The Way of the Livingness: Understanding True Religion

The only time I was placed in the spotlight of religion was when I was at school and had to take a class on RE – Religious Education. Even then I would either play truant or mess about in class with friends.

So, having grown up with no experience of religion I had no frame of reference as to what was good or bad; I never had any time for religion itself as it never made sense to me and I always felt it wasn’t the truth. And then there was God, the man in the sky with the big white beard. What was he all about?

I could never understand how religion would say that God loves us but then there are all these rules that, if you don’t follow them, you will be punished.

As an example, one thing that stands out with Christianity that I could never get to grips with was that if you are a Christian you are supposed to be good, kind and benevolent.

What does being good, kind or benevolent have to do with being religious? Those qualities come from inside a person and we shouldn’t need a religion to tell us to be this way.

Being religious and being good has no correlation as is evidenced by the fact that throughout history most wars have been fought in the name of ‘religion’. There has been a lot of bloodshed just because someone thought their God was better than someone else’s God.

Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have presented to me ‘The Way of the Livingness’ and have inspired me to know who God really is, and that true religion is not dogmatic or hypocritical.

For me, this is what true religion means:

  • True religion is realising that we don’t need someone to tell us that we have to ‘get or find God’ because God is already inside each and every one of us.
  • True religion is not something that divides us but unites us All – as we are all equal sons of God. I know that I am no more or no less than any other as I am an equal Son of God.
  • True religion is how I live my life on a day-to-day basis and taking full responsibility for all my choices.
  • True religion is being aware of what my body is feeling and honouring that by expressing that feeling.
  • True religion is knowing that before I can truly love another, I have to love myself first.

I feel that every religion has an element of truth to it and that truth is ‘Love’. But in my experience what I have seen in many other religions is that there are too many rules and conditions, there is too much of “my religion is the best and only through my religion will you get to God.”

God is pure love and pure love does not judge or have rules or conditions. What ‘The Way of the Livingness’ presents is a simple way to return to our natural essence… LOVE.

With ‘The Way of the Livingness’ I can say that I finally understand what true religion is.

Inspired by the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon

By Tim Bowyer, Age 51, London Bus Driver 

This blog originated as a comment in response to: The Way of the Livingness – the Religion I’ve Always Known

954 thoughts on “The Way of the Livingness: Understanding True Religion

  1. True religion loves, not judges. Sometimes we may be asked as part of a work role to accompany someone regularly to church because it is what they want and need. Love says yes to this offering regardless of what we feel about established religions and church services.

  2. What made a difference for me, was when I considered and felt into the fact that emotions are reactions to feelings, and that the love that was in most of the novels I had read and the songs I had been listening to and singing, was actually an emotion. The love that I knew deep in my heart and found so lacking in the world had no emotion in it, it was clear and true.

  3. I love the points that you’ve presented here about what true religion means to you, they all resonate with me and there is a simplicity, unity and practicality that is very beautiful.

  4. ‘True religion is how I live my life on a day-to-day basis’ it is every choice I make, it is taking responsibility for those choices knowing that each one affects not only me but everyone else too.

  5. Religions as they’ve been practiced through the ages are about taking a set of qualities we consider ‘good’ and attributing them to your particular creed. It’s clever marketing but it’s all surface hence the need for all those rules; and it ignores one crucial thing within every human being is an essence that is true and untouched no matter what and that’s where Love, the real kind is expressed from, and that’s what the Way of the Livingness presents.

  6. I totally agree with you there are so many things that make no sense at all when we look at so-called religions and it’s really bizarre how they have been accepted as ‘proper’ for so long while we have observed much war, violence, corruption, profiteering, putting themselves above and beyond anything and everything… there’s no equalness or love they claim to profess.

  7. ‘What ‘The Way of the Livingness’ presents is a simple way to return to our natural essence… LOVE.’ Spot on Tim, we endlessly search outside of ourselves for love, but when we connect to this immense love we all have equally within we feel the power and simplicity this brings to our lives.

  8. Religion runs like red blood through our veins and when we feel that, we are always connected and by so much more than the colour of our blood, it feels like being home, thus finding out that divinity is a part of our essence or inner-heart makes so much sense.

  9. Do we need to have a ‘religious’ background to embrace religion? No. If anything, any ‘religious’ background does not help one tiny bit regarding true religion. The ‘religious’ ideals and beliefs we carry in the body are not particularly helpful to walk religiously in life.

  10. True religion must by necessity be a superset of that which is true in science. Can it be true otherwise?

  11. This is beautiful Tim. True religion is anything that helps to reconnect us to our innermost and once here we begin to access the tools that allow us to unfold the true godliness within us all.

  12. “What does being good, kind or benevolent have to do with being religious? Those qualities come from inside a person and we shouldn’t need a religion to tell us to be this way.” – Very true, Tim. Those traits are innate in us all from birth, and a religion that states that you need to be that way is the same as saying one needs to be human. It’s the fallacy that is sold by organised religions that says that people are born sinners or evil, and thus need to be told to be kind and good. A complete lie, indeed. Anyone looking into the eyes of a baby can tell you that.

  13. It is absolutely a breath of fresh air to find a religion (The Way if The Livingness) that is true, one that encompasses all. With Love, understanding and acceptance being not just spoken words, but a way of living in the world.

  14. “True religion is being aware of what my body is feeling and honouring that by expressing that feeling.”
    This point can be deeply explored. Expression is not solely about speach, it is primarily about movement. So when I read this point I could feel that there is a feeling of grace inside, but does this show, in full, in how I move my body?

  15. ‘What does being good, kind or benevolent have to do with being religious? Those qualities come from inside a person and we shouldn’t need a religion to tell us to be this way.’ yes! if we live being good and kind from a rule book outside of ourselves we are into judging people and actions from right and wrong. Truth isn’t available. What’s right doesn’t come with love so our actions are empty and can harm greatly. In the past when I was desperate for support I felt the falseness of the good on offer. The despair and anger I felt was great; I had no where true to turn. What Universal Medicine presented felt true. The reflections of those living this truth inspired me to reconnect with the inner wisdom we all share; that cannot be bound by doctrine but is lived from within.

  16. It always puzzled me that people could hold and insist upon the truth of completely opposing and contradictory beliefs such as ‘God is Love’, but also someone to fear for he will punish you and send you to hell etc. I know we can argue about the truth of love, but to me there is no need for we all know what love is in our own hearts. And I also feel that we know in our hearts and our bodies that a truly loving father would never condemn his children to eternity in hell. Thank you for setting the record straight here Tim.

  17. Tim you have exposed religion is not what it’s made out to be. I grew up thinking I wasn’t religious because I didn’t attend the temple regularly and then feeling judged and then caught in the cycle that I wasn’t good enough.

    I loved this truth, ‘True religion is knowing that before I can truly love another, I have to love myself first’ – this was the battle I lived in and now this is unfolding and I don’t have to prove to anyone anything, I’m beginning to return to what feels the truth in religion.

  18. “True religion is not something that divides us but unites us All” And what unites us all is to Love all equally.

  19. ‘God is pure love and pure love does not judge or have rules or conditions. What ‘The Way of The Livingness’ presents is a simple way to return to our natural essence… LOVE.’ For me, a huge part of the Way of The Livingness is about dropping the control I want to have over situations and surrendering to the Love that I know is holding me all the time. I have to do my bit as best I can which increases my responsibility and thus my confidence in myself and as my compassion for myself and others grows there is more love to be felt.

  20. I tried being good and nice with the expectation that through that way of being I would come closer to God, especially was self sacrifice for the good of others hailed as the way to go. But none of that way ever took me towards God, all it left me with was a cold and empty heart, until The Way of the Livingness came into my life and presented to me a true way of living in connection to my inner heart, there to find God, developing a love for myself first and then to others, and a joy knowing that just as I am, I am worthy of God’s love and to be loved.

  21. There is no truth in being good. Goodness and niceness are a false way of being that comes from a belief that is outside of ourselves which covers up and hides what is truly going on within ourselves. The more I am honest with myself and in that honesty willing to be transparent and open for all to see the more I am letting go of what it is to live being a good and nice woman.

  22. “True religion is how I live my life on a day-to-day basis and taking full responsibility for all my choices.” – Yes for me too this is an essential element of true religion – that it is a way of living that we develop and grow with in all areas of life, no one area any more or less important than another and never confining ‘being religious’ to a certain building or time.

  23. Exposing the lies we have bought into about what religion is important as being good and benevolent is not honoring to our bodies in any way, shape or form. True religion is all around us and commences with our relationship with our bodies and realising we are always connected to something bigger and divine.

  24. Having spent many years in the Catholic religion I always knew deep down that the God they spoke didn’t feel true to me, so it was a life changing moment being introduced to The Way of The Livingness and being re-connected back to the truth of God and to feel how expensive this true religion is in every way, shape and form.

    1. There is something deeply wrong when what is dressed up and made available as Religion as we grow up, is a twisted form that does not deliver the relationship with God that should be so natural and easy… either caught up in complicated rituals, challenging concepts or infected by the awful behaviour of its proponents.

  25. I could never feel God in a church, or any other building made in the name of God but growing up with the Catholic faith I did adhere to the rules of the church and tried to fit them in into my life. Since I know true religion and feel my connection with God in my body, I discovered how these rules, which have never been true, were found in my body and thus in my movements. I have let go a lot of this imprisonment (that’s what it feels like) but with choosing to become more aware even more is there to expose and let go of.

  26. Gorgeously shared Tim. We cannot escape that fact that we are always in a relationship with God and religion. As you have said God is pure love, and who we are is love, divine sparks of God, whether we realise it or not this truth remains unchanged. And so, our relationship with this truth is what determines the quality of our relationship with God and religion, living in connection to the truth of who we are through our everyday living. We all do know God and imagine if this sense was confirmed from a young age, that God is within us, not separate to us, and that we also reside within the body of God, and learned that life is about living in connection to our divinity through the lives we live. We then would surely be living who we truly are, as being religious is our natural way of being.

  27. “What does being good, kind or benevolent have to do with being religious? Those qualities come from inside a person and we shouldn’t need a religion to tell us to be this way.” So true, these are not qualities ‘owned by religion’, but ours to express freely.

  28. “There has been a lot of bloodshed just because someone thought their God was better than someone else’s God.” This makes absolutely no sense when we are all the children of the one God, when God lives within each one of us, I have lived in the religious world with the separation that religions brings of the them and us, but now know the truth that God lives within the hearts of all people on this earth, making us equal sons of the one God.

  29. I have heard the phrase “God lives inside of all of us” many times and in all honesty, I didn’t really know what it meant until today. It was on this site but on another blog that a lady wrote about how she found her connection to God that made it all click for me. I will quote her words here, as they really helped me to understand.
    “For me, I am now learning the meaning of true and real religion and in this, that God is not separate from me, and in this, that there is always a connection, and it is only I who separate from this connection when I am not claiming who I truly am.”
    My words to add to this are, God is found when I move and live in a way that is inline with the universe, the stars the trees and all that is love.

  30. That’s just it you don’t need religion to make you something, that is already innate in you, and in fact in many cases religions abuse people’s goodness for their own ends and it’s not about the good of all but about the best for their own tribe as a way of ensuring their own power. It’s a classic patronage system, ‘look I look after you, so you give me your loyalty’ and I can use this to set up society to my own ends – most institutional religions in how they are run are little more than organised cons to enrich the few and control the many. As Tim notes here there are many elements of truth in many of them but they’ve long been subsumed by the control and greed of those running them.

    1. Great point Monica. There clearly is a force running institutionalised religions that seem intent on keeping us from living in connection to our true power, to our Soul, where we and God are one. As in living in connection to our essence we are living religiously, guided by our inner-knowing of what is of God and what is not, without the need of rules and doctrines to tell us who we are, or what we need to do to be deemed as ‘good’ so we can be accepted by God.

  31. Anyone who lives in connection to their soul – the deep love that is inside them is living in connection to God. You don’t need a religious group to teach that and this is not something that is exclusive to a religious group – everyone can live this.

  32. In my experience, mainstream religion has been about making God separate to the rest of us – making Him a big deal that has way more importance and ability then we do. I could never relate to God in this way and always felt inferior. It makes sense for this to be the way that a God is represented because then it allows for people to be in power who claim to have a special relationship or understanding with Him – so it’s a power trip. Our true God is one for all and all in one. He does not discriminate, judge or think himself better. He communicates equal-ness in all ways, through nature, our relationships and our ability to read and feel life. This I can relate to, this I can have a relationship with.

  33. There is such a purity and simplicity living connected to my soul, there are no rules or have-to’s needed as my body is my guidebook everyday as is my inner heart. I learn at my own pace and every choice is mine, a reflection of my power, my responsibility, and the free will which is part of the love we come from and are always held in.

  34. True religion unites us all…. a fact that we should all take note of and honour instead of the divisions present because of the perceptions and misinterpretations we can have in our world today.

  35. How can anyone’s religion be the best? When we talk about religion we are talking about personal truth. It’s kind of crazy that religions fight and compete in this way, surely if you know the truth inside you there’s no need to prove it to anyone, or convert anyone, or tell anyone that your religion is best.

  36. I have learnt so much more about God and Religion in the last 8 years then ever before in my life. These two were both so confusing before and hence I would have said I didn’t know God and was not a part of any religion. Since simply bringing them back to a felt and personal understanding not only they but everything around me makes more sense. I was looking for these in all the wrong places and hence never found them, both truly reside within which is all the basis of any true religious teachings. No one owns God or Religion and no one can tell you where to find them, the reason we are here is to find them truly yourself and then live that ‘find’ in a deeper and deeper way.

  37. I love, Tim, how you have brought back to basics the true meaning of religion, and how this can be our living way when we connect with our inner knowing and allow this love to be the foundation from which all our choices stem from.

  38. Sometimes correcting our past mistakes and imperfections can feel like a punishment but it’s not, it’s just that learning to accept and be honest about how we got to where we are at can feel mighty uncomfortable.

  39. The true way of understanding religion not only helps anybody to live a religious life but also understand how people are trapped in ways of talking and thinking about religion that lead nowhere.

  40. A great explanation of a religion that feels completely true for me TIm. Until coming across The Way of The Livingness, I had absolutely no interest in religion other than to make every effort to have nothing to do with it. I was very opinionated about how religion made no sense and I couldn’t understand what it’s purpose was. Now, I get it, but I only get it because finally I’ve come across something that makes sense.

  41. If we really start thinking sensibly, most “big” religions do not make any sense. But because they are so normal, have “always” been there, nobody questions them really, out loud in public. Of course when we would do that you also would get attacked by its followers.
    But that also happened when Gallieo said the world was round, and dared to oppose the belief that the world was flat, a belief, mind you, that was backed-up by the Catholic Church. Truth, through the ages, has a cycle where it goes through before it gets accepted as truth: first it gets attacked, then it gets ridiculed and then, in the end, it gets accepted as being “self evident”, with the saying “I have always known it was like that”.

  42. Love your blog Tim, returning to our own love first is really key, because how can we equally love all those around us if we don’t first love ourselves. The Way of The Livingness has truly shown me the importance of love, and how without it we are lost.

  43. I love the simplicity with which you explain your relationship to God, especially that it needs to come from deeply loving yourself first and foremost, rather than a hollowness speaking when we try to make it about loving another without our own self love as a huge foundation.

  44. Yep… I remember RE and I never liked the fact that RE was not only Religious Education but also my initials! I also remember in those lessons wanting God to prove himself to me, by preforming a miracle of some sort and then I would believe in him.

    1. It’s a shame the real meaning of religion isn’t taught in RE, I remember RE being very bland and dry and there not being an ounce of truth or wisdom in there. I think I spent every lesson counting how many times the teacher said “and”….

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