Universal Medicine, The Way of The Livingness & the Student Body: We Are here to Stay, We Are not Going Away

If someone were to search for Universal Medicine or Serge Benhayon on the internet for the first time, they would come across some amazing contributions by people whose lives have changed dramatically and against all the current downward trends in health and wellbeing statistics worldwide.

They would discover and witness a steady upward development and improvement in people that started in 1999 when Serge Benhayon began presenting and that has been gaining strength ever since and continues to do so.

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon – Presenting since 1999

And they would also come across some defamatory material, liberally sprinkled with swear words and vile accusations as well as some articles by those sections of the media that deftly forsake research and fairness for copycat and syndicated reporting and for sensationalism, no matter the price.

The latter entries began to appear in 2012 in the form of an orchestrated intense smear campaign against Serge Benhayon and his family, Universal Medicine and anybody and everybody even remotely associated with Universal Medicine.

At the beginning it was Lance Martin from Bangalow, NSW, whose ire was raised when his partner (Anna Douglass) left him – a woman who has been going from strength to strength ever since. This man concluded that his partner’s leaving him had nothing at all to do with him or the quality or otherwise of their relationship, but that a culprit had to be found.

He consequently chose Serge Benhayon personally and Universal Medicine as a business to become the recipients of the full brunt of his blind rage – this relentless taskmaster and ever-demanding tyrant of his that needs to be fed daily if not hourly lest some common sense, decency and insight might get the better of him.

Lance Martin soon found an accomplice in Esther Rockett, then from Brisbane, who started a blog site where they both vented their slanderous accusations and vile invectives, anonymously of course and under the cloak of varying vaguely suggestive pseudonyms.

Over time and as already mentioned, they found temporary accomplices in unscrupulous journalists and TV presenters, who pretended they didn’t know a truth from a lie just long enough to get their five or ten minutes of notoriety.

The duo over time also recruited a couple of fellow bloggers, apparently fellow ‘victims’ of Universal Medicine, whose stories never held up for longer than it takes to say “that’s a lie”, and they also made repeated complaints to government authorities at taxpayers’ expense in Australia and overseas, none of which stood the test of truth and candour.

BUT – and despite all of this and in some instances, because of all of this – Universal Medicine, The Way of The Livingness and the student body are not going away.

And WHY?

Because the world needs to know about Universal Medicine and about the Ancient Wisdom teachings: the world needs to know about The Way of The Livingness.

The Way of The Livingness

The Universal Medicine student body is made up of bricklayers, medical practitioners, accountants, cleaners, nurses, disability support workers, lawyers, builders, allied health practitioners, carpenters, aged care workers, shop assistants, CEOs, IT consultants and accountants to name but a few, and they know what they are talking about, both as professionals and as private citizens in their everyday lives.

These people’s lives have changed dramatically for the better since attending Universal Medicine events, and having been introduced to a much greater way to live which includes relationships, health, looks, vitality, mental acuity, skills, education, lifestyle and work – just for starters. What is more, these students are not the only ones who have noticed the many changes. There are workmates, family members, ex partners, associates and neighbours who have seen and felt the difference, the before and after.

Universal Medicine Student Body
Universal Medicine Students

Is all of this too good to be true? For some, it obviously is and they prefer to denigrate and scorn these real life experiences of real everyday people. And the online cowardly haters and associated careless media play right into their hands and minds by labelling Universal Medicine a cult, a label destined and deliberately used to instil fear and incite aversion but which is ultimately flawed. As the Reverend Professor Gary Bouma notes, it is a word that has become populist but lacks any meaningful definition:

The term ‘cult’ is no longer used in the scholarly study of religions because of the impossibility of defining what it is that distinguishes cults from other religious groups except that someone has decided not to like them.” [1]

Gabriele Conrad
Gabriele Conrad

Cult is a term that can be easily affixed to any community or small religious group, no matter how harmless.

For Lance Martin it was a cheap word deliberately used to attempt to destroy and ‘bring down’ those he had targeted. And it has been a word used to get easy and complicit traction with the tabloid media with its penchant for the alarmist and sensational.

BUT – and whatever the deceit, lies, slanderous attacks and vile accusations:

Universal Medicine, The Way of The Livingness and the Ancient Wisdom teachings are not going away.

This time, Universal Medicine, the Way of the Livingness, the Ancient Wisdom teachings and the ever-growing student body will stand steady and unwavering until the end of time.

By Gabriele Conrad, Goonellabah, NSW

[1] http://www.abc.net.au/religion/articles/2011/11/15/3366349.htm

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