Caring Enough to Ask – Could there be Another Way?

Is it arrogance to suggest that the way we currently live is not working, or is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride and ask, “Could there be another way?“

I was certainly stuck in thinking life was ‘fine’. After all, it was a simple enough assessment to make. All I needed to do was to look around me and, as long as my life was like other people’s, my life must be fine. On bad days, I would look at people ‘doing it tough’ and that would also confirm my sense that I was okay. Generally speaking, this is what I also noticed other people around me doing.

The reality though, was that my life was anything but fine. I lived with poor sugar regulation, moodiness, back pain that would have me bedridden a couple of times a year, the sore neck, a highly functional but not overly caring marriage, a job I felt obliged to stay in to provide for the family, an expanding waist line, and the list goes on. But looking around me, everyone had some variation of these things going on, so even though I didn’t feel fine, I had resigned myself to believing that this was as good as it gets.

What is interesting is that I had trained as a Natural Therapist; I had completed post grad training in counselling and trained in many other modalities. What is interesting is that even when I compared myself to other people in a similar profession, they also had similar things going on. What is even more interesting is that we had all the knowledge, the training and the tools to ensure that life was more than ‘fine’.

In 2004, my wife dragged [yes, dragged] me along to the Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 Workshop presented by Serge Benhayon and run by Universal Medicine. By the end of that workshop I knew that something about the workshop was different but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I would look around at the people presenting the course and those already working as practitioners and what I saw was something within them that was so vital, true, and yet unforced, that I could not but consider that there might be another way.

For the first time in my life, Universal Medicine presented me with another way to be with life. It was a way to step off the treadmill of what I should or shouldn’t do; a way to feel if what I was doing to myself (and others) was supportive or not.

This gift of simple choice was one of the most liberating tools I have found. It was to stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me.

Over the years, through my own choices, I have built a way of living that delivers a level of vitality that is not forced or derived from sugar, caffeine or any other stimulant.

I have a more honest connection with people than I’ve had before, I love the work that I do, earn more than I have done previously and I relate to my wife and family more deeply than before. So, after years of studying ‘holistic medicine’, the Universal Medicine modalities have been the first that have delivered a truly holistic result, without claiming that they do.

I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,

“Could there be another way?”

The answer is undoubtedly YES and the evidence is the thousands of people like me from across the world that have made their own way of living and who are realising more and more that the answers were within us all along… we were just not asking the right question…

“Could there be another way?” The answer is undoubtedly YES.

By Joel Levin, Perth, Australia

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  1. There is another way. Just follow your heart, that will lead to being joyful, loving and helpful to other people. Serge Benhayon has shown us all the true path to leading a more fulfilled way of living.

    1. I love that Mike – it’s as simple as that “just follow your heart, that will lead to being joyful, loving and helpful to other people.” I have found that it is truly that simple but funnily enough my experience of it actually is that the mind will not necessarily want to make it easy – it seems it has been in control for far too long.

      1. My mind had its own way for most of my life, was probably out of control, thinking it could ride roughshod over the messages my body was sending, and the impulse of my heart to change. Its being re-trained, re strained and harnessed to work for me, with love.

    2. I agree Mike, there is nothing more true to follow than our own hearts, which I have to thank Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for reminding me of and showing me the way.

      1. I am with you on this Rebecca, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have demonstrated much for us all to deeply consider and more importantly to live the choice is ours.

    3. I totally agree Mike, well said; Serge Benhayon keeps on showing us – anybody who is willing to ask the question – that there is another way. And that other way is the way I am choosing for myself now. A way of a deeper connection and true love and harmony.

      1. The ‘other way’ is to fundamentally plug into a different energetic source because unless we do then things like ‘just following your heart’ are dished up by the astral plane and have us roaming around in No Mans Land for eons. And this I know because I have been roaming around lost in the slippery undergrowth of the pranic consciousness for lifetime after lifetime. It’s trickery of the highest degree, it’s designed purposely to hook us in and trip us up and it does so brilliantly.

  2. Your beautiful blog is simple and direct – and YES, there is another way. I will always be deeply appreciative that Serge Benhayon has showed us the way through his dedication to life and truth.

  3. I completely agree – there is another way. It’s so easy to look around us and accept the struggles and misery as normal, when in truth we all know this is not the natural way to live.

  4. Yes absolutely – there is another way. A way of life that is gentle, deeply loving to self and others, where we let our guards down and find deep purpose in everything. I am forever grateful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for showing that way.

  5. “Over the years, through my own choices, I have built a way of living that delivers a level of vitality that is not forced or derived from sugar, caffeine or any other stimulant.”
    This in itself is an incredible statement. Most people these days say they need their coffee or sugar for energy. You are going against the tide, Joel.

  6. Thank you Joel what an awesome blog. Weighing in at 165 kgs plus I most certainly had given up on myself, that is for sure and I too was merely surviving. But deep down something inside me kept searching with a knowing there was another way. Then I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and now 5 years later 70 kgs lighter, loving and accepting the amazing Women I truly am more and more each day. Living and loving life in all my fullest and in all its fullness.

  7. This is amazing: “as long as my life was like other people’s, my life must be fine”. It is amazing that we accept ‘normal’ as ‘what everyone else is doing’, even though as you shared through your experience of “poor sugar regulation, moodiness, back pain… the sore neck, a highly functional but not overly caring marriage, a job I felt obliged to stay in to provide for the family, [and] an expanding waist line”, what is accepted as ‘normal’ is not always healthy

    1. For me this blows apart the myth of ‘Safety in numbers’ – something I think we are all to keen to hide in, like an excuse not to take responsibility. How many times have we heard children saying, ‘Well, everyone else is doing it!’ The truly inspirational people I have met in my life are those who have known themselves well and held firm in spite of the pressures and changes around them.

    2. Great comment! ‘Normal’ is what is most widely accepted, and what everyone else is doing, we gage so much on other people rather than listening to what we already feel is true and healthy.

      1. Awesome Meg – it is so interesting, because by following the crowds we have now created ever increasing rates of obesity and illness and disease. And still, the people who go against the crowd are seen as ‘weird’

  8. I love the term ‘Pop people’s bubble of pride’. Yes it can be challenging to consider that there may be another way to live beyond the usual comforts. Although life may be ‘fine’ it is worth looking beneath the surface to see if this is actually true or not. If we are honest about what we find there will be no pride to pop!

  9. It’s so true – we look from side to side to check how we are doing.. and so if everyone is not doing so well, propped up by caffeine with waistlines expanding, we look at ourselves and consider we are doing OK.
    This is just accepting a level of normal that is many steps away from true health. Serge Benhayon has pulled us up, presenting an entirely different example through his own lived wisdom, and at the same time provided the tools we need to help us step out of that given up situation.

  10. Thank you Joel for reminding us all there is another way and thank God for Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and The Way of the Livingness for showing us the true way. Without them I would have continued in my given up state, getting through life but certainly not living it. My life has turned around 360 degrees and for the first time in my life I can say I have found the real me, and how wonderful that feels.

    1. Beautifully said Alison “thank God for Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and The Way of the Livingness for showing us the true way.”
      It doesn’t warrant thinking about where I might be health wise, except for the fact when I look around at how many people are living. This is sadly totally unnecessary as everyone can choose for them-selves at any moment to live another way.

  11. Great blog Joel – I used to get stuck in thinking that my life was fine not only because it looked similar to others but also because I thought it seemed ‘better’ than some others around me. It was the same for me in finding Universal Medicine – I started to see there was actually another way of living that was better than ‘fine’ (or barely functional as it was), and now my ‘bad days’ are on par with what a ‘good day’ used to be for me in the past.

  12. Beautiful Joel, I too having met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine discovered there is another way and am developing and learning this ever since. I cannot recommend it more highly as a way to live and the absolute joy of rediscovering me and building consistency in this as a way of being.

  13. Living a life of love, true vitality and profound joy is the ‘NORM’ how far away from that have we gone as a society.
    With you giving up alcohol, drugs, caffeine and all those stimulants that kept you running at a pace that wasn’t natural for your body, that was harming and damaging to the body, you are now free to feel where your body is truly at and honor it truly so.
    This is the biggest gift that one can do for the body. If only more women and men would choose this for themselves we would have a more accurate account of where society is truly at. We would see just how much our people, worldwide are running and fueling themselves falsely on substances that continue to deny their bodies the ability to truly rest and rejuvenate deeply so.
    You can see why and how we have so much violence within our world. It seems to me that it is a direct reflection of just how exhausted everyone is which is directly accounting for the outbursts of anger, the fueled level of violence within our streets and the disarray that we are seeing within the business world where the greed and possession of power is ruling.
    If more men and women commit to making more loving choices for themselves, like Joel has here within this blog, we will be able to come back to a true state of harmony within the everyday livingness of man.

  14. Thank you Joel for reminding us where we have come from and how opening up to another way has transformed our lives. Before coming to Universal Medicine I had given up the different paths I had pursued through out my life and was now what I called in the desert, waiting for my homecoming. Many thanks to Serge and the teachings of Universal Medicine for bringing me home to me and my loving family.

  15. I had been searching for a true way to live from my early teens, moving from one modality or thing to the next. Once I saw the inadequacies of whatever I was into at the time, I would discover the next best thing.
    I realised when I read this blog that I am no longer searching because I have found what I had been looking for all my life. So in response to the question posed in this blog – there is another way and that is The Way of the Livingness, inspired by Serge Benhayon and presented by Universal Medicine.
    By living in a more loving way, my life has transformed and I feel more vital than ever before.

    1. So true for me also Ulrike. I was constantly changing modalities like I change shampoo. I kept on thinking this one will fix all my problems, just like the next shampoo would give me perfect hair. Only with Universal Medicine have I stopped searching and have realised this is what I was searching for and have taken responsibility for myself.

  16. I like this article Joel and what you have said. I didn’t feel fine in my life either and, I had resigned myself to believing that this was as good as it gets and compromising with chocolate and entertainment like parties, activities, holidays, alcohol, smoking, eating lots of sugary food. Since I have made my way out of this self-made prison I feel so much more vital and energised – I am graceful to myself that I have listened to my body and this inner voice.
    My trust into another way very strong and I knew it is there, it turned up to be presented through Serge Benhayon. He did talk about the own choice and that all is energy. I understood that this is the key to what I was missing inside myself. Everyone can change and no one has to accept a life in only suffer and existence when a life of joy is waiting from within.

  17. It seems clear from the rates of sickness, depression, anxiety and poor mental health that are going through the roof, shows us that the way we live isn’t working. There is another way to live and you have presented this well. It is for all of us to live that way so everyone can clearly see it. We can all be ambassadors of living truly.

  18. There was a stage in my life when I thought I had it all- married with 2 beautiful children, caring and reliable Mr Fix it husband, career, – I ticked all the boxes I thought was what it meant to be successful and happy but deep down I new something was missing. I felt an emptiness. I kept looking outside of myself to find the answers- in following guru after guru, doing many new age courses- reiki, Qi- gong, kinesiology, natural therapies etc
    My body you would think by now would have been vital and healthy- yet I suffered mild depression, undiagnosed chronic fatigue, hypoglycaemia, and lived in nervous energy.
    I was supersensitive and was not in by body.
    Then 7 yrs ago I met Serge Benhayon at a 5 day live in retreat. I felt so more energised in my body after having no gluten, dairy, sugar of caffeine in my diet- I learnt the gentle breathe meditation and actually felt the real me for the first time- all of me.
    And ever since then have been so inspired by his talks- I am making many changes to my life and feeling more tender, vital, and joyous.


  19. Whilst that question, “Could there be another way?” often stirs up an instant reaction of “don’t rock the boat – precarious though it is, the status quo is our known and better than what might lie in the unknown”, it does not make any sense to carry on with a way of life that, when we are honest, does not feel very good, at all unified (as in joined up with humanity) or supporting us to grow and learn. I have come to appreciate questions such as these as remarkable opportunities to shake down and review my choices and their roots.

    1. Yes, Matilda, as opposed to saying “Is that all there is, my friend” (some of us might remember this song), that many people think but maybe don’t say, it is indeed a far more challenging question to ask” Could there be another way?”
      It requires honesty and self reflection and I must say for myself, there is an opportunity every day to ponder on this question and change something!

  20. I remember a few months before I came across Universal Medicine teachings, I’d been asking myself a similar question ‘there must be more to it than this (life that is)’ and having a deep sense of knowing that the answers were inside me, but I didn’t know (yet) how to get there. This is on the back of years of different types of meditation, studying and practicing as a natural therapist and having recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (functioning but not feeling vital). And then I found Serge Benhayon’s first book ‘The Way it Is’ and it was like a light bulb (or bomb) going off…it made so much sense. That was 8 years ago, and I have made massive changes in my life to let go off old ways of being and thinking…and still more to go…a forever student of my own life – thank you Joel and thank you Universal Medicine for shining the light and leading the way.

  21. Awesome article Joel! And yes, I too have discovered there is another way…though I am still learning and refining this, I know without doubt that this is what I want, a life full of love and connection and so much more…

  22. Great Blog Joel, I also had resigned myself to believing that this was as good as it would get. A very sorry way to exist.
    I also have through my own choices, built a way of living that delivers a level of vitality.
    thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon, and Universal Medicine.
    And the world needs to ask the Question “Could there be another Way”
    Undoubtably YES from me also Joel.

    1. Yes there is another way, I agree in full! I am so glad that I had the chance to see the way forward as presented by Universal Medicine. The path hasn’t been easy at times, lots of ways of being that had to go, but feeling more free as each day passes.
      I am here for the long haul.

  23. I feel most people on some level knows their life is not fine, no matter how rich and successful or happy you appear to be on the outside there is always something missing. Great question Joel ‘is there another way?’ and I feel you have answered it rather well.

  24. Love how you describe how you did come to a workshop of Universal Medicine – “dragged by your wife”… And this reminds me that, to ask the question: “Could there be another way?” is already a choice of willingness to step out of the treadmill. Because if we ask this question – we may get an answer and then we have to handle this.

    1. Very true Sandra – sometimes we prefer not to dig too deep just incase we expose too much. But it is also fair to say that our current population is sick, is suffering, is in disharmony.
      There is always a choice for us to make – go with it, or question the trend. I’ll take the latter.

  25. Awesome blog Joel, many times in my life I found myself in the same old drag heap knowing there is something else but not knowing how to get there or how I kept ending up in the ditch. I have changed so much thanks to Serge Benhayen and universal medicine who have brought it all home so simply and clearly for me and I can now know and live a continual extraordinary love filled life.

  26. I find that question can be asked for all aspects in ones life – ‘is there another way?’ More loving. I’m sure some people ask themselves the same question when they can feel the dis-ease or when they know something’s not right but don’t know how to go about changing it… I know I have. It seems difficult in these times cause what you see from others and what you know is it and that’s the only way you know how to live. Thank God for Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and all the people changing the way they live with now the know how. Now we can inspire others when this question pops up in their heads- they can see another way that they might not have known about before.

    1. I know, Emily, that for many, many years I asked myself the question, “is there another way…?” but didn’t know where to go to find it. Then thank Heaven I did. I attended a Mind, Body Soul Fayre one day and picked up a card, which shone out at me, for “esoteric facial release”, I had no idea what that was, but it had the Universal Medicine website on it so when I got home I looked it up and VIOLA ! knew I had found something special, and different. I did the Gentle Breath Meditation and listened to Serge Benhayon for a while and I knew that from that moment my life would change – deep appreciation to Serge and Universal Medicine. It’s like to you say, now we can inspire others with the way we live, now we have found the way.

  27. I always knew there was another way of living but I couldn’t find it as there was no-one around me living any other way. When I was introduced to Universal Medicine I knew I had come home. Joel, I’m one of those thousands of people “realising more and more that the answers (to living) were within us all along”.

  28. I feel that by living another way I am returning to the life I knew I could live when I was a little girl, unhindered by life’s hurts and baggage that I chose to collect along the way.

    1. I can completely resonate with what you say, living another way is really allowing us to connect back to our true self as we were when we where young girls, delicate and unloaded with baggage of hurts.

  29. We all have our version of thinking our lives were OK, mine is no exception. Other than I didn’t think my life was OK, it always felt like I was missing something. At times I had this feeling of a tightly coiled spring in my chest, angst, frustration, anger. All that has taken a bit to work through (still going) and like Joel writes, there is another way that has a flow, an ease to it. Who’d have thought? not me.

      1. So true Susie, I had accepted that my life is okay when there is nothing bad happening, health or otherwise. Or have thought that it will be okay once I have achieved the next thing to improve my life or overcome some struggle. What was missing for me which Universal Medicine presented was that, to connect to my inner essence now and accept that fully and feel the natural joy that comes from that, rather than expecting life to deliver that for me.

  30. Thank you for sharing this Joel, the transformation I have seen over the years of people attending these presentations and taking it into their daily lives has been truly inspiration. What Serge Benhayon has offered us all is nothing short of living miracles each day! And in the face of so much adversity he has never wavered what we all know is a true way forward for all of humanity. I am forever deeply appreciative of the love that is there for us all.

  31. This is such a great blog sharing that yes there is another way personally from your experiences and very inspirational. I love it and love rereading it with a joy of all it shares. Thank you Joel.

  32. The answer’s were in us all along … we were just not asking the right questions. How true and strong this last line is. I always have know that something was not right, but true to that line, I never asked myself the right questions to discover what that was. You are spot on in saying that practitioners who participate in Universal Medicine present something that is vital, true, and unforced. This to me is undeniable proof that if we ask the right questions we will find another way….Love.

  33. Thank goodness for the the other way, without a doubt before Universal Medicine became apart of my life, the treadmill of “what life is meant to be” would have crashed and burned. Absolutely Yes there is another and yours for the taking if you so choose.

  34. Yes Joel, there is another way and like you I also lived in a way that I accepted was as good as it gets, but somewhere it did not feel enough, so I sought for something more in the ‘spiritual’ sense but realised that was so unattainable….thanks to Serge Benhayon who simply put the question forward – could there be another way, a true way where we can live in vitality and loving, where life was a joy and not just a function and an acceptance of less that there is so much more… and now I know this to be true because I too – live another way!!!! And am forever appreciative.

  35. Before I listened to Serge Benhayon, I thought I was a ‘nice’, caring person. I now realise that I was actually very focussed on myself, not in a good way! I’m really quite shocked now, when I reflect back on how I used to be. I was so concerned with MY LIFE, but I wasn’t at all connected to the beautiful soul that I am, that has always been there and I’m now getting to know and be with every day. My life is so much fuller now, I love it.

    1. Great statement Alison…”I thought I was a ‘nice’, caring person. I now realise that I was actually very focussed on myself, not in a good way!”…I found the same, even though I usually made it all about helping others the way I did it was very much self serving, in so many subtle ways.

      1. Yes indeed Alison, it seems a paradox to be a very caring person for others but from the motivation of hiding from the fact that I did not actually feel that great about myself. The more I am able to accept myself fully, there is as actually more than enough in fact an ease to be caring with others naturally.

    2. I to was shocked at how being ‘nice’ actually wasn’t truly being love. That it is completely laced with self and disguised by putting the other person needs first. But really the truth of it is we are completely driven by the notion of what we are getting out of it first. It is so subtle that at first I found it hard to get my head around it but know it is so obvious that it actually makes me feel sick. Another gem that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have presented which expose the ill ways in which we can twist things round to get what we need. There is no self in brotherhood or love.

    3. Great comment Alison – we all need that ‘nice’ bubble popped, exposing what it really is. I know I’ve been suckered by the ‘nice’ comfortable existence, which does not rock any boats and therefore allows the normal I have already accepted to continue, rather than exposing the truth of what is really going on. It’s deadly.

  36. Yes there is another way, and I know from deep inside it is The Way, but boy o boy there is big part in me that still hangs on to my old life. Universal Medicine showed me another way, and there is no turning back.

    1. Yes Willem, I completely agree, ‘Yes there is another way, and I know from deep inside it is The Way’, this is how I feel about the way of the livingness, it is a knowing that it is the way, I have never had this feeling with any other organisation that I have come across, I can feel with every bone in my body that it is the truth.

  37. So clearly and simply put Joel “could there be another way” and the gift from Serge Benhayon and the simple choice presented to’ stop the spin of the world from spinning inside me’ I too like many others have found it very real and true. Thank you for this beautiful sharing and the inspiration from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that yes there is another way.

  38. That’s a great question Joel “ it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride..?” and one that also gets us asking: what is love in its truest sense? I would far rather be spoken to with a love that offers another way, than one that sound nice but keeps me in comfortable ways that might not be doing me any favours at all in the long run.

    1. Rosanna I too rather be spoken to with a love that offers another way, rather than one that is nice which is not doing me any favours. Nice nice does no longer feel right.

    2. I too ‘ would far rather be spoken to with a love that offers another way, than one that sounds nice but keeps me in comfortable ways that might not be doing me any favours at all in the long run.”

    3. Spot on Rosanna, me too. Sometimes being spoken to ‘with a love that offers another way’ feels quite confronting, but that’s usually because I am choosing to hold on to a comfort rather than choosing truth in my life. When I first encountered the offer to live another way, it really wobbled me because I had to admit that the suppositions that I had based my life on were not true. However, a good few years on I am very glad those suppositions got wobbled, it really was the best offer I have ever encountered and I am extremely joyful that I accepted it.

    4. I agree, the question, “is it the ultimate expression of love to potentially pop peoples’ bubble of pride…”, I would say a resounding YES to that. Uncomfortable as it may feel at the time, to be told the truth without having it sugar coated, definitely works for me and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

  39. Joel,
    What abeautiful sharing to read & I can personally relate to much you’ve shared here. Thank you. Makes me appreciate to choose the way of the Livingness & coming across Universal Medicine, which has been a true blessing.
    I too used to think that being tired, having backaches, getting energy from sugar & caffeine to get through my day was normal. That’s what others around me were living too & that was normal life which I had accepted to be ok.
    A few years back I went to a ‘Livingness 1’ workshop by Universal Medicine, and it is there that Serge Benhayon presented a different way of living which made me look into my way which was different. A lot of people I saw there looked & felt very fresh in their being. I wanted what they had, health, confidence & that feeling of vitality in their eyes. Since then I have slowly started to make choices that truly supported me & seeing Universal Medicine practitioners. Slowly with this way of living of feeling & questioning what I felt with myself and my choices & making changes slowly, I no longer need to rely on external stimulants to function in my day. I started to feel each moment in what I am doing (eat, drink, talk, work etc). Today I am more vital than ever before & feeling wonderful in myself.

  40. It is so refreshing to read of the changes you have made and the awareness you have opened to. Yes I too noticed something about the practitioners and students of Universal Medicine that I couldn’t put my finger on when I first attended Universal Medicine events. It was tangible but I didn’t know what it was. This just shows that it is quite unusual to find a group of people who are so committed to loving and caring for themselves. It was and still is wonderful to feel.

    1. I agree Rebecca, there is something that at first its hard to put your finger on, but over time I have realised its simply an amazing level of care and respect you don’t often find in people.

    2. I agree Rebecca, being with fellow students who are living the work is an amazing experience, as you say, they are so committed to loving and caring for themselves. But that radiates out to being loving and caring for everyone else. Not perfect, but all working on it. Beautiful to be with them.

  41. I love the title of this blog, “Caring Enough to Ask”. That is what turned around for me. I was so given up on myself, life and love that I could not summon the energy or compassion to ask “Could there be another way?”. Now I do have the energy, love and compassion to ask that question and indeed live another way every day due to the never ending inspiration and wisdom of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. I too have gone from surviving to living and fully recommend it!

  42. “I live with such deep appreciation that Serge Benhayon cares for humanity more than his own popularity to ask the question,…”
    This is such an apt description of Serge Benhayon – one who really and truly walks his talk.

  43. The only reason we do not ask this simple question: ‘Could there be another way?’ is because it shakes down and rattles the familiar, habitual ‘comfort’ we have come to live. And this ‘comfort’ is anything but ‘comfy’ – it is just what we are used to. So, whilst the process of asking and exploring the ‘Could there be another way?’ question might feel scary at first, it actually frees us from firmly held patterns, that do not truly serve, and offers the opportunity to responsibly and respectfully take charge of our choices. What I love about this is, that now I have started, the question is always there supporting me whenever I come to another ‘stuck’ moment.

    1. Very true Matilda. If we start asking the question not only to ourselves but also to the people around us, we will start a process. I just know that people deep down or not know that the way they are living is NOT the way. By asking this question we will wake people up to these buried feelings so they might open to another way. In their time of course. But the first step is acknowledging that their present way of living is NOT the way. The question ‘could their be another way’ is a great opener in that proces

    2. I totally agree with what you say here Matilda. Recognising those ‘stuck moments’ then becomes an opportunity, each and every moment, to choose ‘another way’ and releases us from those old patterns and behaviours that do not serve us.

    3. I love this Matilda… The only reason we do not ask this simple question: ‘Could there be another way?’ is because it shakes down and rattles the familiar, habitual ‘comfort’ we have come to live… I was so very convinced that I was open to all manner of things, until I realised it was only the things that didn’t, truly, deeply, upset the apple cart I was unhappily pushing along.

      1. I can relate to that Joel, I also thought I was very open to everything, but yes, I now realise it was only those things that did not upset the apple cart, especially those to do with family. I was always wanting to keep everything calm within the family, actually treading on egg shells.

    4. “What I love about this is, that now I have started, the question is always there supporting me whenever I come to another ‘stuck’ moment.” I love this Matilda – so true, ‘could there be another way?’ is a brilliant question to ask in daily living as what is seemingly the ‘norm’ for many may not be the only way, and, I know for myself I have made in life many new normals that are another way. I love the question ‘is there another way?’ – it is the question that shook me to the bone when I met Serge Benhayon.

    5. So true Matilda there is nothing comfy about choosing the comfort of the familiar, that busts that consciousness! All my life I had a feeling that something was deeply wrong with everything in the world and the words “there must be another way” were always present with me, but I could never see any further than this or perhaps I never chose to look any further than this. Then since meeting Serge Benhayon, I have come to realise why I had always felt there must be another way and it has also become clear what that other way is.

    6. I love this comment Matilda. It is so true, we don’t want to ask the question because it ‘rattles the familiar habitual comfort’ we live with. For me, I know the comfort I lived with was huge and never even considered there was another way to live, or more truthfully, I didn’t “want” to consider there was another way to live. Through the inspirational presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, I have found another way to live and paradoxically, living this way is so much easier than living a life of comfort.

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