Catharsis –– Healing or Harming?

How Emotional Drama Influenced my Life

I was always the private drama queen, and in more ways than one. In everyday life I could create a crisis out of the littlest thing. This was very entertaining for me but not for everyone else, however, I got attention that way.

It wasn’t in tantrums and shouting and crying but in my volatile reactions to events and always thinking it was the end of the world if the slightest mistake was made, mine or anybody else’s.

I continually worried about getting things right, which was a horrible way to spend my life.

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Releasing the Giant Within

There is a story from my childhood called Gulliver’s Travels that is about a man who travels to a distant land and finds that he is a giant among the ‘little’ people of this land. The people of this land are so fearful of this giant that they use thousands of tiny ropes to lash him down and control his movements. Eventually he frees himself and is able to show the townspeople that his size was nothing to fear.

Of course the story is more detailed than this but it is possible that there is an energetic message here that we can explore.

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Jane Hansen and Junk Food Journalism – My Meal with the Media

Liane Mandalis
by Liane Mandalis

I first met Jane Hansen when she approached my daughter and I in a shopping mall in 2013 to take part in a story she was compiling for the Sunday Telegraph on babies. We appeared in the feature: ‘100 babies born in 100 days’ not long after.

A year later her colleague Claire Harvey interviewed me as part of a follow up feature looking at the first year of life for this group of babies and their families. I was told that these responses would appear in a similar format to the original article, again in the Sunday Telegraph. Jane Hansen then called wanting some more details regarding what I had said to Claire about vaccination.

Confused by her piqued interest, I explained it was nothing more than a change of heart from what was initially an extremely anti vaccination stance to a more open one. I explained that I had come to the awareness that immunisation was not the ‘big, bad thing’ that I originally thought it to be and that there was a lot of fear mongering and misinformation in our community from both sides. Continue reading “Jane Hansen and Junk Food Journalism – My Meal with the Media”