Tricked and Trapped in the ‘Spiritual New Age’… Freed by The Way of the Livingness

In my teens I started to acknowledge the feeling that what I am and what the world presents is more than just physical. This led to the exploration of mediumship and clairvoyance and hence began my journey on the ‘Spiritual New Age’ path which eventually led me to Universal Medicine and The Way of the Livingness where I finally became free of all the impositions of the Spiritual New Age.

Looking for the Answer – Reiki, Crystal Healing… but My Life was a Mess

I was very much drawn to complementary therapies and would always look out for homeopathic or natural remedies as opposed to seeking orthodox medicines.

In the search for the ‘one thing’ that was going to offer me what I was looking for (which at the time, I did not know exactly what it was) I stumbled across Reiki, and this seemed to make sense for a while.

I chose to be oblivious of the fact that the ‘Reiki Master’ I trained with had a drinking problem: even after seeing him drunk and feeling the intensity of the horrible energy that came from him, I chose to overlook this and still continued with the course as I saw it to be the route to my salvation. On the course I cried a lot and saw all of this emotion to be part of the salvation I sought.

Some people within the Reiki community began to introduce all kinds of variants to suit themselves. This did not sit well with me, so I went on to train as a crystal healing therapist where I would dowse healing sessions using a pendulum. This gave me a kind of comfort that all was well and that I had found the answer, although even then I still felt really uneasy.

I constantly felt nervous, having a permanent feeling of anxiety running through my body which no amount of crystals or guided meditation would shift. I would wake in the morning feeling anxiousness in my body and I would often feel depressed at the thought of getting through another day feeling this way. I carried this nervous feeling with me on a daily basis and although on the outside I would appear confident, there was an inner feeling of not being good enough and a lack of real confidence. I was always looking for someone else to give me the answer and for someone else’s approval for me to feel okay about myself.

By the time I reached my late 30’s I was a mess. I had left an unhappy marriage, my self-esteem was on the floor and my self-worth was non-existent. I was overweight, unhappy and felt alone whilst dipping in and out of a couple of relationships and struggling to make it through whilst bringing up a child that was by now approaching teenage years. My life had gone from bad to worse even after doing many more courses that were all supposed to offer ‘the answer’.

Time for change! I knew there had to be another way.

Introduced to Chris James, the Gentle Breath Meditation, and Connecting to Me…

A friend told me of a voice presentation in our local town with Chris James, a singer and musician who offers voice workshops through Sounds Wonderful. This was the best £10 I had ever spent as during that evening I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation, a simple technique where you focus on your breath and make the choice to breath gently… no “wandering down wooded paths” or “into a mountain cave to meet an Indian guide or an angelic being”, just a simple focus on my own breath.

This is what I had been looking for!… It was the one thing that supported me to connect to me and it was as simple as connecting to my breath.

For the first time in my life I had a glimpse of feeling whole and complete without the underlying emptiness and anxiety that had kept me relentlessly searching.

Chris had learned the Gentle Breath Meditation from Serge Benhayon, founder of Universal Medicine, and when Chris mentioned him I immediately knew that I needed to know more about this man and his presentations, so I attended the next available course.

Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, Truth, Spirit & Soul – Search Over!

Following that course I read many books and went to many presentations by Serge Benhayon that unfolded all the answers that had previously eluded me. Never before had I been met with the truth about Spirit and Soul and that there are actually two types of energy, one being the fiery energy of the Soul and the other being the pranic energy of the Spirit with all its emotional baggage. Simple, yet profound. None of the ‘New Age’ study had offered this most fundamental of facts, but instead had wrapped Spirit and Soul into the same package as if to hide the fact of their difference.

In my arrogance as a ‘crystal healer’ I felt that I knew a lot about energy because I had worked with crystals and the use of the pendulum was based on the understanding that the pendulum was a visual indicator of my Soul’s communication. Well if I was really connected to my Soul, why would I need an outside indicator? Surely I could trust what I felt from the inside? So the pendulum had to go, along with all the crystals as I realised I had totally given myself away by investing all my power into them. I had missed the point completely and had actually disempowered myself by choosing to ignore the fact that all I required was inside of me.

Taking Responsibility for my Well-Being

The simplicity of the presentations by Universal Medicine and the practical common sense way of being they offered was profound.

The stage was now set for me to make some changes and start to take true responsibility for myself and my life. I stopped being a victim of my own choices and began to make choices that supported me and my well-being.

One of my first choices was to have a look at what I was eating. I stopped eating gluten and dairy and found that the sinus problem that had been hanging around for years cleared up and the bloated lethargy that was always there went away, leaving me with a feeling of vitality which in truth was already there but had been completely dulled by the food choices I was making. My body weight and shape changed. After being vegetarian for many years I started to eat a little meat and found it to be very acceptable to my body and I actually quite liked it. I had feared eating it for so many years because someone had once told me it would make me heavy and not able to connect to my Soul.

Looking back I am aware of the trap and total arrogance I had fallen into, along with a feeling that I was a better human being because I was part of the ‘Spiritual New Age’ bandwagon.

I now embrace the support of orthodox medicine as part of the healing process and no longer resist it. I understand it does not have all the answers but choose to work alongside it whilst taking the personal responsibility to look more deeply into the root cause of any disturbance that may arise.

I am now part of the student body of Universal Medicine and I endeavour to live the simplicity of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, which makes a lot more sense compared to anything else I have come across in my relentless search for truth. I have found The Way of the Livingness.

The search is over – This is IT.

By Beverley Bulmer, Norfolk, Uk

993 thoughts on “Tricked and Trapped in the ‘Spiritual New Age’… Freed by The Way of the Livingness

  1. I agree with you Beverly that the search is over Universal Medicine teaches that we have given up on the truth of who we are and where we come from and instead built a false reality that we cling to because we do not want to admit that we have all been hoodwinked and have become mere puppets to an energy that has enslaved us. And worse anyone who can see past the smoke and mirrors of this unreal state of being is ridiculed and ostracized such as Mad Meg in the blog that another Student has written and posted on this site.

  2. Finding Universal Medicine and being a student of The Way of The Livingness does not mean a life without a wobble, but for me it has restored something that now feels solid enough to have an understanding and a means to come out of the wobble, and keep feeling empowered at each step.

  3. Absolutely Beverley, once the truth has been felt in this current era there is only one choice and that is staying connected to our essences, thus then reconnecting with our Soul. This feeling of connection is normal and humbling but at the same time it does feel simple, then as we live this amazing-ness in our bodies we start to walk and breathe in the most gentle ways.

  4. There are so many things which we can overlook when we want to see life the way we want to see the world. We can’t even say we were deceived because for the majority of the time, the tell-tales are there and the only reason we don’t see them is because of our attachments.

  5. The other day I attended some training which was very spiritual. It was very humbling as it showed me that I can still fall for the glitzy show of the spiritual stuff and how familiar I was to it all, something I’d not fully appreciated. I felt so discombobulated by the whole thing I got to really appreciate the Soul-ful way of life and I would be far more discerning in future!

  6. There is arrogance and identification in the New Age, just like there can be with any area of life when we think we’ve made it, or we have some kind of special knowledge. I got involved in the spiritual healing side of it and I can see how damaging it was, and how it still plays out as not holding people as equal and equally able to heal themselves simply through our connection to soul. New Age healing is very imposing in this respect because it’s a ‘doing’ for the other person. What I have learnt is that because we actually heal ourselves, any person assisting can only help facilitate our self healing, and that is by offering space and holding a soulful quality. Imposition or trying to do it for the person actually impedes the self healing process.

  7. Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, Truth, Spirit & Soul – Search Over! My search definitely ended when I met Serge Benhayon… I knew the truth, deep in every cell, when I saw it.

  8. “”Looking back I am aware of the trap and total arrogance I had fallen into, along with a feeling that I was a better human being because I was part of the ‘Spiritual New Age’ bandwagon” so many of us have fallen for this trap, me too, I went looking and got lost further, it was only when I met Serge Benhayon I could see through the illusion that had been choking me for so long.

    1. I am another one that can relate with having been trapped in the new age modalities, the arrogance that I was doing something to heal myself, and yet nothing in my life truly changing back then.

  9. “This is what I had been looking for!… It was the one thing that supported me to connect to me and it was as simple as connecting to my breath.” The Way of The Livingness is to know the truth and love and re-connection to God.

  10. We all are seeking the truth of our lives in one way or another, there’s a little niggling voice deep down that keeps reminding us that life as we know it is not it. So, in all of our experiments and various avenues that we may take, we can make a turn here or there that may take us further away from our goal, it may take us on a d-tour, but eventually we all wake up and start to make changes.

  11. It is interesting how much alcohol is consumed on a daily basis and how many so called health professionals partake of this mind altering substance. We are sometimes told to have a drink to loosen our inhibitions or to drink a red wine for our health. There are plenty of new age healers who use ayahuasca for recreation and think that it enhances their healing powers. Substances like marijuana that we tend to think of as harmless I have seen to have a harmful longterm effect on the body mind and spirit. We have gotten far from our natural way of being, our true intuition and our inner wisdom.

    1. We have got far from our natural, true way of being, and so consequently will often present a false version of self, ‘I carried this nervous feeling with me on a daily basis and although on the outside I would appear confident, there was an inner feeling of not being good enough and a lack of real confidence.’

    1. We are the ones who are responsible for our own wellbeing, we make choices that affect us in one way or another, ‘to make some changes and start to take true responsibility for myself and my life. I stopped being a victim of my own choices and began to make choices that supported me and my well-being.’

  12. I never would have thought that you were interested in the Spiritual New Age, Beverly – but I guess when the questions on the inside are firing up, and nothing else comes close to answer them, we all find ourselves on various paths.

  13. I love the honesty that you shared Beverley that if you were really connected to your soul you would not need an outside indicator like a pendulum or a crystal to tell you anything.

  14. I find it interesting, the fact that there are so many options available today in the spiritual new age, for anyone who is seeking to answer deeply unanswered questions about themselves and about life. This must show that there are many more people now who are seeking to know and, that there are many more questions now going unanswered. Which is another reason why Universal Medicine is so brilliant, because all that it ever says, is that you already have all the answers right there – within you, so there is no need to seek outside of yourself because you already are all that you have been looking for.

    1. Yes, just reading your comment and that we already are everything brings a deep settlement to my being.

  15. Looking outside of ourselves never works because we are looking for others to save us and have all of the answers. It was a bit of a revelation to me to find out that I have all of the answers inside of me and that I should trust that.

    1. This is so common, yet really we are just giving our power away, ‘I was always looking for someone else to give me the answer and for someone else’s approval for me to feel okay about myself.’

  16. The most obvious place to look for ourselves is inwards yet most of us look outward for answers. Could it be that we don’t like simplicity but would rather indulge in complexity?

    1. How important is it to know the difference between the soul, and the spirit, ‘there are actually two types of energy, one being the fiery energy of the Soul and the other being the pranic energy of the Spirit with all its emotional baggage.’

  17. Ignorance = ignoring the facts in front of your nose, because they do not fit the picture you want to see. It is incredible how we can override obvious doubts about a reiki master just because we hope that reiki will be our ‘answer’. This is the same in relationships, jobs, financial arrangements etc.

  18. How refreshing to read this blog Beverley – exposing the consciousness riddled with lies that holds the spiritual seeker forever stuck in searching for the truth outside of themselves. Universal Medicine continues to offer the opportunity to remember the truth of who I am / we are in our innermost essence.

  19. Yes.. my forays into spirituality made it look like things were ‘better’ on the surface but actually I felt like I was going around in circles, trying to finally get to that elusive place of ‘happiness’ but never feeling rested, content or steady. Appying the ancient – but ageless- wisdom to my life as presented by Universal Medicine has transformed it in so many ways. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but that is the beauty of it: it is real and raw, as we accept and appreciate who we are and what we bring on ever deeper levels.

  20. The spiritual new age movement can never support us because we cannot find true answers outside of ourselves.

  21. “I now embrace the support of orthodox medicine as part of the healing process and no longer resist it. I understand it does not have all the answers but choose to work alongside it whilst taking the personal responsibility to look more deeply into the root cause of any disturbance that may arise.” I agree Beverly. From being a nurse then a homeopath I went 180 degrees in the opposite direction from fully supporting western medicine to turning away. Attending Universal medicine presentations brought me back to common sense – we need both to use the conventional approach when needed, and to take more responsibility for our health and how we contribute to our ill health.

  22. Knowing the difference between spirit and soul is absolutely life changing because suddently everything about life makes sense.

    1. And yet Serge Benhayon is the first person I have met in this life that has clearly and simply explained the difference between Soul and Spirit.

  23. It is easy to get caught up in ideals and beliefs and the search for what we feel is missing, when we discover that the missing part is our true connection to ourselves, we realise that we have a responsibility to live from that connection.

  24. Taking responsibility for our own life and choices… this might seem like a burden if we’ve been brought up with considering responsibility as an onerous list of tasks, obligations and duties, but actually it is a most empowering way to live and be. Taking responsibility means bringing our all into every moment – and the more we practice that, and remember that this is actually who we are, not all the other distractions, complications and dramas, the lighter and generally more awesome we start to feel.

  25. I’ve always been deeply concerned about dowsing with a pendulum… at first it was because I assumed it was the person either consciously or sub-consciously moving the crystal to suit their own needs. Once I learned a bit more about energy that concern intensified as I learnt that forces are real, and who might actually be the one moving the crystal / was pulling our strings.

  26. I used to think that the new age things I did brought me to the Ageless Wisdom, but actually I had to unpeel the layers of distraction and come back to something that was so simple, I felt very dim for walking away from it in the first place!

  27. We can go down so many rabbit holes before we realise that the way to be at ease with ourselves is to look inside and listen to the body’s communication.

    1. So true Lucy. I went down countless rabbit holes – and wasted a lot of time, energy – and money – getting me nowhere. Returning to my body – which has been with me all my life – duh – has been the real support I was looking for all along.

      1. So much more simple than all the searching for answers made it out to be. We already have all the answers, within us: no course, book or personnel can give them to us, and sooner or later our body makes that fact abundantly clear.

  28. Coming across Universal Medicine has allowed me to see my choices in a clearer light. Finally a true truth, that allowed me to see the lies for what they are.

  29. Sue I also was trapped in the illusion of the Spiritual new age, I never found truth or any lasting true changes for many years. Finding my way to Universal Medicine has been life changing especially learning the difference between the two energies, it stops this continual search that feeds the emptiness, it seems crazy that we are not taught about the two energies from a young age as it would empower us greatly to have this understanding.

  30. So much of your story resonates with me too Beverley. After over twenty years of spiritual searching but knowing none of it felt true i found Universal Medicine. “The search is over – This is IT.” Agreed.

  31. Brilliant – this part about having an arrogance of feeling superior because of being a part of the Spiritual New Age. I know this arrogance very well, and it is amazing how insidious it can be, with the potential for limiting personal relationships and one’s access to orthodox healthcare.

  32. I dabbled with the new age and didn’t find any deepth or real interest, I like yourself found a lot of support in the gentle breath meditation it has been the bridge to feeling real ease in my body.

  33. Responsibility is a big one Beverley, and it needs us to be completely honest with ourselves by stopping and observing to understand and become aware of what is happening around us with people who say one thing but do another. That can be the way of the world but it is our responsibility to ourselves to feel the truth.

  34. When the answers to our dilemmas comes from the same dimension that ‘help’ us creating them in the first place, it is not accidental that we do not go too far. The Spiritual New Age can never be the answer.

    1. Ultimately this ‘New Age’ is capped.. it may take us a step or two down the path, but then either veers off onto a dead end, or takes us in the wrong direction. It lacks the substance that we know deep in our cells and connect to best through our bodies and way of living.

  35. Yes it is interesting how the complementary health field talks a lot about energy, but does not focus on the quality of energy that the practitioner chooses to live with and how responsible they are with their body, their vessel for the delivery of that energy.

    1. The fact of the two energies is a wake up call to what we see every where and often comment on innour every day language ‘what’s got into you’ etc we know the quality of love and we know what is not of that quality. Yet we choose to live ignorant to the energy we choose to live.

      1. Great point, yes in every day life, this conversation could be happening and I am sure if it was, the complementary health field would be reflecting this in the way that many of its practitioners choose to live and so the energy that is chosen. The channelling of energy without discerning where it comes from can be very damaging for both practitioner and client.

  36. It is so easy to get caught in the “spiritual new age” based on the very fact that when we know something like the institutional religions are not the whole truth then we look for something else, I know I got tainted by the spiritual new age and even though it felt very untrue it still seemed better. Amazing to have the way of the livingness to help free me and inspire me to reconnect to the truth.

  37. After trying virtually dozens and dozens of different meditation techniques, most of which were complicated, I distinctly remember feeling that “this just can’t be it, it’s just too complex”, and everything else that ended up being the Truth in my life was much more simple and direct. When I learned the Gentle Breath Meditation, it was like a breath of fresh air (pun intended)! No bells and whistles, no external gadgets (like crystals) or sequence to memorise, just following my breath in and out of my nose as gently as possible, but with profound effects after only a few minutes, and to this day it never lets me down.

    1. The key is choosing to breath gently that is the missing piece other meditations focus on the breath also and body awareness but none ask you to reconnect to the quality of your gentle and stillness of breathing that we all had as infants.

  38. I have once thought that spirituality was the answer too but the poignant truth was never for one moment did I feel totally safe with it, there was so much tension from feeling it is not the full truth but I gave my power to it, wanting it to be true.

  39. After more than a decade of diving into the spiritual new age I was worse off than before, deep in drama and emotional distress. Enter Universal Medicine and here I am 15 years later, not a skerrick of the drama I used to think I was in sight.

  40. The search for me ended two years prior to attending a Serge Benhayon workshop. Before those two years, I was heavily involved with the Christian Spiritual church, Reiki, Chrystal healing, Vortex healing and so much more. One day it was as if I just woke up and could see the lovelessness of it all, and absolutely knew there was more to life than what my experience was at that time – so I just decided to quit everything and wait. Then when I came across Serge Benhayon I knew that I had to meet this guy I had heard about, but in the back of my mind was the fact that I did not want another fake healer. My fears were unfounded because Serge Benhayon is a 100% the real deal and I have never turned back or looked at another modality since that day.

  41. Reading your experience with the spiritual ways brought back the same kind of memories when I was involved in it. Endless looking for something and feeling always unsure about myself, even when others were impressed by the things I did. No self love was there. Since studying with Universal Medicine, I have become alive, awake and more and more self loving and being able to truly love others.

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