Universal Medicine, Winners of the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – Reflections on my First Universal Medicine Retreat

Great to hear the dedicated work and professional services of Serge Benhayon have been acknowledged the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for 2015. 

I first came across the work of Universal Medicine through my brother, who had been attending Universal Medicine courses due to some illness that he was not able to have resolved through traditional western medicine alone– he needed support for more than just the physical aspects of the illness. I attended a retreat in Vietnam – it was an opportunity to meet up in another country as I had been overseas for a while and it was a good ‘excuse’ to catch up as I had not seen my brother for a couple of years.

My brother had mentioned over some time how helpful the presentations and treatment led by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine were – I kind of dismissed these and was chuckling under my breath when he spoke of drinking caffeine-free tea and choosing to give up alcohol. (My brother and I were never averse to joining in a party.)

I had an image in my ‘minds eye’ that it would be a bunch of ‘happy clappers’ singing koombayah and there would be about 25 people. Imagine my surprise with over 400 people and a group of people that came from all walks of life, I think I could recognise that nearly every profession and work role, demographic and gender was represented.

I had been working in ‘big mining’ for over 10 years, in human resources and safety, and it was nothing for me to drink more than 6 cups of coffee per day and in the evenings when entertaining clients to drink bottles of wine and seal the evening with ‘a fine single malt’.

After attending the retreat and a crashing withdrawal from caffeine I realised something that I had never realised I always had – I could feel energy.

I developed a sensitivity that I always knew I had – I literally had tears of joy to understand the link to myself and others that was nothing short of awesome. Life changing. I knew that I had love but to realise its abundance and that I had simply been anaesthetising myself with numbing substance and behaviours was nothing short of an explosive realisation.

I believed I ‘never had any issues’ but had a detached approach to intimacy that I could only describe as less than optimised!

The People’s Choice Award win by Universal Medicine I can completely understand – 2 years down the track I have given away ‘bad habits’ that include Coffee, Alcohol, Rescuing and Saving others as a way of failing to see my own ‘stuff’. I acknowledge I am not perfect (nobody is) but that I have a responsibility to myself and in turn others that only I can fulfil. Pretty jolly simple!

My life has changed for the better. I am in my late 40’s and can only say that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are most deserving of the People’s Choice Award.

By Andrew Upfill

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255 thoughts on “Universal Medicine, Winners of the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – Reflections on my First Universal Medicine Retreat

  1. Universal Medicine is a business of quality, care, professionalism and a true dedication to humanity and supporting us to regain true health and well-being. This has always been my experience and more over the last ten years.

  2. I will never forget my first retreat too. It was the first ever retreat for UniMed. It was the same profoundness as you have described Andrew, understanding the power of your Soul.

  3. “I acknowledge I am not perfect (nobody is) but that I have a responsibility to myself and in turn others that only I can fulfil” – couldn’t agree with you more. We can provide this reflection and it is up to the individual whether they wish to be a part of their own healing or not.

  4. A big change for you Andrew, and in a short period. Until you experience a Universal Medicine course, the clinic, an esoteric healing modality treatment or an inspiring student in The Livingness will you truly feel for yourself why Universal Medicine won the people’s choice.

  5. Another touching and personal story of the awareness someone returned to from simply but truly stopping to have a look around them. It shows how the things we do can take us away and in that away you can choose anything but when there is a stop everything catches up with you and this can be overwhelming and or painful and so we either truly stop or we keep going. It’s great to see many more people taking this stop as a genuine chance to make a supportive change for themselves.

  6. A great sharing Andrew on the support and love Universal Medicine holds for everyone equally. The amazing changes you and many hundreds of other people have made in their lives are because of Universal Medicine and all they offer everyone – it makes perfect sense they win the people’s choice award for their outstanding and excellent service they provide to the community.

  7. Universal Medicine is unique in its kind. It helps us deeply to realize where have we been and what we have been doing to ourselves to avoid the naturalness of us to surface to the point that we did not even know that such a thing existed in the first place. It also provides plenty of opportunity for it to surface and us to feel for the first time consciously the beauty of ourselves. It is coming home.

  8. This amazing organisation has just won the People’s choice award again in 2017! Further evidence of the dedication, care and authenticity of the company and all they do.

  9. What a great sharing Andrew, I can feel how much you changed and your joy in finding out that you always had love and that we all do. We are so much more than we often allow until we see and feel what we are like without our crutches, wherever form they may take. As we let them go we become more ourselves.

  10. Short, sharp and bang on point Andrew. You describe your experience so simply, because that’s just it….life when we connect to it is simple. Everything is so much clearer when we allow ourselves to feel clear in our bodies and not stuff it with things that make our senses, all 6 of them murky.

  11. I must second the fact that when I attend events I have noticed that almost every different type of job and age bracket seems to be represented. I am a firm believer in results and one of the most consistent changes I have noticed is a lot of customer’s experience is a returning to who they really are. Whether that be shedding un-needed weight, becoming free of chronic pain, letting go of substance abuse or simply realising that there is much more to life than just the daily “grind”, that there can be vitality and joy in our everyday. I am so proud of these guys for taking home the business choice awards in 2015 AND AGAIN this year, just the other night in 2017, a well-deserved win time and time again. I wish I could say that I voted but I didn’t but that doesn’t mean I am not equally as proud.

  12. Cracker of a blog Andrew – thanks so much for writing this 🙂
    “‘happy clappers’ singing koombayah…” – this is hilarious, but I can well imagine all sorts of things you may have expected upon arriving at a Universal Medicine Retreat.
    Thank goodness that there are no ‘koombayah’s’ here (I have to say this honestly, especially coming from a musical background!) – but rather, the most potent deliverings of wisdom and exploration of how we may embody and live with a quality of wisdom and awareness in life, that I have ever come across…
    And you – you sound like a man transformed Andrew, and relishing every moment of living such fullness of ‘you’. Brilliant.

  13. Awesome blog Andrew, what a beautiful experience to be able to feel the love and joy that surround us and is within us all. When we come to this point in life we begin to appreciate how much we are held in love and joy, in the body of God.

  14. Andrew you have described so beautifully the process of re-awakening to ourselves and realising the love within, as well as reconnecting back to our innate sensitivity. We are so much more than what we “think” we are, and coming home to the fullness of ourselves is a revelatory moment. The theme I see over and over in the blogs of Universal Medicine students is joy – joy to simply be who we are again.

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