Serge Benhayon – The Real Deal

Shevon Simon
Shevon Simon

I first saw Serge Benhayon in person in June 2010 at a Universal Medicine workshop named Heart Chakra 1.

I was amazed straight away that this man stood on what some would call a stage, but it was not a stage as Serge was not putting himself above others and he was not preaching or performing. It was more a platform, of a slightly raised height so that everyone in the room could see him equally and from all angles – so no-one would miss out. This was not for him and in a grandiose ‘look at me’ way, but something you would naturally do to ensure everyone in the room was included – that day I felt included, I felt at home.

Serge Benhayon, Presenter
Serge Benhayon, Presenter

One thing of particular note I realised as I watched him, was that you could get a lot from the way someone walks. Serge walked with a gentle confidence as he moved across the stage. When he stood still his body language was relaxed and open, not slumped. When he rubbed words off the presentation board it was without aggression. I’d never before taken such notice of how someone moved, but these details were standing out very clearly for me to see. I could tell that Serge was not trying but that he was at ease with himself and so his movements came naturally… it felt refreshing. My eyes kept honing in on these details and I felt myself relax as I watched each move.

As Serge Benhayon presented, again I was inspired by the way he was so humble and honest – a very ordinary man. This was a far cry from the many self-help, new age, spiritual presentations I had attended over the previous ten years or so. There was something different here.

Serge Benhayon presenting at a Universal Medicine event
Serge Benhayon
presenting at a Universal Medicine event

The next day Serge walked past me as I stood in a line – this time he greeted me stating “It’s good to see you again”. I could feel the heart warming genuineness in that statement, like he was greeting a long lost friend. My attention really pricked up now: an ordinary man and now so genuine on a personal level.

The Serge Benhayon I saw on stage was the same Serge that had greeted me off stage. It was significant to note that he was no different. He had not put on a show on stage and then he was different off stage. He did not walk past workshop attendees ignoring them or acting like they weren’t there.

I met Serge a year later at another Universal Medicine workshop, greeting him warmly and sharing a hug. I felt that Serge did not want or need anything from me. We were, at that moment, two people sharing their open hearts and then we carried on with our day. I was left feeling confident, special and valued but not different or more special than anyone else in the room and surprisingly not feeling any residue of wanting more from him.

Every time I have spoken with Serge since, whether that’s in person or via email I am treated with:

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon
  • Honour and respect as a fellow human being and as a woman,
  • Directness – no fluff or ambiguity,
  • Love – as in a deep care and consideration,
  • Encouragement and
  • Honesty.

Each time I encounter Serge I am left feeling of value, confident that I am worth being on this earth and that genuine love and kindness is still available. I have only spoken with Serge in person a few times but each time he treats me as an old friend. I have observed he is like this with others too.

Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are inspiring me to change my life and live with the simplicity of an open and honest heart with anyone I meet.

Serge Benhayon is the real deal!

by Shevon Simon, London, UK

517 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon – The Real Deal

  1. It is true that Serge Benhayon stands up on a platform so that everyone can see him, but that he does not stand up on a stage so that everyone can ‘see’ him.

    1. I would add see ‘him’ it is his utter selflessness that he emanates that is so inviting.

    1. So true Victoria – Serge offers a very real reflection of the ease in which life can be lived when we are in connection to our essence, to love, to our Soul. All of this is felt firstly through the way he moves, before a word is even spoken.

  2. I agree Serge Benhayon is ‘the real deal, he is a man who truly walks his talk and is totally transparent and consistently loving to everyone he meets.

  3. What appeals to me is that Serge Benhayon is an ordinary man, a farther, brother, son, friend. He knows what it is like out there in the rat race of life and what I am learning with the support of Universal Medicine is to be in life absolutely but not get caught up in the rat race.

  4. Each time I see Serge I am reminded that I am more than the physical. I am reminded that I am a Son of God, or as Serge would say I am a God.

  5. Inspiring way of looking at Serge Benhayon, the man I know also well. It is indeed in his moves, the details of it. You very precisely point out the fact that he is not in any way different on stage. Very rare, at least I haven’t seen anybody presenting who did not choose some kind of role when they were on stage.

  6. I think we pick up on the quality of each others movements more than we realise at times, it’s like our body is constantly receiving the energetic quality of how everyone is around us, and without judgement but just through being open to observe and see what’s there we can learn a lot about how we respond to this ourselves.

  7. When we get to see someone/something true and genuine, we get to recognise the falseness we have otherwise accepted and normalized.

    1. A great point Fumiyo, for we do know the truth and register it when it is felt. It is worth remembering as we reduce ourselves and our collective wisdom when we accept anything less than truth.

  8. Totally agree there is no on and off switch with Serge: who you see on stage is exactly the same person off stage. There is no difference, and what he presents is what he lives: that every part is equally important, that how we are in every moment makes a difference. No preaching anywhere in sight, just someone who is simply committed to living life from what they feel, from that innermost part of them, and not the myriad of layers most of us put in the way of that rather direct communication from our own bodies.

    1. Oh if we all did this! Not preach! I get it, it’s hard to not be all enthusiastic when you find something so life affirming, but it would be so great if everyone just took thier lead from Serge and simply treated everyone with love and respect. The true expressions of those words.

    2. The way that Serge lives is beyond commitment, Serge is a living instrument of God, everything that he says, does and thinks is in service to God. Serge is the activity of God on earth, something that we will all be one very glorious day.

  9. I too experienced this feeling of ‘coming home’ when attending a Universal Medicine presentation, and I have heard many students express this as well. Hearing the truth shared in so much love has given me a deep settlement in my body as I am finally re-connecting to the true way of living. One where all people are equal.

  10. “The Serge Benhayon I saw on stage was the same Serge that had greeted me off stage. It was significant to note that he was no different.” – This is certainly a ‘trademark’ of the way Serge Benhayon so consistently expresses in all his relationships irrespective of the context or location he is in at the time. I distinctly remember the first time going to the same Heart Chakra 1 course as Shevon did in 2010 and feeling like Serge not only knew me almost more than I know myself, but was so incredibly open, allowing, and accepting of myself and everyone attending the course equally, without fail. I had never seen another presenter/healing practitioner display anything close to the level of love and integrity in all his movements as Serge showed me that day and during every other interaction since (8 years now and counting).

  11. I agree I think we can pick up or observe a lot from the way someone is walking or moving around, or holding themselves with their posture, it’s a form of communication really…

  12. I love the way that you describe the way Serge Benhayon moves and walks – total harmlessness, moving in harmony with the universe.

  13. Serge Benhayon practises what he presents, on stage and in life, this is such a beautiful reflection.

  14. In reading your blog today Shevon, I could truly sense in depth that in the work we do, we all know each other from many lives before. I have to thank god from deep out of my heart for Serge Benhayon, who is gathering us one more time to restore our work together on that grand plan that we are part of, but have forsaken for a long time.

  15. The more I become aware, the more I notice how important movements are, how much they affect ourselves and others, without a word needing to be said.

  16. Yes it is very special for someone who presents to be exactly the same on the stage and when he meets you personally because the person is just being themselves. I often find it can feel exhausting to be with someone who is trying to be someone or something for you, because that actually asks you, yourself, to give something, a response, that the other wants to be met by. Serge never does that as he is just himself and that invites us to be ourselves too, which is invigorating instead of exhausting.

    1. Indeed Lieke, Serge is not exhausting but instead lights up our inner fire, that abundant source of energy that is natural to us and will never exhaust us.

  17. The ordinariness of Serge Benhayon never ceases to amaze me, and yet the way he moves through life, the relationships he has with people, the things he says are all so utterly incredible it is therefore even more amazing of how ordinary he is. But then this sparks the question… if he is capable of so much greatness in living just normally, then surely that means that I and everyone else is too?

  18. What I have found in life is that the more of the real deal a person is, the more open, honest and transparent they are.

  19. How lovely to read this again Shevon, and I agree from my own experience that Serge is the real deal. He is genuine, sincere, very loving and truthful, and treats everyone equally. Many people, including myself, have been inspired to return to their own love by the love Serge so obviously lives every day.

  20. I first met Serge in November 2010. The word that always comes up for me when I recall this experience is equalness and absolute equalness at that. As you share Shevon, there is no ‘pomp’ in him or around him. He is somehow very ordinary but at the same time one who is deeply loving and truly graceful. Perhaps this is because it is truly natural – and hence ordinary – to be this way. And this has been my consistent experience of him over the past seven years. Serge does not need anything from anyone, but simply presents the truth he knows in his heart for those who hear him to choose to align with, or not as the case may be.

  21. This is a brilliant description of meeting Serge Benhayon, you are left knowing with no doubt that you are equally amazing and that the qualities of respect, honesty, care and genuine warmth are still alive and are available for anyone who wants to live with such a huge integrity.

  22. It is easy to feel at home with Serge Benhayon as the way he is with people reminds us all of the love that we come from.

  23. There are people who come into our lives who change our life completely. Serge Benhayon is one such a person for thousands of people across the world. Look into his eyes and you fall in love with yourself because he reflects the fact that we all come from the stars.

  24. Serge Benhayon is the real deal… no one else I know understands and holds people in the love that he does. He has the ability to confirm, deliver hard truths packed with humour whilst holding absolute equal-ness for all. He is the truest of inspirations.

    1. Beautifully described Rachel, we cannot forget the humour and playfulness that is forever present and supportive for breaking down our resistance to any of those hard truths being presented at times.

  25. Shevon this is so beautifully expressed and spot on about Serge Benhayon, he is nothing more, he is nothing less and he treats us equally and in the same way.

    The attention to detail in everything he does and the wiping clean of the white board just mesmerises me – he treats it so lovingly. No other person I know has presented themselves in this manner before him.

  26. There is so much that can be expressed through the quality of someone’s movements, and you have shared Shevon, being in the presence of Serge Benhayon allows one to feel whether one is living in alignment of that which is true for the evolution of all.

  27. “that day I felt included, I felt at home.” I agree Shevon, I can still feel so clearly the first time I attended a presentation with Serge Benhayon how I knew I had found what was missing in my life and that I had found my way home.

  28. ‘When he rubbed words off the presentation board it was without aggression.’ It would seem to be an inconsequential movement for many if they were to present and rub words off the white board but Serge reflects back to me everything in his movement with this. I see that every movement counts, that everything is everything – nothing is lesser, or less important, that there can be purpose to every movement, that he is fully 100% present and all of who he is in all that he does, that he delivers it all with 100% love and commitment to humanity. Pretty impressive for such a seemingly inconsequential movement.

    1. Totally agree Karin, it’s like it shines a light on all of our movements to remind us that nothing is inconsequential, not in a way to make us paranoid or obsessive but to appreciate how everything is connected and one moment always leaves an imprint there for the next one and has effects on all around us even if we think it may be insignificant…

    2. We’ve been duped or rather we’ve allowed ourselves to be duped into believing that religious gestures need to be flamboyant or grand or hugely introspective but they don’t, and indeed often aren’t. Any movement is a religious one when we are aligned to our soul, hence rubbing writing off the whiteboard can be a very religious movement.

  29. I really get what you mean about feeling confident, special and valued but not more special than anyone else; it’s like when another truly is loving and holds you in that love that you are supported to feel your own worth more and equally appreciate the worth of everyone else.

  30. Simple and true, Serge Benhayon is the real deal and when on my very first course, I felt like I had come home – and I felt I no longer had to search, ‘out there’, to find the real me. Serge was a powerful reflection of everything we all are.

  31. A beautiful sharing of your experience of Serge Benhayon and one that hundreds if not thousands could echo I am sure. I certainly felt the same when I first encountered Serge many years ago and he has failed to disappoint thus far. His presentations are invaluable and I feel blessed to be part of the Universal Medicine community.

  32. Great title – Serge Benhayon, the real deal! He certainly is. I love the way that when speaking to a large audience it feels like he is speaking directly to me, and I know that everyone else feels this too! This is such an inclusive and loving way to present.

    1. I totally agree with you Reagan – regardless of how large the audience size has been, I have always felt completely and totally met, as if Serge Benhayon is just talking to me and what I have always aspired to remember, reconnect to and know. It is absolutely inclusive and the real platform and shining example of how to present, teach and inspire.

  33. Today when reading this blog the line “each time he treats me as an old friend” popped out for me as that is exactly what I too feel when I meet Serge Benhayon. The feeling that we know each other already for ages, a relationship that extends beyond only this life, to many lives lived before.

  34. Yes I have never met a more dedicated ‘real’ person such as Serge Benhayon, he is not only the real deal, but he is someone who has such a love for people, who they are, their choices and what they stand for. It is extremely inspiring seeing him present and attending courses that he runs.

  35. A glowing testimony from someone who has taken to the time to make a decision for themselves. It’s not that this is not normal but it’s important for me to note as I have seen many things written about people by people who don’t even know the person. A lot of these things can be spiteful and degrading and yet when the question is asked they don’t even really know the person and some haven’t even seen the person face to face and yet consider themselves to be an ‘expert’ from what they have heard from others. For me it’s ok to take someones advice but the only way to truly know someone or something is to do your own research. This is why I respect articles like this, someone has taken the time to see for themselves.

  36. Beautiful Shevon and I totally agree with every word you say, Serge Benhyaon is the ‘real deal’ not only because he speaks truth but also in the way he moves – his reflection is very powerful and deeply inspiring.

  37. Thank you Shevon for your heart felt expression as this is a beautiful observation of Serge Benhayon. It is rare to come across someone you can call the real deal and Serge fits the bill without an inkling of doubt and in the bargain inspires many others across the globe to get it together to walk as the real deal themselves.

  38. Beautiful Shevon, I have noticed the same thing about Serge when he presents, he does not elevate himself for his own benefit, but to ensure everyone can see and hear equally. This l’ve observed without fail every time he presents, often checking if this or that person can see past the lecturn, or the speaker, and that everyone in the room can hear clearly. There is not an ounce of aggrandising himself in anything Serge does in my experience… which given what he can deliver and how much he is able to present, is just further testimony to the fact he lives what he teaches.

  39. Shevon, you have beautiful explained all the qualities Serge Benhayon walks with. He has a movement that is worth studying and does not hold back the fact that we all can choose to move and walk in the same way, allowing us to bring through the incredible qualities that is the true us.

  40. Yes Shevon a lot of what you say caught my attention as well when I first saw Serge Benhayon , like cleaning the white board , there was a delicate of touch and contact with the board that I had not seen with anyone before. There was a grace and elegance with him when he moved around the stage while presenting. And when we greeted each other it was with honour and nothing else. One of the most wonderful choices in my life, was to go and meet this man and to hear him present ,what a gorgeous surprise it was.

  41. We are too much accustomed of being in relationships based on need. This so much so, that when we come across someone who relates to us no needing anything from us it feels very different. It brings wonder to a relationship.

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