Two in a Row for Universal Medicine

Congratulation to Universal Medicine for winning the People’s Choice Award at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for the second year in a row.

Given the level of dedication and care shown by Universal Medicine staff, it is little wonder that they have received this recognition.

Every time I am on the East Coast from Perth I make a point of visiting the Universal Medicine Clinic and in all my time visiting the Universal Medicine clinic or attending workshops, I have been met by a consistent high level of service, care and integrity. Serge Benhayon and the practitioners in the clinic have remained steadfast in the quality of what they offer.

My life is a testament to their approach on both a personal and professional level, I have noticed significant changes in my well-being, energy levels, how I handle work stress and the quality of what I deliver day to day. But the pictures say it all really…

Joel Levin | Before Universal Medicine
Joel Levin | Before Universal Medicine

Joel Levin - After Universal Medicine
Joel Levin – After Universal Medicine

In many ways, Universal Medicine is a benchmark for both personal fulfillment and business excellence and this award is not surprising but is very deserved. Thank you Universal Medicine.

By Joel Levin

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341 thoughts on “Two in a Row for Universal Medicine

  1. This small local business has become an international success. I know people that travel from over seas and always make a stop at the Uni Med Clinic on their visit. The results and changes I have witnessed in people’s lives are nothing short of astounding, its no wonder people make the effort to come regardless of their post code! I am lucky enough to live around the corner and appreciate the services on offer. I also had the pleasure of attended the 2017 Business Excellent Awards this Saturday passed and was so pleased to see Universal Medicine took out the Peoples Choice Award once again! Go team UM, well deserved!

  2. The picture does say it all. You can see how much more appreciation you have of yourself in the more recent snap. I’ve experienced the same in terms of developing a much greater appreciation of myself, since coming across Universal Medicine.

  3. Yes I trusted business that keeps going from strength to strength as they say. It’s real strength is found in what it inspires away from it’s own direct business in that there are hundreds and hundreds of businesses and people world wide who have and are experiencing dramatic changes in their worlds and in many aspects are going on to be leaders in their fields and or communities. This is true success, not the impact you yourself are making but also how truly you are supporting everyone.

  4. Serge Benhayon is certainly the catalyst for how the business of Universal Medicine runs. I’ve heard him say how everyone is equal and anyone can lead the business at any given point. The business is about evolution – always expanding what quality of service they can offer by starting with living that quality with themselves.

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