Universal Medicine: Inspiring Business Model

Around 7 – 8 years ago I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I was astounded at the level of care and integrity presented by Serge, and in every facet of Universal Medicine.

Although I had no major illness or complaints, I certainly did have aches and pains, mostly my back (sometimes very strongly, from prior injury), and my knees, which were never great. In attending a session from Serge, and from sessions with other practitioners at Universal Medicine, I was amazed to discover a whole other way to live, take care of myself and understand my body.

Today I rarely have back pain and I never have knee pain. The stress levels and worry I once endured are no more – I have a different outlook on life. That in itself is amazing to me, but what also is amazing is the way the business of Universal Medicine is conducted. The business model itself is inspiring on so many levels.

I myself have been a business owner and know what it is and what it takes to run a business, – but never have I seen a business run with the professionalism, integrity, transparency, and care that Universal Medicine demonstrates. Their customer service and care is nothing short of outstanding.

Whether I am visiting the clinic in Goonellabah, calling the clinic to make an appointment, or to make any sort of enquiry I always know I will be treated with the utmost respect and care; I am heard, I feel nourished, and I am supported completely whenever I deal with Universal Medicine staff, the practitioners, or Serge Benhayon himself. It always feels harmonious and peaceful in the clinic, never any rush or disturbance, which is quite different from other clinics that I have attended in the past.

In short I feel privileged to be a customer of Universal Medicine and a client of the practitioners – their dedication to care, and to healing is amazing… second to none. Universal Medicine practitioners have nurtured and inspired me to be and live in a way that also inspires others.

Universal Medicine unequivocally deserves this win in the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – Peoples Choice Award for 2015… and it is the second win no less!! It is an accurate reflection of the absolute excellence that Universal Medicine is and displays.

Well done everyone at Universal Medicine!! And a heartfelt thank you!

By Janene Clemence, Diploma of Counselling, Cert IV Small Business Management, and Student of Life.

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453 thoughts on “Universal Medicine: Inspiring Business Model

  1. There is such deep care offered by Universal Medicine and all involved with it and it shows that love, true care and integrity are very possible and indeed very wanted in business. This is the model of how all business’ can run, and how we can support everyone in how we do business. Another reward richly deserved, well done Universal Medicine.

    1. Hear hear Monica, that is very true – a business model by integrity, love and true care that is possible for all businesses over the world.
      Thank you Universal Medicine as you have taken the lead and have brought something magnifique to the world — a road map and standard for business to live from.

  2. I was going to say, there is nothing like it, yet whilst that may be true on one level, there are many, many businesses that have been inspired by Universal Medicine, and in fact there are now many businesses running with the foundation that Universal Medicine has modelled for us.

  3. “never have I seen a business run with the professionalism, integrity, transparency, and care that Universal Medicine demonstrates” This quality is in EVERY aspect, from the greater business model down to the interaction with the practitioner in session, or the receptionist’s email to arrange the appointment.

  4. I find the the way that everyone who works for universal medicine does is hugely inspiring – there is a sincere integrity and depth of care that is very consistent throughout all that they offer, and with that they do not disregard themselves either, so it is not a case of doing everything for everyone else and getting drained or worn down but committing to the level of service they provide including how they care for themselves.

  5. Inspiring, but when felt, a very natural business model with people and love as foreground. The business models that we have made normal lack this naturalness.

  6. I have attended many sessions with the Universal Medicine practitioners and without fail, they all work under the same professionalism and integrity, and I have always felt hugely supported whenever I have struggled with personal stuff or had issues.

  7. “It always feels harmonious and peaceful in the clinic, never any rush or disturbance, which is quite different from other clinics that I have attended in the past” – I could not agree with you more with this observation. I will also add every piece of furniture in that clinic is in the exact spot it needs to be too.

  8. What is offered is support in many aspect of life as well as support for healing our ills and dis-ease, and that support is Universal Medicine.

  9. Universal Medicine is an incredible business and the way they care for clients is outstanding. For me personally, I have received support to change every part of my life from the basics of self care and health and well-being, to relationships, business, and generally being out there and committed to life. More than anything Universal Medicine has delivered me back to me, I have reconnected to the amazing person I truly am and each day is now rich with my relationship to myself and the self love I live. I feel more me than I ever have and am enjoying life like I never thought possible. I will be a client at Universal Medicine for life.

  10. ‘In short I feel privileged to be a customer of Universal Medicine and a client of the practitioners – their dedication to care, and to healing is amazing… second to none.’ Such is the integrity you know there is a level of respect and decency set so high that it’ll never go below. There’s no space for anyone having a bad day in the sense that can be seen in other establishments because they live a level of responsibility in all their conduct that is second to none. Yes, I too feel privileged and blessed to be a customer of Universal Medicine.

  11. Yes, I too greatly appreciate all that the staff and the Universal Medicine clinic has provided me. I also agree Janene in the privilege it is to have this clinic not only in Australia but just down the road from me. You just have to feel the neighbourhood and places around Lismore to understand what a great impact this business is having on society.

    1. So much of the current business model is based on survival and when that’s reached, accumulating profit. It’s rare to find a business like Universal Medicine that places people first, and that also is having such a positive effect on local community as well as the international communities it serves.

  12. I have learnt a lot from watching this business grow over the past years and to be honest I am not sure they have changed what they do but it’s more I have seen them differently. When I look, feel and see the clinic it has always offered the same dedicated care and attention to everyone and what I can see are the changes I have made in my life because of this. I am in business as well and so often have focussed on one area thinking that when I solve this part or make this part successful then the rest will be the same when in fact the whole business including me are the most important parts of the business. When everything is truly taken care of then this is the success, it’s not a measured success but a living one.

    1. ‘ it’s not a measured success but a living one.’ I love this. I’m writing this at a time of year when some people do an annual ’round robin’ of who’s successful during the year. This shows me what success is in truth – the love and care of our everyday livingness.

      1. Yes and as is said we are often ‘good’ at shining in one part but not bringing that to the whole. This is where this business stands alone in it’s quality, as every moving part has and is given the same level of detailed care and quality. It’s not a ‘no stone left unturned’ approach, it’s more living care that knows every part no matter it’s heading has the impact and effect on every part no matter what. It’s the ultimate responsibility.

  13. And I think yet again they also won the Lismore Business Excellence Awards – Peoples Choice Award for 2017 as well. How often do we say that we feel nourished by how someone has treated us .. even on the phone. This alone says to me that Universal Medicine are well deserved in receiving this award again.

  14. You only need to observe the care taken at the entrance of the clinic to get a feel for the level of integrity of this business.

  15. Absolutely true Janene, and Universal Medicine have since won the people’s choice award another 2 years running. True service does not go unnoticed and as an organisation that is setting industry standards well beyond anything known before, it is no surprise.

  16. I had never walked into a business and been served with the level of integrity, care and genuine support as I have every single time from Universal Medicine staff and practitioners. It’s what should be the norm in every single practice but many don’t expect that kind of service.

  17. I can agree with all you have shared Janene, about Universal Medicine, I love walking into the clinic it feels like walking into a womb, I have a sense of being held by the warmth, love, deep care and respect by everyone who works there. This award is so deserving for all that is offered through this clinic with respect and integrity.

  18. As a business owner myself in health care and who runs my own clinic with my wife, I can say that we both have been very inspired by Universal Medicine and how they put care and people first before profit, but not at the expense of themselves either. They have taught me that it is very possible to have a thriving successful business and even turn a healthy profit and still maintain a level of integrity, authenticity and serve to the community at the same time. What a way to work!

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