The Magic of Nature, the Magic of God and Me

A while ago I had a revelation…. about the magic of nature and the magic of God.

I had taken a client to an appointment and was sitting in the waiting room. As I sat there waiting for her, I saw a picture on the wall of willow trees hanging over and into the water on either side of a river. It reminded me of my grandparents’ farm on the Shoalhaven River and how behind the island, which was part of their farm, the willows used to hang over the water. As the water flowed by, the lower leaves would glide across the water and you could see the shingles on the bottom, as the water was so crystal clear. The sunlight used to sparkle on the water and I remembered how much I always wanted to go into the water because it was so beautiful.

I remembered I had that same feeling each time I was in nature – wanting to walk into it, be under that majestic tree, paddle my feet in the water, somehow absorb what I felt it was emanating.

I realised I had been looking for what I could feel was there but was not able to capture because I was looking at the beauty, harmony and magic of nature as something I couldn’t attain – as something separate and outside of me.

But then I realised that what I was seeing and feeling as something outside of myself I can feel in me also – that same beauty, harmony and magic of nature resides in me and it is as beautiful as are the trees and rivers, and I don’t have to look outside of myself to try and capture a fleeting feeling when I can feel it all the time with me and in me.

Because everything that is in nature is in me also.

Now that was an amazing revelation to me and so next time that I am with nature I know there won’t be that longing of wanting it to give me something since I now know that I am part of the magic of nature – which also means I am part of the magic of God – and I can bring equally to it what it brings to me.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Serge Benhayon – who walks the talk of the love and joy he is with everyone equally.

By Deidre Medbury

425 thoughts on “The Magic of Nature, the Magic of God and Me

  1. Beautiful reminder Deidre, that the beauty and magnificence we see in nature is also inside us too. Nature is God’s way of communicating to us and reminding us of who we are.

  2. Deidre I’ve just returned from a walk and I was admiring the stillness of the suburb I was walking through and felt similar to what you have just described in this blog, the beauty of everything around me. You reminded me that everything including the magic is within us all if we chose to feel it, we are no different.

  3. I always love when the sun sparkles on the water, such a glorious sight all those glimmering, dancing stars playing with the water, it’s a gorgeous reminder of where we come from and that we can play too and let go of being so serious.

  4. Looking at pebbles through the crystal clear water is a beautiful message from the magic of God that we are all equally beautiful pebbles in the completeness of who we are.

  5. To realise that the beauty we see is in fact in us too, that nature is there to remind us is a gift, a lovely calling to know we are all part of something more.

  6. Walking with our connection, to the Inner-Most, Esoteric or Soul all one in the same, is the most empowering things we can do so we bring the most beautiful gift to nature.

  7. We are reminded of who we are by nature. We could not love it as much as we all do if we were not already in tune with that which we see and feel.

  8. If I can appreciate/feel the beauty in something or someone then it it must be in me also to be able to recognise it. Through the presentations by Serge Benhayon I have come to realise and appreciate this truth.

  9. Just yesterday my neighbor had a group of friends over to watch the footy grand final. They were noisy cheering, oohing and arghing. What was beautiful, that I clocked, was the birds and their pristine sound. The out of place sounds did not out place nature. That’s what I love about nature, that no matter what, the birds will always sing the magic of God.

  10. A beautiful realisation Deidre being reflected to you by the beauty and harmony of nature, it reflects to us what we all ready are and an inner knowing that we are so much more.

  11. Indeed Deidre we must know that this strength, love and beauty is in us – as otherwise we keep confirming beauty outside of us and we then give our power away instead of living it !

  12. This reflection has brought much confirmation, Deidre, of experiences in my life that until now I have not claimed. As we deepen our awareness and allow this to expand outward in our lives God is reflected back to us. Thank you so much for sharing your understanding and experience.

  13. This setting that is describe in this article is so so clear it was like I was there with the author. I could see everything she described which as lovely considering it was words on a page. This hits to more of the magic that can occur when we feel and reflect something we truely see and appreciate. I can say I know what is presented in this article already but know I clearly know it more deeply.

  14. It is a deeply profound revelation you share here, that the magic we witness in nature is a reflection and a reminder of the magnificence we are naturally within, signifying the interconnectedness we share between us all, the universe and God, and that we are with ourselves we are naturally with God.

  15. ‘Which also means I am part of the magic of God – and I can bring equally to it what it brings to me’. This is a beautiful line of equality Deidre, claiming the divinity that resides within.

  16. Beautifully shared Deidre, thank you, I have always loved the feeling I had when I was in nature, this was my go to place for nurture, but I now know that that feeling of nurture I can give to myself because I carry it with me. Knowing the magic that nature holds is also within me.

  17. I have never heard anyone besides Serge and now the student body, present on the fact that we are equal to everything, including nature, that no thing, no beauty, no mystical crystal, place or plant can ever compare to the kingdom of heaven inside our hearts. This blog is a conformation that all though we can admire nature its true purpose is to reflect that which we are already.

    1. Well said Sarah. How often when we look at the beauty of nature in awe, do we clock the magnificence, the awe and majesty that we are innately are within? Since the presentations of Serge Benhayon I now am awe-inspired by the magic of us all, who we are within, and what our true potential is, much more than I was by the magic of nature. But never without appreciating how the magic of nature supports us, divinely so, to realise and reminds us of who we are.

  18. If you can see a sunrise or a tree branch floating in the breeze and feel the wonder of what is there, then that wonder must also be within you, or you would not appreciate what you are seeing. God speaks to us in many ways, and we have an opportunity to confirm within that we feel what is offered.

  19. I have that same love for nature too- a feeling of expansion and timelessness and sometimes you meet people in life who you also get this same feeling with- a quality lived of surrender and sacredness which emanates out for others to enjoy.

  20. Nature is truly beautiful, I often have a sense of wonder and awe about the clouds, birds, plants and animals I see. It wasn’t until I came to the work of Serge Benhayon that I could even consider that I was beautiful on the inside, that my essence was magical and gorgeous and very much a part of the wonder of the Universe. Great to be reminded that the beauty of nature is simply a reflection of all we come from and are truly.

  21. Yes, I am in full agreement with you Deidre – I also offer to a deep appreciation of and to Serge Benhayon.There are no words that are grand enough to convey this.
    “I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Serge Benhayon – who walks the talk of the love and joy he is with everyone equally”.

  22. What you share is so true Deidre, the beauty and magic of nature is a direct reflection of the beauty and magic of God.

  23. Nature is a gorgeous gift. Whenever I feel lost to myself and out of sync with life, nature is the perfect haven, reminding me of the love, order, harmony and cycles that is also the truth of my own nature and essence.
    At other times when I already feel the love, light and power that runs through me, the reflection of nature is simply that, a great reminder of the vastness I already know I am equal to and part of.

  24. ‘Because everything that is in nature is in us also,’ – this is an amazing statement. We are all part of everything, our particles come from the universe. So of course this is true. Thankyou for sharing Deirdre.

  25. I love how simple and yet so powerful your words are about your realisation. A clear message that we are equal to nature and how its reflection supports us to embrace and appreciate the grandness, the divinity that lives within us all.

  26. When we feel this equality with Nature there is no separation between us and it. There is a natural flow and we are able to feel the Beauty that resides in us, that is us. Walking in Nature confirms this Oneness that in our daily round we can move away from thus losing the Harmony that is innately ours.

  27. Nature is always offering beautiful reflections that continually expand us and inspire us, choosing to live in a way that allows this to be the ‘norm’ is a joyful and powerful experience that is deeply rewarding in many ways.

  28. We as a society are taught and conditioned from a young age to look outside of ourselves to define or discover who we are. Yet as you have discovered, and as have I, that who and what we are within far exceeds any happiness or fleeting sense of pleasure. As when we connect to our light within, we discover our majesty is forever waiting to be lived and that we are forever held in the oneness of God’s love. We are all connected to all within our Universe and beyond, and we are reminded and confirmed daily by the magic of nature that surrounds us, that through the light of our love is how our majesty is lived together.

  29. I love the way you took me back to my youth and reminded me how natural it was to be part of nature and then another beautiful reminder that this has not changed “because everything that is in nature is in me also.”

  30. Thank you Deidre for a beautiful sharing, I have always loved nature but I could not hold the beauty harmony and magic once I left it, not knowing at that time that what I felt in nature was also in me. Now I know I am part of the bigger picture of the Magic of God within us, and everywhere.

  31. Beautiful revelation Deidre. We are continuously offered our own divine reflection, what an incredible feeling it is when we realise we hold all that beauty within.

  32. Love your comment Elizabeth, I have played that game too, being led by my head and not allowing myself to simply feel from inside my body.

  33. “….that same beauty, harmony and magic of nature resides in me “. Truly beautiful Deidre – we all come from the stars and so are naturally part of nature.

  34. Great point Deirdre. Our choices and our beliefs are powerful and if we believe we are separate from nature then this is what we will experience. The beauty in nature is to me a reflection for us all of the beauty in us – there is no separation or disconnection in truth.

  35. I wonder how much the longing to be in nature is simply the longing to feel being in the magic of God, feeling to be part of the whole that beholds us. Nature gives us a beautiful reflection and reminder of this belonging we can so easily lack feeling when being engaged with life the way we have life made to be normal. Important to understand that nature is a reflection that offers us to come back to what is inside instead of escaping into nature to just get a momentary relieve from the stresses of life.

  36. Yes, nature reflects us the divinity we are equally but rarely are connected with, so never is it about losing ourselves in the marvel of the magic of nature but much more find ourselves again.

  37. A beautiful realisation Deidre, so confirming to read, I would feel very connected to nature and would feel its wonder and magic never knowing at that time that magician wonder was a part of who I am and we are also.

  38. “which also means I am part of the magic of God – and I can bring equally to it what it brings to me.” Reading this blog and in particular this line sums up what I want to become more aware of. That I am part of that grander whole, we call nature, the universe or God and that how I relate to that is not only of benefit for myself but for all of humanity, our planet earth and to the universe. No limits if we connect to that grander whole we belong to compared to living my life in the illusion that that three dimensional world I experience every day is my word and are the boundaries to live in.

  39. I totally agree Deidre, it’s important that we appreciate nature but not think that it can provide or give us anything that we do not already possess. It is there to confirm what we already know, to relay messages, to guide us home and to reflect the love and beauty from which we are inside.

  40. “Now that was an amazing revelation to me and so next time that I am with nature I know there won’t be that longing of wanting it to give me something since I now know that I am part of the magic of nature – which also means I am part of the magic of God – and I can bring equally to it what it brings to me.” I remember a picture like this one in my own home. The feelings I felt for it were so exquisite. I never realised that it was a reflection of me and my beauty within.

  41. Beautiful Deidre. When we know ourselves as Sons of God we have the realization that we are so much more than who we thought we were.

  42. I echo your heartfelt appreciation of Serge Benhayon who so palpably demonstrates in his every movement how it is possible to live in harmony with nature and reflect this so inspirationally to all.

  43. The more I reconnect back to my true essence the more I feel in the flow of life and thus nature. I feel the constant reflections that I am being blessed with and they act as a beautiful confirmation of my return to love.

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