Students of The Way of The Livingness: True Miracles

What is a Miracle?

A ‘miracle’ is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as:

An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.” (1)

It is a commonly shared belief that miracles are impossible phenomena and that the word ‘miracle’ was used by the Christians to help explain stories such as Moses ‘parting the sea’ to allow the Israelites to escape from the Egyptians thousands of years ago.

Due to the bastardisation of the words ‘religion’ and ‘miracle’ (along with their true meaning), people often tend to believe that miracles are just ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or make-believe stories. Institutionalised religions would have us believe that it’s only ‘chosen ones’ such as Moses or Jesus who could perform such divine occurrences because they were spiritually blessed. This then encourages many religious followers to believe they are less, in comparison to the ‘chosen ones’.

Could it be that this is not the case, and miracles are not just ‘mumbo-jumbo’ or impossible phenomena? Could miracles relate in some way, if we so choose, to every person, not just a few ‘chosen-ones’ throughout history?

What then would miracles look like if these were true?

Students of The Way of The Livingness

I have been attending presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for many, many years and have witnessed some absolutely incredible changes in many of the students of The Way of The Livingness. The Before and After Universal Medicine project shows some of these phenomenal transformations that have taken place due to students of The Way of the Livingness simply making more loving and healthy choices in their everyday lives.

According to ‘natural and scientific laws’, as we grow older we physically begin to age; wrinkles occur, our body generally weakens and illness and disease become more common due to the immune system being exhausted…

However, for all those who have been inspired by the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine to live responsibly, committing their lives to loving themselves and sharing this with humanity, these so called ‘laws’ seem to not apply, or not apply so harshly or suddenly.

Instead, the students look younger, more vital and fresher faced; they are living in their natural body shapes (whereas often as we age our bodies become less fit and can disfigure, age or weight-wise), and they also have become more joy-full and play-full… In other words they seem to be aging backwards!

By choosing to make loving choices in their daily lives, they are transcending the ‘norm’, so what is happening right before our eyes are in fact TRUE MIRACLES. They are indeed ‘extraordinary events’, so to perform a miracle one does not need to part the sea, but simply LIVE LOVE and make simple choices based on what you feel to be true. It really is that simple.

The Students of The Way of The Livingness: True Miracles (by their True Definition) Right Before Your Eyes…

True Miracles are not something that only a chosen few are destined to perform and/or be at their receiving end. In actual fact, true (living) miracles are the results of choices, and really what the students of The Way of the Livingness are doing is not miraculous or difficult; they are naturally returning to love and in doing so are re-learning the true laws of what it is to live for humanity, and not self.

The miracles we see in the Before and After Universal Medicine Project are a natural by-product of this way of living as we can see from these pictures below.

Carolien Braakenburg

Carolien Braakenburg Before Universal Medicine
Carolien Braakenburg | 6 Months AFTER Universal Medicine

Carolien Braakenburg | After Universal Medicine
Carolien Braakenburg | 5 Years AFTER Universal Medicine

 Jonathan & Rowena Stewart

Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | Before Universal Medicine
Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | 1 Year BEFORE Universal Medicine

Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | After Universal Medicine
Jonathan & Rowena Stewart | 7 Years AFTER Universal Medicine

Stephanie Stevenson

Stephanie Stevenson | Before Universal Medicine
Stephanie Stevenson | 4 Years BEFORE Universal Medicine

Stephanie Stevenson | After Universal Medicine
Stephanie Stevenson | 6 Years AFTER Universal Medicine

By Susie Williams, Student

(1) “Definition of Miracle in English:.” Miracle. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 May 2015.

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556 thoughts on “Students of The Way of The Livingness: True Miracles

  1. Thank you Susie for sharing with us your observations and some photos which clearly reveal and reflect, the miraculous changes which can occur when love is chosen as a way of life.

  2. As testified by the Before and After Universal Medicine Project, and other stories of healing by Universal Medicine students, miracles can be the norm.

  3. Some of the stories that I have read in the Before and After section in the Unimed Living website are so extraordinary it is hard to believe it’s the same person, both in how they look and how they feel – and it’s all because they started to choose love. That is a miracle.

  4. Love the photos of the before and after shots, living proof of how when we start to reconnect back to our inner selves we find who we truly are, which is beautifully reflected in the after photos.

  5. These photos and the many stories of the students who have transformed their lives are living proof that the Livingness truly works.

  6. These pictures certainly show a big change for the better. I wonder if people would consider this important if they knew about it?

  7. The joy of reconnecting to who you truly are and the deep inner knowing that all humanity are equal Divine Sons of God is the miracle inspiration of The Way of The Livingness.

  8. Thank you Susie for sharing some of the miracles you have witnessed with us, the photos speak for themselves as I feel the love and joy emanating from them, returning to and learning to live the true love they are is very inspiring.

  9. True miracles for the new era you can read here in abundance. It will not be long when we will have many representing 20 years of doing the work / being a student of Universal Medicine. While everyone else continually internally ages our inner-beauty expands and shines brighter.

  10. Wow Susie the before and after photos you share are deeply inspiring and show us what is possible when we begin to live and move with great love and awareness in our lives – miracles will naturally occur.

  11. Thank you Susie for sharing some of the many many miracles that happen to people who have chosen to connect to their divine essence through The Way of The Livingness, returning to self love, responsibility and a love for humanity, it is such a joy witnessing the before and after events.

  12. To me it is a Miracle that someone so young like you Susie is able to be so wise; it’s amazing that you are not like some women your age that are too busy obsessing over their own issues to see others true growth and development. The way in which you are able to celebrate others indicates that you have a great relationship with yourself. This kind of collaborative and supportive approach to one another will be what saves humanity from the mess we find ourselves in on a global scale.

  13. It is a miracle to let go of a long held pattern of behaviour and choose something new. It takes a lot of self reflection and responsibility to observe it, reflect on it and no longer choose it- this is a miracle when it is truly lived.

  14. This weekend in England I saw another example of a miracle. Another before and after was presented and it was amazing to see and feel the changes in this 70 year old women, just by choosing to heal her hurts and to love and care for herself and she will not stop living this joy of finding herself at this age. Like you say Susie choose simplicity and live love.

  15. Thanks Susie, great to read your blog again. I often think of myself as a living miracle because of the changes I have made in my life thanks to the support of Universal Medicine. I am so different emotionally, mentally and physically and each day feels joyful (most of the time!). I also take much better care of myself and particularly have more regular contact with my doctor, this was after listening to a presentation by Serge Benhayon on the importance of self care and how what conventional medicine provides is a huge part of that foundation of self care. It all made sense to me (I was previously against seeing the doctor unless I absolutely had to) so I decided to make a lot of changes in my own life. Essentially what Universal Medicine provides is about self love and taking responsibility for ourselves – a very powerful way to create miracles.

  16. We know the likes of Moses and Jesus lived on this earth so we cannot deny they were human beings who lived and breathed just like we do. Unfortunately though, too many of us have them up on a pedestal with the belief that they performed the miracles they did because they were the chosen ones. But, if they were of the same physicality as us, down to our most basic particle level it actually makes sense to me that if we live with the same integrity grace and love that they did, that honoured the divinity they were solidly connected to, we would be able to initiate miracles in our own lives and world around us just as they did too.

  17. The truth and power of what is, as we deep down know, is power. No ‘rahrah’, no airy fairy stuff, simply living life from love and connection. Which is what we have often deeply missed. The magic of love is incredibly deep and accessible in one’s body for all. Equally the love and masters around us.

  18. It goes to show that ‘scientific laws’ can be broken as the students of The Way of The Livingness show us there is another way to live. The loving changes that we make can seem ever so subtle in our daily living but they can make such a difference to how we feel about ourselves and how we go about our day. There is much to celebrate and appreciate when we choose LOVE.

  19. Thank you Susie. It’s great to come back to this blog and appreciate all that is happening within those who are choosing The Way of The Livingness. I forget to appreciate how much I have changed myself, sometimes just seeing what I have not done rather than that which I have.

  20. Great sharing Susie, I too have witnessed many students become younger purely by changing their choices. It made me realise how much our choices are reflected in our physical body, and how true miracles are there waiting to happen when we choose to reconnect back to the love that we are.

  21. Thank you Susie, it’s the miracle of love, something we can all equally choose everyday. Once we live from the light of the Soul, miracles really do happen.

  22. This makes me realise that miracles are not that way out there and super magical. They are simple profound changes a person is making in their lives that comes about by changing the energy or quality they are living by. It’s not a big deal and in fact is very inspiring to see such changes lived.

  23. Well said and very true Susie, and the amazing thing is these miracles within the student body are happening daily because of the loving choices people are committing too and it’s becoming a new ‘normal’ that is very inspiring and supportive for all to see.

  24. The Before and After project demonstrates so clearly how by making different choices people are ‘ageing backwards’ and defying the widely accepted perception that getting older brings with it a deterioration of the body. These photos are such a beautiful reflection of the changes that are possible when we commit to making loving choices in our daily lives, no magic formula just a loving consistency that is achievable by all.

  25. Thank you Susie I love how relatable you make miracles: “true (living) miracles are the results of choices” so rather than being something unattainable for the majority they are something that are within the reach of us all if we commit to living Love and making supportive choices.

  26. The body is a constant miracle in action, that never sleeps. There is always cells recreating themselves, working together, blood pumping, heart beating and lungs breathing – all divinely inspired. How often do we appreciate the miracle that is our heavenly body? How often do we move in this appreciation?

  27. As a society it seems that we view miracles as a far-out, few and far between experience, but is this only because our relationship with our Divinity is not our current normal way of being? Yet our Divinity is our natural way of being, and our extraordinariness is actually very normal and ordinary. When we being to return to live in connection to our essence as have the many students of The Way of The Livingness, we then see the that miracles are a joyful confirmation of the Divine that is lived and are truly and naturally part of our everyday lives.

  28. Thank you Susie for your beautiful sharing, on the meaning of what constitutes a true miracle. Returning to living from our inner heart provides the platform for miracles to be part of our everyday life, it is as simple as that.

  29. Miracles are considered something that you don’t come across, yes someone thousands of years ago might (or might not, if you are a skeptic) have experienced a miracle. And before my connection with Universal Medicine, this would have been my position too. Science was the only measure for me and miracles did not exist. However in the past 9 years, since Universal Medicine found me, I have seen and experienced countless miracles. I would go so far as to say that miracles are an ordinary everyday thing, the norm if you like. The reason I was previously blind to this was that I was convinced that all there was, was 3 dimensional physical life, and everything that happened had to be explained within that context, like all science is today in other words. But science knows that there are more dimensions than what we can see, yet they persist with the ‘seeing is believing’ myth, and for a scientist to step outside of this myth risks public ridicule by their peers.

  30. I too agree Susie with the way you have presented Miracles in this article. It is something we need to take out of the mystery box and bring as you have into the everyday! These are amazing photos too of ordinary people making loving decisions that change their lives in miraculous ways.

  31. I like what you write here Susie and you are returning miracle to its rightful place. People often think they need to travel to a holy place to see a miracle – and often as you say for a chosen one – but there are living miracles – walking, shopping right next to you as we speak.

  32. Thank you Susie, and yes we need to redefine what a miracle is for in truth it is saying yes to the pull of universe to be more of the beauty and divinity of who we are and letting go of the belief of doing something and instead allow ourselves just to be and shine who we truly are.

  33. Whats cool is that you are reclaiming the word Miracle, it was hijacked by the Church as you pointed out and in that hijacking real miracles have been set aside and not appreciated for way too long. The photos are incredible although there are many photo’s that are still yet to be public, these people are everywhere, walking around the streets and getting to enjoy the vitality and youthfulness that comes free with these everyday miracle making choices.

  34. Yes it is true… It is actually possible to age backwards… And it certainly is against the trend of everything that is around us… It’s got to be worth a try 🙂

  35. There is something super cute about this redefining of the word miracle… that there is no reason why the extraordinary can be happening in a very ordinary way all around us, changing the way we normally look at things, or normally live our lives. The world teaches us that making different choices is one of the hardest things to do, yet these are the very best kind of miracles.

  36. Indeed Susie, many of the students of Universal Medicine who are truly living the Way of the Livingess are walking miracles of health and vitality in a world where illness and disease is steadily on the increase. World – take note! For how can it be that these people are improving their health and vitality as they age?

  37. I love coming back to this blog Susie, since attending Universal Medicine presentations over 10 years ago I have been witness to hundreds of true miracles during this time in the student body.

  38. These photos tell their own story. The miracle is that these people, and many more, have been able to reconnect with their innermost heart and really start to live from here. The aliveness can now be seen in their eyes and the more they live from this place, found within each and everyone of us, the more alive they look. I know this because I can feel it in myself as I move more and more into a livingness from my own connection. This is The Way of The Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  39. For me a miracle is that which reflects the Divine love of God in this world, in which case we can be blessed by many in this lifetime if we are willing to receive them. Through loving connections between people, nature, the universe and through choosing to live in a Soulful way for ourselves and with others, we can all be touched and inspired by living miracles.

  40. Beautifully shared Susie. There is so much disbelief about the presence of miracles as we as a humanity are existing with much dis-belief or in separation of who we are. We are all part of the Divine, as through our bodies we all have the opportunity to represent the Divine love of God. And it is through our acceptance of this fact and our willingness to make loving choices that we change the way we live. With this we ‘are transcending the ‘norm’, so what is happening right before our eyes are in fact TRUE MIRACLES. They are indeed ‘extraordinary events’, so to perform a miracle one does not need to part the sea, but simply LIVE LOVE and make simple choices based on what you feel to be true.’ Brilliantly said – had to repeat it all. I too have witnessed many true and living miracles of which I am also one.

  41. Susie it is so true what you reveal here. Students of the way of the Livingness most definitely look so much more alive and vital. They have that sparkle in their eyes as your photos show.

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