Experiencing the Magic of God in Daily Life

I’ve recently begun to realise more and more how the magic of God surrounds us every day and that there are messages to behold in the most obvious and unobvious of places. The messages are there for everyone; they are not given to a chosen few or those aligned to certain religious beliefs and you do not have to be special or gifted.

I’ve accepted that the magic of God can be seen by everyone, from the very young to the very old, men and women, black or white, ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

What if we have simply forgotten about what it is we are seeing and thus what it is that is being communicated to us?

It seems our life takes on a ‘life’ of its own and we get so caught up in doing things, being distracted, stimulated, busy, rushing around, reacting to the devastation and destruction in the world, getting sick and emotional, feeling overwhelmed and being exhausted… that maybe, just maybe, we miss all of the things God is sharing with us.

Our family has begun to share the magic of God every day. One of these times is when we all come together at the end of a day to share the evening meal. This time of the day gives us an opportunity to talk about our day and express all that we have seen and felt within it.

The sharing of our days gives us all an opportunity to hear and feel the magic of God everywhere, whether it be in our own bodies, with nature, or in a traffic jam or in the bustle of the city in which we live.

Here are some examples of the magic of God experienced by family members in a day:

  • Walking the dog around the block I noticed a bright yellow daisy bursting up and out of a crack in the concrete. What I considered in that moment was that I may have to overcome obstacles (which was very relevant to me personally that day) and that I can overcome them and still be myself, shining as bright as the sun. And that, no matter what, I don’t need to hold myself back.
  • While stopped at traffic lights a white feather floated past the windscreen. The feather reminded me of who I truly am and where I am from. What I felt is that we are angelic beings here to be light and loving to ourselves, and with everyone around us.
  • I opened a kitchen cupboard and reached for a coffee mug. It fell out and broke on the kitchen bench. I realised in that moment that I did not know what I was doing and that I had gone into automatic pilot and was in the motion of getting things done and wanting to rush. This brought me to a stop and I was then able to reconnect to myself and to my body as I made a cup of tea with more conscious awareness.
  • During a lunch break while going for a walk, I was stopped by a bee working away as it went from one flower to the next. What I could feel in this moment was how bees are always busy and totally committed to every flower they stop at, or whatever other activity they are doing. They never sell themselves short, give up or are half hearted about the task at hand. A bee gives one hundred percent commitment and attention to detail to everything it does, and in this, I was reminded of the commitment I can make every day to myself and to work.
  • On getting up off the couch I walked straight into the corner of the kitchen table, bumping my hip. This made me stop and consider where I was in that moment and to consider whether I was holding onto any ideals and beliefs that I could let go of.
  • On driving to work I followed a number plate that said SOG 709. The acronym made me think of ‘Son of God’ and, in this, I was also reminded of the fact that God is Nature, and that numbers are found in Nature everywhere, making me appreciate the fact that everything is by design.
  • I was sitting down to eat some dinner. I enjoyed my meal and went back for a second helping. As I dished out the food, it spilt onto the table, completely missing my plate. The spilt food made me stop and realise I had actually eaten enough and did not need to overdo it or overeat by going back for more.
  • On carrying my grocery shopping from the supermarket to the car, a beautiful butterfly with yellow and orange markings flew alongside me. I stopped to appreciate that there is joy in everything I do and even the weekly shopping can be playful, reminding me that I don’t need to take the chores in life too seriously.

I am deeply thankful to Serge Benhayon, Natalie Benhayon and Universal Medicine who have inspired me to develop my relationship with God and to be in communion with him every day.

By Sally Scott, Melbourne, Australia

790 thoughts on “Experiencing the Magic of God in Daily Life

  1. God is all around us and within us and the only way to connect to that fact is to connect with ourselves and our body and then the rest is easy to know.

  2. The illusion that we all suffer from and that we must all one day arise from is that we are separate to God. We do not appreciate nor even allow ourselves to feel that we are of the same breath that breathed us forth and so in denial of this irrevocable truth, we move in a way that sees us sourcing our breath from another source, hence the agony of the ‘separation’ we all feel that is very real but also is not.

  3. The Magic of God is the power of love and reading your example about the Son of God I could feel I was slouching a bit in my chair, so I felt to lengthen my spine and sit up straight and I could instantly feel how I connected again back to being a Son of God and my responsibility to live as such in every moment.

  4. I love two things about what you have shared here. The first one is how you discuss the magic of God as a family at dinner time … very cool. Do families even have dinner together now, let alone discuss the magic of God? Secondly that the magic of God is not about a cosmic sign coming down from heaven, but really simple and practical things like this ‘On getting up off the couch I walked straight into the corner of the kitchen table, bumping my hip. This made me stop and consider where I was in that moment and to consider whether I was holding onto any ideals and beliefs that I could let go of.’ so then what it becomes about more is our awareness. What are we aware of around us, and do we read the messages given to us or just ignore them? I know I could definitely read more of the daily messages I receive.

  5. I read a blog the other day that talked about the constant love letters we receive from God. A few days later I remembered this and reflected on how I am not allowing myself to receive or see the daily or constant love letters I am given, and again your blog asks and reminds me about the daily magic. I love that you share about your day in this way when you get together for dinner, something I would like to start to do.

  6. This is truly beautiful to read and feel Sally, thank you for sharing your humble family ritual with us. Often we get so focussed on what is ‘wrong’ with our life, we forget to see and feel the exquisite beauty that surrounds us and reminds us that not only are we forever bathed in a light divine but it is also our responsibility to let this love shine out.

  7. Sally, I can relate to similar Magic of God Moments – they are beautifully confirming or simply bringing awareness to where we are disconnected from ourself.

  8. It’s very easy to lose ourselves in the stuff of life, the striving, the pictures we have of how we think it should be, or how we want it to be, when we’ve set up our world to reflect that ‘this is the way it is’. But we only have to stop and breathe, or get out and go for a walk to reconnect to that knowing that there is so much more to life. How willing are we to let go of everything we’ve invested in, even though it may be hurting us? At what point do we stop and ask ourselves if what we’re doing, and the way we’re doing it, is really worth it, compared to the simplicity, steadiness and solidness of a life lived connected to our body, and the bigger picture?

  9. God and Serge Benhayon are very close I feel. There is so much holding of love through Serge Benhayon.
    I love Serge Benhayon. I love God.

  10. So simple to take note of what is really going on… and there is a lot going on all the time if we just take a moment to notice. It can inform us of what is really going on – for us or for others. Its pure Gold, and just takes a moment of reflection to access.

  11. Your blog reminded me of the heron I saw this morning standing on an old nest of some coots in the middle of the pond in the garden of the monastery I am currently working in. The heron shows itself at different times, sometimes at the beginning of my workday and sometimes when I walk home after work, but I am always connected straight away to my purpose and often smiling, as it confirms or reminds me of the service I am offering just by being me.

  12. I love the constellations and ‘accidents’ that happen in daily living, bringing our attention the magic of God, making me aware that I too can “appreciate the fact that everything is by design.”

  13. A gorgeous sharing Sally about the magic of God that is all around us and the loving messages that this magic holds for us, this is surely living with God, the God within and the God without and all around us.

  14. What a lovely ritual to share the magic of God experienced daily with your dinner family and friends, it’s a playful way to pay attention to what is being communicated to us daily.,

  15. To become aware of and to experience the joy of the magic of God, requires nothing more than for us to commit to being present in our bodies, as we go about our daily life.

  16. Appreciating that there is energy behind why things happen opens us up to life on a multidimensional level rather than dismissing events as being random or just seeing life on a purely functional level…

  17. A beautiful appreciation of the love of God that we are, are a part of and are held in every day. We are constantly being reflected and reminded that we are Soulful beings and our inescapable interconnectedness to God, the universe, each other is the magic we are a part of and are here to live together. Bringing this awareness into our conversation more and more and sharing our appreciation of the moments when we clock the activity of the magic of God at work, confirms our multidimensionality which we then accept as normal.

    1. Yes confirming the multi dimensionality will only enable us to strengthen our relationship with our Universe.

  18. ” What if we have simply forgotten about what it is we are seeing and thus what it is that is being communicated to us?” A pertinent question. Although I saw beauty in rainbows and butterflies etc., I never realised that so many messages were coming my way – this was before my attendance at Universal Medicine presentations. Both the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ have something to offer us if we look beneath the signs.

  19. This shows me that we can look at life in many ways…you can drop your food on your second helping and get annoyed because you wasted the food and now you need to clean up etc…, or you can see it as a message from God that you most likely don’t need that second helping! And I know for many that might seem ridiculous that God could send you a message about a second helping of food, but the magic of God and his powers are beyond our human comprehension. And it is from his immense love for us that he sends us these messages, to support us to be more of ourselves and not dull ourselves.

  20. I always enjoy reading this, the Magic of God brings such a richness to life. I have been really appreciating the magic of nature recently, and enjoying how beautiful it feels to have more conscious relationship to the beauty of God expressed through nature and animals. This morning I woke feeling quite uncomfortable and in an issue and I opened up a blog to read and there was the answer to why I was in my issue – without looking it was delivered to me by just feeling my way and honouring which blog I felt to read. It’s truly amazing the many ways God is with us and expressing his love for us.

    1. We are so much more than what the eyes can see. True vision comes from learning to see with the ‘eyes of the heart’ and feel all there is to feel.

  21. The magic of God is everywhere when we are open enough to notice how much there is, and the more aware of it we become the more we realise how much more there is, God is forever showering us with his love and reminders or confirmations along the way.

  22. The more I appreciate the magic of God in daily life the more I realise just how much support we are held in, if we but allow it in…

  23. A beautiful blog to read this afternoon, and a timely reminder to stay in communion with God everyday and not just when something unpleasant happens and then we seek answers to our dilemma. Much better to be aware of God’s magic everywhere and to say thankyou for the blessings and all the learnings along the way.

  24. Dinner at your house feels divine Sally. So just imagine if this was the choice, at least once a day, by others getting together to share a meal. I can feel how awareness of the world would expand, relationships would deepen and appreciation of what life is offering us everyday would be something that comes naturally, not something we have to think about doing.

  25. What a beautiful way to review our day and bringing it to completion by sharing moments of magic of God together as a family.

  26. How crazy is it that we have chosen to separate from God, from the divine energy that holds the universe and is all around us to an extent where we even question it’s existance…

  27. What a great idea to share the magic in your day with your family, I am going to give this a go. There is so much to appreciate like you share but we are so often dismissive and blind to what is there.

    1. Yes Anna it is so true the more we accept our relationship with God as Gods, the greater we move with the authority knowing that this is simply our natural way of being.

  28. I love witnessing th magic of God. Last week I followed a rabbit as it hopped along the road in front of me – not a usual sight for mid afternoon. It reminded me to be more playful in life, as I can get over serious at times.

  29. To be in communion with God in every moment, how glorious is that and reading this I realise we can be, in the everything, and in this there is nothing mundane, just a joy to be expressed.

  30. Sometimes we do not want to see or know about the magic of God and what it reflects back to us as it asks us to be responsible.

  31. We live in a plane of life that keeps us very busy playing just human. But, thanks God (pun intended) our plane of life is part of a bigger, more encompassing one. It is always up to us to transcend the human bit and to connect to multidimensionality.

    1. Yes we will always be lifted up to the what is, even when we put the brakes on and fight the truth of who we are.

  32. It’s amazing to consider how I’ve spent my life asking for signs and guidance from God, but then only looking for what I wanted to see so missing the constant communication that is there. Because I didn’t listen to what was being communicated and change how I was living I attracted outcomes I then bemoaned God for and concluded I wasn’t loved – when actually I always am loved – it’s just not fitting my version of love which isn’t love but a wanting to be irresponsible and get away with it. It’s wonderful to open up to the everyday communications of the universe.

    1. Thank you Karin for your beautiful comment, I had to laugh at myself reading this as I’ve been there too, having rigid pictures of how love is and expecting a certain outcome, but being delivered true love in it’s many expressions and missing seeing it all.

  33. Perhaps it is a bit difficult for us to comprehend that indeed the leaf falling in front of our feet is a communication from God, the cat that crossed our path is also communication from God, and more so everything that happens in our life is a form of communication. Many of us have this idea, and understand that this is a possibility, but how do we respond to this communication? Do we communicate back, or do we ignore it and think that only a special few can communicate with God..?

  34. Sally I love love love this, what an amazing dinner time your family must have. I have sent the link to your blog to my husband as I am super inspired to do the same.

  35. Being open to God’s love and support completely changes how I feel during the day and how much I surrender in my body. This month my working contract ended and while on a walk in the woods I found a 20 Euro note, communicating to me that I don’t have to worry about money.

  36. I love your examples of the Magic of God – I too have them everyday! It’s wonderful to break free from the notion sold to us that the clouds have to part and something spectacularly irrefutable has to happen for us to have confirmed there is divinity in our lives. If I were to look for something epic and biblical, I’d miss all the communications that are there everyday.

  37. I love this blog Sally, as our family does a similar thing during dinner time and it makes everything that happens in the day full of purpose and holding of a reason for it being that way, with the great potential to learn from every moment and occurrence, however small or insignificant it may seem at the time. In contrast, when I am in reaction to something or rushing, I miss all these incredible signs of God. But one that does come to mind was when a bunch of co-workers and myself had to go to a recurrent fire extinguisher training for our aviation jobs and actually take turns putting out a small fire. We all could not help but consider the symbolic nature of what we were doing as there had been many problems and disharmony on our crew that we were working to ‘extinguish’ lately, only to have them resurface again and again because of a reluctance of a few members to embrace the potential brotherhood that we once had together. What a direct message from God!

  38. When I get out and interact with humanity I am very aware of messages from God. When I withdraw into myself I don’t see or hear the messages and life gets very dull.

  39. It is our choice whether we feel left behind by God that we are on our own. A so called why me’ attitude or to feel the love of God in all we experience and surrender without putting a label on it of good or bad.

    1. It’s great you point this out Annelies – I have a habit of doing the why me?/poor me, I’m not as loved as other people are, I’m the odd one out – it goes on. This happened recently and I could hear all these thoughts but knew they were rubbish. Rather than entertain them I decided to just feel the hurt that had been uncovered. A fair few tears later and I came back to me. Now it’s a vague memory that isn’t current. But if things had gone according to my plan, I’d not have had the chance to let all of that and I knew this at the time too.

  40. When we start to look more deeply at life, we begin to see that there are never coincidences and never accidents and that every moment and interaction is an opportunity for us to go even deeper. I especially love nature when we observe our connection to it even more and we realise that we are not separate from anything. Today I was about to give a presentation to a group of people at work. I noticed that there was a solitary large wasp flying in the room and he was looking to get out. He knew he did not belong in the room. I walked over to the door, opened it and he flew out. No fuss, no drama and no one battered an eye-lid. This said to me hold steady, don’t doubt, know who you are and you will be cared for.

  41. I like this part about not taking the chores in life to seriously, it is a great reminder of how life has the potential to be. Light and playful, yet responsible and productive.

    1. There is so much magic within ourselves too, as we also come from God and are part of that magic.

  42. It’s amazing how Nature works. Everything is by design interconnected and has its purpose. Love how respectful animals are with each other, how flowers don’t hold back their beauty, how every single being accept death as a natural part of the cycle of life… by observing Nature in this way I see the potential that we can live as human beings, working together to develop a true advanced society.

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