From Christian Belief and a Good Christian to Finding True Religion

When I was a child I was raised with a Christian belief, an evangelical and baptised catholic. My father wasn’t an active catholic but I could feel the destructive behaviours he used. As a consequence of his catholic upbringing he acted often out of guilt and shame. And so his decisions for himself and our family members did not stem from love.

My mother was raised evangelical, and my grandmother, a dedicated and ‘good’ Christian. Their Christian belief seemed to give them a comfort somehow, and a feeling that they were ok and life was ok. Continue reading “From Christian Belief and a Good Christian to Finding True Religion”

Exploring, and Singing with, my True Voice

I have found my true voice again! It all started with my singing along with some songs of Emmalee and Michael Benhayon from the Glorious Music album ‘The Glory of This Life’.

Suddenly I noticed my voice was very soft and nice but it just did not seem to fit with me anymore, so I decided to try singing with my ‘everyday talking voice’ instead of using my ‘singing voice’. What I began to notice is that when I sing with my ‘special singing voice’ I don’t feel I have very much volume and resonance, and the sound feels to just come from my throat; previously when I used my talking voice I did not like it because it sounded too loud and raw. Continue reading “Exploring, and Singing with, my True Voice”