Golf with God… A Dream

I decided the other day to go and play golf: due to adverse weather conditions I had not played for some time and was really looking forward to a game. As I approached the first tee, suddenly I heard this voice behind me, asking if he could join me for a game. I said yes, of course, and introduced myself to him, saying my name was Mike; we shook hands as he said his name was God! 

I teed off and hit my ball 200 yards, slightly to the right, then God teed off and hit his 350 yards straight up the middle! I watched in disbelief as it occurred to me that maybe he is God. As we walked down the fairway, I asked if he had a family and he replied “Yes, everyone is my family”…

I pondered on this as we walked down the second fairway, once again a short distance to my ball and a long, long way to my playing partner’s. Out of the blue, God asks me what I thought was wrong with the world

I thought, why is he asking me?… but then I replied “Many things – there are too many wars, widespread racism, general hatred, total disregard for one another, corruption on a grand scale fed by man’s greed for power – in fact, man’s utter inhumanity to each other, and that is just for starters.”

As we continued around the course, (after 3 birdies and an eagle, making God 10 shots up after 4 holes), God asked me to explain what I meant by some of my statements. With regards to racism, I said,

“No matter what colour a person’s skin, or how we look, we are all human beings; we may be different on the outside, but inside we are all alike, we all bleed red blood and feel pain and sorrow, but like everyone we all yearn to love and be loved.”

“And speaking of wars, what have we learnt over the years? – NOTHING!! Once war was sticks and stones, then bows and arrows and then guns, now it is weapons of mass destruction. When will people learn? When will we learn? We even have people blowing themselves up in your name, God, killing innocent people… but for what 
genuine reason?”

By this time we are walking up the 18th fairway (with God now 37 strokes in front, but who was counting) when He turns to me and says,

“Thank goodness for UNIVERSAL MEDICINE
 where people of many races, nationalities and age groups from all walks of life have got together to look at the way forward in brotherhood; supporting each other to change their outlook on life, accepting responsibility for all intentions, thoughts and actions, learning from past mistakes to be open to everybody, being loving and understanding to all… letting people know there is another way to being LOVE and HARMONY in this world.”

Finally, as we walk off the 18th green God says “We should do this again sometime, and see how we have progressed in our thoughts, love and understanding for each other, no matter what our differences.”

I look round to say thank you by inviting him to join me at the 19th hole for a drink, but no one was there – God was gone.

Or was He?

By Mike Stevenson,happily retired after 38 years flying with British Airways, living in Sandhurst UK, married to Stephanie, still travelling the world but now as a passenger.

This blog was inspired by a comment in response to: Writing in a Journal and the Power of Honesty

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827 thoughts on “Golf with God… A Dream

  1. Genius writing Mike. Read this with a smile on my face the whole time. Your relationship with God is gorgeous and his words are as wise and true as one would expect, thank you for sharing.

  2. A beautiful read, Mike, so light-heartedly expressing what is o profound. And, indeed, thank goodness for Universal Medicine.

  3. It’s true Mike we haven’t learnt very much over the last thousand or so years, we are still making the same mistakes, but God is there regardless. At the end of the day it is our choice whether we choose to be with him or not.

  4. Yes! So so much to appreciate about the amazing work of Universal Medicine. Man so much has been offered to humanity through this business and an grand example of what we are all capable of.

  5. Mike I agree with God here, if it wasn’t for Universal Medicine I know I would be shutdown to the possibility of this beautiful support and connection that is consistently available to us 24/7 from God.

  6. Big smile on my face coming across this blog again ;-). You are very well friends with God, superb – showing the equality and casualness we can naturally have with God.

  7. Thank goodness for Universal Medicine for showing me where I can take more responsibility and to deepen my own love and to see that everything the world reflects is a part of what I have chosen to create.

  8. Gorgeous to read Mike, God walking beside us so playful it brings a smile to my face, how beautiful to know and feel the presence of God within and all around us.

  9. This is a very endearing blog, its great to read all the different flavors of writing styles that the student body express with, thank you for the lightness and humour.

  10. I find when I ask myself ‘what is wrong with the world today’ I am compelled to look within first and see how truly loving I am being in my life. If I want the world to change, it has to be from the inside out, from the choice to be more self-loving first. If I can present this to others, they have a reflection of another way to live and another choice to make. I feel this is the way we will choose not to have conflict in our lives and hence wars, racism et al. And yes, thank God for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who have been offering this reflection ‘big time’ – and who offered it to me.

  11. Golf seems to provide an endless array of yarns and stories and I love your take on hitting the ball with God. Makes me wonder what His ranking is?

  12. Your blog always makes me smile and at the same time it makes me aware how there are still countless times in my day that I walk with all kind of thoughts in my head instead of walking with God. It is not God that is gone, it is me that is gone.

  13. I just came back from an amazing time in he UK with Universal Medicine. People from all over the word with all different culture background and professions as doctors, lawyers, cleaners, managers and all having the same purpose. To return to who we truly are and from there to serve the world to join in.

  14. God may be with us constantly but are we truly present and walking with him side by side? When we make the choice to step not only into our full expression but in line with our all knowing truth we begin to allow the cascade of expression to flow. It is from here we see that from our choices to walk with god, he no longer is just waiting and watching life with us but equally walking side by side with love and light on our side. That is truly beautiful to envisage.

  15. We can look at the state of the world and shake our head in sadness, disbelief, outrage, despair…..whatever is your poison (meant literally), but do we look at our contribution to this and take responsibility for this? For those who have chosen The Way of The Livingness, we are not perfect, but there is a commitment to deepening this responsibility more and more and recognising the quality of the reflection we offer humanity is what is going to shape the way humanity lives as a whole.

  16. We all know in our hearts what is going on in the world and what is wrong with what we have created but actually initiating the changes we know we have to is the next step we all need to collectively take – and for those who are struggling with these steps others will need to both inspire and help them for no one is to be left behind.

  17. In truth everyone is our family – humanity is one big family, to create divisions out of nationality, culture, ethnicity, blood lines, skin colour, religion is just a man-made way of putting up walls and borders and creating identities for ourselves that keep us in the illusion that some are more important than others and that we are separated from one another, rather than accepting and appreciating the fact that innately everyone is equal in essence and that all we do affects everyone and everything all the time.

  18. “man’s utter inhumanity to each other”. In amongst the light-hearted and playful words are some serious messages. I love how easily you expose the corruption, and how accurate you are in portraying what Universal Medicine has represented in its student body; a huge group of people with a love of all people.

  19. I asked if he had a family and he replied “Yes, everyone is my family”…  I have come to realise that indeed everyone is our family which feels so much more expansive and true, and being true, then we each and every person have a responsibility to love ourselves so that we may love all others and walk the earth path in brotherhood.

  20. This blog does remind me that God is always with us if we are open to the possibility and when we do, we will come to understand more of the nature of who we actually are and that in fact we are equal to him.

  21. Mike this is so cute – I love that you played golf with God, what if we could also go to the shops with God? or go to the bank with God? In fact, what if we could be in constant communion with God?

  22. ‘This is ‘Evidence’ that God lives within and that we all have access to this wisdom anytime – even on the Golf Course. Now it is time to put it into practice. Thanks Mike.

  23. I love reading this blog Mike, it tickles me pink everytime. Today I wondered if this surreal, humorous proposition is not as crazy and unusual as we might think, and that God is constantly having these sorts of conversations with us, but that we just flat out ignore them or don’t talk back. For in the day, in the people meet, conversations we have and places we go we are certainly shown the truth and anything that we want to know, and in the most loving and playful way. In golf they have competition called ‘The masters’ but God has a way of showing us there’s no need to compete – we are all born masters, naturally.

  24. I love how God is always there alongside us. Whether we are standing on a golf course or waiting for the train. When we accept God into our lives and the love we hold within, life begins to change and our world begins to open up. The world becomes one big reflection of what life has on offer for us to learn and teach and that is deeply inspiring. Thank you Mike.

  25. When we are with ourselves we are with God, and our knowing for what is true and what is not, is clear. Within us all, we all know truth. The world today is because of what we have all chosen, through everything we live every day. When we begin to accept taking responsibility for the degree of love we choose to live in our everyday lives, we then will begin to live the unified truth that we all innately know.

  26. I love the fact that we can choose to live in a way that we feel our connection to God in every situation – but how much am I willing to do this? Your blog inspires me to deepen my connection and to choose to live this truth more each day.

  27. God is in fact never ‘gone’. Good to become aware of this. If it looks like that there is no God-Energy – like there is no love, no unity, no connection, no harmony – we can ask ourselves ‘who brought that in?’

  28. Love God’s appreciation of what is on offer from Universal Medicine and the lightness of your writing Mike, thank you.

  29. God is with us everywhere always open to having a conversation and provoking reflection of where we are at personally and as humanity. The question is are we ready to listen?

  30. There is so much in this blog that relates to how we might think about God and what is true about God. For instance the line: “I thought, why is he asking me?” We can believe that God only has the answers but in truth we all do and are more capable to make a change as we live here physically on earth.

  31. love the last line – where you asked God to join you for a drink, but he was not there. Comical, but revelatory all the same, for it is not that God would not be there is such a situation, but in making such a decision to change our level of awareness by taking such a substance, we would by default be the ones who are not joining God for a drink at the well of eternal love. Of course, it is not just through alcohol that we reduce our awareness of his forever immanent presence by our side.

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