Universal Medicine – the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards

I’m a bit of a fan of people’s choice awards like the Archibald PC (People’s Choice) prize for best portrait – as selected by those who actually attend this annual exhibition. The difference between a People’s Choice Archibald and the Archibald awarded by trustees of the Art Gallery of NSW devolves around two things – firstly the PC Archy is awarded out of the actual experience of ‘non-expert consumers’ and secondly it represents a much more broad-based consideration than the ‘main’ Archibald.

So on hearing that Goonellabah-based Universal Medicine had won the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for the second year running I had an inward smile. I am a user of Universal Medicine’s services and I know a number of other people who are as well. Yes the Universal Medicine clinic is in a peaceful setting and very obviously taken care of – its garden is beautifully tended (unlike the token struggling pot plants outside a lot of businesses) but that care and attention extends inside to the staff and practitioners and the treatments offered.

I have had Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Massage Therapy and Connective Tissue sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic and these have so supported my overall ‘actual’ well-being. At the age of 62 I was on the borderline of diabetes, tired a lot of the time, psychologically prone to feeling ‘low’ and carrying too much weight. And my native joy (which seemed to have slipped away) was absent in day-to-day activities due to stress.

Five years later all these issues are a thing of the past and the simple truth is that the lifestyle advice and treatments provided by Universal Medicine are the main reason. I didn’t vote in the Lismore Business People’s Choice Awards but I do vote with my feet and applaud Universal Medicine’s success.

By Alan Johnston, Managing Director, Richmond Hill

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378 thoughts on “Universal Medicine – the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards

  1. AND ….. they have done it again! ✨ Universal Medicine have received the Lismore Business Excellence People’s choice Award 2017 which will make the their third time. Very glad am I regarding this as it is truly well deserved and I can wholeheartedly say Alan I will join you and also vote with my feet and applaud Universal Medicine’s continual success. An organisation that truly makes it about people and genuinely cares for people.

  2. There are a lot of people who vote with their feet for Universal Medicine and that is because what they present works. Universal Medicine sets the standard for all other organisations.

  3. In popular contests, there is usually a host of reasons behind the people’s vote. Each motivation is what it is. How magnificent is, though, when people’s choice has to do with their appreciation for helping them to increment the level of true, enduring wellbeing in their daily lives!

  4. The flourishing gardens around this clinic are a true representation of all that Universal Medicine offers its clientel. They are not for show but a genuine example of the extent of the care and love that this company represents and provides to customer and staff alike. It is a joy to see them achieve yet another award, well deserved, for the efforts of all involved with this company. They are crafting a new benchmark in both the business and complimentary health arenas that give us all a new platform to aspire to.

  5. Yes I agree wholeheartedly with you Alan and even more so now they have won the people’s choice award again for the 3rd time. It is clear Universal Medicine is an outstanding and exceptional business, setting new standards in business always and with the true support and care they consistently offer their clients.

  6. I used to drive down once a month from the Gold Coast to receive treatments and support from the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah. I was very ok with taking a day from work or using my RDO to treat my body. I always walked away having a new level of awareness .. something to ponder on and enrich myself with into a new way of quality of living. The level of service that is provided from this clinic you do not find everywhere. Amazing practitioners, all dedicated to the same purpose of serving humanity in truth and love.

  7. Alan I couldn’t agree with you more, the care and attention is both inside and outside the Universal Medicine settings. It greets you at the door and and you are sent out with that when you leave too.

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