My Friend the Truth

From an early age I learned that it was worth staying with the truth. The truth was always easy to write, say and remember because it was something that really happened as I experienced it and it was locked away forever in the make up of my body.

If I wrote or said something that wasn’t the truth my body would let me know because if I didn’t honour that truth, what came after was a mess and it took so much energy and time to clean it up. Not siding with the truth was like watching a movie that kept you in suspense for the rest of your life, or until it was made true. Continue reading “My Friend the Truth”

Connective Tissue Exercise: Discovering a Different Way to Exercise and to be with my Body

Recently I have been doing Connective Tissue Exercise classes with Kate Greenaway; these have been an immense support to me in helping me learn a new way to exercise and to develop a relationship with my body in a loving and gentle way.

Growing up I very much disliked being forced to run and play sports at school, which felt very taxing on my little body. I would do anything to get out of doing high impact sports that did not feel right, including lifting heavy weights in the school gym. I would get teary when school sports or P.E classes would come around; I had to push myself to run as the impact would feel shocking to my body. Continue reading “Connective Tissue Exercise: Discovering a Different Way to Exercise and to be with my Body”

Secrecy and Sexual Abuse in the Church

Foreword: Sexual Abuse in the Church and by Christian ‘sects’ such as Christian Assemblies International points to a highly disturbing and continuing trend for sexual abuse to be swept under the carpet and go unreported to police. In this powerful piece of writing, Graeme Ness, a former Uniting Church Minister, reflects on the poison that continues to fester in our communities while a culture of denial and deceit remains the characteristic response of Church and Spiritual leaders.

Continue reading “Secrecy and Sexual Abuse in the Church”

God is in the Detail

A beauty-full friend recently said to me “God is in the details.” I laughed and said I’ve only ever heard the idiom “the devil’s in the details,” and never understood it. Detail has always made sense to me, it supports me to feel very centred and still, so how could it be a bad thing?

I realised I had just been presented with the truth… God really is in the details. Continue reading “God is in the Detail”