Being The Son of God

“…how can it be, if first, you do not know
that you are in fact the Son of God”

[Serge Benhayon, Esoteric and Exoteric Philosophy –The Sayings, page 144].

I have been pondering the fact that I am the Son of God, and what that means for me in my life.

If I consider my life and how I live it –
How does that fit in with being the Son of God?

I can claim and fully claim to be a Son of God; and I know with every cell in my body to be this. What’s more, if I know this in my body, I can live it day to day, as it is in me and is mine to live. This does beg the question though…

 Why then don’t I live this every moment of every day?

I know and feel that sometimes I don’t live that consistently, but I do realise that doesn’t change the fact of it being true.

I have also realised that we all know this too. As I walk through the town I live in, I can feel that everyone knows, but we all make choices to live that knowing or bury it. We may pretend we don’t know, or forget we do, but that doesn’t make our knowing go away!

Living in a way that allows me to connect to and listen to my body more and more, gives me a knowing that doesn’t come from the mind, from a book, or what someone has told me.

This knowing comes from my living the way I choose to do.

So who am I as the Son of God?

I know I am tender. I can feel tenderness as I walk with the gentle movement of my shoulders, the tender way I touch and relate with the world.

Being tender and being the Son of God feel the same.

There is a big-ness about it, It feels like it’s me and yet it’s far greater than me. This feeling is far greater than I have previously considered ‘my-self’ to be, as if my ‘self’ is a small part of something FAR greater.

If my body is the way I actually get to feel being the Son of God, then I will take care to honour the gentle tenderness and sensitivity of it – so I can connect to and feel my body more and more.

As the Son of God, I bring something unique to this planet through my expression.

I have a sense that my way of being and my style of interacting with the world affects everyone who lives in it, no matter where they are.

Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all.

What I put into my mouth, what I allow in as my thoughts, and what I choose for my behaviour affects everyone else as well as me, as do others affect me. Yet we live in a world that tells us we can do and think what we like as it affects no one but us.

We all know it.
We are all the Sons of God – men, women and children – All.

I have tenderness residing in me – whether I pay attention to this or not, whether I over-ride it or not, so do we all.

The life we live as the Son of God affects us all,

and yes,

we all know it.

Inspired by the joy-full, loving and supportive work of Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine workshop ‘Livingness 3 & 4’ and Universal Medicine practitioners Simone Benhayon and Sara Williams.

By Ariana Ray

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601 thoughts on “Being The Son of God

  1. Thank you for this reminder, we all know it but we choose to live in a way that does not honour it and therefore we ‘forget’. Bringing it back to the body being the conduit to feel the expansion and the contraction, it makes sense to treat the body with care, tenderness and great love.

  2. There is an absoluteness to being a Son of God that is undisturbed by anything we say or do, however we disturb ourselves, others, and the Universe greatly by rejecting who we are. That is why it is said that to be aligned to our spirit (and not our soul) as our source of being is the eternal unsettlement.

    1. The eternal unsettlement achingly calls us home. There are many distractions which will offer ‘relief’, yet it is the steadiness of a focus on the quality we bring to our way of moving that lays a foundation for a body to feel at ease.

  3. Our body knows and tells that we are a son of God. It’s our use of Will that needs to catch up with it. Not by coercion or conviction, but the body transmutes divinity into a felt sense through and in its movement.

  4. Claiming the True-power of our walk can never be explored enough as this “movement” can shift so much from our bodies, so lets bring purpose, responsibility and the Loving knowing of the energy that flows through us as a Son of God be in our every step of life.

  5. Reading about God, being the Son of God or a God yourself can be very confronting. When we are not open to the possibility we can dismiss whatever we are reading as rubbish, and just a philosophical statement. Perhaps it’s something in us that needs to change, our perception may need to be broken before we can openly read this blog and really take in what it offers.

    1. Absolutely Viktoria, when we have perceptions they control our life, but the more we reflect then the True-power of reflection is sharing who we are. So that the way we move, especially our walk, brings a True responsibility to claim our selves As-A-Son-of-God and thus walk in a way so that the claimed God understands the energy flowing through them is empowering. Then as we walk the ‘True Love’ we are all holding, it is inspiring for everyone as a tender Loving reflection of our Soul-full-essences.

      1. Perhaps, perhaps there is much more we can discover each and every day. Maybe we are just scratching the surface, maybe there is a depth to us that we have long lost a connection to and all of these things are here to help us open up and see life differently.

    2. Purpose! Purpose! to be our tender Loving self as Arianna has shared, starts us on our path towards our lost “connection” and as we deepen we lift ourselves out of the water because we have felt the lies that are hidden underneath the surface that have tainted us.

  6. Being aware that we are all so much more than ‘just’ a human being can inspire us to reconnect within to the love that we are.

  7. What I am beginning to grasp is how we do not think, but pick up ‘thoughts’ from a pool of consciousness that surrounds us. As a child I went into my mind and had all those conversations with family etc., that I could not at the time express. My mind was my form of escape from the world and everything I didn’t like about it. And I didn’t think that these thoughts I had affected any one, they were just my thoughts.
    Having attended the workshops and presentations of Universal Medicine this has all changed. It makes complete sense to me that my thoughts are not mine, and actually it is a relief to know they are not, because for many years they were very dark and depressive thoughts indeed. So to me one of the biggest lies that we have been fed as a society, is that our thoughts are our own. When this lie gets totally exposed as it will, it will be a great day for mankind.

  8. I would say that we didn’t know we are sons of Gods until Serge Benhayon started presenting this fact back in 1999. I would say up until that point it wasn’t part of our awareness. What has since been exposed is that there is a dominating energy we are all controlled by that doesn’t want anyone to realise and wake up from the stupor that is ingrained in our bodies. Thankfully there are enough people who have resurrected themselves and walk in the true light of God that offers a true reflection for us all.

  9. Isn’t it strange to consider that our body is the reminder of the divinity we come from when we spend so much time complaining about it letting us down?! Since taking time to unpeel the layers of hardness that have been my normal and clocking the tenderness that is more naturally me, I can see that the body is the most amazing communicator and that if I pay attention it is also my greatest ally, friend, confidant and wise elder. If I respect my body, I will feel the truth of where I am from and honour all others through my movements, fully aware of the ripples I am making.

    1. This is very funny Lucy “Isn’t it strange to consider that our body is the reminder of the divinity we come from when we spend so much time complaining about it letting us down?!” Complaining about life simply guarantees we get more of the same – who wants that?

  10. Beautiful reminder of the glorious responsibility we have – something I feel I am growing into and being more conscious of on a daily interactive level- and realising the strength and purpose in that.

    1. The responsibility we all have, knowing that how we are, what we do has an impact on all, ‘Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all.
      What I put into my mouth, what I allow in as my thoughts, and what I choose for my behaviour affects everyone else as well as me, as do others affect me.’

  11. This is one of the biggest lies that that Serge Benhayon has debunked
    “Yet we live in a world that tells us we can do and think what we like as it affects no one but us.”
    We all live in a pool of energy everything we say, how we move affects everyone else there is no getting away from this fact. Humanity has been exposed for the false way it is living and is retaliating as it doesn’t like to be exposed hence the backlash that comes from such lies being exposed.

  12. “Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all.” Yes, yes and yes. We can see these ripples in a pool. No different to being on land when we can feel the energetic vibrations that emanate from every single one of us. So responsibility is key. Our every action, word and even thoughts do matter.

    1. Yes and our body can warn us of those ripples if we choose not to react to the subtle tensions we feel in the body. Building a relationship with that tension and surrendering to the process through practices that honour the body’s sensitivity is a foundation worth investing in.

  13. Giving the notion of being a Son of God thorough consideration may reveal a paradigm shifting perspective on everything in life, as what we know life to be is based on quite the opposite, i.e. the reduction to us being mere human beings, the sons of men, and nothing beyond it, or even worse the bastardised spiritual version of divinity that in fact is not divine at all, and pulls us even further away from realizing ourselves as Sons of God.

  14. ‘We all know it. We are all the Sons of God…’ – and therefore we know how to live a life in opposition or absence of that innate eternal truth. We can only deny and avoid what we already know, that raises the question what makes us change the course of our lives? Not knowing but Will, the will to embrace everything that comes with accepting being the Son of God.

    1. Love this Alex – ‘ the will to embrace everything that comes with accepting being the Son of God.’ We are so much more magnificent than we claim we are. Surrendering to the love of God and the divine plan. Reducing ourselves to mere humans has brought the world to the state it is in – not a pretty sight.

  15. ‘Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all’. Beautifully said Ariana and the more we all come to realise this statement is true the more aware we will be of how our words and behaviors affect others.

  16. Your question why do we not live every moment of the day as a Son of God, made me ponder on how one day I can measure and misuse my body to get a job done, and another day I am just in my fullness, and use my body as the Son of God that I am to get a job done. The difference is in the way I move and to let go of the idea that I know what is needed to get a job done, a Son of God is a servant for what is true.

  17. There are many ideals and pictures we could get in our mind about what it is to be a Son of God, if we are open to considering that, but re-connecting with our whole body is where we can get a true sense of what this means in our daily life.

  18. There is a greater aspect of us beyond our thoughts and moods. There is a tenderness in all of us that deep down inside we already know. A natural way of being that is very exquisite, super delicate and very sensitive. It’s all in our body. Thank you Ariana for sharing such a powerful reminder about who we really are and where we come from

    1. There is a tenderness, a delicateness, in all of us, ‘I know I am tender. I can feel tenderness as I walk with the gentle movement of my shoulders, the tender way I touch and relate with the world.
      Being tender and being the Son of God feel the same.’

  19. Being the Son of God is a huge responsibility, and it is the responsibility of that, that we shy away from rather than embracing it for all it is and for what each one of us is here to bring.

  20. As a child I knew, I knew God. There’s not an ounce of my body that does not know God that’s a fact. To be honest, and here’s the rub, I can also feel that I have been saturated like so many others through religious indoctrination to put God higher than me, as some other worldly being but beyond my reach. So I can look to him and know he is there but I am not that.

    1. Before I came accross Universal Medicine there was a huge disbilief in me about God. All the teachings that I received in the church felt not true to me. In my teenage years there was not any other references than the bible and the principles that were preached to teach us how to be ‘good’ if we remainded in the flock as a catholics. However, nothing there inspired me to trust in what I felt, nothing empowered me to feel the natural qualities that I bring as a woman and nothing resonated within as true. Knowing Serge Benhayon was very revealing about how powerful we really are, if we just feel our body and trust our inner senses. From him I could remind who I am. I could feel the huge difference when someone express words from a living experience and not from the knowledge. He really inspires me because he doesn’t try to teach me anything but presents a way of being and living that feels natural and makes so much sense to me. It’s a blessing having access to every course and presentation from him for the change that I experience everytime and the blossoming that I feel within. The disbilief about God became in a deep knowing of who we really are, his Sons coming from the same Love.

  21. There is a lot of pictures and ideals that can fload in when considering what a Son of God is. But this is all from the mind. Only movement from the (inner) heart can truly reveal what being a Son of God is actually all about.

  22. As I become more and more energetically aware, I am more and more open to this – “Like the ripples in a pond, what we do affects us all.” I can feel the absolute truth in this and the absolute responsibility of living this on earth. And when I am absolutely honest, I know that I am not there yet, I do not live in a way where I take full responsibility for my ripples. It is a loving work in progress.

  23. I think the concept of being a son of God can seem remote for many but that doesn’t necessarily make it not true. I think the channels through which we’ve heard these concept might not be true channels, at least that is what I feel. I grew up attending different church activities and the feeling I got there never matched how I felt to be inside so I eventually turned away from the concept of God and unfortunately I ventured away from that lovely feeling I had within myself as well in the process, which I now know WAS my connection with God because I was in connection with ME. So my journey now is to reclaim that knowing that I am with God and that God is in me. I’m not that used to using the word God a lot but am slowly getting more and more comfortable with it. Thanks for this inspiration Ariana.

    1. Yes, funny, but not funny, how we can turn away from the word God because our experience of that word and its interpretation does not match what we know God to feel like on the inside without any interference.

  24. This could be an interesting and revealing approach: Just before commencing an activity (whatever it is) to remember that we are Sons of God and thus imprinting the action with this notion or potential, allowing it to unfold without any expectation or need for an outcome but simply exploring the moment.

  25. Just the words “Son of God” reminds us we are from something unexplainably grand, we can get totally lost in the temporal aspect of life and forget that we are actually fully equipped to master life just because of where we’re from and the unfathomable grandness that we are part of.

  26. For most it starts with the notion or possibility that we might be the sons of God; then follows the process of exploring the option leading to some experiences, feelings, realizations, insights that we can deepen and embody more and more until we get a clear sense of what it means to be a son of God. And then we start making our life a living way to become the son of God in full manifestation.

  27. Being a son of God is already a given, it is who we innately and inescapable are. We are all here to live this lightness of our being and the more we do in every aspect of our lives, the more we reflect our true way being as a reminder and confirmation to all of the Godliness we are here to live together.

  28. To claim we are a Son of God brings a responsibility to reflect this truth to others, we then awaken and inspire others to also live this truth.

  29. I could feel the cells of my body resonating your words here, Ariana, and what I can feel to be the interference for me is our relationship with time, how we allow ourselves to be bound by time, like, there’s a moment other than now, that there is an after when we think we will do/be better or worse than a before, and we allow that to cloud our absoluteness.

  30. No matter how much we have abused it, our body ceaselessly communicates that we are each amazingly gorgeous, beautiful, tender, loving and deeply sensitive and caring in our essence. That is what is beautiful about our bodies. They always seek truth.

    1. It is so true Joshua – our body is a divining instrument for our Soul always calling for us to ignite more of who we are in essence and live this truth in our everyday day.

  31. What I so appreciate about the Universal Medicine healing modalities is that they support us to heal what doesn’t belong in our bodies and in the healing and discarding we can feel more space. We then have a new marker in our bodies of what it feels like to live in the space that we have made for ourselves. We may not live that new marker consistently but it is there to return to and build the next layer of our foundation upon. .

    1. ‘We then have a new marker in our bodies of what it feels like to live in the space that we have made for ourselves.’ This is very beautiful Mary, the space that healing brings us is very powerful, for from this foundation we can go forward with a new foundation, learning who we are instead of struggling with what we are not.

  32. I feel that I am a son of god. Everything that I think and express if it does not reflect this fact, I am choosing to not live what is irrefutable inside of me. It is much more simple to know who I am and to live that, what is not so simple is along the way there is lots of surrender to all the times I have not lived what is known but that is truly worthwhile knowing that the purpose is to return to being a son of god.

    1. It being a a completely different dimension to life – how would a son of god eat? Or how would a son of god put themselves to bed?

  33. The awareness that we are a part of a much greater whole brings a responsibility with it, that fact that we are all interrelated and that everything we do affects the everything we live with.

  34. Plenty of food for thought, or plenty to feel in the body. What an incredible feeling it would be to live each moment in the full knowing that we are the Son of God. Such an incredible feeling that many of us are making movements to make it our everyday and everyway.

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