Tricked and Trapped in the ‘Spiritual New Age’… Freed by The Way of the Livingness

In my teens I started to acknowledge the feeling that what I am and what the world presents is more than just physical. This led to the exploration of mediumship and clairvoyance and hence began my journey on the ‘Spiritual New Age’ path which eventually led me to Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness where I finally became free of all the impositions of the Spiritual New Age.

Looking for the Answer – Reiki, Crystal Healing… but My Life was a Mess

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Happy New Year: Snakes and Ladders or Evolution?

Friends and I were recently discussing the annual craziness of the December festive season and New Year. We were questioning why we, as a society, endorse this annual madness, why we allow the seasonal push and stress and, behind that, what is orchestrating it all.

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My Connection to God and Finding Real Religion

I read a blog recently about some of the beliefs we are raised with around God and the link between depression and feeling worthless, and it made me consider my own experience growing up.

For me, the God I grew up with was either mean and punishing or worse, powerless and non-existent. Both my parents were brought up by practising Catholics and also Lutherans, and in my family there was either no God, or for some family members if there was, he was to blame for all the woes they believed that beset them.

I looked out as a teenager at the suffering and emptiness around me and thought, maybe they were right. Or, if they weren’t, I didn’t feel I had access to God or love.

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The Way of The Livingness, a Beetle and the Magic of God

The other day I had quite an unusual experience of the magic of God at play, the language of symbolism as presented by The Way of The Livingness.

I am quite used to leaves and feathers in unusual places; the story of a beetle appearing on a friend’s kneecap after she had told her daughter that her pain felt like a beetle gnawing at her; a huge butterfly majestically gliding past umbrellas and patrons in an outdoor cafe setting in the middle of town, and so the list goes on.

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Elkan Spiller on Serge Benhayon, Judaism and Anti-Semitism

Serge Benhayon | Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon

There is no secret that Serge Benhayon’s family has a Jewish heritage. From his last name alone, which is of Moroccan Jewish origin, one can easily assume that this is the case.

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