not different or more special than anyone else in the room and surprisingly not feeling any residue of wanting more from him.

Every time I have spoken with Serge since, whether that’s in person or via email I am treated with:

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon
  • Honour and respect as a fellow human being and as a woman,
  • Directness – no fluff or ambiguity,
  • Love – as in a deep care and consideration,
  • Encouragement and
  • Honesty.

Each time I encounter Serge I am left feeling of value, confident that I am worth being on this earth and that genuine love and kindness is still available. I have only spoken with Serge in person a few times but each time he treats me as an old friend. I have observed he is like this with others too.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are inspiring me to change my life and live with the simplicity of an open and honest heart with anyone I meet.

Serge Benhayon is the real deal!

by Shevon Simon, London, UK

533 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – The Real Deal

  1. “As Serge Benhayon presented, again I was inspired by the way he was so humble and honest – a very ordinary man. This was a far cry from the many self-help, new age, spiritual presentations I had attended over the previous ten years or so. There was something different here.” I agree Shevon, having spent over twenty years attending various spiritual courses and events and walked away disillusioned by every one. I knew in my body that here was a man, Serge Benhayon, who presented something very different – no arrogance – just love, openness and integrity. No walking away from this!

  2. This is just so lovely to read. And I love how you have observed and captured Serge and expressed in words, this is absolutely gorgeous. And “Each time I encounter Serge I am left feeling of value, confident that I am worth being on this earth and that genuine love and kindness is still available” – how often do we meet people and feel like this? I am just so blessed to have met him as well.

  3. Thank you Shevon, I really enjoyed reading this. The photo of Serge in the lavender shirt is one of my favourites. Serge really is the real deal, that’s why so many people feel so inspired by him, and why we are now also living soulfully and bringing love into every facet of life. Living life from the soul is a very beautiful way of life and Serge is leading the way in this. I noted this point also about “Directness – no fluff or ambiguity,” and it gave me the opportunity to see how much I have changed in becoming more direct, something for me to explore and appreciate. Thank you. Your photo is very cute too!

  4. “that day I felt included, I felt at home” The first day I met Serge I knew I had met Truth and that my life was about to change – and how!

      1. It is interesting to read, and note, that all who meet Serge Benhayon, and continue to attend Universal Medicine events ‘feel blessed’ to have met him. As someone who first met Serge nearly 18 years ago, I can echo that I equally feel blessed, and more…to have met Serge Benhayon, and to continue to have him, and his family in my life.

  5. Meeting people who have been inspired by Serge Behayon has inspired me too. I observe genuinity and hearts full of love bursting out with light in our grey world.

  6. ‘Each time I encounter Serge I am left feeling of value, confident that I am worth being on this earth and that genuine love and kindness is still available.’ I completely agree. Reading this is so inspiring. I love people and if I’m to communicate the value in us, all I need is to be valuing myself to the utmost depth.

    1. Serge always treats each and everyone of us with respect and love, what a great reflection this man is to humanity. One can only love this man very deeply.

  7. Serge Benhayon is so the real deal, through Serge my life has changed hugely no words can describe how much love this man is.

    1. Absolutely, no words can describe how much love this man is; or what Serge brings to the world for all of us whether we are aware of this or not. My God, does this world need people like Serge Benhayon and his family.

  8. ‘One thing of particular note I realised as I watched him, was that you could get a lot from the way someone walks.’ This is so true and something I am learning more and more and gosh you certainly do receive a lot from just observing Serge in his movements ✨

  9. Serge onstage and Serge off stage – no difference. I’ve been on quiet country walks and seen Serge walking with his wife from afar. The harmony in which they walk is just exquisite. Serge is genuine through and through. His love for people has got me to realise mine, and to trust people again even when people do very upsetting things.

    1. There is zero bravado with Serge and he is the same in anything he does (same quality) with absolute consistency whether talking to one person or talking to 300.

  10. I recall an one of my earlier events. I hadn’t yet met Serge and he walked up to me and said hi. Like you Shevon it was like I was being greeted by an old friend and that has never changed.

  11. Being in a workshop presented by Serge Benhayon again today, I notice that he offers a constant deepening of our evolution.
    He does that with a deep love of holding us all equal and with deep respect.
    Also he will not allow people to give their power away to him. The upside….. Serge reflects that you are equally wise when connected to the inner heart.

  12. ” I felt that Serge did not want or need anything from me.” Feeling this from someone can be felt as that he/she does not love us or we feel like something is missing but that is because we have made love to be about need, pandering and indulgence instead of truly being love ourselves first and therefore needing nothing from the other. It is then only a beautiful coming together of two complete people sharing the love.

  13. ‘Each time I encounter Serge I am left feeling of value, confident that I am worth being on this earth and that genuine love and kindness is still available. ‘ How amazing is this?!

    I have to be honest and say that there have been a fair few times when I’ve met Serge Benhayon and I’ve felt all my choices where I’ve not valued myself. But this too is amazing. It’s not everyday someone who lives the beauty he knows and can feel in us all, stands next to you and, though I have tried my hardest, somewhere in me could not deny I too am equally as amazing. So all the choices that weren’t loving were there in front of me as obvious as night and day. I’ve never felt such clarity about who I am before.

  14. Often when we meet the ‘real deal (which is simply a person who is a representation of our true authentic selves by virtue of the way they live and the choices they make), all that is not real, that we have been living and subscribing to, gets revealed. For some this is a release and for others it is too confronting and so they must attack that which is being reflected so that they do not receive a reminder of who we truly are.

    1. Through his movements Serge Benhayon is constantly aligned to the truth and this for many is both very revealing and also confronting because it is through our alignment that we know who we are and the vast majority of people are not aligned to the truth. Most of us move in such a way that we are aligned to a consciousness that wilfully wants us to remain aligned to what is not true and will do pretty much anything in it’s power to keep us from aligning to what’s true.

  15. There are very few people in the world that we can say are the real deal but we can say it about Serge Benhayon. What you see is what you get – a truly loving and genuine person.

  16. Serge is all you describe, thank you for taking the time to share. I love how you describe his movements, simple everyday movements that stop another and remind us that there is another way to be in this world.

  17. Serge Benhayon truly is the real deal, the depth of love he holds for each of us is something I had never experienced before, and seeing Serge and how he is, is a great reminder of how simple love is when it is truly lived.

  18. The beauty of watching Serge Benhayon present is that he is not invested in what he is delivering; it is a presentation only. Therefore there are no hooks to draw us in – only a lived truth that we can either align with or not.

  19. I remember one of the Guru’s I went to, who delivered presentations on stage, but was not accessible off stage to the public because he considered himself “too holy”. Serge Benhayon indeed is no such man, and is on stage the same humble man as off stage.

    1. Wow, I can see how we would buy into such things as a guru feeling he’s more holy than others because religion holds certain people as messiahs or special. Knowing what I do now from my own soul and connection to God such a sense of specialness or holiness that is not equal to others is utterly ridiculous.

  20. A beautiful testimonial – thank you Shevon. I feel the grace in your blog and am reminded of the grace in Serge and in yourself. We are awesome mirrors for each other and the way we move is what creates harmony- or not- in this world.

  21. Meeting Serge Benhayon you can feel an amazing normalness, a huge feeling that here is an everyday guy but who happens to be divine inside. It’s this combination of his connection to the universe and his willingness to embrace work that knock you socks off at first.

    1. Yes Joseph – Serge comes across as a very normal man but you can also feel his divinity and awesomeness. I also love the fact that he is one of the very few people I have met who doesn’t judge anyone.

  22. I agree, Serge Benhayon is the most inspirational, most loving, most caring, most honouring, most supportive and most beholding man I have ever met, and it is a blessing from heaven to have him in our lives.

  23. “Each time I encounter Serge I am left feeling of value, confident that I am worth being on this earth and that genuine love and kindness is still available.” How often do our encounters with people leave us feeling this way? I agree that Serge Benhayon is an incredible extraordinary man, he constantly shows us what is possible if we too make love our first and foremost priority.

  24. What is so interesting to note is how you were so greatly impacted by the observation of the quality of Serge’s movements, which is no different to the great impact we all have with the quality in which we move. Through moments the quality we are connecting to is communicated, as it is this quality that moves us. As you share here just observing the way in which Serge moves we can feel the volumes of love being communicated, which is a reflection of what is possible for us all to also live.

    1. That happened to me when I was walking through a hallway and a colleague saw me and she said she just decided to let go of the spin she was in because she was inspired by the way I walked with such stillness.

    2. So true, just observing Serge, and how he moves, we can feel his vibrational quality, we can feel the love that he lives and emanates.

  25. Serge Benhayon does not change himself to suit the situation, or who he is with, his whole body speaks from a knowing that we are all equal and he never holds back from saying what needs to be said. This is so refreshing in a world that looks for recognition in everything they do and therefore makes life about themselves and what they want from life.

  26. It is true that Serge Benhayon stands up on a platform so that everyone can see him, but that he does not stand up on a stage so that everyone can ‘see’ him.

    1. I would add see ‘him’ it is his utter selflessness that he emanates that is so inviting.

    1. So true Victoria – Serge offers a very real reflection of the ease in which life can be lived when we are in connection to our essence, to love, to our Soul. All of this is felt firstly through the way he moves, before a word is even spoken.

  27. I agree Serge Benhayon is ‘the real deal, he is a man who truly walks his talk and is totally transparent and consistently loving to everyone he meets.

  28. What appeals to me is that Serge Benhayon is an ordinary man, a farther, brother, son, friend. He knows what it is like out there in the rat race of life and what I am learning with the support of Universal Medicine is to be in life absolutely but not get caught up in the rat race.

  29. Each time I see Serge I am reminded that I am more than the physical. I am reminded that I am a Son of God, or as Serge would say I am a God.

  30. Inspiring way of looking at Serge Benhayon, the man I know also well. It is indeed in his moves, the details of it. You very precisely point out the fact that he is not in any way different on stage. Very rare, at least I haven’t seen anybody presenting who did not choose some kind of role when they were on stage.

  31. I think we pick up on the quality of each others movements more than we realise at times, it’s like our body is constantly receiving the energetic quality of how everyone is around us, and without judgement but just through being open to observe and see what’s there we can learn a lot about how we respond to this ourselves.

  32. When we get to see someone/something true and genuine, we get to recognise the falseness we have otherwise accepted and normalized.

    1. A great point Fumiyo, for we do know the truth and register it when it is felt. It is worth remembering as we reduce ourselves and our collective wisdom when we accept anything less than truth.

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