Two in a Row for Universal Medicine

Congratulation to Universal Medicine for winning the People’s Choice Award at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for the second year in a row.

Given the level of dedication and care shown by Universal Medicine staff, it is little wonder that they have received this recognition.

Every time I am on the East Coast from Perth I make a point of visiting the Universal Medicine Clinic and in all my time visiting the Universal Medicine clinic or attending workshops, I have been met by a consistent high level of service, care and integrity. Serge Benhayon and the practitioners in the clinic have remained steadfast in the quality of what they offer.

My life is a testament to their approach on both a personal and professional level, I have noticed significant changes in my well-being, energy levels, how I handle work stress and the quality of what I deliver day to day. But the pictures say it all really…

Joel Levin | Before Universal Medicine
Joel Levin | Before Universal Medicine

Joel Levin - After Universal Medicine
Joel Levin – After Universal Medicine

In many ways, Universal Medicine is a benchmark for both personal fulfillment and business excellence and this award is not surprising but is very deserved. Thank you Universal Medicine.

By Joel Levin

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347 thoughts on “Two in a Row for Universal Medicine

  1. Very true Joel your pictures do indeed say it all, in the before Universal Medicine one the tiredness of getting from one day to the next is very evident, whereas with the after one your joy of life and vitality is plain to see and feel. Furthermore, Universal Medicine has received another award, as this year they have been awarded the inaugural Hall of Fame award…Lismore Business Excellence Award 2018. Proof if ever there was proof needed that this company continues to deliver excellence in care both on a professional and personal level.

  2. I love the before and after photos, all the puffiness and the jaded with life feeling of the before photo has gone and been replaced with a vibrancy and a joy of living that is palpable.

  3. I too have attended Universal Medicine presentations that have changed my life, and it is evident from your photos how amazing those changes can be.

  4. You are living proof Joel that the way you are now living with the support of Universal Medicine has been a true miracle. There are hundreds of stories similar to yours that is why this business keeps winning the people’s award as it has inspired and supported people to make more loving choices in their lives that have transformed their lives in many powerful ways.

  5. Although there is no need for awards because of the high quality of delivery and its clear impact, it is a nice detail to know that the business community is also able to feel into the amazing quality this company delivers.

  6. Very true, the contribution that Universal Medicine has made within northern NSW and also globally to the health and well-being of people is quite phenomenal, I have never seen anything like it.

  7. In 2015 I was becoming acquainted with Universal Medicine but when I first visited the clinic in 2014, I recall walking into this calm, what a real home should feel like, welcoming space and every piece of furniture was in its rightful place, there was precision and a flow.

    The service exemplary and when I have seen a queue of people waiting to be served at the reception area, I observed the receptionist lovingly serve everyone equally – no flapping, no rolling of eyes, no tutting or huffing, just gorgeous care and attention to everything and that service has never swayed from this standard.

  8. Serge Benhayon is certainly the catalyst for how the business of Universal Medicine runs. I’ve heard him say how everyone is equal and anyone can lead the business at any given point. The business is about evolution – always expanding what quality of service they can offer by starting with living that quality with themselves.

  9. Yes I trusted business that keeps going from strength to strength as they say. It’s real strength is found in what it inspires away from it’s own direct business in that there are hundreds and hundreds of businesses and people world wide who have and are experiencing dramatic changes in their worlds and in many aspects are going on to be leaders in their fields and or communities. This is true success, not the impact you yourself are making but also how truly you are supporting everyone.

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