Being The Son of God

“…how can it be, if first, you do not know
that you are in fact the Son of God”

[Serge Benhayon, Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy –The Sayings, page 144].

I have been pondering the fact that I am the Son of God, and what that means for me in my life.

If I consider my life and how I live it –
How does that fit in with being the Son of God?

I can claim and fully claim to be a Son of God; and I know with every cell in my body to be this. What’s more, if I know this in my body, I can live it day to day, as it is in me and is mine to live. This does beg the question though…

 Why then don’t I live this every moment of every day?

I know and feel that sometimes I don’t live that consistently, but I do realise that doesn’t change the fact of it being true.

I have also realised that we all know this too. As I walk through the town I live in, I can feel that everyone knows, but we all make choices to live that knowing or bury it. We may pretend we don’t know, or forget we do, but that doesn’t make our knowing go away!

Living in a way that allows me to connect to and listen to my body more and more, gives me a knowing that doesn’t come from the mind, from a book, or what someone has told me.

This knowing comes from my living the way I choose to do.

So who am I as the Son of God?

I know I am tender. I can feel tenderness as I walk with the gentle movement of my shoulders, the tender way I touch and relate with the world.

Being tender and being the Son of God feel the same.

There is a big-ness about it, It feels like it’s me and yet it’s far greater than me. This feeling is far greater than I have previously considered ‘my-self’ to be, as if my ‘self’ is a small part of something FAR greater.

If my body is the way I actually get to feel being the Son of God, then I will take care to honour the gentle tenderness and sensitivity of it – so I can connect to and feel my body more and more.

As the Son of God, I bring something unique to this planet through my expression.

I have a sense that my way of being and my style of interacting with the world affects everyone who lives in it, no matter where they are.

Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all.

What I put into my mouth, what I allow in as my thoughts, and what I choose for my behaviour affects everyone else as well as me, as do others affect me. Yet we live in a world that tells us we can do and think what we like as it affects no one but us.

We all know it.
We are all the Sons of God – men, women and children – All.

I have tenderness residing in me – whether I pay attention to this or not, whether I over-ride it or not, so do we all.

The life we live as the Son of God affects us all,

and yes,

we all know it.

Inspired by the joy-full, loving and supportive work of Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine workshop ‘Livingness 3 & 4’ and Universal Medicine practitioners Simone Benhayon and Sara Williams.

By Ariana Ray

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542 thoughts on “Being The Son of God

  1. Yes it makes sense that there is much more to us than we currently are aware of because of the fact that our purpose can’t just be about building bigger, buildings better cars or more effective process lines. And also because so many of us feel this is not it and are always searching for more, we are just ignoring these facts and making the struggle and drive normal even though they are not.

  2. Coming to a sense of knowing that being a Son of God is actually a true thing, not a mental construct or belief, but a knowing and original essence within me.. Saying that actually I have known this always, just playing the denial smoothly, which made me no longer aware of this fact. But, of course my origin has remained..

  3. If we were to consider that we are all equal sons of God, we are left with the responsibility that all our choices and actions do indeed impact each other.

  4. Acknowledging that we are Sons of God, even if we do not live it, is the first step to live being a Son of God.

  5. It feels to me that what you present here is a rather crucial understanding to have in life. We are all students, forever learning and it is crucially important we forever know and feel the fact that despite imperfection we are untainted within.

  6. Thank you Ariana, it’s a simple and truthful way to look at being a Son of God – whether we live it or not we are each equally still a Son of God. Why not be in the joy of living it everyday?

  7. There is a tenderness in all of us whether we live it or not … when we consider this, truly consider this the question arises, why would we not live that tenderness and right now I can choose it, and so I do.

  8. I love this, I might experiment with myself, how different is my day if I approach it knowing from the start that I am a Son of God? And do my choices equal that of a Son of God?

  9. The more I deepen my relationship with myself, my body and hence my soul, the more I realise how much I have lived my life not wanting to be the Son of God I truly am. In our mind we can think why would we not want to be a Son of God? Yet we have got so used to living so small we do not always realise the real intentions at play.

  10. Ha – well captured in such simplicity of this short blog. The fighting and or denial that occurs within our lives with ourselves and our strength (Son of God) is actually our set-up, having such creations that leaves us open to dwell in whatever misery we have found more important than our core (being a Son of God).. No judgement about this needed what so ever, yet a simple and open observation (look) on how we have avoided being the true and mighty One. A Son of God — equal to this vibrance.

  11. It took me a while to understand that I am the ‘Son of God’. I had this image of what it meant and looked like. When I first heard this from Serge Benhayon, I could feel myself react, how can I be a Son of God when I am a woman!…..Over time I later realised that this image has been fed to me over the years and it wasn’t who I truly was. I was attached to the physical differences of men and women.

    We are “all the Sons of God – men, women, and children” – we have been birthed forth by one source.

  12. “that doesn’t change the fact of it being true.” Understanding that the essence within my inner-heart is a Son of God I have a responsibility to care for and live in my physical body to express this truth in the way I move and live in this world.

  13. For me we know this don’t we, “Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all.” and yet we don’t live like that. There are many sayings and many conversations about the realisations we have around this and yet we don’t seem to take it to the next level. I remember growing up seeing the impact of what I did on others and the other way around but then thinking that this was how life just was. I can now see this to another level and how when I move with a deep quality and care for myself and what I am feeling that this flow out or “ripples” out to everyone and everything and also knowing at some point that ripple and it’s quality will return.

    1. This is very true Ray. Something as simple as deep care for ourselves has such a far-reaching effect – we all too often think it’s only big things that have the impact- when all along it’s our smallest movement in life that impacts so far and wide.

      1. Thank you and this is spot on and a reading for how my life has been. When you don’t see and appreciate the connection or the “ripples” in life then you can live life only taking care of the perceived “big things” and everything else is just time away from these. Yet here we have nothing about what you are doing but the dedication on the quality of being and so we could say, “all along it’s our” every “movement in life that impacts so far and wide”.

  14. When it’s said like that Ariana it makes you stand up straight and feel we all have a great responsibility for our movements, and we all have an incredible amount to offer all.

  15. “We are all the Son of God” –we cannot get grander than that and if we truly embody this fact we would have a very different world.

  16. I wonder what life would be like if we all held each other as absolute equals – all equally sons of God, no one any more or less than another and all equally divine in our essence…? What I do know is how I am with myself affects the quality that I bring to everyone else and the knock-on effect of this is not to be underestimated – we may not always directly see the ripple effect but it is none-the-less there.

    1. We cant deny the ripple-effect of the quality of how we express, move, think. We only have to think about the time someone has been angry near us to know how damaging that emotion is. Same for everything else – so we have a choice, “will my next move be healing or harming?” It has to be one or the other so which will it be?

  17. So strong are our beliefs we have created.. a fortress we hold as our truth just to prevent anyway of feeling our disconnection to the fact we have separated to the full-ness of being a Son of God. It explains why there is arguments, war, sexual abuse, etc etc etc – it is our belief systems. And the extremes is how deeply entrenched we have become.

  18. “What I put into my mouth, what I allow in as my thoughts, and what I choose for my behaviour affects everyone else as well as me, as do others affect me. Yet we live in a world that tells us we can do and think what we like as it affects no one but us.” Just this simple fact, and it is fact that is true, if we all make steps to livng it, with no perfection, would change the state of the world today. And actually then our responsibility becomes simple because as we take care of this for ourselves so too will everyone else as it ripples out. Thank you Ariana, awesome.

  19. “If my body is the way I actually get to feel being the Son of God, then I will take care to honour the gentle tenderness and sensitivity of it – so I can connect to and feel my body more and more.” I find this sentence inspirational to motivate me to take greater care, respect and honour my body than I already do.

  20. To live and walk as a Son of God in this world is not only a beautiful confirmation of who we truly are but has a powerful flow on effect to everyone around us as well.

  21. ‘What I put into my mouth, what I allow in as my thoughts, and what I choose for my behaviour affects everyone else as well as me, as do others affect me.’ Love this Ariana, and may I add that the way we move has a profound effect on being connected to our divine essence and thus our movements are in fact relative to the fire that resided within the body. So what comes out of our mouth, which is also a movement has a profound effect on our on our bodies. ‘If my body is the way I actually get to feel being the Son of God, then I will take care to honour the gentle tenderness and sensitivity of it – so I can connect to and feel my body more and more.’ And when we continue to move with a deeper connection the feeling in our body, this deepens because we are moving God’s divine particles, so it is our honouring of our will and moving with those feelings of Love.

  22. As I look around my fellow passengers on the tube I can feel the divinity in each and every one of us. The sad thing is that most of us are oblivious to it – hiding it from our own sight behind walls of self created issues. But all it takes is for one person to let their divinity out – to walk, move, think, feel and speak in the knowing they are an equal son of God to everyone else, and the illusion that we are merely flesh, blood and bones begins to fall apart.

  23. Accepting we are the Sons of God is something very special. It brings a feeling about life and people that is totally different and that propels a different way of moving in life.

  24. Of course I am a Son of God, can’t you see it? Yes you do, at least you can feel it, we all can feel it as we all have a knowing that we belong to be and live like that. It is the investment in this temporal life we use to not feel that we are in fact the Sons of god, but if we take or are given a moment to stop, we immediately do know that the life we are living is actually not it, that there must be something more or different to life that is more honouring to our being. and that is the seed being laid from our knowing we from that point can choose to nourish and let grow, or we can ignore it and ‘get back on track’ so to say and continue with living life in ignorance of the being we truly are.

  25. This is beautiful Ariana, you capture the multi-dimensionality of us all. We are so much greater than we have allowed ourselves to be.

  26. It is beautiful to come to feel this truth, that regardless of how ever far we wander, who we are in essence, remains unchanged, within us, waiting to be connected to and lived. And who we are is the Sons of God no less as such our Divinity never diminishes. It is only our willingness to live it that wanes when we turn away from true light within that represents and confirms who we are, and seek instead to be led by the false lights outside of us that leave us feeling a false sense of who we are and the unsettling tension from not living who we know we are.

  27. We are all indeed Sons of God but we have covered this up and buried this truth via the daily choices we have made that do not confirm us – but as you say it does not change the truth or the fact we all know this truth.

  28. It is through our bodies that we get to feel and connect to our son of God place, most of my life I looked outside of myself for God, always searching and seeking but never finding, because I was looking out and not in, where the son of God resides equally in all of us, whether it is known or not known.

  29. Stepping back into the Path of Return requires a deeper re-connection with the body, through conscious presence and awareness. Then our ‘presence is established as a solid foundation and the knowing that we are in fact Sons of God is remembered once again.
    “We may pretend we don’t know, or forget we do, but that doesn’t make our knowing go away!”

  30. Living as a son of God is living who we truly are and not what we think we are and this changes everything and allows our natural innate beauty, divinity and amazingness to be felt and seen.

  31. What we allow as our thoughts impacts us much more than we know. We think those thoughts are ours, but they are not, so monitoring our thoughts, correcting or sometimes stopping them is an essential part of a healthy life.

  32. I want to understand that I am a son of god in a very real an practical way, for its easy for it to become a thing outside of me, a thing that is a knowledge and that is not a known in the way my daily life is run. I want the fact that I am a son of god, to be my normal, this is what I am slowly unfolding and working on.

    1. I love that Sarah, to unfold it slowly and unfolding it slowly is worth doing as it is actually our most precious in life.

  33. It is not till one has felt fire in the body that one recognises the truth of this all encompassing statement – that we are all the Sons of God. When true fire is felt, such musings no longer become conjecture, but a lived reality.

  34. Even when I don’t live like one, the fact that I am a son of God never changes – for me to know that I am not living like a son of God, I MUST know The Way – the way that is true for a Son of God but I am not choosing, and there definitely is deliberateness in that no-choice.

  35. Simple and yet profound, a reminder for all the world that God is within us, and our daily movements confirm or deny that.

  36. when we are surrendered to feeling we are the Son of God, we are immediately made aware of the detail of how absolute this is , ” the what is” and ‘the what is not’ becomes very clear.

  37. I have to agree that in my life I lost that relationship with who I truly am, the Son of God, but also found that although I lost that relationship in my daily life, the actual connection was still there and alive. at some times surfacing, making me to ponder on life and the purpose of it and the more I allowed that pondering to be, the more clear it became that there is more to life than just this physical life and this pondering actually allowed me to embrace the fact that I am a sons of God once again. So I can say that while we think we are not the Sons of God, we actually are and it is very alive in each and everyone of us.

  38. The realisation that we may ‘know’ we are a Son of God, equal to all, but do not live it in full, is an important one, as it offers us a guiding point for our path of return to the actual living embodiment of the Son of God that we are each capable of.
    As you’ve shared here Ariana, our awareness of when we live, move and express in the love and claimedness of this, our true essential nature, and when we do not, is what offers us the learning – the ground upon which we may make our choices to say ‘yes’ to living and expressing as His Son, or not.
    In short, anything less of embracing our amazingness in our lived way is a denial of the divinity that we innately are. This is such a huge topic here, but so worthy of our exploration, thank-you.

  39. It’s funny how we see life and I agree with what is a beautiful and soundly written article. I read this article in like we see the world and while we say we are “all a son of god” we still write and live like it’s a thing that we go to or is seperate from us. When I read these words I see the distinction, the 2 aspects and not yet a combination where we live truly what we are seeing. This is not a criticism of one but more an observation for myself that we look out more then we see in.

  40. “Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all.” I really understood the depth of this statement whilst swimming one day. With every movement we make in the water, the ripples ripple out and touch everything they come into contact with, and only stop because of the constrictions of the swimming pool. But the exact same thing happens when we move outside of water, in our everyday lives, only the ripples have no boundaries and just keep on going. Every movement we make counts as it is so far reaching.

  41. There are so many pictures of God that we have created that we think we can pick and choose how we would like him to be and if we want to be his son or not at all. But the fact remains that we are all Sons of God and the way you describe your relationship with God is very tangible, you bring out the simplicity of who we are and how easily this can be lived.

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