Natalie Benhayon: Ancient Wisdom through a 24-year old Woman

Katinka de Lannoy
Katinka de Lannoy

I first met Natalie Benhayon in 2009 where she was presenting at a Retreat of Universal Medicine in Vietnam. I remember being amazed and inspired by the purity, power and wisdom with which she was presenting. At the time Natalie was only 19 years old.

Through the years I have seen Natalie develop into the woman she is today: modern, soulful, inspiring, steady, sexy and sacred. With natural leadership qualities she continues to inspire women of all ages around the globe. Not by presenting through acquired knowledge but by presenting from her heart and from her livingness.

As a mature woman of forty-three, academically trained and with a level of wisdom myself, I have no trouble accepting that a woman nearly 20 years younger than me actually has access to a deeper level of wisdom than I have at this time. Not because she is more special than any other woman I know, but because of the consistency with which she lovingly holds herself, honours herself and cares for herself.

Natalie Benhayon undoubtedly inspires every man and woman she meets to be in their power, to express from their hearts and to never apologise for what they know is true for them. In a world where kids are pressured into being a certain way through education, cultural ideals and religion, it is essential that they are inspired to connect to the wisdom of their inner hearts.

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

So can we only learn from people with an extended list of educational credentials? How well is humanity doing relying on the so called intelligence of the mind? As a mother I am inspired by children every day, reminding me what life really is about: joy, playfulness, simplicity and love.

So could we say that age has nothing to do with wisdom?

Could we say that anything and anyone can reflect to us the wisdom and beauty we all have inside of us?

Natalie Benhayon inspires us all to be all that we are and is humbled to be inspired herself by every living creature she encounters.

Let us lose the pettiness of judging any person we meet by their age, educational/professional background or ethnicity. Let us be open to be inspired by the Beauty and Wisdom of All.

By Katinka de Lannoy, The Netherlands

858 thoughts on “Natalie Benhayon: Ancient Wisdom through a 24-year old Woman

  1. “I am inspired by children every day, reminding me what life really is about: joy, playfulness, simplicity and love.” We have so much to learn from children.

    1. ‘Joy, playfullness, simplicity and love’ are all qualities that are pretty scarce amongst adults, which quite frankly is a crying shame when they are available to us all. I would also suggest that each one supports the others to flourish.

  2. Natalie is truly an extraordinary young lady. I have just watched her present today at the Women In Livingness “Empowerment to Power” workshop and I was so deeply touched by her humility equality, sass and cheekiness – she is a very funny lady, and what she has to share with humanity is profound.

  3. I was listening to someone explain to me how their company was going to bring further automation to an industry.
    So I asked them what are we going to do with all the people that will lose their jobs from this further automation? And basically people don’t matter but money and profit/greed does, as far as I could tell.
    If this is intelligence to only think of profit and money, then I hate the intelligence of our minds, because it shows me it is all about taking what you can get over what is best for humanity as a whole. Seriously what is going to happen to all these people that are put out of work? What will happen to their families and their communities? What are we doing to ourselves all in the name of money?

  4. To shut ourselves off because of age exposes the arrogance held within. We can learn so much about ourselves and others if we are open to that which stands before us regardless of age.

  5. ‘Natalie Benhayon inspires us all to be all that we are and is humbled to be inspired herself by every living creature she encounters.’ Natalie is an amazing woman whose love for people holds them in the divinity they are. That she is inspired by all she meets inspires me to see the beauty in everyone, including myself.

    1. I agree and her sister Simone Benhayon is pretty cool too! 💫 In fact they are both deeply beautiful in every way possible, very amazing women who I and many others are blessed to know and have our life.

  6. ‘Let us lose the pettiness of judging any person we meet by their age, educational/professional background or ethnicity. Let us be open to be inspired by the Beauty and Wisdom of All.’ We are all equal and it is very liberating to live from the wisdom we all hold inside and Nataiie inspires us all to not hold back and express it all.

  7. Standing in front of Natalie Benhayon once when she gave Sacred Movement I felt that every cell of her body was emanating service to the world. Her commitment to contribute is huge.

    1. Thanks Sylvia for your comment. I was reflecting on service today and what came to me is that as souls our natural way is to serve, it is not something we have to discipline ourselves to learn or force ourselves to do, it’s simply part of who we are. As we let go of self and surrender to the soul it’s there. Natalie is a beautiful example of this.

  8. I have in my life time met many presenters, presenting on all topics of life and work, but they do not live what they present at all- it is all knowledge based.
    Natalie Benhayon like her father Serge Benhayon express and present from their heart and from their livingness, this has a totally different quality that can be felt and understood as it resonates within our bodies. It can also be practically applied if one chooses or not.

  9. The expression ‘out of the mouths of babes’ comes to me here, simply because very young children sometimes say the most extraordinarily wise things. We should never judge another for being less wise, simply because they are young, and Natalie Benhayon is no exception. A young woman who lives and expresses Ancient Wisdom in her every word and move. She is an inspirational role model for any man, woman or child, whatever their age.

  10. Natalie presents from the Ageless Wisdom like many before her have done in the past. She shows us every time that she does not own this wisdom but instead that it is from an inner connection and is equally available for us all.

    1. Natalie Benhayon is the most gloriously gorgeous portal for the Ageless Wisdom. And like every person that has ever been a portal for the Ageless Wisdom Natalie knows that a portal is what she is and never does she attempt to own what she shares. What she is particularly brilliant at is sharing the steps that she has taken to become a portal and the steps that she continues to take to refine her portal.

  11. Natalie Benhayon lives that what we will all live in the future which is possible when you surrender yourself to the love we are from, with our Soul.

  12. Natalie is a truly amazing person and she constantly inspires me. She is supporting so many people and is involved with various projects including the organisation she founded Esoteric Women’s Health, yet she lives deeply connected to her essence as a woman and honours who she is and her wellbeing first, and does this all not for money or recognition but in love and service to humanity. She is a beacon of light and her reflection is a source of strength for me to continue my own return back to living from the power (my soul) within myself.

    1. Natalie is a flashing beacon of light that brings back the light in many dark corners of our existence where for too long we have let the darkness wield its force.

  13. Natalie Benhayon always takes the time to explain what she is presenting in a way that is accessible, that can be readily understood, and is so very inspiring. And I often observe people nod their heads in agreement with what she says, not because what she says is clever but because they can feel deep in their bones what she is saying is also the truth that they feel. It is beautiful to see this happen.

    1. I agree Shami, Natalie has an ability to share the Ageless Wisdom in a way that is super practical and applicable to everyday life.

      1. Which is crucial because I remember attending a yoga weekend where they shared various rituals and sequences that they advised us to do daily but they were so complicated and time consuming that I simply gave up before even trying. The things that Natalie suggests are all things that can be incorporated easily and effortlessly into our everyday lives, that’s the beauty of them, as well as the power that they have to transform our lives.

  14. Beautiful Katinka. “Let us lose the pettiness of judging any person we meet by their age, educational/professional background or ethnicity. Let us be open to be inspired by the Beauty and Wisdom of All.”
    For why would we protect and fight against our inevitable return back to Soul.

  15. Well said Katinka, we should never judge a person by their age as wisdom is not age specific – you just have to listen to the insight and observations of a child to realise how true this is.

  16. Love it the wisdom of the inner heart our essences the glory and love that can be felt when we are connected to that essence as a normal part of our natural Livingness that is simply available for everyone equally.

  17. Wisdom is not owned; it is accessed and this can be done regardless of age but entirely dependant on our connection with our Soul.

  18. ‘I am inspired by children every day, reminding me what life really is about: joy, playfulness, simplicity and love.’ And this is what Natalie Benhayon is presenting us with everyday because of her choice to connect to love consistently, and then wisdom and true leadership is shared with all.

  19. “the consistency with which she lovingly holds herself, honours herself and cares for herself.” now that is a beautiful summation of the inspiration that so many feel from Natalie. Yet in that what she offers us all is the fact that we are equal and the same as her, we can choose a glorious life if we want.

  20. If we were to observe young children and if they are still in the connection to themselves they can astound us with the maturity of what they just know. I met a lovely child recently and I loved sharing part of my day with her and her parents. I guess she was 8 years old and the pearls of wisdom that just dropped from this little girl was amazing, she had such an openness, maturity, and wit. So often we as adults squash this natural ability that children have and we are the poorer for it.

  21. Natalie is so absolute in the truth she holds in her body that nothing gets to her. Unwaveringly going for her service to humanity by letting no unloving energies in. Just love that she claims in every cell of her body.

  22. I am forever appreciative for the inspiring role models such as Natalie Benhayon who are living their innate loving qualities with such consistency and absoluteness.

  23. Leadership is a quality that comes from within, from seeing a need and a call and responding to it. Inspiring leaders have a natural ability to encourage all others to be leaders as well, to take responsibility for their behaviour, actions and work. Natalie models that leadership style and it truly inspires.

  24. Natalie Benhayon is living testimony to the fact that wisdom comes from the heart and true movement in consistently living in alignment with the Universal cycles – no amount of learnt knowledge can bring this depth of wisdom. Now in my late 60’s Natalie Benhayon continues to inspire me with her innate qualities and reflecting the truth of being a woman for women worldwide to appreciate themselves and live from delicateness and true power..
    “So could we say that age has nothing to do with wisdom?”

  25. Many women can dismiss what Natalie Benhayon presents because she is younger than them. We have a world where it is perfectly acceptable to discriminate based on age, gender, race etc… which is only harmful to us.

  26. There are many great and inspiring people who have been written in to the annals of history as having inspired a generation, these are people who, at the brink of global change, seem to be there to lead the way. Natalie Benhayon is one of those people, but, she is also much more than that, because Natalie is inspiring more than a generation, she is changing how life will be for many if not hundreds and thousands of families for all of time to come. She is the wave of change.

    1. Shami you made such an important point about Natalie, that she is “inspiring more than a generation”, usually role models inspire a specific age group, but Natalie inspires people of all ages including children, teens, adults, elders, and both genders.

  27. What you are sharing really shows our true potential. Natalie was presenting at the age of nineteen even though for many other young adults this is still a time to be irresponsible, ‘enjoy life’ which often means party hard, and don’t take care of yourself! Yet Natalie is offering us a different reflection of how we can live and contribute to the world at a young age.

  28. Natalie Benhayon opens up for me a whole new world in how we can go as women. Fascinating to watch her moving her body, being with herself and in a very deep claimed body and an attitude that nobody will get her away from being in her own body and nobody else will get the smallest change to abuse her in any form. She deeply lives the love in her body we all are. Very inspiring to see that it is possible. Something I forgot for so long.

  29. Wisdom does not come from age or experience but connection and living in connection to the source of all wisdom: love.

  30. Natalie Benhayon a confident young woman who exudes joy, and absolute love, always inspiring us to live the truth, an amazing woman who shows a depth of wisdom far beyond her years.

  31. We are learning what wisdom is truly. We have been used to use the word wisdom when knowlegde was used and we have limited the word wisdom to an age, which could not be further away from the truth. We are capable to access the wisdom of heaven, no matter age or any other appearance. We come from Soul, and our Soul is accessible 24/7 , there is no doubt about that. So what we can say is that yes our wisdom comes from our willingness to connect to deep within us, where our Soul-fullness is.

  32. So many beautiful questions – “Could we say that anything and anyone can reflect to us the wisdom and beauty we all have inside of us? ” So true Katinka.

  33. When I’m with Natalie or any of the Benhayons, I get to feel how much I have let myself go and accepted less than who I truly am. How withdrawn from life I have been, and how I was content to sleep walk through this life. They have been a huge wake up call for me and thousands of other people who have witnessed what it is to live a full and joyful life and have been inspired to have a go themselves. I am on my path to re build what I know to be true in my heart and the truth brings a solidness I will not be moved from. From this solidness I know I am exactly the same as the Benhayons, however I made different choices way back when not to live it. Which is why it is taking some time to reconnect to the same universal mind that they, by the very way they live are in the flow of?

  34. We have so much we could learn from our younger generations. Our little children can and do say the wisest things we can be so easily dismissed because we ‘think’ they cannot possibly be old enough to know what they are saying. But oh, how wrong we can be. Natalie Benhayon is one of the wisest young women I have ever met.

    1. Yes, often children are not constrained by should do’s and must do’s and they simply say things as they are. Nowadays, it seems that this behaviour is related more often than not to an intellectual disability than someone who is an innate connection with truth and speaking up. Perhaps we should pay more attention to what comes out of the mouths of babes.

  35. I agree that we should drop being age-ist. Amazing wisdom can come through anyone at any age – Natalie Benhayon is a great example of that, she’s young but every word she says is gold, and the wisdom with which she lives is transforming the lives of women all over the world. It would be crazy to discount something so amazing because of age.

  36. Natalie has inspired women from all ages, from as young as 4 to as old as 100 maybe. Children and elderly see in Natalie the gorgeousness a woman can be just by simply being herself. She’s an inspiration and a true role model.

  37. The wisdom is in that – caring for, loving and honouring ourselves consistently. A few years have passed since this blog was written but because of Natalie’s consistency and refusal to get comfortable or rest on her laurels she continues to present deeper and more expansive levels of wisdom. She is a great inspiration indeed.

  38. Living in connection to the wisdom of our Soul is not age or gender specific, nor does it require an academic qualification. We all have equal access to multidimensional intelligence when we live in connection to our Soul, through which the vibration of love is reflected. It is always an inspiration to feel this lived quality through any body be it a child, teenager, adult or elder as there is always much for us to learn and share together.

  39. Speaking with Natalie is like being in the presence of an ancient sage who offers wisdom which rings true deep in the heart. But she is also super sassy and real and relatable like the girl next door. Her sexiness is coupled with her sacredness which she honours totally. She holds herself in this as an example for all of us as to how we can be and live. She is a true role model and an inspiration.

  40. “So can we only learn from people with an extended list of educational credentials?” – Great question, and also does having educational credentials guarantee that what someone is presenting or teaching is actually of true value and worth or applicable to life…?

    1. I agree Fiona – a great question Katinka poses. Knowledge comes through education – of any sort – but wisdom can come through at any age. I know which Id prefer – wisdom.

    1. Love and wisdom have been constants since the beginning of time and shall remain constants until the end of time. That is if time were real but it’s not. Peel back the illusion of time and it helps to reveal love and wisdom in all their glory.

  41. Natalie Benhayon is a true model for men and women equally, she is dedicated to truth and has such a depth of wisdom and universal knowledge that is far beyond her years, what a blessing to know this amazing woman.

  42. I know women of many ages from girls to more mature women who are inspired by Natalie Benhayon. Over the 6 or 7 years I have known her, her level of wisdom and understanding has only ever deepened. She is certainly one of the most inspiring women I have known and because of Natalie I am more inspired to live the woman that I am.

  43. I totally agree with the message being presented in this blog, and I have many coworkers that are almost half my age that I have held as equals and learned many incredible things about life, my work, how to evolve relationships in a positive way, etc. because I was willing to not judge them based on their age, even in a work environment that rewards people and values seniority. We need to focus more on the quality of what a person is bringing to their work more so than the mere years they have been there, which could have been spent in a way that is disharmonious and without that same quality of connection, openness, and learning.

  44. “Could we say that age has nothing to do with wisdom?” – Definitely. I am making wiser choices now compared to when I was younger, but that is not because I am older, but it is more to do with my reconnection to my Soul, my essence, God, and my renewed commitment to myself and to life. We could just be getting older and older but could be further ingrained in our patterns and identifications, and/or more given up and withdrawn from life. Going around in cycles is designed to assist us in our evolution, but there is a will to be exercised that defines where we would allocate ourselves in the whole scheme of things.

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