A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

I recently attended a presentation by Natalie Benhayon on “A Sacred Relationship with Self.” This subject has been in my conscious awareness for a few years as I have been learning about and developing more self-love and more self-nurturing which has led to more self-esteem. When I received the notice of the presentation being given by Natalie, I suspected there would be a slant on how to be in relationship with my self as a woman. I’ve been a late bloomer so to speak, in the sense of realising what my true expression as a woman means for me. I was eager to attend, yet still a little apprehensive. The apprehension had to do with not being confident about ‘how to be a woman’. As the presentation began, I quickly learned that the evening would be about a relationship with my sacred self.

If we look at Natalie Benhayon, we see a young woman who is amazing. She is beautiful, sexy, cheeky, fun and a full time complementary healing practitioner. She is seeing people in clinic many days of the week, founder of Our Cycles App, editor of a magazine called Women in Livingness, designer of websites, director of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA)*, Founder and Director of Esoteric Women’s Health and on the board of the College of Universal Medicine (a charitable institution) and constantly pushing the edges, not to mention a few buttons! How can one woman do all of that? Some of us admire her. Some of us might envy her. Some might even be jealous. Some don’t like what they see. What they don’t like is they know that they too could be all of that but are choosing not to. That isn’t a comfortable reflection.

Natalie Benhayon
Natalie Benhayon

For many of us who have the privilege of attending the sacred movement groups which were initiated by Natalie, we can easily feel what it means to be in our sacredness because the movements allow us to connect to that most holy of places. But how many of us retain that sense of sacredness as we put on our boots, gather our bags and scarves and head out the door? I’m going to guess not many.

Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.

We have had Natalie Benhayon and her family as well as other esoteric practitioners demonstrating what “being with yourself” looks and feels like and I, along with many other women I know, have been inspired to develop our own rhythm and beingness. I have an increasing awareness of when I am with myself and when I have dropped the ball and lost the plot. I am spending more time with myself nowadays so I know what that feels like and I still go in and out of being present with myself.

When I’m showering, I am aware of tipping the shampoo into my hand, aware of how I apply it to my scalp, of how gently (or not) I massage it in. When I’m pouring my cup of tea, I am aware of how I connect (or grab) the kettle. When I’m choosing my clothes I consider why I have reached for that blouse. Is it the colour, the fabric, the style? It’s a rare occasion now that I drive somewhere and arrive realising I was on automatic pilot all the way there. I’ve incorporated little check in points during the drive to make sure I am present in my body. How are my hands placed on the wheel? Does my mirror need adjusting? I am mostly spending time “being with myself” so when I do fall away from that position, I recognise it and can choose to bring myself back home to myself.

At Natalie’s presentation on ‘A Sacred Relationship with Self’, I felt that to be in sacredness as a woman is something even more profound. It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.

Gayle Cue
Gayle Cue – “Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.”

As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness. For me, the biggest distraction to my stillness is nervous energy. If I am anxious or worrying there is a ‘busyness’ in me that disrupts my inner stillness. If I am thinking about things I have to do, and it is not yet time to do these things, this also creates a ‘sense of work or activity’ that is not real or productive. When it is time to do this activity, whatever it may be, I can do it with a sense of my sacred self, knowing there is no right or wrong if I am in activity as my sacred self.

If I am not coming from stillness first I have left my true essence and entered into the male essence of action, the male essence of ‘doing’. This can be a tricky business in a world that acknowledges and rewards those who do and those who produce. But thank God, there are people like Natalie Benhayon who are presenting and demonstrating how to be role models for this profound way of living from their sacredness so that we have a reflection of what it looks like and what it feels like. I feel very fortunate indeed to be able to attend these presentations in person but I feel even more fortunate to be a woman, in a large group of women, who are helping pioneer the return to our true essence; that of living in a sacred relationship with self and in the sacredness of being a woman.

By Gayle Cue, Office Manager, Bangalow NSW Australia

* The EPA (Esoteric Practitioners Association) is the internal accreditation arm of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor and accredit the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. 

1,080 thoughts on “A Sacred Relationship with Self – Inspired by Natalie Benhayon

  1. Natalie Benhayon is an amazing inspiration for the sacred relationship to self – and its through the way we live every tiny moment that we set up what is next to come towards us.

    1. Thank you Shirley-Ann, today I was able to keep coming back to my body to be present with what I was doing, and I realised that this gives me the opportunity to choose the quality of each moment when I’m present with it, what kind of imprint I leave, and ultimately the expression I put out that eventually comes back to me.

      1. It is great to be reminded as Gayle did about techniques we can use to support us to come back to our bodies, ‘I’ve incorporated little check in points during the drive to make sure I am present in my body. How are my hands placed on the wheel? Does my mirror need adjusting? I am mostly spending time “being with myself” so when I do fall away from that position, I recognise it and can choose to bring myself back home to myself.’

  2. I find this very beautiful – when we are thinking about the things that need to get done but it is not the time to do them, we find ourselves listening and saying yes to self love re-imprinting a way that perhaps in the past had a strong hold on us.

  3. Connecting to my sacredness and moving from there is something I experience in the Sacred Movement classes. I can feel I am not living this as my normal, whereas that is what living as a woman is all about. So a work in progress, and Natalie is the most amazing example I can ask for, she makes it very practical, playful and fun.

    1. Hi Monika, I’m experiencing the same thing, being connected to my sacredness very deeply in Sacred Movement and it being my expression and in the way I move, and learning to make this my living way. I find being present with my whole body really supports this as I’m in a 6 week Esoteric Yoga program at the moment which has highlighted how my mind takes me away from my sacredness, but being connected to my body helps me restore it. It’s lovely learning this alongside yourself and so many other women.

      1. I recognize how being present in my body supports connecting to my Sacredness, in fact without that I can’t experience it. What also supports me is allowing myself to deeply drop and surrender into tenderness and to connect to multidimensionality.

      2. Connecting to our sacredness is supported by being present and connected to our body, ‘I felt that to be in sacredness as a woman is something even more profound. It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.’

  4. When I first heard about this sacredness that resides within waiting to be expressed, I thought never in a hundred years does that mean me, but what I have discovered is that it is there in all of us no matter what our past history.

  5. Thank you Gayle, it’s an inspiring read that offers a lot of understanding about what it truly means in a practical sense to live our sacredness as women. Holding my connection to myself as Sacred and above all else is something I am constantly learning, as is exploring how that feels as a woman. The more I deepen my connection to my Sacred self the more I realise how my true qualities feel as a woman, delicateness, sass, nurturing, grace, love, beauty, and stillness are just some of the things I feel inside myself. I am learning to stay connected to these qualities, the essence of me, and express those throughout the day. This has been so beautiful and supportive to read again today Gayle, thank you, it’s been like receiving a warm hug and a boost to feeling my Sacred, powerful self!

  6. “As a woman, I’m learning to start with my stillness and anything I ‘do’ must come from that stillness” – so true Gayle, it’s the same with me also; learning that everything, myself, and all life is about quality and determining which quality is in use to then direct us in all our moves, and in what we experience is the key to living. The quality of stillness being our natural and fine quality, our poise to instil over the qualities of anxiousness, busyness, race or rush for example.

  7. It is remarkable that such a young woman can do so much, and be such an inspiration to so many women of all ages, consistantly so, and as you say constantly pushing the boundaries of what else there is to be done to support not only women, but also men to reconnect to their true selves.

  8. The role modelling that Natalie Benhayon presents with herself is phenomenal because in her movements we get to see how life and in that, relationships can be when there is not a force called in making everything personal and protected. In all the years that I have known her, Natalie remains open and loving with every single person that she meets, showing us that knowing who you are and living that in full is love’s greatest strength.

  9. We are indeed very blessed to have Natalie Benhayon as a role model and as a reflection of how a woman can live in our modern day world and express unhindered her divine innate sacredness. Since meeting Natalie I am understand more the true meaning of sacredness and how it is innately within us all, and through the Sacred movement groups, which Natalie initiated, I am deepening my connection with the sacred woman I am and always was, and this feels simply divine.

  10. The quality of our movements become delicate the moment we connect to breath and stillness, It is as if we touch and offer heaven to others.

  11. Inspired by Natalie Benhayon, re-connecting to sacredness is the new conversation I’m having with myself. It’s profoundly humbling know that sacredness is not out there and separate from me but what we all innately are.

  12. This is a great example of more awareness and observation “I consider why I have reached for that blouse. Is it the colour, the fabric, the style?” This amount of detail helps to build a new normal way to be with ourselves.

  13. Thank you Gayle, yes an extraordinary young woman is Natalie Benhayon who has inspired me greatly and I deeply appreciate her inspiration in my life. And this sense of Stillness inside me just goes on and on deepening.

  14. Natalie Benhayon is all inspiring for many reasons particularly showing us how we can have a sacred relationship with ourselves, Natalie lives and breathes her connection to herself, her movements are gentle yet purposeful and Natalie is an amazing role model for both younger and older women.

  15. Natalie Benhayon is an endless source of inspiration to so many women, both young and old and every age in-between. She is the most incredible, beautiful, sexy, sassy and not to mention wise, role model that anyone could have or wish for as what she presents comes with nothing other than absolute pure love and integrity for all with not one ounce of judgement.

  16. There is no right or wrong in sacredness, just a space where we feel who we truly are. And Natalie Benhayon is a living breathing example of how this can be, and that it’s possible – it’s beautiful to feel and be a part of this, to come back to who we truly are.

  17. What I can feel is how we get caught in an image and trying and neither belongs to the truth of what we are – be it men or women. There’s nothing to do, nowhere to go. In our trying, we push away and resist what we already are.

  18. When we connect to our stillness first what we do naturally flows, we are able to stay with our bodies rather than go into the drive and pushing that comes from our heads.

  19. Every time I meet up with Natalie I am deeply inspired by her absolute strength, depth and wisdom but more it is the emanation that comes out of her body that is so sacred. She is committed to this 100% and the continuation of deepening and it is extremely and deeply powerful.

  20. Natalie Benhayon offers all women and men an opportunity to feel what true sacredness looks like in everyday life with her powerful reflection.

  21. ‘I felt that to be in sacredness as a woman is something even more profound. It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.’ It has taken me a long time to understand what being a woman is all about. Do I live it yet? Quite honestly, no I don’t as I still get very caught out by drive and motion. However, I can say that as a woman there has been an increasing appreciation for all those qualities I have as a woman and a self-acceptance that has gone deeper than anything I have experienced this lifetime. The stillness bit is still a work in progress!

  22. Getting to know and understand the word ‘sacredness’ in its true meaning is today not as daunting as it first appeared to be. I had so many pictures and beliefs that the word ‘sacredness’ was way too much for me to comprehend within my body. The more I get to know myself as a woman and feel the natural qualities such as delicateness and preciousness that are present within me, the more I am coming to terms with the sacredness that is inherent within and within every woman and man.

  23. Totally gorgeous Gail, thank you. Your blog gave me a moment to stop and connect to my sacredness. A moment to surrender and feel what strength lies in stillness.

  24. In its simplest term and on a very physical level I would describe sacredness as getting a feel of our body again, and not in the sense of outer stimulation or on an emotional level, but by simply allowing myself to feel my body from the inside out, what is going on in my body and how much of it can I feel and how much do I allow myself to feel in every moment and move from this inner connection instead of letting me be pushed and directed from what the world wants from me.

  25. Before I came accross Universal Medicine I lived in emotional up and downs, very anxious and very unsure about ‘how to be a woman’. Today I really value the check in moments to feel my body from within and to be able to come back to me, with no regret when I found myself in ‘doing’ mode. My life today is more simple and natural than ever before. I feel very rich for having such a big family who inspires, reflects and supports me very much everyday in my way of life. I don’t live in sacredness every single second, but I have a wonderful reflection to see and feel what it looks like from the Benhayon family. Having them present in every moment invites me to trust more in what I feel from my body, to let go any idea or belief from my mind about who I am and to surrender to this space of stillness that is in all of us.

    1. Before Universal Medicine many people lived a more emotional up and down life; by bringing in supportive techniques to nurture, cherish and love ourselves, our lives are far more steady, ‘I have been learning about and developing more self-love and more self-nurturing which has led to more self-esteem.’

  26. Natalie Benhayon brings her all in every presentation that she holds. As a student of the Livingness and after attending her workshops I can feel more present in my body and empowered. The way she presents is very refreshing, very inviting to claim myself back my true power as a woman. Love having her reflection in my life, it’s a constant reminder of the true woman I am.

  27. Stillness is a word that I am still learning to develop a relationship with. I feel I have a grasp on it, but then I feel like I lose it. And so it is a process of letting myself get used to this ‘new’ but in reality ‘eon old’ way of being. And further to that, perhaps what is happening is not that I lose the grasp, but that my sense of stillness is actually growing and deepening so that when I think I have it mastered, I am then shown the next level of where to take it… a never ending process so to speak. I am doing baby steps but with each baby step my body rejoices…

    1. How wonderful being open to this process that never ends Henrietta. The more I let go the ideas about ‘going there’, to ‘have it all’, to ‘do it right’…the more I surrender and enjoy in my own way and rhythm to my stillness.

  28. Natalie Benhayon in an amazing woman who is deeply inspiring. And though she is young, she is well wiser than her years. She holds an absolute honouring of herself as a woman and in this lives her delicateness each and every day, but never in a way that is weak or fluffy – she is a very strong woman and has no fears around saying that what needs to be said, doing what needs to be done and living love in every single moment for all to be inspired by. Thank you Natalie for being who you are and not holding back and in this reminding each and every one of us as women that we have the same within to embrace and live every day.

  29. I find it crazy that we can move through life, or let’s make it smaller, a day, an hour, a drive, a walk, even brushing our teeth without being aware of ourselves and that we can not remember how we got somewhere or what we did in our year. We can check out and not be with ourselves when we do something and if we don’t catch that detachment it just builds a momentum of doing with no-one pointing it out because that is what we are rewarded for in life. A choice to be dedicated and commitment to ourselves is incredible medicine for our lives.

  30. I wonder how it is that one person stands up and pushes the edges without considering the consequences and others don’t. I am discovering that it comes detaching from what others think of you.

  31. Yes.. nervous tension, anxiousness and thoughts of self doubt are all a distraction that get in the way of feeling the solidness, the simple joy, of being and feeling who we truly are, and living it.

  32. Connecting to sacredness had never been on my agenda before, however, meeting Natalie and the Sacred Movement Workshops has been an opening to a whole new dimension that keeps joyfully expanding.

  33. Natalie Benhayon is strong and powerful and oh so very sweet. She allows the Hierarchy to pour through her whatever is needed and is an awesome role model for all of us.

  34. A man meeting a woman who is her sacredness is one of the greatest blessings a man can be given and receive.

  35. When I deeply feel into life and the way I have approached it for a great time of my life is that I have made my self hard and tough as an answer to the abuse I encountered as a child, and still do as an adult. But now I have learned from watching Natalie Benhayon that it was just me reacting to the abuse in the outer world, the abuse that belongs to nobody’s nature, but we have made our way to behave in life.

  36. Thanks to Natalie Benhayon I have been able to reconnect to the sacredness within and now am slowly rediscovering its beauty and its magnificence, its divine essence that lives in me.

  37. Its not a surprise to read a blog about Natalie Benhayon and for it to be a topic on sacredness. She is the founder of Sacred Movement and attending her classes is mind blowing and very revelatory. I attended the universal Medicine Retreat recently and we were guided by Natalie performing a movement that I had never ever felt so sexy in my body. I was moving like a woman and I could not hold this back. I felt so sexy and it felt normal. I accepted this as being okay but I could feel my mind rebutting it continuously. Sacredness comes with a lot of force in opposition. It pulls me to consistently move more like this so it merely becomes my living way.

    1. Beautiful Rik, thank you for sharing. Each and everyone of us knows how to move in sacredness whether we are a woman or a man. I became aware recently of how I have been shut down to not allow myself to move in a way that felt so natural for fear I would be ridiculed, condemned, accused of seduction, attacked especially by women etc yet there was no holding back; I was giving myself permission to move my body in connection to me, bringing all of me in that moment.

  38. Natalie’s ability to speak what needs to be spoken inspires me. There is a dedication to humanity that is rock solid and gives no thought to personal gain and this is so rare. I would happily count this young woman as a role model.

  39. “Being in sacredness is about a sacred relationship with self and being fully present and connected with yourself…. and more.” when we are fully present with ourselves we can not but love ourselves unreservedly.

    1. Hi Sam, as for a man it is such a blessing to be around women that live in sacredness and it makes me remember that I to am from that same source and do not have to perform. It allows me to simply be the love I already am. Thank you for being one of the many women that have chosen to reconnect to that sacredness, as we miss it so much in our societies nowadays.

  40. Great question what actually is sacredness? ‘It isn’t just about being with myself, or being present or being fully present or being consciously present. It is about being all those things – as a woman.’
    Moving in connection to the sacredness I feel inside is part of it for me.

  41. I am daily inspired by Natalie Benhayon, her dedication to offer all the women in the world the truth of what it is to live as a woman is out of this world. And for me personally her reflection of how to work and do so much without male energy or push is a huge example to live and work from the sacredness as well.

  42. Natalie Benhayon is a remarkable woman and continues to inspire and remind all women that they too have an endless potential to reconnect to and live… that it all resides within.

  43. Thank you Gayle for highlighting how it is about the quality of our being that we do things in rather than what we do.

  44. Stillness is a treasure that ought to be the foundation of every moment of our life and not be overtaken by functionality and raciness. Stillness first and then everything else can easily follow.

  45. For the past three weeks I have been feeling the importance of being more delicate and exploring what that means, and while at work yesterday I chose to be delicate with my movements and I had such a lovely day with my clients and myself. The day felt lighter, and my shift was a breeze.

  46. Yesterday morning I had did esoteric yoga for one hour, which I could feel went quite deep for me in connecting with my stillness. The rest of the day I could just feel this contentment being me and being in my body, and I had the most lovely day hanging out with my mother.

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