Knowing I am a Son of God: Inspired by the Full Moon

Recently I have been feeling how I don’t often see myself as a Son of God or feel that I have a strong connection to God or to Religion in the true sense of the word.

During the recent August full moon I decided to take a walk. At the start of my walk my mind was full of doubts – is it the full moon tonight or have I got it wrong? But after a while I decided that the number of times I consciously take time out of my day to do something to connect to myself are very few, and even fewer are the times when I connect to the fact I am a son of God, so I wasn’t going to spoil it by spending the whole walk worrying.

As I walked I felt my body, I saw the beauty of the nature around me and felt the constant conversation there is to be had between myself and God, if I only allowed myself to feel it. I looked at how I had been living up to that moment and the choices I have been making to hold back my own connection. But I did it with no judgment and was able to look past those choices and see and feel the fact that I am a Son of God.

As this inner conversation was occurring it started to lightly rain and I had gone out with only a jumper and scarf, but no jacket. I was considering turning back when something told me to enter one of the fields beside the road and climb the hill and find shelter under the trees there. As the rain fell harder I ran up the hill, making it to the top, and as I turned around and tried to catch my breath, I was blown away by the view. Brilliant blue sky speckled with white and grey clouds, green rolling hills and there, right in front of me, the most beautiful rainbow.

I smiled to myself and couldn’t help but be filled with joy. I know in my heart I was receiving a message from God. He never doubted my connection and He was reminding me of that.

I stood there for several minutes taking in the view and the small miracle that had unfolded before me. The rain stopped and the sun shone forth and in my heart I felt the eternal love of God, my Father.

As I walked back down the hill to go home the rainbow faded, but the knowing in me that I had just shared a moment with God on top of that hill didn’t. I realised that so long as I am willing to listen and willing to talk, He will always be there to hear me and guide me.

I got home and felt to sit down and write a blog about my walk but once it had been written I started to have doubts creep in. Maybe what I felt wasn’t true, maybe I wouldn’t publish the blog but just leave it on my computer. I then went on another walk, this time to exercise my dogs, and as I stepped out the door and looked up with these doubts still circulating my mind, I saw another rainbow – faint, but there. I smiled and continued my walk, but I hadn’t gone far when the inner critic piped up again and my self-doubt was once more weighing me down.

As I rounded the last house and entered the country lane I had already walked down not half an hour before, I was looking straight at the brightest, most perfect high definition rainbow ever: the colours were so crisp and arched into a bright white puffy cloud – it looked like a postcard or biblical scene. I laughed out loud and anyone watching would have thought I was bonkers. But I didn’t care, because God wasn’t letting me get away with my self-doubt.

At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone.

I made my way back to the hill where I saw the first rainbow and stood there for some time listening to the birds and just enjoying life. Through the dark rain clouds that had gathered, the sun burst forth and shone brighter than the midday sun even though it was gone 7pm. The field was lit up like it was under a spotlight and it was – it was my spotlight. I can’t describe how amazing it was in the midst of a dark overcast evening to stand in blazing sunlight. And in that moment all the feelings I have had recently – feeling lonely and thinking a relationship with a man is the quick fix I need to fill my emptiness – melted away, and I have never felt so content on my own, with no hint of needing anything else. Take that, self-doubt!!

I walked home with a massive grin mainly on the inside and a steady feeling of love in my body and the feeling of God walking beside me.

I came home and made myself the most loving supper I have ever had, then sat down to expand on my blog. It was a night to remember.

I have been deeply inspired by the work of Universal Medicine and eternal love of Serge Benhayon, his family, and many amazing Esoteric practitioners, in whose presence, I feel and know I am a Son of God.

By Rebecca, 17, UK

710 thoughts on “Knowing I am a Son of God: Inspired by the Full Moon

  1. I love the messages we get through symbols from God, communicating constantly to each of us to return to the connection with our soul and claim ourselves as the God’s we are.

  2. What powerful and inspiring symbolism you share here Rebecca – For me, there is no such thing as coincidence and throughout our lives, all is constellated for us to deepen our re-connection to God if we so choose to do so. Symbols in nature offer the opportunity for self doubt to drop away.
    “I realised that so long as I am willing to listen and willing to talk, He will always be there to hear me and guide me”.

  3. I always feel godly when I walk alone, it is very apparent. And that feeling is a reminder to me to live when I am not alone and with others.

  4. Ahh I can feel the pot of gold of those rainbows is not at the end, but forever held within our inner hearts.

  5. Thank you Rebecca.. instant truth nature reflects us, even at times of doubt.. Always receiving letters from God, no matter where you are. Beauty and an absolute beholding this is – God.

  6. In truth we can never doubt that we are a Son of God but we can dishonour such knowing by allowing ourselves to identify with being so much less than this. Hence the seeming doubt that plays us to move in a way that is not in full knowing of the truth of who we are. I love how the magic of God played out for you here Rebecca – a little poke from your Soul saying ‘c’mon, you know who you are, enjoy it!’ Just gorgeous and very confirming for us all.

  7. I know if I am ever walking in self-doubt, the ducks don’t let me get away with it. Quacks by a duck are enough to snap anyone out of any mood. Its happened so often that I only need to look at them now.

  8. This reminds me I am never alone. I recently was walking and was not feeling present with myself, and allowing all these thoughts to come in… I then went I could talk with God as I walk. I haven’t done this much in my life, I wasn’t asking for anything, just simply talking like I would a close friend. I felt so much more connected afterwards.

  9. There is nothing like a sip of divine creation to bring us to the truth that we are part of co-creation.

  10. This was beautiful to read and I can imagine how majestic it was to experience. My whole chest feels delightfully warm just reading about it.

  11. Absolutely beautiful Rebecca, to be reminded that God is there and we just need to be open to seeing, so true and it reminds me that God has a sense of humour, and is always there in support, and we have so much around us in nature and people to show us that – what a gift.

  12. What a powerful message Rebecca. You make us feel deeper what truth means and how it feels. Relating it to such cycles as the Full moon.. Seeing the joy of Godly messages all around us, those that are letting us know that we are supported by all other Godly gods.

  13. God’s hand is everywhere. Even in the midst of crisis, we are held and guided. When something collapses and dies it is as God intended and we are called to understand what happened and why. And from ashes sprout forth new seedlings.

  14. “At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone”. To know from our depths we’re not alone, and whatever the circumstance, divine guidance surrounds and supports us is profound.

  15. Yesterday, morning I wrote an honest appraisal of a meeting I had attended, Then self doubt crept in: should I send it or not? I saved the email instead. Later that day I received full confirmation: it was my responsibility to deliver the message from my soul to the group. I pressed the send button, knowing that when we hold back, we hold everyone back.

  16. A great account Rebeca of how self-doubt stalks us. We must always be vigilant and walking hand in hand with God, as you did, we are confirmed from all around us of our true worth and most magnificent self.

  17. At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone’, we are never alone, and when we chose to feel alone we have simply lost connection to our innermost, our natural divine essence

  18. ‘At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone’, we are never alone, and when we chose to feel alone we have simply lost connection to our innermost, our natural divine essence.

    1. Its a great question. Maybe we need to ask ourselves how much are we listening? For I don’t know we realise to the level that he is. As you say, “All the time” means “All the time”.

  19. I felt a similar moment this morning when walking in the woods with my dog and I saw some pink clouds floating by and a beautiful sunrise. It felt like everything stood still and I was reminded that it is always there if I was ready to pay attention.

  20. Isn’t it unfathomable and simply Divine how God manages to constellate things like your rainbow exactly as needed for every single person on the planet all the time whether we choose to see or be aware of it or not!!! The mathematics of it are totally mind boggling and yet known, normal, joyful and miraculous for the heart.

  21. Surrender and let go of self doubt and we are left feeling the expansiveness and grandness of who we are. In this we get to see that which we have always known, the capping and illusion of self doubt is created by no other than ourselves.

  22. Responding to nature and the symbolism shares with us the flow and order of the universe, this God. I Love the symbolism that all around us and my life has become richer since I have begun to respond to it.

  23. Nature is such magic from God that confirms us in the choices we make. Recently I went with my partner for a weekend to a hotel to celebrate our love.
    The weather forecast said it would rain for the whole weekend (living in the Netherlands) You could see a sky completely thick grey as a result of all the clouds laying beside one another. So one big grey layer as the sky.Then exactly when we arrived on the boulevard in front of the hotel on the coastline…the sun suddenly shone through the grey. Short and strong. A beautiful confirmation of our celebration.

  24. We are far bigger and grander that anything that can step in our way to block this majesty. However, if we are not moving in continual appreciation of this, we will allow self-doubt to enter and erode our connection with this divinity. Rainbows are a gorgeous reminder from our Soul of our potential to live the full spectrum of our light and our love.

  25. A beautiful blog to read this morning, thank you Rebecca for sharing, we never walk alone, the magic of God confirms this to us when we are open to receive as you did. I could feel how gorgeous this experience was for you.

  26. Deeply inspiring confirmation that God is always with us, that he never doubts us and it is not Him we doubt but ourselves.

  27. If ever you have doubt of the fact you are a Son of God, place your hand gently on your heart, tenderly close your eyes and just feel. There is far more to us than we care to realise.

  28. Rebecca as I read your blog I felt I was on the walk with you, seeing, feeling and hearing everything around you – what a beautiful confirmation, the presence of God is around us all.

    On a recent walk whilst I was having this internal dialogue in my head, I was asking God to communicate more loudly to me and along the way I came across several feathers and I could not help but smile – I hear you God loud and clear….

  29. Rebecca I never tire of reading this, thank you for sharing your experience and the deep (and playful) confirmation you felt as a Son of God. I also appreciated your words about you and God being in a constant conversation, but were you (and are we all) listening?

  30. “At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone.”

    This is the magic and beauty of life. We are blessed beyond measure if only we take a moment to pause and appreciate all that is showered upon us.

  31. Rainbows are simply beautiful, like a child, I go wow every time and they are very confirming. About 2 months ago, I had shared with a friend I was living with that I was moving. Shortly after that I opened the front door ( to go for a walk) and was met by this double glorious rainbow and so vibrant, which to me felt like a wonderful and magical confirmation of my move and perfectly timed….

  32. Such a gorgeous claiming Rebecca of you as a divine son of God, the joy and confirmation of who you are by the magic of God in nature was so inspiring to read to day, the love of God on display in our everyday lives.

  33. Gorgeous, gorgeous blog to read this morning, I have such a warm feeling having read it – thankyou so much for sharing your magical experience Rebecca and a beautiful reminder that all we have to do is stay open and connected with ourselves to receive the glory and the reflection of our true essence – God.

  34. This is an awe inspiring sharing Rebecca. I love the visuals you share and it feels like I was there with you in those amazing moments.

  35. We are constantly being reminded of the greatness within ourselves, everywhere we turn there are messages that remind us of our multidimensionality and it is our responsibility to embrace it and accept that that is our true nature, for if our movements reflect and are aligned to that truth we can definitely change the world.

  36. Magic in your words Rebecca just like the magic you saw and felt. Love how as you open yourself up more to the truth and to the wider world around, nature and all the magic of God just come alive. They are always there for us should we choose to listen.

  37. “At every turn I was being presented with how amazing I am and the fact I do not walk alone.” We all too often think that we are alone, we think that we are not supported in life, when in fact we so are and your beautiful blog reflects that.

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