Spirit or Soul? Learning The Difference Through Serge Benhayon

Only in recent years through the teachings of Serge Benhayon have I learnt the difference between spirit and Soul and felt this for myself.

I’ve always known that we had a spirit and a Soul and that we are so much more than just our physical bodies, I just didn’t really understand the difference between them – why both, I used to wonder? No one else seemed to have the answer either. Through being a student of Universal Medicine, I now know there is a very real difference in the contrasting energies of the spirit or Soul. Continue reading “Spirit or Soul? Learning The Difference Through Serge Benhayon”

Taking Responsibility and Making a Re-Commitment to Life

In the summer of 2012 I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression after more than a month of not being able to fall asleep. This was a huge wake-up call for me to be more honest about what my choices have been and to start taking responsibility and making a re-commitment to life.

A long held pattern of mine had been to have no regard for my body and prior to the insomnia this became particularly intense. That summer I had flown to the other side of the world, lived in harsh conditions in the desert, trekked mountains in the scorching sun and camped for days in the freezing wilderness without food. Continue reading “Taking Responsibility and Making a Re-Commitment to Life”

Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga

Not so long ago I was having an Esoteric Yoga session when we were asked to be aware of how we were feeling that morning.

As I lay there I thought,That’s easy, I feel angry this morning”. I had felt this way since I woke up but couldn’t work out why, and looking back, I can see a pattern of how I magnify these thoughts by trying to figure it out.

As I lay on my mat with my blanket covering me, my head gently supported on a pillow, and starting to really allow myself to connect with my body, what suddenly came to me were the words “Anger – what Anger? I feel lovely.” This made me smile deeply inside and really struck a chord with me, as I knew this was how I truly felt. The anger had been something that was not part of me, something I thought I felt, from my head, but in truth when I allowed myself the time and the space to stop and truly connect to my body, I could actually feel how lovely I was.

Continue reading “Anger, what Anger? The Joy & Appreciation of Esoteric Yoga”