The Magic of Nature, the Magic of God and Me

A while ago I had a revelation…. about the magic of nature and the magic of God.

I had taken a client to an appointment and was sitting in the waiting room. As I sat there waiting for her, I saw a picture on the wall of willow trees hanging over and into the water on either side of a river. It reminded me of my grandparents’ farm on the Shoalhaven River and how behind the island, which was part of their farm, the willows used to hang over the water. As the water flowed by, the lower leaves would glide across the water and you could see the shingles on the bottom, as the water was so crystal clear. The sunlight used to sparkle on the water and I remembered how much I always wanted to go into the water because it was so beautiful.

I remembered I had that same feeling each time I was in nature – wanting to walk into it, be under that majestic tree, paddle my feet in the water, somehow absorb what I felt it was emanating.

I realised I had been looking for what I could feel was there but was not able to capture because I was looking at the beauty, harmony and magic of nature as something I couldn’t attain – as something separate and outside of me.

But then I realised that what I was seeing and feeling as something outside of myself I can feel in me also – that same beauty, harmony and magic of nature resides in me and it is as beautiful as are the trees and rivers, and I don’t have to look outside of myself to try and capture a fleeting feeling when I can feel it all the time with me and in me.

Because everything that is in nature is in me also.

Now that was an amazing revelation to me and so next time that I am with nature I know there won’t be that longing of wanting it to give me something since I now know that I am part of the magic of nature – which also means I am part of the magic of God – and I can bring equally to it what it brings to me.

I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Serge Benhayon – who walks the talk of the love and joy he is with everyone equally.

By Deidre Medbury

438 thoughts on “The Magic of Nature, the Magic of God and Me

  1. We are that majesty, we are that beauty. Everything around us is here to remind us where we come from. “I am part of the magic of God – and I can bring equally to it what it brings to me” – this is a lovely reminder.

  2. Expressing the beauty that is within shares the Sacredness that we all equally have and then when we live in a sacred place this becomes for us a responsibility for everything.

  3. The beauty of nature is nothing compared to the beauty we feel when connected to our soul. So many of us think that nature is majestic, that it’s beauty cannot be matched and we go into nature to re-charge and re-connect. But once we live a life of connection to our soul we will see that although stunningly beautiful, nature cannot compare to the divine feeling in our hearts.

    1. Re-connecting to our Soul is as you have shared Viktoria, the most divine blessing and the most Sacred feeling that is our responsibility to live, as when lived even nature will feel the evolutionary pull of a Soul-full being!

  4. I used to feel the same with nature, the feeling of loving it and wanting to immerse myself in it. For example, if I saw mountains, or fields, or trees, it was like I would make it more and bigger than me. On reflection what I can feel now is I wanted this because it was unimposing and would allow me to just be and it did not ask anything of me and of course, because of its natural beauty. What I can appreciate now is that I can appreciate nature, but no longer have this feeling of escaping or immersing myself within. Thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I have been developing and deepening my relationship with me so I do not see it as more, or bigger than me.

  5. To claim the love that we are is not just a deeply joy-full thing to do, but a responsibility too. Once we know the love within us, we have a responsibility to reflect it back to others, rather like nature does.

  6. When the reflection of nature is seen for what it is truly and received in its wholeness.. We come to find a greater truth inside us that needs to be lived and fully shared with other people.

  7. I loved what you have shared so beautifully Deidre, in times past when sad I would go to nature for comfort and feel the magic of God there, not knowing at the time that that same majesty also dwelt within me.

  8. As I was reading this gorgeous blog and these awesome comments, the birds started to welcome this beautiful morning with their joyous songs, and they remind me that I am a part of the magic in nature too.

  9. The beauty, grace, and exquisiteness we see in nature is a reflection of the qualities that are also in us too. When we put nature on a pedestal it is a sign we are not appreciating these qualities within ourselves and this can limit our connection to nature, people, and God through playing small.

  10. Realising that what we see on the outside is a reflection of how we are on the inside and vice a versa, places us in a position to consider the fact of how we are the creators of our own reality.

  11. Beautiful to re-read your post Deidre. “But then I realised that what I was seeing and feeling as something outside of myself I can feel in me also – that same beauty, harmony and magic of nature resides in me.” Now to live this……

  12. I once visited a client with a colleague and I had a view on the outside lawn and – at an angle that only I could see – one Indian Myna bird absolutely annihilated another. Even when the victim lay on its back with the legs in the air the other bird dive-bombed it with all the force it could muster and only then flew off. It took a while for that bird to limpingly get onto its feet. There seem to be many magical messages but also perhaps some other ones.

  13. I love walking in nature it reminds me of who I am, the lightness in my walk, the connection I hold with God, the reminder that I am part of nature as I am part of God too.

  14. I wonder at the magic of nature and the magic of God and realise that we are all part of that one divine magic and body of Love. We cannot be made any less because we are all from the same source. It is us, the human being that reduces what we have at our disposal to support us on this plane of life, it is us that reduces our awareness to put greater emphasis on what we do and achieve through the arrogance of championing our access to free will.

  15. This is something to consider isn’t it – that the beauty that we see in nature, the order, the harmony, the stillness, that all of that is within us all the time.

    1. It makes sense Lucy and when we feel in disharmony and out of sorts, many people turn to nature as its reflection simply reminds us of who we are.

  16. Beautiful how you’ve described nature in a way as if I see it before my own eyes. And I agree nature gives us an awesome reflection of our beauty, but are we aware that there is even more beauty and amazingness in us when we reconnect to being a part of the universe?

  17. Appreciating the beauty of nature is not hard. Our senses do this for us. But if we ever have the chance to truly feel who we are and our relationship with the universe, we cannot not know that the majesty of our beauty has no parallels.

  18. How you described the farm, such descriptions could be in a book, describing a picture or movie scene these captured moments we enjoy, but how many of us can relate to such beauty as us coming from and being equal to that quality of beauty? Human life en mass seems to depict and act the complete opposite! Thank God for Serge Benhayon showing that human life can be equal to what is around us.

  19. ‘I am part of the magic of God – and I can bring equally to it what it brings to me.’ Love this realisation, simple and true, we bring the magic of God towards all we encounter, I love being this sparkle of God.

  20. “Because everything that is in nature is in me also.” What a wonderful thing to remember, especially when we have huge winds, excessive snow or heat etc. All of these things reflect something that is occurring within us because we are not separate from nature.

  21. Beautiful appreciation of nature’s beauty and I appreciate the grandness and beauty within yourself Deidre. It is magical when we come to a point in life where we can deeply feel we are at one with nature, people and everything around us. I have experienced this connection in one of the Universal Medicine courses. It was absolutely incredible and confirming of how amazing we all are and that we can live in connection with the ALL in every moment of our life if we so choose.

  22. Woo Hoo what a moment to feel…embody….celebrate and confirm…”But then I realised that what I was seeing and feeling as something outside of myself I can feel in me also…” I Love this it is scientific fact that to know it we must first know it within us. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Beautifully shared Deidre. We so often look and take in the majesty of nature, of a sunset in awe of what we are witnessing before us. But in that moment how often do we ponder on the possibility that this that we see is a reflection of the magnificence that we ourselves naturally are and hold within. God is with us, around us and within us always reflecting the truth of who we are and the majesty we are here to live.

    1. God never holds back in loving us to the bone and is always offering us opportunities to evolve. Gosh the magnitude he holds and that is in us equally is beyond words.

  24. The beauty, harmony and magic of nature is a constant reflection that reminds us of our true essence. It makes sense why we long to connect to nature as our body recognises and responds to the same quality.

    1. Beautifully said Linda. You’ve also reminded me that nature’s reflection is God’s way of communicating to us and reminding us how beautiful, magnificent, deeply loved and grand we all are.

  25. Yes nature can’t really give us something other than a very bright reflection of the divinity, spark and light that we are.

  26. To not see ourselves as separate but to understand that we too are part of that magic and harmony that is God – this is a gift, one available to us all.

  27. A beautiful sharing Deidre thank you, I remember as I walked in nature in the past I could feel all the wonder, beauty and harmony that was there, but I did not know at the time that what I felt in nature was also in me. A beautiful confirmation of the magic of God we are part of.

  28. Deidre I just love your simple and very practical example of what it means to be in and with the magic of God. Thank you.

  29. Beautiful reminder Deidre, that the beauty and magnificence we see in nature is also inside us too. Nature is God’s way of communicating to us and reminding us of who we are.

  30. Deidre I’ve just returned from a walk and I was admiring the stillness of the suburb I was walking through and felt similar to what you have just described in this blog, the beauty of everything around me. You reminded me that everything including the magic is within us all if we chose to feel it, we are no different.

  31. I always love when the sun sparkles on the water, such a glorious sight all those glimmering, dancing stars playing with the water, it’s a gorgeous reminder of where we come from and that we can play too and let go of being so serious.

  32. Looking at pebbles through the crystal clear water is a beautiful message from the magic of God that we are all equally beautiful pebbles in the completeness of who we are.

  33. To realise that the beauty we see is in fact in us too, that nature is there to remind us is a gift, a lovely calling to know we are all part of something more.

  34. We are reminded of who we are by nature. We could not love it as much as we all do if we were not already in tune with that which we see and feel.

  35. If I can appreciate/feel the beauty in something or someone then it it must be in me also to be able to recognise it. Through the presentations by Serge Benhayon I have come to realise and appreciate this truth.

  36. Just yesterday my neighbor had a group of friends over to watch the footy grand final. They were noisy cheering, oohing and arghing. What was beautiful, that I clocked, was the birds and their pristine sound. The out of place sounds did not out place nature. That’s what I love about nature, that no matter what, the birds will always sing the magic of God.

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