Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

Is it arrogance to suggest that the way we currently live is not working, or is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride and ask, “Could there be another way?“

I was certainly stuck in thinking life was ‘fine’. After all, it was a simple enough assessment to make. All I needed to do was to look around me and, as long as my life was like other people’s, my life must be fine. On bad days, I would look at people ‘doing it tough’ and that would also confirm my sense that I was okay. Generally speaking, this is what I also noticed other people around me doing.

The reality though, was that my life was anything but fine. I lived with poor sugar regulation, moodiness, back pain that would have me bedridden a couple of times a year, the sore neck, a highly functional but not overly caring marriage, a job I felt obliged to stay in to provide for the family, an expanding waist line, and the list goes on. But looking around me, everyone had some variation of these things going on, so even though I didn’t feel fine, I had resigned myself to believing that this was as good as it gets.

What is interesting is that I had trained as a Natural Therapist; I had completed post grad training in counselling and trained in many other modalities. What is interesting is that even when I compared myself to other people in a similar profession, they also had similar things going on. What is even more interesting is that we had all the knowledge, the training and the tools to ensure that life was more than ‘fine’.

In 2004, my wife dragged [yes, dragged] me along to the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 Workshop presented by Serge Benhayon and run by Universal Medicine. By the end of that workshop I knew that something about the workshop was different but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I would look around at the people presenting the course and those already working as practitioners and what I saw was something within them that was so vital, true, and yet unforced, that I could not but consider that there might be another way.

For the first time in my life, Universal Medicine presented me with another way to be with life. It was a way to step off the treadmill of what I should or shouldn’t do; a way to feel if what I was doing to myself (and others) was supportive or not.

This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found. It was to stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me.

Over the years, through my own choices, I have built a way of living that delivers a level of vitality that is not forced or derived from sugar, caffeine or any other stimulant.

I have a more honest connection with people than I’ve had before, I love the work that I do, earn more than I have done previously and I relate to my wife and family more deeply than before. So, after years of studying ‘holistic medicine’, the Universal Medicine modalities have been the first that have delivered a truly holistic result, without claiming that they do.

I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,

“Could there be another way?”

The answer is undoubtedly YES and the evidence is the thousands of people like me from across the world that have made their own way of living and who are realising more and more that the answers were within us all along… we were just not asking the right question…

“Could there be another way?” The answer is undoubtedly YES.

By Joel Levin, Perth, Australia

1,250 thoughts on “Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

  1. The first time I went to a Universal Medicine workshop I knew that this was something very different, the wisdom that was expressed was astounding and out of this world yet so relatable, it made so much sense. Since then I have been working on simplifying my life and it is working and working in ways I could never of imagined.
    Yes there is another way – a way that is about real love, true vitality and real true connection with others.

    1. It feels to me that the more I strip life back to the absolute basics, the more magical it becomes. I keep my focus on my body and the quality of my thoughts as well as the quality of my movements. What this does is that it ensures that the energy that comes through me is divine as opposed to astral. Before I focused on my connection with myself I was an open invitation for astral energy to come through me and it did, it poured in through the gap that was left between me and myself.

  2. ‘I would look around at the people presenting the course and those already working as practitioners and what I saw was something within them that was so vital, true, and yet unforced, that I could not but consider that there might be another way.’ If we are going to pay money for someone to support us in life it is so heart warming to see that those very people are living what we aspire to. I feel I have had a healthy suspicion that has saved me from becoming embroiled in various spiritual and new age quests although I have been on a fair few. Universal Medicine is far from that. There is an integrity, accountability and responsibility that goes beyond any other organisation I have known before and the quality of the treatments offered especially by the Benhayon family is second to none.

  3. Making only one different choice can transform our lives, that one choice for me was being honest with how I was living and what I was choosing that was making my life complicated and full of struggle. Through attending Universal Medicine courses and presentations, I too have found another way to be in life which is simply being true to myself and honouring all that I have to bring, and honouring all others equally.

  4. It doesn’t seem like arrogance to ask, is there another way. It is common sense when we actually look at the facts of how we are doing as a species. It was important to nominate that although you can have the tools to manage life and many of the things that ‘should’ make you happy, it is only a cheap imitation of what we are capable of.

  5. It is deeply, deeply important that we be shown another, truly successful and very accessible, way to be in life for it is this that combats the sense of giving up / sadness / despair so many of us feel. We don’t have to accept what we are shown or take it on board at all – that choice is one we need to make for ourselves.

  6. The first time I attended a Universal Medicine workshop, I left fully inspired and full of hope that yes finally there was another way to live and be in this world; it felt like I was given a huge nugget of gold.

  7. There is always another way or a different choice to be made, I gained this awareness when I too attended Universal Medicine courses which allowed me to cut the heavy chains of old ways of being; old behaviours and patterns that no longer were working.

  8. Having abandoned the knowing inside that the world around me wasn’t the way to live I decided, full force to make the world work. If happiness was through a successful career, through a loving partner and children, great holidays, a wonderful house/flat I was determined to make it. So I invested heavily in the world’s way of doing things and I ticked only a few of those boxes but was heavily in the lie that it was what on the outside that would stop this empty feeling inside. I even sabotaged many of these ticked box goals so I wouldn’t be faced with knowing none of them were it unless I was connected and living another way. But I have come around to knowing there is another way, and I know too many people to doubt its authenticity including starting to live it myself. Not a day goes by that I don’t appreciate those who are walking this way and know this is for me to walk too.

  9. We might have a sense that something is not quite right but look around us and see nothing different and decide we are fine, normal just like everyone else and guess what there are even people worse off! It is the ultimate excuse to not listen to what we feel. It is a good thing we keep feeling it how hard we try and can always choose differently. And it also shows the importance of true role models to confirm that there is a different way to live.

  10. Being honest about all that is not ‘fine’ in life is crucial if we are to truly evolve and change – it doesn’t mean we have to be pessimistic but real about what really is not working for us all.

  11. “Could there be another way?“ When I was growing up I always said to myself there must be another way, this cannot be it , even the animal had it better than the humans. Thanks to Universal Medicine I now know for sure there is a way.

  12. We can all sense the natural vitality exuding from another when they choose to live from the connection to their soul yet it is a choice made by us to get ‘real’ and drop the guard/arrogance to see that there is another way.

  13. The moment we question life and whether we are maximising what’s possible it’s a bit like life unfolds to help us answer the question. Is there another way? Undoubtably, we simply need to begin by being honest and questioning what is really going on.

  14. ” Could there be another way?” In answer to the question: all my life I knew there must be another way. I used to say this cannot be it. How could I be living just to die, what’s the purpose, there must be a way of living that has a purpose? As I lived my life I gained some answers to purpose, but not clear understanding as to why all of life was such a mess in this world.
    Again like you Joel when I connected with Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon, I got to understand the purpose of life, my purpose of life and all that goes with it. I am no longer “living to die ” but” living to live ” Thank you Serge Benhayon.

    1. My sentiments exactly John as I very much relate to what you shared as I was always searching outside of myself for answers or knowledge that would change and improve my life, and then I was blessed to meet Serge Benhayon and learned that everything I need is already within me, and my searching stopped. And like you, I have went from, not wanting to be here in this world, to now, ‘living to live’, a full, joyful and fun life and continually learning to share and express more love on this earth school.

  15. Hear, hear Joel. I too . . . “live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,
    “Could there be another way?”” . . . . And not only does Serge pose this question he also answers it by showing us that there certainly is another way by living it in full himself and this is what is so inspiring about Serge Benhayon . He is a man who ‘talks his walk’.

  16. There is no doubt of the power of the reflection we get daily as we simply walk around from others and how this reflection informs our assessment of how we are doing. We learn what is normal and we see ourselves through those lenses. That would be fine in circumstances where normal would mean wellbeing, joy, health, vitality, etc. Yet, not in ours.

  17. It is crazy how we look at the lives of those around us that are suffering as a measure that we are doing ‘OK’, when our potential for living with well-being, vitality and connection is far greater than ‘OK’ or ‘fine’. We seem to have settled for a lesser way of being and living with our marker being lovelessness. Imagine the difference in our lives if we chose love to be our marker and guide.

  18. Before Universal Medicine I knew that life as I knew it wasn’t working, and that working hard to have two weeks a year a way somewhere hot, was not the answer (seemed futile), I knew that getting drunk on the weekends with my neighbours was not it (but continued for want of anything better to do), I just knew that exercising and dieting, hobbies, TV, Hollywood movies were not it, and that there was more to life and sometimes felt the desperation of it all. Finding Universal Medicine was like coming out of a dark tunnel towards the light – I knew it instantly and have never regretted it.

  19. Comparison with others who are less well than ourselves as a marker for our own ‘wellness’ can lead us to being dishonest with ourselves about how we’re really feeling inside… It’s not that we can’t appreciate that others are less well than us but in that also not settle for just getting by or functioning through life without being open to considering the quality in which we live each day.

  20. “This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found.” Yes Joel it is in our choices that we can find a greater understanding as to why we choose to move in certain ways and how these movements can either hinder or advance our life through a deeper understanding of who we are or hold us back from this learning. The beauty is that we can always choose another movement anytime.

  21. If we look at the world as a whole we can see that there are wars, famine, greed, violence cyber abuse, sex trafficking, drug wars and many drug related tragedies, escalating rates of illness and disease. A lot of us shrug these things off because they are not happening to us personally but they are happening. This week in the Uk news, there are acid attacks, a pregnant woman had acid thrown at her belly which held her growing baby, others had acid thrown in their faces, a 16 year old hung herself because of bullying, the rates of obesity for 11 year olds in our local area are now at 25%. Does it have to be this way? Is this really just human nature? I don’t think so. The change can only come about through us, and not by fighting these things or throwing money at them but by being the change we want to see and becoming more responsible about the way we live, how we communicate, what we communicate. Universal Medicine teaches us the fundamentals, how everything is energy and everything is because of energy. How everything is related and there are consequences to all our movements and everything we do. So the change starts with us choosing a different way and it gives us the tools to support us in this so we can sustain ourselves within all this mess and support a change that will last.

  22. Looking back it is interesting that I lived as many other people did not knowing that I had a choice, life or Christianity presented me with a certain way of living and this is how I thought life should be, not much room for “could there be another way” but the shoulds did not satisfy and so that lead me eventually to Universal Medicine and the finding and learning to yes live a different way.

  23. “So, after years of studying ‘holistic medicine’, the Universal Medicine modalities have been the first that have delivered a truly holistic result, without claiming that they do” – my sentiment exactly. Universal Medicine has really exposed how gappy all the so-called ‘holistic’ things out there that I have tried before actually were.

  24. It is that comparison we use to justify the pain and misery we live with but not want to admit – ‘I am ok because it is not as bad as so and so, or how it used to be however long ago’ etc. We so arrogantly refuse to say it is not working and we keep battling using different sets of ammunition but never changing our strategy until we drop dead, literally. Thank God, I stumbled upon Universal Medicine to realise that there really is another way.

  25. The way you write just rocks my world. I remember when I first went to a workshop and could feel how notably different it felt to anything else on offer. My theory behind the difference is that Universal Medicine never instructs, nor does it try to impress and there is not an agenda trying to sell you anything. The reason so many are inspired is because of the way the presenters live, the more you get to see their work ethic and impeccable home life, the more you start to question the way that the majority of us currently operate our lives, the more it gets you thinking, maybe there is another way?

  26. If we continue to explore, learn and ask questions throughout our lives we are more open to the realities of the world we live in and how we in turn connect with it. Living life connected to our bodies, we can see, feel and move with and from our choices and this shall mark our every movement made thereafter.

  27. We have come to accept life as an existence and have moved away from a simplicity that allows us to access the magic of life – the beauty in each moment, the depth of connections that can be had with others and to know a way of being that is vital and joyful. Serge Benhayon, through what he lives has woken people up to the more – and the fact that life can be loving, joyful and full of beauty.

  28. Comparison is a killer – a killer of truth. By comparing our circumstances to other people we are choosing to settle for less. What is one person’s normal is not another person’s normal. Our lives are the direct consequence of the steps we have walked and the choices we have made – it is impossible to compare this.

  29. We may think our life is fine but in truth there is always another re-finement we can make. Getting really honest about how we live and how that actually impacts on us and continually deepening this awareness shows us without doubt that there is more we can do for ourselves. The Universal Medicine presentations give us insight and make us sit up to realisations and revelations that offer us a different way. This way works.

  30. Most definitely YES. The fact it is a constant unfoldment and deepening means that it will always be more to live not in a ‘i have to get somewhere’ but rather what was considered pretty awesome last year is now simply ok and the level you won’t drop below. It is deeply sad how much we have accepted a way of living that is so average and dull compared to the beauty and love that is actually within us and all around us.

  31. I also got that point when I was managing a bar/restaurant where I got to a point where I knew their had to be another way. Seeing everyone around me getting so intoxicated and myself in a cycle of dis connection it was very timely when I was introduced to Serge Benhayon. The minute I started to question what was going on honestly like magic I was presented another way of living. A way of living that is honouring of ourselves.

  32. Beautiful Joel, I was one of those practitioners too, but I had reached a point of knowing I was burnt out and that if I didn’t find ‘another way’ that I was retiring myself permanently from the profession. Meeting Serge Benhayon and beginning to heal myself was the start, and through this I saw very clearly how it was I could work with others to not end up burnt out again. In fact the very first healing course I attended taught exactly this as its foundation.

    1. Beautiful Jenny, it is so important for practitioners to be healing their own issues (not to perfection) and be living a true life before caring and supporting for others.

  33. Statistics are telling us we have escalating rates of depression and anxiety, and in my own life with my own eyes I see every day that the intensity and fast pace of today’s world is overwhelming many of us on so many levels that we must be in complete ignorance if we think the world around us and the people are in it are ‘fine’. Together we have created this world but if there is indeed another way that is more loving and true than what we presently living I say we all go for it!

  34. It is indeed very loving to say that what is happening on earth, how we are living and being with each other is not working – because by saying this we elect the fact that we are so much more then the disharmony we have chosen to live. Knowing this doesn’t work registers that there is another normal, another way, a truer way to be and live.

  35. It’s interesting before Universal Medicine I definitely was looking for something else, something different, it was clear that life didn’t work, but everything I tried was just a different flavour of the same old. It wasn’t until I started attending Universal Medicine presentations that I learnt simple and totally effective tools and it was confirmed that there IS a different way to live in this life and truly love the life you live… im grateful forever for this.

  36. Here we are again. Walking down that same old road with the best substitute we can find for the Love we miss inside, angry, sad and condemned it seems to endlessly repeat the same thing. But is that the case? Is this really the truth? Or is there another choice all the time we are alive? I know that there is and God knows when we get to the point where life really hurts we finally open ourselves up to truly ask ‘is there another way we are missing here?’ We don’t have to wait to things get dire but openly investigate what we know to be true as you do here, beautifully Joel.

  37. Universal Medicine modalities have been the first to deliver a truly holistic form of healing in my experience too – we certainly still need conventional medicine and some other modalities but the foundational core principles of healing that are encompassed by Universal Medicine assist us to make a complete energetic healing of our ills rather than just help us to ‘function’ better or work as a kind of quick-fix.

    1. Well said Fiona, this is exactly my experience. I did become ill, and through the support of Serge Benhayon and several Esoteric practitioners, I gained the awareness that if I was to truly heal and fully recover then I had to look at the energetic root cause of my illness which I did with a big dose of honesty followed by taking responsibility for everything I had created. It was a very healing time for me, and the start of a new way of living and loving myself and as a result my life has transformed which would not have happened had I gone for the ‘quick fix’.

  38. ‘This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found. It was to stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me’. And when the spin of the tornado we live amongst abates we can begin to see the residual devastation left from how that spin has affected us and others, and begin to rebuild.

  39. I completely and utterly concur with you, Joel, that there is another way and that way is The Way of The Livingness

  40. The problem is the criteria people use to say: this way of living works. In this case, people align to the idea of progress in one way or another. Yet, is the idea of progress a true one? No, it is not. It is based upon a linear conception of the world that in itself is a falsity. We have, on the other hand, people that state that this way of living does not do it. This statement talks about our potential and makes clear that our way of living is incapable of delivering it and pointing out that we have accepted as normal, the fact that life is what we live and see around. While the first statement offers a path to nowhere, the second one offers a way out, a way forward. It is about tapping into your potential.

  41. There is another way to live without a doubt. I have seen people transform to who they truly are and shed the layers of all the pretense of who they are not. Inspirational!

  42. It is true there is definitely an other way. It is a way that is bringing true love in our lives, through the making of our own choices.

    1. Yes Benkt – and by making the choices to live lovingly we also begin to live responsibly in the knowing that every choice we make affects everyone else. It’s obvious that irresponsibility doesn’t work and our current world is a true testament to this fact.

  43. What you describe here Joel is exposing the ill of ‘normal’ and how we might wonder now and then ‘is this all there is to life?’, but are not looking further as soon as we see our neighbours, family, colleagues and so on all doing the same. Of course it is our choice and responsibility to comfortably choose to look no further but it is the fact that we collectively as humanity choose to accept a way of life that is actually not good at all, that is very harmful.

  44. Yes certainly is the obvious and true answer to your question Joel, could there be another way? Through observation, experience and statistics I cannot come to any other conclusion, other than the world is in a huge mess and there just has to be another way for humanity to live and survive. Thankfully The Way of The Livingness offers that other way. Thank you for the exposè Joel.

  45. It’s true that we don’t often question life based on the reflections of how others live around us. Sometimes I see or hear of what I consider to be horrific stories of cultural traditions, like Female Genital Mutilation, or other issues in societies such as children working in prostitution to support their family financially, and I see that if enough are doing these things it can become a “norm”. And then we might compare our lives to that and feel we are doing ok, even though we truly aren’t living vitally or joyfully, or being loving and caring with ourselves or others. It seems that the marker for “doing good” in life drops or rises, and it seems to be relative to what and how others are doing around you. Living a life of true joy and love cannot be falsified though because that comes from within and is a quality of energy. Perhaps if we globally started to become more aware of the quality of energy of societal and cultural norms, and let go of that which was not based on love, harmony or joy, we could profoundly change the world.

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