Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

Is it arrogance to suggest that the way we currently live is not working, or is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride and ask, “Could there be another way?“

I was certainly stuck in thinking life was ‘fine’. After all, it was a simple enough assessment to make. All I needed to do was to look around me and, as long as my life was like other people’s, my life must be fine. On bad days, I would look at people ‘doing it tough’ and that would also confirm my sense that I was okay. Generally speaking, this is what I also noticed other people around me doing.

The reality though, was that my life was anything but fine. I lived with poor sugar regulation, moodiness, back pain that would have me bedridden a couple of times a year, the sore neck, a highly functional but not overly caring marriage, a job I felt obliged to stay in to provide for the family, an expanding waist line, and the list goes on. But looking around me, everyone had some variation of these things going on, so even though I didn’t feel fine, I had resigned myself to believing that this was as good as it gets.

What is interesting is that I had trained as a Natural Therapist; I had completed post grad training in counselling and trained in many other modalities. What is interesting is that even when I compared myself to other people in a similar profession, they also had similar things going on. What is even more interesting is that we had all the knowledge, the training and the tools to ensure that life was more than ‘fine’.

In 2004, my wife dragged [yes, dragged] me along to the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 Workshop presented by Serge Benhayon and run by Universal Medicine. By the end of that workshop I knew that something about the workshop was different but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I would look around at the people presenting the course and those already working as practitioners and what I saw was something within them that was so vital, true, and yet unforced, that I could not but consider that there might be another way.

For the first time in my life, Universal Medicine presented me with another way to be with life. It was a way to step off the treadmill of what I should or shouldn’t do; a way to feel if what I was doing to myself (and others) was supportive or not.

This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found. It was to stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me.

Over the years, through my own choices, I have built a way of living that delivers a level of vitality that is not forced or derived from sugar, caffeine or any other stimulant.

I have a more honest connection with people than I’ve had before, I love the work that I do, earn more than I have done previously and I relate to my wife and family more deeply than before. So, after years of studying ‘holistic medicine’, the Universal Medicine modalities have been the first that have delivered a truly holistic result, without claiming that they do.

I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,

“Could there be another way?”

The answer is undoubtedly YES and the evidence is the thousands of people like me from across the world that have made their own way of living and who are realising more and more that the answers were within us all along… we were just not asking the right question…

“Could there be another way?” The answer is undoubtedly YES.

By Joel Levin, Perth, Australia

1,250 thoughts on “Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

  1. Definitly there is another way. For sure the way the world is running now is just the way of misery.
    When we start to make each moment about a loving step which always includes everybody, we are on the path of return.

  2. Indeed there is another way than the ‘normal churn and burn of life’ – the state of the world today reflects what we have all gone along with – stress, exhaustion, illness and disease – and yet we can choose a different way to be in the world, something that is far simpler and vital as is shared here.

  3. Yes there definitely is another way: one of Soul or one of Spirit. Our way is felt in all that we do. There is no such thing as mundane state, as we are either connected to our fire or not. Fire= love.

  4. Knowing there is only two ways makes life simple as one way leads to one thing and the one leads to a completely different thing.

  5. Yes there is another way.. The way we live seems not enough — hence more love needs to be truly brought to life, we need to re-examine what love truly is and how much of that connection to love we can bring back alive!

  6. When we ask ourselves ‘Could there be Another Way’ we have to be honest enough to admit that the way we are living is not working, so there has to be another way.

  7. Settling into a life of comfort and looking at all the bad things that happen in the world have us feeling secure in the knowledge that we are doing ok. And in those times when we experience hardship, there are always others who have it worse. So, what does it take to shake us up and out of this comfortable life to see that there is more and to even bring that question into our lives? Often this comes in the form of a serious illness, accident or death of a loved one.

  8. I was pondering about ‘another way’ just today – about how I am learning to learn in a different way from the one I had been used to, where I would have something to aspire to, to become, and I was noticing how deeply ingrained this pattern was – and this blog just reminded me that perhaps, this ‘another’ way is not about cultivating or coming up with something new or different, maybe we have everything already and we are truly enough already, and it all actually is very simple.

  9. The world so sorely requires ‘a another way’ we constantly rationalise and normalise the harm we do to ourselves and each other. Living responsibly, give it a go I say and see what happens when you act like the whole of humanity is watching every movement you make, because in truth we are, because we are all connected. This is something I still am opening my eyes to, walls are not barriers to energy and we are all energy first.

  10. There are movements that align us more to love and ones that take us further away from love. Yes there always is another way, and we are so supported when we choose to connect to and live this grand love.

  11. It’s so easy for us to look around at people within our own family and think ‘I’m ok because I have a better life than..’. Could it be that this so-called better life is what keeps us trapped and numb to the fact that there is more, and that by nature we should be evolving to know that more?

  12. ““Could there be another way?” The answer is undoubtedly YES.” it doesn’t take much to look around and say “Oh my have we got it all wrong” The only reason we are not all aware of the current mess we live in, is that we have numbed ourselves with food, drink and entertainment, take away these and we might see the illusion that blinds us.

  13. “All I needed to do was to look around me and, as long as my life was like other people’s, my life must be fine.” This line really explains why the world is in such a mess and why our global standards keep lowering and lowering, because instead of living from what we actually feel inside us – our truth – we are all measuring and comparing with what we see around us.

  14. There is a lot of comfort and security in not questioning the status quo of how we are living, but ultimately it does not make sense with the levels of illness and dis-ease in the world.

  15. It is true, we do compare constantly with each other and when we see others doing the same as we do there is a confirmation of all being right – but what if we are all in the illusion? What if most of us are not living true to who we are? That is why we need true reflections of a different way so when we look around we do see something different and are inspired to change ourselves.

  16. The falsity that we have bought into is if everyone is doing it, then we must be okay or normal. But we have never asked what if everyone else is wrong or have accepted a version of what is true and full? The greatest navigation is within us, in our bodies.

  17. This goes to show that we can have all the knowledge in the world but when it comes from the head and the body doesn’t live it- then is it of service?

  18. It is true care to ask ourselves if how we are living is true or not. Our body is constantly giving us messages as to the answer to that question, but are we listening?

  19. “Could there be another way?“
    My first attendance at a workshop with Serge Benhayon in June 2008, proved beyond doubt to me that there absolutely is another way to live and be. The way Serge moved and presented the day offered a very clear reflection and a resonance felt deeply within my body of something known but forgotten /buried for a long while.

  20. We are sold the idea that with the right knowledge, skills and experience we will be happy and successful in life but in truth nothing external to us delivers us the wisdom of the inner heart.

  21. Honesty is an act of love through which the truth is always offered. In asking such a questions we are no longer at the mercy of what the world tells us, but rather open to being guided by what is true and what feels true for us, and being aware that we are the one making the choices at the end of the day. In being open having these conversations that question the quality of life we are choosing and consequently living, we bring to the fore a focus of living what is true and the vitality and well-being that this brings.

  22. What stands out so strongly from what you have shared is that the body will always indicate precisely the choices we are making and whether they are supporting us to live our true vitality and well-being, our true innate spark. Interestingly I also studied Natural Medicine where we learnt many things, but not of our relationship with how our bodies felt after we ate or through the lifestyle choices we make.

  23. In this day and age there are so many more questioning whether human life is just ‘it’ and whether there is in fact so much more to it. With this quest for more it is always important that we all are already everything on the inside, and hence the answers are actually already there, just needing to be activated and lived.

  24. Why is it that when we see something that works that we do not immediately abandon everything else that does not work and examine what we are seeing is working. The answer can be many and varied, for example, we may be attached and identified by our struggle and therefore not want to give it up, we may be too arrogant to admit that our lives are not working and that everything we have tried has failed or we may want to avoid the responsibility of doing something that works. Whatever our reasons are we need to be more honest about them and let ourselves accept that there is a way to live that is deeply supportive of us.

  25. Absolutely there is another way as thousands of people have discovered since they meet Serge Benhayon, being open to what is offered through the Livingness and learning to live this practically in your life is a game changer that greatly rewards you back in many ways.

  26. There is always another way, we think how we live is working but deep down we know we are living a lie. When we choose to break away from that lie is up to us, we are never under any pressure, but the more we delay the bigger the lie becomes, so it is really in our own interest to move sooner rather than later. We just don’t like moving out of our ‘comfort zone’.

  27. There is so much knowledge out there, but many of us who have that knowledge do not live it in a way that in fact supports us. What is unique about the Universal Medicine approach is it presents a lived way, one that many now live, in very real ways in their lives. I too am one of those people and while my life externally may look similar, busy job, engaged with family and friends, the quality of how I am in it is totally different, it’s one that is deeply supportive of me and in turn means I am more connected to others and more understanding of how we can all live together. There is definitely another way.

  28. I’m on a train at the moment. It’s packed with people. Every time I catch the train I’m struck by how sad, given up, anxious and exhausted my fellow passengers appear and feel. I can often put myself in the same basket too.

    Serge Benhayon has awoken me to the fact that there is far more to life than meets the eye. When I connect to this the whole world opens up and there is no drudgery in life.

    1. Drudgery is actually the reality for many people, but surely deep down we must know we were designed for greater things than a life weighed down by worries, problems and miseries.

  29. It has been a honour walking along side other students of The Way of the Livingness as taught by Serge Benhayon and to be confirmed in who we really are when we reflect to each other that there is indeed another way to live.

  30. ‘I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question, could there be another way?’ Truth being we all care for humanity just as much so why not ask the same, could there be another way?

  31. “This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found. It was to stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me.” Love the way you have expressed this Joel. It brings a deeper understanding of the power of choice, and that we always have one.

  32. To discover and reconnect to the natural vitality of the body is a very beautiful thing. And all without the use of artificial stimulants.

  33. Reading this reminded me of a conversation I had with a tutor the other day, she asked me how I managed to get through the day without drinking coffee, and stated strongly that she could not work without her coffee. This is how I used to be before attending the courses and workshops run by Universal Medicine, and I was the same as my tutor, only now I manage perfectly well without the multiple coffees and many teaspoons of sugar.

  34. There cannot be a person on the planet that has not felt that none of this human life works, but then we tend to bury the thought, shrug our shoulders and say something like “thats life” or “what can you do”. Then we lose ourselves by keeping busy…. and so nothing changes. We don’t realise the power we have each got to change things.

  35. ‘….Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,“Could there be another way?”’ I love this sentence/statement because it’s so true. This is one of the most inspiring things to witness, someone who cares not about what others think but cares so much for himself, that by default of that love and care, loves and cares deeply for everyone (everyone) equally so!

  36. “Is it arrogance to suggest that the way we currently live is not working, or is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride and ask, “Could there be another way?“” great question, in short the easy route is not to ask, it is to let things continue, but the truth is the loving way, the caring enough way is the way that Universal Medicine have shared which is to ask, is to question and with this it does push buttons but those buttons need to be pushed as life is not working. If Universal Medicine did not exist, I would still be asking for another way to life as life has shown for many thousands of years things don’t work when we make it about function about getting on with the doing and ignoring the being.

  37. Joel, probably like most other people I’ve dabbled in many healing modalities and there was always this something that prevented me from finishing the course or practising the modality.

    My first Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 workshop was in 2014, something definitely happened within my body and every cell in my body knew there was something about this modality and presenter, Serge Benhayon was the real deal. I felt no pressure or to invest in attending the next workshop.
    So in answer to your question, ‘could there be another way?’ – absolutely, 110% certainty. The next question is whether there is a willingness to take that next step, I did and I have no regrets.

  38. It is always our decision when and if we step off one travelator and go onto another but within that it is great to have role models who show us what the new travelator has to offer.

  39. This is just one of the incredible turn around stories I’ve read about on these blogs. What makes no sense is that you didn’t receive this same reflection from your background in natural therapies. What is going on for health practitioners to be as unhealthy if not worse than the already deteriorating society we live in? Thank God for Universal Medicine offering something true and applicable which allows us to actually enjoy life and not merely exist in it.

  40. I lived for many years with a feeling that there was another way to live that was very different from the survival mode I was constantly in. And at 55 I think I was all but convinced that I had simply been kidding myself and the life I was living was as good as it gets. How wrong I was, as the day Serge Benhayon walked into the room where I was waiting for a Universal Medicine workshop to begin, was the day that I finally knew that I had not been imagining this other life, I simply hadn’t had the key to open the door. Serge definitely had the keys but it was still up to me as to whether I used them or not.

  41. “Could there be another way?“ A question so many have asked and many of those who have found their way to Universal Medicine and the teachings of The Way of The Livingness have found that Way.

  42. ‘It was a way to step off the treadmill of what I should or shouldn’t do; a way to feel if what I was doing to myself (and others) was supportive or not.’ Being on a treadmill when living in the indecision or what we’re doing with no discernment is a great description. I love the simplicity of connecting with whether what we are doing is supportive or not is a wonderful way to feel the purpose of what we bring and appreciate truth.

  43. Universal Medicine exposed to me there is another way, living in a way of simplicity and connecting to truth. Expressing all there is to express with integrity and truth.

  44. To care enough for others to ‘burst their bubble’ – this breaks many of our ideas about what care is, yet this is in fact true care, and as yet not many of us do this so kudos to those such as Serge Benhayon who do and in doing so he reminds all of us that we can do this with each other, and ensure a more genuinely caring society for all.

    1. Most other people’s bubbles can’t be burst because when we have an ingrained belief which most of us do, about our lives and the way that we’re choosing to live we hold that belief so rigidly that we’re not able to even consider the suggestion that there might be another way.

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