Universal Medicine – the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards

I’m a bit of a fan of people’s choice awards like the Archibald PC (People’s Choice) prize for best portrait – as selected by those who actually attend this annual exhibition. The difference between a People’s Choice Archibald and the Archibald awarded by trustees of the Art Gallery of NSW devolves around two things – firstly the PC Archy is awarded out of the actual experience of ‘non-expert consumers’ and secondly it represents a much more broad-based consideration than the ‘main’ Archibald.

So on hearing that Goonellabah-based Universal Medicine had won the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for the second year running I had an inward smile. I am a user of Universal Medicine’s services and I know a number of other people who are as well. Yes the Universal Medicine clinic is in a peaceful setting and very obviously taken care of – its garden is beautifully tended (unlike the token struggling pot plants outside a lot of businesses) but that care and attention extends inside to the staff and practitioners and the treatments offered.

I have had Esoteric Chakra-puncture, Massage Therapy and Connective Tissue sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic and these have so supported my overall ‘actual’ well-being. At the age of 62 I was on the borderline of diabetes, tired a lot of the time, psychologically prone to feeling ‘low’ and carrying too much weight. And my native joy (which seemed to have slipped away) was absent in day-to-day activities due to stress.

Five years later all these issues are a thing of the past and the simple truth is that the lifestyle advice and treatments provided by Universal Medicine are the main reason. I didn’t vote in the Lismore Business People’s Choice Awards but I do vote with my feet and applaud Universal Medicine’s success.

By Alan Johnston, Managing Director, Richmond Hill

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368 thoughts on “Universal Medicine – the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards

  1. Alan no doubt many men your age would describe having similar conditions, amazing that you have raised your level of wellbeing so much so that these conditions are no longer in your life…

    1. Well summed up Brendan, and how beautiful that a business has been able to actually support you doing this ! I mean hello, I never heard of a business that helped changing lives like this. Thumbs up for Universal Medicine and you Alan.

  2. When you come across a business company that is truly there for you, that provides services of divine quality, which you can feel how life changing they are, it is only logical that you favour it over any other company you have dealings with in your daily life. The fact of the excellence in delivery and care and the natural response to people to this confirms an amazing package that is there for other business companies to learn from. Massive gains could follow from there for them. So, no reason to go into jealousy or comparison, when the whole business community is offered a point of reflection from which so much can be learned.

    1. Eduardo this is so true. When people out aside any jealousy they are free to appreciate what is being shown and perhaps learn and incorporate for themselves. Universal Medicine is never saying they are the only ones capable of offering such a service (that they are better than every other business), they are saying this is what you can do too.

  3. Alan the huge changes in your health support the notion that our choices on a daily basis (lifestyle) really do have an enormous effect on our wellbeing.

      1. Everything is given simplesimon888. What is so permanent is that it is un-erasable that Universal Medicine is in for true health. Universal Medicine is so real and transparent that even if you want to fault it it makes no sense to do so, as you can see and feel – this business is set up to truly help people to find their true health.

  4. I find it amazing that when companies like Universal Medicine win big awards such as this for outstanding service, for revolutionising the way customers are cared for, and for them it’s simply normal. Now that is amazing.

  5. I second this Alan.. I would have voted with both hands and both feet. The service Universal Medicine provides is like none other I have ever experienced, for its level of integrity, dedication and commitment to all. The contribution they have made to our community is immeasurable and the service, value beyond price.

  6. It’s true – the care that goes into the appearance of the clinic continues throughout all its services, including clients and workers alike. There is no facade it really is genuine care and service for all.

  7. I like what you have written about the difference between a peoples choice award and awards decided by a panel of trustees, as surely the success of any enterprise is dependent upon how it it utilised by the community, with popularity being decided by attendance, not by opinion. In this regard, the significant success that is Universal Medicine will surely go on to win many more awards, as the amount of seats required to comfortably support many a rear end, steadily increases year by year.

    1. Classic Mark!
      And Time will certainly prove the true success of what is in offer by Universal Medicine.
      Many more rear ends to be supported I am sure!

  8. Well done Universal medicine the care with which you choose to tend to people is truly reflected here. I too have been touched by the quality of your service and consistency in love and care and would have no hesitation in recommending your service and do so regularly.

  9. Voting with our feet in walking gently in rhythm with all that Universal Medicine has to offer says it all. It is wonderful to celebrate that so many appreciate Universal Medicine, a true business model.

  10. Yes Alan I too can say “that the lifestyle advice and treatments provided by Universal Medicine are the main reason” why my beginning asthma did not increase and instead disappear. If something like that is happening even if the doctor had told me that I will get asthma no matter what I do than such a healing clinic is worth to get such a wonderful price!

  11. Universal Medicine clinic supports clients to improve their general health and well-being, with no ‘quick fix’ solutions what is on offer are self-love and self care principles that truly work – simple and powerful!

  12. Show me any other place, any other health care organisation, Education facility, private healthcare practice or business that offers the care, dedication, excellence in every single detail or quality of service through the organisation in the same way that Universal Medicine does, and I will vote for them too!

    1. One day maybe there will be simplesimon, maybe others will be inspired to develop that same level of excellence, true care and consistent unfaltering dedication to their clients as Universal Medicine. It only needs to start with one.

    2. Agree for 100%, it would be absolutely amazing to have businesses, health care organizations, education facilities like Universal Medicine out there for us all to come to and let us support us. I will vote too, I find Universal Medicine the inspiration and true frontline for all businesses to be inspired by (in whatever form that is needed of course).

  13. I agree, ‘I vote with my feet’ I have been consistently supported and inspired through courses and treatments facilitated by Universal Medicine Practitioners for a few years now. It is an awesome organisation.

    1. I vote with my feet regularly Elaine… both hands both feet… Universal Medicine is worth studying and I have never found another organisation like it in the world.

  14. Universal Medicine as a business has grown from strength to strength over these past years not because they have played the market or done anything fancy with their advertising. Universal Medicine is a successful business because they place people at the heart of all their business matters, which is clearly the way forward for many businesses to learn from.

  15. To really understand the depth of care that Universal Medicine as an organisation brings with such consistency and love, one needs to feel it for oneself. The only way we can know the truth of something is through our own experiences, and this is one experience I would not have missed for the world.

  16. I too have had nothing but exceptional care and professionalism with all my interactions and sessions at the Universal Medicine clinic. I can totally see why they have won the Peoples choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for the second year running. Universal Medicine offers very special services and way of conducting business. its a great business model.

  17. The health you described is today sadly considered ‘normal’ and yet I say sadly but most would not even question such, I did not up until 5 years ago. Universal Medicine provides a standard of human living that is beyond anything that we have come to currently accept as normal human life. And the awesome thing is that it is not utopian or unachievable but very possible and very normal. Such success and model of living needs to be shared en mass and this award is a great display that the people do and are benefiting from such a service.

  18. We settle for a far diminished level of well-being than what we could truly live, but it is not remarked on or even noticed as abnormal, because it has become so common in every part of society. Thanks to Universal Medicine, the bar has been raised as to what is possible, what is our potential for true well-being that we could live every day.. and for this to become our ‘normal’.

  19. Its always wonderful when a business that deserves accolades achieves that recognition, not least because it raises the profile of the deserving business and bring its to a wider audiences attention. In the case of Universal Medicine only good can come from its profile being raised.

  20. There needs to be much greater research into such qualitative data on health and well-being.. There is a place for studies other than the over-hyped double-blind-placebo-controlled etc. trial. We need studies that demonstrate a correlation and marked improvement in general health and well-being, and the choices and lifestyle that the person chose that accompanied such improvements. There is no great financial incentive by drug corporations, but surely the government and hence every single person in society benefits, in that the country’s budget will not be bankrupted by chronic ill-health conditions and their complications. Also we would get to see that making true lifestyle choices can make a difference to our health and well-being.

  21. It is a beautiful place to visit – is the Universal Medicine Clinic. Even walking through the gardens is a beaut thing to do, and then you open the door and its like WOAH. The beauty continues. It can take some readjustment because the level of love and stillness that is on offer, can be quite different to how we live our lives. And then through another door into a treatment room and the WOAH continues. I have never received such dedication love, truth, wisdom and honouring that you is on offer from the practitioners there. Highly recommend this joint I do ;-).

  22. Universal Medicine absolutely deserved to win the award .. and for the second time running ✨ The beautifull thing is with Universal Medicine it is about people first, that is why they are so successful all the rest naturally flows from this. They are a Universal model that can be used for all businesses everywhere no matter how big or small.

  23. ‘Yes the Universal Medicine clinic is in a peaceful setting and very obviously taken care of – its garden is beautifully tended (unlike the token struggling pot plants outside a lot of businesses) but that care and attention extends inside to the staff and practitioners and the treatments offered.’

    Alan, I couldn’t agree more. I have had the wonderful experience of visiting the clinic. I’ve always loved gardening and it may seem a small point you’ve pointed out about the grounds of the clinic but it also says it all – just like any aspect of Universal Medicine you’ll find the care and love knowing no bounds. I know how much gardens take to be looked after. I know how much support they can offer – they are deeply nurturing to some and I have no doubt they’ll be people like me who have helped their rebuilding of trust in the world through nature, its harmony. It’s been many years since I visited the clinic but I still remember the gardens -not just through choice of plants, composition, etc. but the love with which it was tendered to. I remember I met a gardener and it was clear he enjoyed his job and felt super appreciated. No aspect of Universal Medicine is any less than the whole.

  24. Universal Medicine is definitely is a business worth studying, what they offer, with the simplicity and dedication to love and service, I have not heard of, or seen before. The attention to their beautiful garden is the same attention to what is offered inside the clinic just says it all. Nothing is less important, all encompassing.

  25. Alan, Universal Medicine is a business model that should be studied and learnt from. One of its major tenants is that it, as far as I can see, puts people 1st. I know many businesses have this as their moto but Universal Medicine really does, it treats everybody equally whether you are a customer, a member of staff, a cleaner, the bank clerk etc.. it does not treat anyone differently and this is quite unusual.

  26. To win a people’s choice award without advertisement or a campaign – this is really something! To win people’s hearts just by means of doing your job with all that you are is true success. This gives us an insight into modern day political election campaigns. Why are they needed so excessively? Could it be because the politicians don’t show all of who they are?

  27. A short and sweet testimony that holds enormous gratitude, I am a user of the Universal Medicine Clinic also and I can honestly say that my whole life and health has been turned around thanks to the sessions and well-being presentations offered.

  28. It is no surprise that Universal Medicine have received the award again for their excellence in service for it is second to none…. and yet what they encompass is so much more… for they have also inspired countless people to not only transform but truly embrace their lives like never before due to the services they offer.

  29. And of course voting with our feet is what we all do – very interesting if we consider this and see exactly where they take us. Is it always down the pub, up the sweets aisle, or do we at times turn left when everyone else is turning right to investigate a different way of living…one that supports that little voice inside that so often gets drowned out, but we know deep down, is the true us that wants to live, to love, to express and to evolve?

  30. Universal Medicine offers true healing in the sense that it services offers energetic integrity, so that if the client equally engages in the process the underlying energetic causes to their ills can be addressed.

  31. It is no surprise that the award was won, as a long standing customer I can say that Universal Medicine is an exemplary business.

  32. Very well deserved award. My life too has turned around in so many ways thanks to Universal Medicine. I have my life back from the edge of dementia. I have my heart working 100% beautifully after a few years of heart problems and best of all I have a joy and true purpose in my life as never before.

  33. It’s so great to hear businesses which operate with true integrity getting kudos from the wider public – and it shows that we know true quality when we see it and in fact that is more. So congratulations to Universal Medicine, well deserved, and let’s have more businesses which operate in this way, putting people first and operating with absolute care and integrity.

  34. Having watched Serge talking on Serge Benhayon TV about business and evolution it is no wonder Universal Medicine won the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards. Serge is way ahead of his time on all subjects and when he talks about true Business it is music to my ears.

  35. Thank you Alan for your article I liked hearing the difference between the two different Archibald awards. When the community speaks they are speaking from their experience of the services provided by Universal Medicine which I personally have found to be second to none. A much deserved award.

  36. ‘Five years later all these issues are a thing of the past and the simple truth is that the lifestyle advice and treatments provided by Universal Medicine are the main reason.’ Well said and very true Alan, Universal Medicine is about applying simple self care principles into your daily life that truly work, that is why thousands of people have improved their health and well-being enormously with their support.

  37. Yes the garden at the clinic is a beautiful reflection of the care and attention to detail that is evident throughout this amazing business. So very well deserved to win the People’s Choice award for the second year running confirming the consistency that keeps on growing, no sitting back on their laurels but a constant commitment to expanding what is on offer for the local community and also the wider public.

  38. Beautifully said Alan and with Universal Medicine it is truly about community and people and at a time when Lismore have just had the huge floods I know they will be there to support and help the whole community where they can.

  39. Well said Alan, People’s Choice awards are very powerful and to me seem more truthful and complete than expert awards often are. Experts are trained to look at certain things yet may miss other things because they are so in their head thinking about all they have to check on. People though go in there and just express how the whole experience was to them, not linked to any preconceived ideals (or at least less).

  40. I would say any business that wins a regional award like this especially twice in a row would be doing something very right. I attend the Universal Medicine clinic regularly and sometimes I am very early for an appointment so I can just sit in the waiting area and read or do other work. The whole place is very very warm, friendly and restful and that’s before you have any real treatment. I would say a peoples choice award carries with it some weight given that it’s solely based on what people think that go there. I say very well done and keep putting your hand up because it’s obvious from both the awards, comments and article it’s sorely needed.

  41. The world we have created today is far too fast paced which is resulting in much stress and overwhelm and definitely robbing far too many of us of our ‘native joy’. That you have found a business that offers healing modalities to support and nourish your true wellbeing which has helped you resurrect your ‘native joy’ is definitely something worth deeply appreciating and sharing Alan.

  42. I have just heard that Universal Medicine has just won the People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards again this year – (2017). Truly, this is confirmation of the fantastic work Universal Medicine does!

  43. Saturday night just passed I was lucky enough to have attended the 2017 Lismore Business Awards. My husband and I had the pleasure of sitting on the Universal Medicine staff table, as there were some free seats, and we were so touched to have Universal Medicine take home its 3rd… People’s Choice award… not sure if they have won 4…but seriously, to see Lismore stand up and support a man and a company that naturally supports everyone else is really heart warming.

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