Malicious Accusations by Esther Rockett about Universal Medicine – The Truth about Sexual Coercion, Brainwashing & Cultish Practices

Since 2012, Esther Rockett has been spearheading a vicious hate-campaign towards Universal Medicine and its founder Serge Benhayon. Working alongside local Bangalow man Lance Martin, the accusations that have been spread across the internet have been vile, ranging from cult allegations, coercion of members and brainwashing, sexual coercion and more.

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Esther Rockett (left) | Lance Martin (right)

In my life I have overcome many situations where people have attempted to coerce me and push me into enjoining something I didn’t want to. I now have a radar for detecting when someone is trying to put pressure on me.

Katerina Nikolaidis
Katerina Nikolaidis

I can categorically state that none of any of these malicious accusations made by Esther Rockett about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have an ounce of truth in them.

Pressure or coercion has never taken place in the slightest by any practitioner of Universal Medicine, in contrast to some other organisations I have come across.

Below, follow some examples – not for the purposes of outing the particular organisations, but for illustrating an all-important point: Pointing the finger inaccurately and maliciously towards an organisation and group of people who are innocent of coercion and other crimes they are being accused of, has serious consequences. Not merely for the people who have been unjustly accused, but for the population at large who are in effect grossly misinformed.

Organisations that may have propagated dubious and potentially dangerous practices may continue to go under the radar – they’re literally off the hook – whilst anyone associated with Universal Medicine and the organisation itself are falsely accused of coercion and predatory practices where there is no basis for such false accusations – there is no aggressive marketing and nothing done to ‘convert’ anyone.

Esther Rockett cannot point to one practice that would support any of her vicious allegations – there is no cold calling, no follow up to invite to future events, no attempts to covertly invite others to participate in any activities.

Quite the contrary, clients have expressed that it is hard to find out about events as they are not widely publicised. Who loses ultimately in this? The general public at large, who has a picture depicted before them that is utterly wrong, thus denying them the right to freely choose for themselves.

Sexual Coercion

Serge Benhayon has been falsely accused by Esther Rockett of sexual grooming of clients. Notably Esther Rockett has got absolutely no evidence of any such thing and in spite of calling for so called ‘victims’ to step forward there are none, simply because her lies are vicious fabrications. The most Esther Rockett can say is that she ‘imagined’ she was groomed, with nothing to support this ridiculous assertion.

There are countless women who can attest to Serge Benhayon’s impeccable treatment of them, and I am one of them.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

However, I am well aware and have been witness to the moral corruption that Esther Rockett is intent on falsely maligning Serge Benhayon with.

Some time before coming across Universal Medicine I became involved with an organisation that purported to support women. The woman leading this group was working very closely with her mentor from the USA, a tantric guru master who advocated sexual initiation with women in order to reach a supposedly advanced sexual state of ‘enlightenment’. What this essentially meant was that the woman was ‘encouraged’ to pay for a session to have sex with him. Promises were made of how amazing the woman would feel afterwards.

Every ‘no’ I uttered to engaging with this, was met with another reason as to why I was doing myself a gross injustice, how I was being cowardly, inadequate and hugely missing out on a divine given opportunity. I can attest to seeing how women I knew well, succumbed to this pressure and how they effectively changed forever, having been absolutely violated by this man in the name of ‘spiritual enlightenment’.

The contrast with my experience of Serge Benhayon is like night and day. Serge has always met me in absolute respect with never a hint of anything sexual, let alone any sexual impropriety.

It is simply completely outside of anything that he has ever offered any of his clients who are treated with grace and respect. The profound care and respect that he holds me in has brought about an immense healing. This sits in direct contrast to the filth and moral depravity imposed by the likes of this sex guru I have previously experienced.

To imply that Serge Benhayon has in any way made inappropriate sexual advances towards any woman is an outright and malicious lie. I vouch for his character and integrity in full.

Coercion and Brainwashing

Esther Rockett has also made accusations that people are coerced to join Universal Medicine by way of brainwashing. Esther Rockett has suggested that Serge Benhayon reduces his audience to zombies, apparently leaving them suffering from dissociative disorder. This is a significantly stupid assertion to throw at the many highly qualified and successful professionals, business owners and tradespeople who attend Universal Medicine events.

Rockett has no foundation to make such claims – there are no so called ‘victims’ and certainly no professional psychiatric reports on anyone who has attended Universal Medicine events to support such fabrications, merely Rockett’s own ‘say so’. If such reports were ever commissioned it is most likely that a high functioning audience would be identified with high levels of psychological wellbeing.

There has been no pressure to attend events or continue to attend events. I have been attending workshops and events organised by Universal Medicine regularly since August 2010, and not once have I ever felt pressured in any way to attend something I didn’t want to.

In fact, promotional activity by Universal Medicine is significantly absent. I have always attended events out of my own free will, after seeking out information about them on line and picking up a flyer available at the various Universal Medicine clinics. Flyers were never handed to me. They were simply there for me to pick up if I wanted one.

Contrast this to my experience with a renowned personal development organisation, which was exactly the opposite. Within months of first arriving in Australia in 2001, I found myself literally being cornered in my own home to join. When I declined, the pushing pressure continued. Years later, someone I worked with made it an actual directive I go. I succumbed to the pressure and attended the first of a series of courses. I felt pressured and manipulated to continue with the more ‘advanced’ levels of the program. There was always an objection thrown at me when I would express my unwillingness to participate. I had to stay very firm in order to make it very clear that I did not want to continue.

‘Cultish’ Dangerous Practices

Esther Rockett also accuses Universal Medicine for advocating strange, ‘cultish’ and dangerous spiritual practices.

If the encouragement of a living healthy lifestyle, going to bed early, eating a healthy and balanced diet free of gluten, dairy and alcohol – substances which are well known for being harmful to the body – is regarded as ‘cultish’ then that is utterly ridiculous.

By contrast I have experienced first-hand the advocationing of so-called spiritual practices that can certainly be described as dangerous. I have had a direct experience of this with a spiritual group whose practice involves shaking for up to 3 hours in front of a picture of their guru, chanting his name, and snorting liquid tobacco, apparently ‘blessed’ by the guru himself. I can vouch for having witnessed that when people would find the shaking too much there would always be someone there to ‘encourage’ them and push them on, and if someone didn’t want to partake in the liquid tobacco-fest they would eventually be asked why.

What I saw at the events of this organisation was a ‘sheep mentality’ en masse, and an enormous degree of coercion and influence for people to do things they really did not want to do.

There are numerous organisations actively coercing, influencing and pushing people to partake in activities against their will, and there are certainly dangers associated with this. I have seen how people involved with some of the above mentioned organisations have been hugely affected, many of them now not able to fully participate in life. This is in stark contrast to the people I have met at Universal Medicine events who are vibrant, confident, healthy and often very actively contributing in their communities in a very positive way.

Esther Rockett
Esther Rockett

The accusations made by Esther Rockett are nothing but vilifying lies towards Universal Medicine, which she holds a personal grudge against.

That is unacceptable, a modern day witch-hunt which is causing enormous harm to more people than we might care to realise.

These attacks on Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are not just attacks on Serge and anyone associated with Universal Medicine. They are an attack on our right to choose freely, on our right to have the free will to say yes or no having been presented with Truth instead of relentless lies that keeps us bound to one ill choice after another.

This is what’s at stake, and this is why more and more of us will continue to speak up and call out these lies for what they really are.

By Katerina Nikolaidis

Katerina Nikolaidis Katerina Nikolaidis is a business professional with a love of writing, women’s health and outfits that sparkle. She is enjoying re-discovering her passion for true journalism. You can follow Katerina Nikolaidis on Twitter @KaterinaNikolai
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website
Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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