Lance Martin’s Manipulations – The Lies Behind the ‘Universal Medicine Cult’ Story

It is well known that since 2012 Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the UniMed Student Body have been the subjects of false press, cult allegations and highly publicised lies and distortion; lies that were spread through anonymous online blogs and forums frequented by a small but prolific group of cyber-stalkers and cyber-bullies.

What is less well known is that it was a local man by the name of Dudley Lance Martin (Lance Martin) who silently spear-headed the cyber-harassment campaign and was instrumental in courting the media with the promise of a ‘Universal Medicine Cult’ conspiracy story that in fact had no basis in reality.

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Lance Martin – ‘accidental anti-cult activist’ or a man scrambling to cover his tracks?

Since Lance Martin has been exposed as a cyber-bully and been made publicly accountable for his conduct and the lies he has spread, he has attempted to spin a new version of events – obviously scrambling in an attempt to cover his tracks.

On paper Lance Martin presents as an innocent man, an ‘accidental anti-cult activist’ whose beautiful wife was taken away from him – when she underwent a “personality change” which “destroyed their marriage”. This version of events is so far from reality that for most people it will be hard to comprehend the level of deceit that appears second nature to Martin.

In his latest re-write of history (that again leaves him totally blameless for any issues in his rocky 16 year relationship) he must, as always, ignore the voice and experience of his highly intelligent wife.

It appears lost on him, that the very abuse he denies took place in the marriage – the psychological abuse that saw him discount her views and experiences as that of a stupid, foolish woman, he again employs in his latest argument.

It also attempts to smoke-screen the extent of the deliberate and calculated harm that Lance Martin has attempted on hundreds of complementary Universal Medicine health practitioners through an often behind the scenes campaign to destroy their livelihoods, with lies so extensive that it is almost impossible to fathom that any sane person would spread them so liberally without any evidence whatsoever.

Lance Martin’s Digital Legacy: A Back Catalogue of Deliberate Lies

Lance Martin, whilst not the most visible or even the most vile-on-the-page is responsible for making up or advancing some of the more outlandish lies about Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the UniMed Student Body that litter the web – and/or have been printed and directly sent to media and workplaces – from the ridiculous (tax evasion, money laundering, ‘covert hypnosis’ and ‘cult conspiracies’), to the outright malicious (false sexual abuse claims, pedophilia and more).

Lance Martin - Hotels2Go
Lance Martin – responsible for making up or advancing some of the more outlandish lies about Serge Benhayon and the UniMed Student Body that litter the web.

Martin began brandishing his bizarre ‘press kit’ of lies after the breakdown of his above-mentioned marriage to Universal Medicine student Anna Douglass. Previous to this, Anna reports that he was attending sessions with Serge Benhayon, frequently receiving Chakra-Puncture from renowned Chakra-Puncturist Neil Ringe and receiving Esoteric Healing sessions from Universal Medicine student practitioners, all without complaint.

To eschew all responsibility for his relationship failings Martin’s explanation for his wife leaving him (and his subsequent attacks on Universal Medicine) hinge on the lie that his former wife is a ‘vulnerable brainwashed victim of a cult’. The sensational cult ‘hook’, readily bought by media outlets, saw Anna’s factual account repeatedly buried, obscured or ridiculed and Lance Martin’s false narrative actively advanced.

On a recently launched website called The Facts about Universal Medicine ( Anna Douglass now speaks out publicly for the first time.

In a comprehensive article she reveals the real motivations behind the creation of a ‘Universal Medicine Cult’ conspiracy and she asks us to consider what can only be described as yet another layer of cowardice and abuse: Martin is not the primary pusher of his own propaganda. Piggy-backing on her caustic zeal and what appears to be her need to please him, Lance Martin found the perfect mouth-piece in blogger and Toowong acupuncturist Esther Rockett when they met on twice convicted felon Rick Ross’s ‘anti-cult’ website in 2012.

Falling for his spin, Rockett inadvertently became Martin’s fall-guy. Her extensive ‘toxic digital footprint’ – advancing many of the lies that originated with him – is one that she will now have to live with and that no amount of rebranding will shake, despite recent attempts to upgrade her qualifications from ‘Cult-basher’ and ‘Nobody’s Bitch’ to ‘Health Care Activist’. Perhaps most revealingly, when Lance Martin was asked by his former wife what he thought about Esther Rockett he replied, ‘Well I don’t like her style’ and yet clearly he appears to be content to let her do his dirty work.

Anna Douglass - 16 years of experience living with Lance Martin
Anna Douglass – 16 years of experience living with Lance Martin

With the steadiness and authority of a woman with 16 years of experience living with him, Anna’s account brings Lance Martin’s behaviours out in full view, exposing his actions for what they are: multi-layered manipulations (including shameless ploys at eliciting sympathy) that in fact mask a dogged, calculated and jealous attack on Serge Benhayon and anyone associated and provide a means for Martin to attempt to control Anna from afar.

What emerges is a picture of a new kind of spousal abuse for the digital age: where the calculated use of communication technology and spin has been used to attempt to own, diminish, demean and brand a woman; but which in the face of Anna’s strength and clarity, ultimately fails.

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