From Giving Up to Reclaiming Myself as a Son of God

For six years now I have been studying, learning and growing with Universal Medicine. Before Universal Medicine, life did not make sense for me and I had given up on myself, others and life.

Growing up, my mother was protestant and my father belonged to another small church – but neither really cared much about religion.

When it was time for my protestant confirmation, I thought about not doing it – as it was my choice. One of the reasons I did it was because of the big celebration which was held for me… and all the presents and attention I got. Continue reading “From Giving Up to Reclaiming Myself as a Son of God”

Physical Pain and the Miracle of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

Despairingly I stood, thinking to myself “What am I to do? How can I do it?” I had already walked 50 metres from the car park and the shop where I needed to buy a few things for dinner that night was only another few metres along. I stood trying to decide whether the level of pain would allow me those few extra steps – but then the thought of having to actually walk around the shop as well as the steps back to the car saw the fortitude dissolve. Was I really listening to my body or was I giving up – giving in to the pain?

That was only a few months ago. Continue reading “Physical Pain and the Miracle of Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy”

Serge Benhayon – A True Role Model

James Nicholson
James Nicholson

We are bombarded by so called ‘role models’ in the media. These men and women have achieved some superiority or greatness in a particular avenue of life they have given focus to and excelled at. Yet often when we delve past the surface the entirety of their existence does not stack up, as other areas of their life suffer.

Growing up I yearned for a true role model, a person who was the real deal, who held the same integrity and quality in all aspects of their life and with no ‘put on’. Someone I could be inspired by. I knew the way people were living was not it but I did not know any other way. Continue reading “Serge Benhayon – A True Role Model”

Depression, Worthlessness & the Truth about God


At the age of 20 I was suffering with depression. Life seemed very dark and my thoughts were not helpful: on reflection I had withdrawn from life. It was a time when I had my first ‘semi-serious’ relationship with a woman. Far from being a joyful experience, the relationship was part of the problem.

If I am honest, I have probably been living with depression for much of my life but have learned to cope with it by using various techniques, distractions, alternative thinking strategies and to a degree, in some sense at least, I dragged myself out of it. Continue reading “Depression, Worthlessness & the Truth about God”

Judith McIntyre on Meeting Serge Benhayon – A Meeting on the Edge of Eternity

Introduction: The first time I properly met Judith McIntyre she was in her bedroom over-looking the Northern Ridge in Goonellabah.

She was sitting upright in a hospital bed that had recently replaced her queen-sized bed. The feeling in the room was very still. Late afternoon light was streaming in through a large glass window and with the sweeping view of the hills it felt as if we were in the valley itself, floating in a rural landscape. 

She was (and is) experiencing the advanced stages of Cancer. I was there to do an interview with her about her experience of dying but was completely unprepared for just how deep the healing would be speaking with her that day. I have never been afraid of death but I have never been comfortable around death and dying either. What do you say to someone that is facing such a huge event? How do you begin to relate?

Judith took away all my awkwardness with the depth of her presence. When I greeted her hello, she pulled me close and hugged me (it seemed, she was reassuring me!). As I spoke to her I felt held in her gaze and in her bright, bright eyes.

A day later I read this blog you are about to read, about the first time she met Serge Benhayon, and it seemed to me as though her writing was coming from heaven, a heaven she has made in her own life.

This is the first in a series of articles by Judith that she has written to reflect the possibility that we can truly live while being near to the end (of this time round). I trust you will deeply appreciate this writing, this woman, and all that she brings.

Rebecca Baldwin June 5th 2014

  Continue reading “Judith McIntyre on Meeting Serge Benhayon – A Meeting on the Edge of Eternity”