A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

I recently attended a presentation by Natalie Benhayon on “A Sacred Relationship with Self.” This subject has been in my conscious awareness for a few years as I have been learning about and developing more self-love and more self-nurturing which has led to more self-esteem. When I received the notice of the presentation being given by Natalie, I suspected there would be a slant on how to be in relationship with my self as a woman. I’ve been a late bloomer so to speak, in the sense of realising what my true expression as a woman means for me. I was eager to attend, yet still a little apprehensive. The apprehension had to do with not being confident about ‘how to be a woman’. As the presentation began, I quickly learned that the evening would be about a relationship with my sacred self.

If we look at Natalie Benhayon, we see a young woman who is amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, cheeky, fun and a full time complementary healing practitioner. She is seeing people in clinic many days of the week, founder of Our Cycles App, editor of a magazine called Women in Livingness, designer of websites, director of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*, Founder and Director of Esoteric Women’s Health and on the board of the College of Universal Medicine (a charitable institution) and constantly pushing the edges, not to mention a few buttons! How can one woman do all of that? Some of us admire her. Some of us might envy her. Some might even be jealous. Some don’t like what they see. What they don’t like is they know that they too could be all of that but are choosing not to. That isn’t a comfortable reflection.

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

For many of us who have the privilege of attending the sacred movement groups which were initiated by Natalie, we can easily feel what it means to be in our sacredness because the movements allow us to connect to that most holy of places. But how many of us retain that sense of sacredness as we put on our boots, gather our bags and scarves and head out the door? I’m going to guess not many.

Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.

We have had Natalie Benhayon and her family as well as other esoteric practitioners demonstrating what “being with yourself” looks and feels like and I, along with many other women I know, have been inspired to develop our own rhythm and beingness. I have an increasing awareness of when I am with myself and when I have dropped the ball and lost the plot. I am spending more time with myself nowadays so I know what that feels like and I still go in and out of being present with myself.

When I’m showering, I am aware of tipping the shampoo into my hand, aware of how I apply it to my scalp, of how gently (or not) I massage it in. When I’m pouring my cup of tea, I am aware of how I connect (or grab) the kettle. When I’m choosing my clothes I consider why I have reached for that blouse. Is it the colour, the fabric, the style? It’s a rare occasion now that I drive somewhere and arrive realising I was on automatic pilot all the way there. I’ve incorporated little check in points during the drive to make sure I am present in my body. How are my hands placed on the wheel? Does my mirror need adjusting? I am mostly spending time “being with myself” so when I do fall away from that position, I recognise it and can choose to bring myself back home to myself.

At Natalie’s presentation on ‘A Sacred Relationship with Self’, I felt that to be in sacredness as a woman is something even more profound. It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.

Gayle Cue
Gayle Cue – “Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.”

As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness. For me, the biggest distraction to my stillness is nervous energy. If I am anxious or worrying there is a ‘busyness’ in me that disrupts my inner stillness. If I am thinking about things I have to do, and it is not yet time to do these things, this also creates a ‘sense of work or activity’ that is not real or productive. When it is time to do this activity, whatever it may be, I can do it with a sense of my sacred self, knowing there is no right or wrong if I am in activity as my sacred self.

If I am not coming from stillness first I have left my true essence and entered into the male essence of action, the male essence of ‘doing’. This can be a tricky business in a world that acknowledges and rewards those who do and those who produce. But thank God, there are people like Natalie Benhayon who are presenting and demonstrating how to be role models for this profound way of living from their sacredness so that we have a reflection of what it looks like and what it feels like. I feel very fortunate indeed to be able to attend these presentations in person but I feel even more fortunate to be a woman, in a large group of women, who are helping pioneer the return to our true essence; that of living in a sacred relationship with self and in the sacredness of being a woman.

By Gayle Cue, Office Manager, Bangalow NSW Australia

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

1,072 thoughts on “A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

  1. ‘As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness.’ This is something we have not valued in ourselves and in society and we see the consequences of this everywhere around us, the raciness, the speed in which things needs to be done, the lack of presence and living without a connection with the body are a few examples of this. When women and men equally choose to value stillness and bring this in what they have to do, the world would look completely different than what we now know it to be.

  2. Indeed it is never too late to reconnect and continue to deepen and expand that relationship with ourselves and the sacredness that is within.

  3. Simply choosing to be aware of how we move things, get dressed for the day, wash our hair etc. is a huge step in truly taking care of ourselves – it asks the question of whether we are worth more than a rushed change and slightly lunatic exit from our house everyday?

  4. ‘But thank God, there are people like Natalie Benhayon who are presenting and demonstrating how to be role models for this profound way of living from their sacredness so that we have a reflection of what it looks like and what it feels like.’ If it weren’t for this reflection I would still be calling living with anxiousness and tension normal! Through this reflection, I am reminded that being in stillness is a choice although it is one we have to keep making. Through such a living example I am reminded just how possible, absolute and real it is and that this choice is all for the making.

    1. Yes, it helps so much to have someone as a living example of what it looks like to live from that space, with ease and grace and commitment to life. In the face of those who don’t like what she shares there is not an ounce of judgement, simply an even more focused dedication to live the love we are all from.

  5. Sacred is who we are but have lost our connection to this most precious part of our being. We’re all invited re-connect and return to our sacred selves, this takes a conscious commitment to move differently inwardly and outwardly. Our sole purpose to align with divinity within.

  6. ‘the biggest distraction to my stillness is nervous energy.’ I know this well, having caught myself in a whirl recently and spinned me off course. The cause? Diving in, instead of standing back and feeling what was needed. Stillness compromised affects the body and every activity.

  7. A great reminder of where it is truly about: the connection with our innate stillness and move from there. It starts with the connection with the body. I too can find myself in thoughts or I can feel the nervous energy or busyness. A stopmoment and a gentle return to the body helps me to be fully present again with where my body is engaged in. And the stillness greets me with a ‘hi there, great you are back’!

  8. When working with my client fully present and in stillness the quality in which I move is exquisite and delicate, the connection between us is deepened. Drift out of stillness and a hard remoteness comes in: we’re now on auto pilot. Same applies to relationship with self. Moving with sacredness and stillness in everyday tasks elevates the quality of our days and must be treasured and embodied.

  9. But how many of us retain that sense of sacredness as we put on our boots, gather our bags and scarves and head out the door? Great question, as a reminder that sacredness is not reserved for a special occasion or just in a sacred movement class, but in every single movement we make, from getting dressed, doing the dishes and taking out the trash….

  10. In the past I had no clue how to be a women, as I was very much in my male energy, and as such had not developed a relationship with my body or my innate qualities as a women. In the last few years, I have been healing my issues, and clearing my body, so that today I feel so much more of me as a woman in my female body, it just feels like being home.

    1. That male energy you speak of jacqmcfadden04 is very much that tick box mentality of doing doing doing in a way that totally disregards the innate preciousness, qualities and wisdom that every women and man holds equally within.

  11. I relate to so much of what is shared here, to have experienced Sacredness in me, even if just a hint at times has been amazing and to observe how I let it go and get into doing in life. That nervous energy and busyness you mention is very much a trap I know well, a way to keep myself at arms length from me and as I write this I can feel how unnecessary it is and how great it is to be aware of this and to consistently keep coming back to feeling and connecting to me and know that in fact I can ‘do’ whatever is needed in the world in connection with my Sacredness, in other words all of me.

  12. Living in the sacredness of a woman is palpably the most beautiful feeling of grace. as it touches every one we met, talk with or even communicate with via email. Our presence and essence is that of deep nurturing and understanding. A way of being that invites another to feel, sense and live from their own. Could this be how one can change the world?

  13. This is what I am doing when I am driving, I check always my posture and every time I feel more present when I lengthen my spine. I check my hands on the steering wheel, and always come back to my breath and how it moves in and out silently. All small checks but truly supportive to remain present while driving.

  14. The more I am with myself, i.e. paying attention to what I’m doing in that moment, not daydreaming off in my head, the more aware I am of how and what I feel, within and around me. There’s less anxiety, less rush, more space and more flow. An ease and a feeling that everything that needs to get done, will get done. It feels a much simpler way to live.

    1. It is very self-loving when we stay present in our bodies, and makes life so much simpler because we can be in touch with all we are feeling and all that is around us, thus we can feel our very next step, and the next, as our day flows and yes things get done in this effortless flow.

  15. Coming from a steadiness and stillness that requires no force nor control but allows one to be is most exquisite to feel and live by.

  16. Its really something to ponder – ‘how can 1 man do all of that’. She would say it herself that its not because she is special, but there is a commitment to life that is absolute, a service to people that is unrelenting, and a solidness in who she is that is unshakeable. Inspirational!

  17. There really is a feeling of sacredness that comes with being still and feeling connected to our own bodies.. in that stillness, there is space, expansion and a surrender – a total knowing that nothing we can ever do can match the innate and incredible qualities of who we are at our core, underneath all of the behaviours and distractions.

  18. “As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness. ” Thank you Gayle for a great sharing, when what we do comes from our stillness there is a flow and a rhythm in our movements, when we leave our stillness behind we go into the male energy with its drive leaving our bodies with anxiousness and exhaustion.

  19. It starts with an understanding that it’s about being the woman, with the natural sacredness and stillness we are … from within, not without and holding and being that in the world … and it’s our natural way, so it’s great many are looking at how we can live and be this way in life no matter what.

  20. “If I am anxious or worrying there is a ‘busyness’ in me that disrupts my inner stillness. If I am thinking about things I have to do, and it is not yet time to do these things, this also creates a ‘sense of work or activity’ that is not real” I love this analogy and can see it will support me as I deepen the relationship with myself. Having a dedication to living in relationship with ourselves and to bring that sacredness to the fore as a lived experience benefits everyone, with ourselves at the red-hot loving core!

  21. To feel how another beholds themselves in a loving and tender way, is so inspiring to take that risk with myself also.

  22. To be thinking about something before we need to do it is an activity … a move away from stillness, so true and something I haven’t always considered. What I feel now with stillness is a strong sense of settlement in the body so any moves made don’t disturb that equilibrium and while I don’t always have this I know in my being this is possible and how awesome it can feel.

  23. A meeting with Natalie is a meeting with two worlds- heaven and earth. For Natalie is a constant reflection for us of what it is like to live heaven on earth, and how we too can live this, if we choose to do so.

  24. Gayle it’s a very powerful point you have made here “It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.” Once we connect to ourselves as women and express in full from our essence it’s a very powerful experience.

  25. “As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness” – agree Gayle, this is probably the most essential aspect to note in self-relationship as a woman.. the stillness quality; because without this we really are lost as women.

  26. Developing this quality of connection to my stillness is an ever deepening process in which identifying with what I am doing can take me away from it and put me into drive or a nervous tension.

  27. “As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness.” How lovely it is to have women who move, express and live from their sacred self and we all have the opportunity to be inspired to also move in this way. I really love feeling my movements in the fine details I make and it really does connect me to stillness and grace and allows my body the space to be just as it feels to be. A beautiful blog thank you Gayle.

  28. As .a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness. I can also feel the difference when I am out and have left my stillness, every thing changes, it is like putting on the dark shades.

  29. Gail Natalie has inspired me and I’ve come a long way, probably like most other people. When I first saw her I was full of my own issues that I couldn’t understand how a young woman like Natalie possessed so much wisdom and she was presenting on stage to hundreds of people – yikes and without a power point presentations either!..

    Over the couple of years I’ve seen Natalie to be the woman role model I seldom saw in the world. Would you believe it she inspired me to take pride in my body, how I cared for my nails, how I dressed etc, no other woman has inspired me in this way – truely inspirational woman of the world.

  30. ‘As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness.’ And that’s the difference, do we move from that stillness, stay with it or do we go into a doing, I know I and many others go into a doing so yes thank God there are those like Natalie Benhayon providing a reflection of how we can be as true women, that we can be in the world and do while staying connected to that stillness.

  31. Natalie Benhayon has offered by her reflection how to appreciate the Divine gift of connecting to my sacredness as a woman and the responsibility to reflect this to others.

  32. My driving is completely changing. Long distances can be a little challenging when I can go into my head but as soon as I notice this I bring myself back to me. There is a huge difference between driving on auto-pilot and driving while being present with myself and it really does make me wonder who is in the driving seat in those moments of leaving my body and checking out into my mind!

  33. It can often be uncomfortable to be around those who reflect to us ho we know we could be living. I certainly feel it when i’m with people who embody everything we know to be true. The best thing I find to do in that situation is nominate it (either to myself or out loud) and do my best to close any gaps for comparison or jealousy (a particularly insidious one right there) to come in.

  34. I am sure Natalie Benhayon is involved in even more than you have listed here but I have never ever ever seen her stressed or heard her say I’m so busy, she is always steady and consistent in her Livingness and flow. I adore Natalie, as all the Benhayons, they are super inspiring. What I am learning is sacredness is not something to achieve, attain or to work on, it is innately within and when we start to loving clear all that we not and start to lovingly claim the women we are the sacredness starts to emanate more in all we do. Only the other day during a Sacred Esoteric Healing course held by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I could appreciate many women around me in the way there are and the way they were moving. I love what you have shared about sacredness and what it means to you.

    1. Thank you Vicky for pointing out that Natalie doesn’t bemoan how busy she is. You are quite right, there is a presence she brings to all she does that does not budge regardless of what she does or what there is to do. I will hold this memory and inspiration as I walk till I can make it my normal foundation.

  35. Gayle thank you again for this wonderful sharing. What I received reading today was a much deeper appreciation for Natalie Benhayon and what she is bringing to women worldwide. Also for me to be part of that group of women pioneering living from their essence and reclaiming their sacredness is a very beautiful responsibility. There is a bigger picture here also to appreciate of what this means for the world and to value every moment as it unfolds, because despite imperfections and so called mistakes that feel a little too easy to focus on, it is amazing to be on the path of return to sacredness as a woman.

  36. Its really a crime that as women and men we don’t appreciate or live with the knowing that we are sacred and we are divine.

  37. There are so many excuses to stop or hinder us from completely honouring ourselves, no matter what the situation or the discomfort this may cause in others.

  38. It’s one thing to be happier, ‘more at ease’ or optimistic about life ahead. But to live and know your Sacredness is another whole thing instead. Sacredness implies to me a deep knowing of your preciousness and true original divinity. It is true religion in action, our link to God and who we truly are. Instead of sacrilege imagine what our world would be like if we all carried ourselves as Natalie Benhayon does, knowing as you say Gayle that we are without doubt, designed to live Sacredness as we are placed here by God.

  39. Witnessing Natalie Benhayon grow and keep on growing in the way that she does is very inspiring i agree. i feel her more awesome every year and the Sacred Movement that she embodies and presents in her classes supports us to re-engage with the true woman inside us, feeling that energy in our own bodies and sharing with us the possibility of walking with that in our daily lives.

  40. I love meeting Natalie Benhayon, every time I meet her, she reflects to me true sacredness and power in a woman. She reflects to me a true women and her flow of movement is just awesome.

  41. There are so many versions of what sacred is that it can be very confusing to know what is sacred and how to live knowing that sacredness is within. Natalie Benhayon walks it beautifully and with such grace that you can’t help but notice the joy and sacredness in her movements. There is no effort in this. But our pictures and images of what this is get in the way of deepening this connection that we too can have. What I love about Natalie is that she is so willing to share this, like this connection she has is not for her. But for us all to see, feel and walk as well.

  42. It is vital that we have these reflections in our lives, otherwise we would be dictated to by the media and by outside images that, certainly for me, are not inspiring women to be women. Moreover the reflection I have seen is that we should be more like men so we can get equity in life. I am deeply appreciative of the reflection offered by the women who are building this awareness of a relationship with sacredness, so that I too can heal my body and celebrate the reflection it offers others as a woman in a woman’s body!

  43. There is quite a lot we can learn with a sacred relationship with self, how we like to flow, how we like to order things, and then combining this level of sensitivity and awareness with another person takes it to another level.

  44. I love meeting with Natalie Benhayon because I can feel the presence she has with her body and that inspires me to feel much more of me I can be and this makes my whole body deepen in warmth and my eyes literally sparkle.

    1. I can completely resonate with what you share, meeting Natalie Benhayon is a beautify full reflection, the grace, the sacredness, the true beauty from with in and the power she reflects. She is an awesome role model and reflection to all of humanity.

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