Serge Benhayon – A True Role Model

James Nicholson
James Nicholson

We are bombarded by so called ‘role models’ in the media. These men and women have achieved some superiority or greatness in a particular avenue of life they have given focus to and excelled at. Yet often when we delve past the surface the entirety of their existence does not stack up, as other areas of their life suffer.

Growing up I yearned for a true role model, a person who was the real deal, who held the same integrity and quality in all aspects of their life and with no ‘put on’. Someone I could be inspired by. I knew the way people were living was not it but I did not know any other way.

I have known Serge Benhayon since 2003 and never once have I felt he was putting any of it on. Everything Serge presents he has lived. Serge has not held back with what has needed to be said, even if at times it has been tricky and I would say difficult.

When I have gone astray from honouring and truly caring for myself (and there have been many times), since knowing Serge he has been there; he has never once minced his words or dumbed them down for me. He has given them to me straight and it was always exactly what I needed to hear… without fail.

I have never once felt an ounce of judgment from Serge. This is remarkable in itself. For someone to tirelessly listen to all my ‘head talk’ yet be there fully with a loving tender presence, seemingly without any effort, is unheard of in everyday life – and remember I have known Serge for over 10 years. And I am only one of thousands.

At Universal Medicine courses or presentations Serge always has a queue of people wanting help or support with something. Serge, without fail, has time for everyone. He never rushes a moment with a person. He isn’t looking over your shoulder seeing how long the line is, but rather is focussed and gives his full undivided attention and presence to the person he is talking with. It is extremely hard to do; give it a try and you will know what I mean. When we are talking with another person are we actually truly there for them, or do we have a hidden agenda underneath, an agenda that wants something for us and if we don’t get this, we switch off and aren’t interested? I certainly have done this.

Serge Benhayon | Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon

It is with the sheer amount of love Serge Benhayon holds for each and every one of us – that enables this unreserved dedication to humanity. This should be celebrated and something for us all to be inspired by. Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us: he has simply chosen a truer and fuller level of expression, one that serves humanity, not self.

I know there has been a lot defamation written in the media about Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine, but none of it has stuck and this in itself is testament to the integrity and truth Serge lives by. The media hungers for exposing stories but in this instance have missed out on the greatest story of them all – a man living lovingly and inspiring everyone he meets to be more of themselves and to be more naturally loving. This is nothing inherently special as we can all do it, and be the same, but it should be celebrated as very few among us are willing and choosing to do this.

By James Nicholson, Design Consultant, Frome, England

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  1. “Serge has not held back with what has needed to be said, even if at times it has been tricky and I would say difficult.” This is a tribute. Think how hard it is a lot of the time to speak and hold your truth giving it your all everytime and all the time. Serge Benhayon does — a true role model for many centuries to come till the end of time as we know it.

    1. ‘Serge Benhayon…a true role model for many centuries to come till the end of time as we know it.’ He shows us and has shown us that we can live the love we are without any need to hold back or try to fit in rather just be the the fullness of the love we are in every moment. So rather than trying to fit in with the world around us, Serge has shown us how we can can reverse this and make love the normal, not something we try to bring into life and better it.

  2. There are two kinds of role models. We choose them discerningly. On the one hand, those that invite you to be more. On the other hand, those that invite others to be like them.

    1. Simple but true Eduardo, it is subtle but a massive difference. I find those that invite you to be more, are saying you too are the same just like me rather than getting you to look up to them and adore them. So one brings connection and the other confirms separation.

  3. ‘The media hungers for exposing stories but in this instance have missed out on the greatest story of them all – a man living lovingly and inspiring everyone he meets to be more of themselves and to be more naturally loving.’ Whilst this isn’t the sensationalism they usually go for, this is a story that needs to be told. However, Serge Benhayon’s actions and words will continue to inspire many for many centuries to come whether the media jump on board or not because when the truth is felt, this is all that is needed – it doesn’t need a newspaper journalist to confirm it for you.

    1. Very true Michelle, Serge Benhayon will be studied for years to come and when people are ready for the truth, as has always been the case, they will find it. We all know truth within and so do not need anyone or the media to confirm it to us.

      1. I was observing a biology lesson in school yesterday and the students were learning about smoking statistics. It was interesting that when the government banned cigarette advertising, percentages of the population who smoked started to fall – a no-brainer, yes. However, for all those of us who have ever smoked, myself included, we don’t really need the government to tell us smoking is bad for our health, we experience this at the first puff! Yes – it may take a little nudge to confirm what we already know to be true and for some of us that nudge needs to be over a longer period, but at the end of the day, we can’t deny the truth once we really allow ourselves to honestly feel it, but we won’t honestly feel it until we are ready to deal with the inevitable changes to our lifestyle that this feeling will precipitate.

      2. I agree Michelle well said, ‘we can’t deny the truth once we really allow ourselves to honestly feel it but as you say, it is only when we are ready to take responsibility and deal with what is before us, that we will fully implement and live the love we know.

  4. Thank you James, for expressing what we truly feel is allowing ourselves to be heard. To be who you are and all that you are feeling is the most warm and loving feeling. That is why it is so important that we surrender to who we are and what we are feeling everyday.

    1. It sure is the most warm and loving feeling the more and more we surrender to who we are. Nothing I have found outside of myself or from another comes close to this feeling. Although when we come from this place and share with another we take things to another level.

  5. Perhaps the most inspiring thing about Serge Benhayon is the fact that he is never ever doing anything for the exclusive benefit of himself at the expense of any other. It is an example of true leadership and utter humbleness with everything and everyone. Utterly amazing to say the least.

    1. It sure is amazing and deeply inspiring how everything Serge does is for the benefit of all. He never puts anyone down rather appreciates us no matter what – truly remarkable and shows how we can all live when we choose love 1st and foremost in our lives.

  6. We all yearn for true role models. Yet with what’s on offer we don’t have much of an option and what society accepts as role models has a lot to be desired.

    1. Very true Nikki, however now there are more and more role models to be inspired by. The Girl to Women festival is a great example of how young girls and boys can be cherished and honoured for who they are and not think they need to be anything different for anyone.

      1. The best (and true) role models are the ones who allow and support you to feel your awesomeness just as you are.

      2. We all know how if feels to be confirmed for who we are, to not be held in what we are not, but seen for the depth and truth of who we really are. Is this what we too offer others?

  7. ” Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us: he has simply chosen a truer and fuller level of expression, one that serves humanity, not self.” getting self out of the way is something I am learning in relationship to family, that if I have an agenda I a simply serving myself and not the divine plan, Serge’s level of love and equality for humanity is absolutely amazing and inspiring, but also one we can each attain to if self is out of the way.

    1. So very true Jill, as you have shared the key is getting our self out of the way and not making life all about me and what I can get, rather making life about humanity and being all the love that we are, so we can reflect back to others and show them they too are equally divine.

  8. I don’t remember longing for a role model as a child as I didn’t even know that word but maybe I did because I longed to meet someone I could truly connect to and I was looking for true love, as on a certain level I knew that everything that was presented to me as love was not true. My first experience of TRUE love (which is an energetic quality) was when I met Serge Benhayon and from that day my life, health, well-being, relationships – everything has transformed in the most wonderful and joyous way.

    1. I had a similar experience Nicola. I always longed for true love and connection with others, but did not find it until I met Serge Benhayon. Yes I had some great relationships, which from the outside looked deeply loving like with my family for example, but it always felt there was more and far deeper that we could go. Something I now feel I have with my parents and brother more than I ever did growing up, and this is largely thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for inspiring us all to be and bring more of the love we are, not only to ourselves but also to all others. The more we deepen our love with ourselves, the more we then share of our true selves with others and it becomes less and less about what I can get out of this situation and more about what can I bring.

      1. It is simple mathematics isn’t it – we can’t share something we are not living or don’t have or have so buried deep we are disconnected to!

  9. In the past I often gave my power away to people I thought were my ‘role models’ in healing and were never asked to do so.

    I first met Serge Benhayon in 2014, a person who treats everyone as his equal but also shares real wisdom that is non imposing or tarnished with cultural side effects.

    I love this ‘Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us: he has simply chosen a truer and fuller level of expression, one that serves humanity, not self’ – couldn’t be more truer than this.

    1. I love that you have felt the same thing Shushila, knowing that Serge is simply showing us what is possible when we choose love and commit to it in full, helps bring back a trust in humanity and a knowingness of where we are from. We can no longer say we have not been shown a reflection of the love we are and so have a responsibility to also reflect it back to others, so they too will no longer be lost as we once were.

  10. “Everything Serge presents he has lived.” The role model Serge presents is for each and everyone of us to be who we truly are.

    1. By being fully open with us, even about his flaws, Serge shows us we are all the same in human bodies and so we are never going to be perfect. By showing us this equality Serge removes any notion of being gifted or special rather shows us it is simply about the way we choose to live and that we all have the same propensity to live the love we are know deep within.

  11. A true role model does not impose, but simply offers a reflection of that which of truth and aligned to the constant pull of evolution and Serge Benhayon is definitely that and more, always reflecting us a way that is simple and joyful when we live from an open heart.

  12. Serge is the greatest listener – He does not just listen he is deeply connected, knows who he is and therefore knows that what he offers is from this deep connection – a connection that is based on all as One.

    1. That is a very good point Rik, ‘Serge is the greatest listener’ and it is one of the reasons we all love him because he allows us to be and does not judge us, no matter what we may be saying or however many times we have kept making the same ill choices, he remains the same, the rock of the ages – forever unwavering.

  13. I can relate, I too yearned for a true role model, somebody who I would be able to share with discuss life. I have found this role model in somebody who is inspired by Serge, a woman who has taught me more about life than blood related family, teachers, lecturers or friends. Somebody who wakes up in the morning ready to be of service to humanity, that is the kind of role model that we should all have in our lives.

  14. Being met with openness and acceptance allows people the space to actually be who they are and not their protective ‘go-to’ alter-ego that usually runs the show.

    1. Very well said, Serge Behayon is a great example of someone who gives people this space without demanding or needing anything from you and so naturally being offered this space we get to see things more clearly. And Serge is not alone for we can all do this and it is one of the greatest gifts we can give another.

  15. I always found it amazing people like Serge who didn’t follow a traditional path and have successs in doing something of their own accord – I’ve felt that I held those with more job security as the most “correct” forms of jobs but love seeing those who lead with something different.

    1. I know what you mean, we are taught that security is everything yet the only true solace I have found is within the inner heart, the moment I get attached to something on the outer and put that 1st I lose myself and erode the sense of love in my body. Yet when I keep love at the forefront in everything I do and focus on this quality the everything else gets taken care of. The security issue then does not arise because by taking care of myself I am also taking care of everyone else. Whereas when I focus on security it is all about me usually at the expense of everyone else.

  16. ‘Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us: he has simply chosen a truer and fuller level of expression, one that serves humanity, not self.’ You highlight a great point with this statement James, Serge Benhayon is equal to everyone he never wants you to put him on a pedestal in anyway, he is a man who shows us there is a different way to live that is more loving and true.

    1. Well said Anna, it is the equality and humblesness which Serge Benhayon lives by and presents with that makes it all so real, practical and simple – almost too simple for the mind to fathom or comprehend at times. He is extraordinary yet completely ordinary and by being so shows us all that we too are capable of living a life based on love and that we do not need to have all the emotional ups and downs of life and the hurts that go with them.

  17. The Love that is felt within The Student to The Way of The Livingness for Serge Benhayon is fully complete and as a man who’s Love is off the charts it is astounding to say the least.

    1. It sure is and the moment we also see everybody as the love they are 1st and foremost then everything changes. No longer do we see purely the physical being and what comes out of peoples mouths as them, rather see everybody as vessels of love just not always ones choosing to express from this essence. So then nothing is taken personally, after all, we know deep down that love would never put anyone down so feel the game that is going on and being played.

      1. Yes we either play with the fire of the Soul, as you say – “He isn’t looking over your shoulder seeing how long the line is, but rather is focussed and gives his full undivided attention and presence to the person he is talking with.” This is truely being Soul-full and this means the game is up for any thing less than being connected to the Soul. When connected to the Soul one can only deliver “living lovingly” as normal.

  18. To have a true role model, one who lives what he teaches with is love truth integrity in every way is rare in our society, and Serge is such a man. I feel honoured to know, love and experience the great amount of love he holds for all equally, and to be on earth at this time in earths history, is indeed a privilege.

    1. It sure is a privilege – even so I know I have taken Serge and all he represents for granted. The more I appreciate what he represents the more I also see and confirm it within myself. And so in turn can share it with others.

  19. ‘Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us: he has simply chosen a truer and fuller level of expression, one that serves humanity, not self’. – A true role model where transparency, honesty, love and continuity in the way Serge Benhayon lives both professionally and in his personal life is available for our observation – a beautiful gift to humanity confirming everyday that there is another way to live.

    1. Serge Benhayon has shown us how we can live a one-life where we are the same love in every situation no matter who we are with. And then by focusing on this quality naturally it deepens and so we are then in turn more love with every one and so on.

  20. Serge Benhayon is definitely a true role model, but we all are modeling one thing or another. We recognise truth in what he represents and many are very inspired by that, so the question then is what is the rest of us representing? What Serge lives is what we could also but have not chosen for a very very long time. We are already that, and we are simply being asked to consider stopping ‘not being that’.

    1. I agree Fumiyo what are we modelling and reflecting back to everyone else. I find people are watching us all of the time just like we watch other people. And we are either confirming the diviness we come from or we are confirming the suffering – theres no inbetween fence.

  21. I feel very grateful that I have a role model like Serge Benhayon. Every time I hear Serge present on stage, I always think, damn that makes sense, or I knew that. Every time I am met by his warmth I know that I can be that warm too when I am feeling good but what astounds me is that it is some 13 years since I first met Serge and he is still the same solid consistent presence in my life. This man has always been a rock and a person you can trust and be supported by.

    1. I totally agree Sarah, it is the consistency Serge presents with and lives by which backs up everything he says. When he presents even though there may be a few hundred in the room, or even listening to a recording it is like he is speaking directly to me, in a way that I have not experienced with many other people.

  22. Serge Benhayon is a constant source that inspires anyone and everyone to be more and offers a true reflection to how life could look like if we go for it. It seems to me the world is divided between those that allow that inspiration in and grow with it in spaciousness and those that approach such invitation to be more with supreme arrogance and only get inspired to get denser and denser and then reject evolution. We all feel equally what is on offer. Yet, behind that fact each of us has the right to go one way or the other. In one case, you can deeply appreciate what Serge offers and call him a true role model or in the other you can choose to blame others for your decision to be less and denser.

    1. Choices indeed and which ever choice(s) we make then support us to make more of the same choices. However when I do not choose love my body screams at me and so ai have to try to suppress it by food, tv, distractions etc.. yet when I choose love I am supported and feel at least content if not joyful.

  23. We have been offered a reflection from heaven by Serge Benhayon, the quality of his movements and surrender to what is divine is what we are all to do once we let go of creation and that which keeps us trapped in the illusion of what is not.

    1. It is great to have Serge as a reflection of who we are in truth as someone who does not shy away from this fact and will not stop until every one of us knows this fact in full.

    2. I remember watching serge move through the crowd once, the ease in his body was so obvious. I cannot wait to live a life without the constant anxiousness and exhaustion that I cast upon myself, and watching Serge and a few other inspirational people really makes it easy for me to accept the fact that one day I too will live like that.

  24. A true role model should be consistent and consider all facets of their life as equal. Too many people of today focus on only certain areas of their life and make those a success at the expense of and compromising the quality of other parts of their lives. This does beg the question, if someone is successful in one part of their life but the rest of their life is a train wreck are they really that successful?

    1. It is a great point as what do we really judge as success. How can we say we excel at work yet have a chaotic family life? Surely if this is the case it cannot truly be successful at work. After all we cannot simply put a hat on to be a person at work amd take it off and be another person at home as everything we do affects the quality of being we present in every moment.

  25. James a beautiful sharing, and from my own experience Serge Benhayon has never judged me, and whenever I have asked a question I have always been met with love, never any judgment or criticism, just an acceptance of where I am at, at that time. It has made me realise how much easier parenting would be if we treated children in the same way, with love, no judgment or criticism just a sharing of wisdom that deep down we know is true.

    1. We can extrapolate everything Serge Benhayon has presented to us to pretty much any and every area of our lives. And as you say the results would be so different – we just have to start with one area and build on that.

  26. True role models are few and far between. Serge Benhayon is not only an incredible one, but as a result there are many hundreds, if not thousands more who have been deeply inspired by him over the past 17 years.

    1. I agree Jenny, it is a real joy to see how many people have truly turned their lives around and are now also role models just like Serge Benhayon has been for us.

  27. When we see someone living in a way that is as inspiring as the life of Serge Benhayon we have a choice: to be inspired and make changes in our lives, or to react and resist inspiration. Interestingly my body chooses the former very naturally so and my mind with all its set behaviours and beliefs is more at ease with the no change, dig your heels in second option. As I develop a more complete relationship with life, guided and supported by my body’s responses rather than solely the isolated intellect of my mind, it becomes obvious and simple to let myself be inspired to change.

    1. It is fascinating how we have been so easily programmed to settle to keeping things the same and not changing even though we know and can feel the depths of love that we are. It is like we have an inbuilt mechanism inside us that says I’m ok where I am because I know this – yet we also know love so just need to override this mechanism and then its love all the way!

  28. Thank you James, you make so many clear and powerful points which I wholeheartedly agree with from my own experiences with Serge Benhayon. I have talked to Serge about private matters a few times and he has never rushed it and always given his fullness to every moment with me – exactly as you have written, even with a queue waiting. It’s also a valid point about how difficult that can actually be to do ourselves because we have our own agendas and switch off from the other person, unable as Serge does to bring our all – yet I am very inspired to be like that myself! Serge is a very inspiring person in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your appreciation.

    1. Serge truly is a role model for all, it is his sheer and utter normaleness with no put on which makes him very special. I have not seen anyone who cannot relate to what he is presenting and there are not many if any other teachers I can think the same of.

  29. I have also experienced what you describe here James from Serge Benhayon – telling it to me straight but without an ounce of judgment. Just this one thing alone is remarkable and very rare in human life and something I treasure very much and have found very inspiring.

    1. I agree Andrew it is very inspiring to be told it straight, what you need to hear but without any judgment or need for you to change. It is like Serge gives you the space to be you and come to the realisations yourself. By not trying to change you, or needing you to change in a certain time or condemning you in any way is one of the best gifts we can give anyone.

  30. Serge is gorgeous is every way. I feel blessed to have him in my life and blessed that he walks on this planet. He is a role model for what is possible as a human being.

  31. I remember growing up and looking out into the world for role models. I ended up taking parts from many people to fit with what I needed. Some were true while others were from somewhere else but no one gave me the full picture. Serge Benhayon delivers the ‘full’ consistently and we are seeing many others doing the same, how you may ask? From the teachings of The Way of The Livingness. You can call something all the names you want but when it comes down to it this is a way of living that has not only stood the test of time but rings true at every turn.

    1. And that is the key Ray, with Serge Benhayon what you see is what you get in its entirety, yet without and never claiming to be perfect. It is his absolute commitment to people which shines through.

      1. You can really see how we are all like this, like Serge Benhayon lives. I remember this from young, I remember seeing this in my home town, in the cities, in places I’ve worked and the only difference is that it was never consistent, never constant and at times almost fleeting. Serge Benhayon backs it up, day after day, year after year and person after person. There is no on and off, private or public about him, it’s all on show for all to see if they choose. This is one of the biggest things I take from how he is, the consistency and so no matter what is going on the way he lives, the quality of care he has in each moment holds true.

      2. I agree Ray and for me and many others this consistency has enabled me to trust Serge Benhayon and what he is presenting. So I am not having thoughts, is this true or not, but rather how can I and can I incorporate this into my life, I can see it works but how far am I willing to go with it? Do I want to settle for a better life or do I, like Serge, want to go all the way and say only truth will do? I know I have done both and it is a constant choice but the more I say yes to truth and only to truth the more I also build consistency myself and then so more other people get to feel this me as well, and that is what it is all about; reflecting back to other people we are far more than purely what the eyes can see.

      3. Ah true inspiration through reflection, now I’d love to see that, “and that is what it is all about” We are not looking for others to be a certain way or to sing to a certain tune we are leading the way through the way we live, an ever deepening quality that goes out and never looks back.

      4. Inspiration through the way we live – it seems almost too simple to comprehend but is what has worked for me. Serge Benhayon’s consistency over the years has worn down any notion or thought that it is a put on or anything like this. If it was in any way it would not have lasted the test of time and just like Serge has done for us this is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another – the reflection of who they truly are.

      5. This is very true and when doubt hits you or questions are asked at times, it is the consistency of what has been shown to you that stands tall. When you can see and feel something like this in every way and at every point how can you question it?; you can’t. The only question will come from those that blind themselves through their choices. So in effect, it has nothing to do with Serge Benhayon or the person they are referring to but more a reflection for them to have a look at their blind spot.

  32. I feel what you have shared is spot-on James, as Serge Benhayon is so simple in his everyday approach to everything he does. What Serge Benhayon presents he lives, so much so that I can feel without reservation the fact that his life simply is normal. So normal that the rest of us have lost our way and by Serge Benhayon’s simple reflection we all have the choice to return to this normal way of living. The Livingness holds everyone in an equality that also feel normal and this, The Livingness is the simplest way to live by being with yourself or being connected to our inner-heart in all we do to the best of our ability.

    1. It is this ‘normality’ that is so deeply touching because we all know it deep within. It is also one of the stumbling blocks because it is almost too simple to fathom to live The Livingness – we have been so conditioned to think that life is a struggle when we find things simple we question can they be true rather than simply embracing all that is and has always been on offer.

      1. Acceptance is huge and something I know I do not do enough of. The more I come back to knowing that everything is within and stop the incessant searching outside of myself the more I surrender to the love that I am, as we all are, and the more I accept this the more I take it with me in every step.

      2. Spot on, every ‘step’ is like a stone that needs turning to see if we have an image that is hidden the ideals that we are lesser than the True role model we are.

      3. It is fascinating how easily images and ideals can creep in. The key is catching them and then we can let them go. Otherwise I find my focus goes from being everywhere slowly narrowing down to a point and essentially becoming all about me and what I want and what I can get.

      4. So True James and when it becomes all about ourselves we are in comparison with others instead of feeling the equality we all live in. So it is up to each of us to feel how normal it is to express when holding everyone as our equal.

      5. The more we hold everyone as equals the more we can be inspired by the choices they have made and so appreciate those around us rather than trying to compete or out do one another.

      6. I find that I always have that internal battle of wanting to be more going on as soon as I let go of simply being myself and honouring what I am feeling. After all when we are trying to be something for others we can never live up to it because it is a false picture that will always be out of reach. Whereas when we bring all that we are then irrespective of what is looks like we all get to be and feel the love we are which is more magnificent than any picture or anything physical could ever be.

      7. From our starting point of being at-least gentle, and then to be self-loving on our journey to Love there are many hurdles that we have to “honour” that are from our previous incarnations, which need to be dis-mantled so we can evolve back to True Love. Could it be possible that as we all get ahead on our True journey, and life becomes tumultuous that we loose sight of the greatness we all are? And as expression is a great leveller, as previously stated, we can ‘turn that stone’ as we learn to Truly express in a way that serves where we are all at!

      8. I agree Greg it can be all too easy to ‘lose sight of the greatness we all are’. I find the moment that I do, almost any self destructive behaviour is possible, as I tend to get some pretty crazy thoughts. Yet the moment I connect back to and feel the grandness that I and we all come from, suddenly life makes sense and everything is put into perspective. No longer am I simply a blind bystander, I now see I have a responsibility to live the truth I know, so I can be the beacon for other fellow beings who have simply lost sight of the light they are from.

      9. Very true Greg – when we stop to actually consider them we can see the ludicrousness of them. Yet when we go with them they can almost become real and so we can get a completely warped sense of reality and different version of events.

  33. Inspirational re read of your sharing James! Thank you for taking the time also to reply to the many comments made above I have learnt much from all.

    1. Thank you Roslyn, I too have found it extremely revealing and building to read through and reply to the comments people have been making on the blog- each one is an expansion on what has been shared and takes it to another level and are a joy to read.

  34. You have said it so clearly James: the media by focusing on the mistruths about Serge Benhayon that they have been fed are absolutely missing out “on the greatest story of them all”, a story, if it were to be told has the potential to turn around the lives of millions of people. So what scares the journalists off from telling this story? Maybe 1) it will not make them any money and 2) they may just realise that their lives are sorely in need of change. But the world needs true role models so it is our job to let them know that Serge Benhayon is exactly that, unwaveringly so.

    1. For me I feel that people do not generally want to be open and see quite how many loveless choices they have made in their lives and so are afraid of actually facing up to this fact. Yet love does not hold any judgement rather the more we go ok I messed up the more it embraces us. So yes with journalists the same goes for them. I also feel that a lot of us are caught in levels of comfort and so do not want to rock the boat – ie. if I say too much maybe I will get fired and lose my job etc.. what then. So we go down the negative track rather than seeing what would happen if I truly lived and expressed the love that I know within is on offer – what would happen then?

  35. I have felt just the same, “This is remarkable in itself. For someone to tirelessly listen to all my ‘head talk’ yet be there fully with a loving tender presence, seemingly without any effort, is unheard of in everyday life…”, I often react when someone talking from the head or making decisions complicated and difficult… but I’ve never had Serge do that to me or seen him react with others. This quality inspires me greatly…. and how he holds people with so much love should be written about.

    1. Wow! Aimee I agree, what would life be like without all that head talk? I am working on this point daily and it is not as easy as it sounds, the idle chatter in my head at times needs to be extricated. .

      1. The key Greg as you have said is that ‘what Serge Benhayon presents he lives’. So then it is deeply felt. It is a bit like a doctor who smokes telling you not to smoke, it does not work. Whereas when you actually fully live what you are saying it makes a lot more sense to the other person and can be deeply felt.

  36. This is beautiful to read James of your love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon and how he has graced thousands of people’s lives with his true love and care for humanity. Serge Benhayon is a man who truly walks his talk and his lived ways is deeply inspiring and supportive for us all – a true role model in every sense of the word.

    1. It is a great lesson for us all – walk your talk otherwise it changes nothing and people switch off. Live it in full and no words are needed because people feel it and this is what helps to re-ignite the flame within in full. For it is always there within us all just often has been hidden we forget we have it.

  37. It is true James that the media have missed out on the biggest news scoop – that we have a human being of such integrity and lived love walking amongst us and whose teachings are so freely accessible to all is a truly remarkable story and one that should definitely be celebrated and shared.

    1. Looking back at history so many of the great teachers were not embraced when they were alive and it was only after their deaths that the masses really opened up to their teachings. The same may be so for Serge Benhayon but he is with us now so it is not, nor ever too late to truly embrace what is on offer and right before us.

  38. It’s funny, I read these words from James and I still see how I try and fit them into my life. Like when someone does something and you copy it, in your own way of course. What is a true role model about and then how do we truly become or live as a role model. As I said our current method is to take something we see or like or appreciate in someone else and use it in our lives, in how we are but it seems this still comes from parts and not looking at everything.
    Serge Benhayon is how he is from the dedication he has to his every move and this dedication also isn’t how we usually see it. Dedication is seen as a task, something you concentrate on and usually it’s used in relation to making something better or similar. But this dedication is to true feelings, to love, to everything and so when we see a person like Serge dedicated you can see it in the usual way. You see it in every way, how he moves, the relationships and the enormous depth of relationship with everyone he knows and comes in contact with. It’s not to get around to everyone and make sure you are liked dedication, but more from the dedication to feeling energy that becomes exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time, every time. From moving in every way with every thing gives you the space and time to be with everyone, now that’s a true role model.

    1. Well said Ray, I know what you mean how we try to take things we like and then fit them into our lives rather than looking at the whole and then changing the way we live. It is like we can only say yes to or accept a small amount but not the whole. And because everything is everything it means we cannot just address one area of our lives we have to address all areas of our lives.

  39. Serge Benhayon is the most genuine, loving and caring man I have ever meet. The way he is and treats everyone is without a shadow of a doubt equal and no different to the way he is with his family. So transparent that you totally know what he is sharing is true because every word he speaks he lives. For someone to say otherwise they have not meet or spent anytime with Serge, simple.

    1. Well said Natalie, the fact that Serge Benhayon genuinely treats everybody as equals is one of the standout qualities that people who have had the pleasure of meeting him can feel. He does not put anyone or himself above anyone else and is there in full to support and assist when needed.

    2. Beautifully said Natalie, and for those of us who have not yet met Serge Benhayon to judge or label him in any way is misguided. We live in a world of false reporting (consider the current exposure and discussions about ‘fake news’), and therefore need to become more discerning and responsible about how and what we read, absorb and regurgitate as fact.

      1. So often things are masqueraded as facts when they are far from the truth. Something which Serge Benhayon presents is that we can all feel and discern energy and the more we do this the more we can read and feel whether or not what we are being told or presented with is truth or not.

  40. Thank you James for a great sharing, one that I have experienced for myself also with Serge. We are so blessed to be living on this earth at these times of great light being shed amongst us, of who we are, where we come from and why we are all here, all of this is reflected to us by the way Serge lives his life, showing all that we too can be.

    1. And that is the key to what Serge Benhayon presents, it is that he is simply showing us ‘all that we too can be’. We just need to make the choices to make love our foundation and then live from there. Becasue we have all lived lives up to this point we are carrying past hurts, patterns and behaviours with us and so it takes time to let them go but the more we come back to love as our guide and marker the more fuller life becomes and the purposeful our days become.

  41. A great reminder how fortunate we are to live in this world at this time. Even though the world is such a mess there is great hope too when we have a new religion such as “The Way of The Livingness “as presented by Serge Benhsayon that looks at the equality and Brotherhood of man. We are Love and come from Love! Thank you James.

    1. The world is in a mess but then it is great because things are starting to come out and be exposed and people can no longer get away with what they once used to. For too long we have effectively suffered in silence – sure what is coming up may not be pleasant but it is far better for it to be exposed than to stay hidden away, and thank God for Universal Medicine for showing us the way forth.

  42. It is a sad truth but it is a fact that true role models are extremely rare in our world today. I feel very blessed to be able to say that I have found one in Serge Benhayon and as you say James, “Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us: he has simply chosen a truer and fuller level of expression, one that serves humanity, not self.”

    1. The fact that Serge Benhayon is no different to any of us is what stands so true for me. So many people or presenters put themselves above others as being more gifted etc.. yet Serge constantly reminds us all that we are the same, just simply have made different choices and so anytime we choose to we can also make the same choices to live a life based on love.

  43. It is so true James that today’s society is saturated with images and pictures from ‘role models’ that do not represent who they actually are or the real quality of life that they live. Yet we often follow these false images to shape who we are and as a result we develop a false sense of who we are. Even when we read what is behind these images, or the quality of life lived by these role models is revealed we override our sense of knowing and continue to follow this image as it is comfortable and convenient. In other words it is less confronting for us as we are not being asked to be more of who we are, or called to stand firm in the truth of knowing who we are regardless if we ‘fit in’ with those around us or not. Meeting Serge Benhayon has been and is eternally inspiring, as from the first moment I knew that I was so much more than what I had been choosing to live and I also knew that this connection to my knowing within was what I was searching for.

    1. We so easily get taken by the lifestyle and the images people put out yet seldom choose to see what is going on behind the scenes. However, when we look at Hollywood for example we are seeing more and more of what is going on behind the scenes being exposed and that, for example, the celebrity lifestyle is not all that it is cracked up to be yet so many of us desire or have desired it. People used to say to me consistency etc.. was boring ie. no all night drink or drug induced parties but why would you want to do that when you then have to pay for it the next day and probably longer – why would anyone logically want to do that to their bodies? and then what quality are you offering people? I have learnt that there is far more joy in living a loving consistent life than having the so called highs as they are always followed by a low and I have found they are not really ‘highs’ after all!

  44. I had never looked for a role model in my life. I had never considered anybody as such until I met Serge Benhayon. He is THE role model. We are so absolutely fortunate to know him and to have the chance to receive his teachings in person. This possibility will not exist for future generations. Yet, our testimonies will be there for them to feel into the divines qualities of the being that is walking the Earth under the name of Serge.

    1. I never found a role model who I actually fully was inspired to be like. I was always looking to others for a way to be or a group to fit into but none were complete and everywhere I turned, whilst there was elements of truth, there were always major inconsistencies and things I did not agree with. Serge Benhayon has been the one of the few people in this world who has consistently offered me love and support without ever judging me. Also throughout the years I have known him he has not wavered etc.. nor has he tried to be perfect in any way – he is a true role model and one that will be known for the rest of time.

  45. I think it’s difficult to put into words just how much Serge Benhayon gives to the world – from the presentations he gives that actually change your whole world overnight, to the amount of time and support Serge gives everyone he meets. He is truly remarkable, and no words I could say can do this man justice.

    1. I agree Meg – no words will ever suffice or even comprehend quite what Serge Benhayon is offering and has offered the world. We only need to look at the student body to see the vast life changing choices people have made and where they are today compared to when they first met Serge. As you say, he is truly remarkable, and he constantly reminds us all that we are also the same, which shows his true humbleness.

  46. ” Serge, without fail, has time for everyone. He never rushes a moment with a person” So true. In one sense Serge Benhayon is the busiest man I know with presentations, book-writing and so many projects and daily emails, which he answers within 24 hours, sleeping for maybe four hours a night, yet he always has time for every person who wants to see him and ask questions, making it seem as if he has all the time in the world. – which of course he has – because he makes space, not time.

    1. It is amazing when we start to consider life as space rather than time – immediately my body lets go of a tension or pressure to get things done. Yet when I truly let go of time I get far more done than I can have thought possible. What I find is I just do what is there to be done and do not have all the silly distracting thoughts! Serge Benhayon presents it soo simply the mind cannot even fathom it!

  47. What stands out about Serge Benhayon is his absolute dedication to living in a way that ensures he is very with everyone he meets; all of us can do this, but it take a way of living that considers everyone and not just ourselves and this is what Serge models for all he meets, and in doing so he inspires others to also live in a more loving and full way in their lives.

    1. What I find amazing is the reflection Serge Benhayon offers me. I know we are essentially the same yet simply choose to make different choices. Serge has shown me and all of us over the years that no matter what has happened nothing will affect the way he is with himself or with us. Serge has shown that making life about people and not himself is the key. I know that as soon as I make my life or a situation purely about me then I get completely caught up in it.

  48. I loved what you have shared James about Serge, it is so true and the experience of many, many people, what Serge presents he lives in full, in his presence you can feel the love emanating from his being and you are held in this divine love, truly met. He is not special for the love that he holds, we all hold and can have access to if we so choose.

    1. We sure do Jill and that is what is so confirming about Serge as he re-awakens within us what we already know and is already there we just have been choosing not to access it. Knowing this and knowing there is no perfection is one of the greatest gifts we can give another and is something I am eternally thankful for.

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