Coming to the Truth about how I was Living…

After finding out about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I read one of his books – The Way It Is – which made a lot of sense to me as I could feel the truth that was there.

As I started to attend presentations, so began the process of feeling how I was living and the truth of who I am.

Initially I felt so uncomfortable at being there; my unloving way of living was being exposed and it felt like everyone could see what I was experiencing. Really though, it was me that was feeling how I had been living – I was becoming acutely aware of the choices I had been making.

There wasn’t anyone telling me what to do, where I was going wrong or anything like that, it was all in my head… I was giving myself false reasons of why I should not be there. I was feeling how much disregard I had for myself – eating anything to fill up the void I felt inside, using alcohol, porn, watching hours and hours of TV – especially sport, sleeping in, etc… all the things I was doing to not feel this emptiness. I spent a lot of time hiding in my cave; the destructive thoughts I allowed kept me stuck in unloving choices.

Sometimes I would drive to the Universal Medicine events, sit in my car and just feel so anxious about going in that I couldn’t do it, so I would just go home again. Other times I didn’t even get out of my home, or if I did, I would just return home before I got to the event. Sometimes I would go inside, sit down, but before Serge got up to present, I would leave.

I’m not sure how long it took for me to be able to stay for the whole event, but I would then not really talk to anyone and leave as soon as it finished. There was always that feeling of discomfort in being there… I felt completely alone in the crowd; I didn’t fit in and I didn’t belong.

Although all I could feel at that time was the discomfort, I felt so out of place it eventually became clear that it was because of my own judgment on myself about how I was living.

Hearing the truth that Serge Benhayon presented connected with the deepest part of me and I knew I couldn’t stay away. 

So gradually I started to attend more Universal Medicine presentations and workshops and throughout this time, Serge would always say “Hi Mark” if he saw me. I could feel that he saw all of me and accepted me as I am, almost certainly for the first time in my life. Serge was able to see the light in me, well before I could feel it within myself, because I was identifying with all the things I was doing that harmed others and myself.

I have no doubt that it was my first experience of being truly loved for who I am, before I was even able to begin loving myself.

What a healing that is.

I was being supported, being called to be more and I had no awareness of what lay ahead for me; understanding at last the truth of who we are, the truth about love and how that is what we are and feeling the absolute joy of just being me. For the first time in my life I felt that I belonged.

It was beautiful to feel the fullness of me at the event, but then to bring that way of being into my every day?. . . Well, that was another story. It became very clear that it wasn’t just about attending the events:

I had to develop how I lived every moment, caring for myself in every little choice I made.

For a long time I was always hard on myself and therefore, hard on others as well. Although this had dropped away before I became a Universal Medicine student, it remained in the form of not being able to appreciate others or how far I had come. Appreciation became a focus and as I deepened this awareness I was able to feel the beauty in others – they are just like me. This made it easier for me to see how I had been isolating myself, so choosing to connect with friends, going out more and socialising made a significant difference.

I have been able to let go of the behaviours that didn’t support me, mostly through the support of friends and practitioners. Being able to honestly talk about how I am feeling, the harming thoughts I am having etc., begins the process of deconstructing those old patterns. The perspective that is offered by others, the loving reflections of what they feel when I share, help me to gain perspective and understanding of how I am being.

I was searching for truth all my life. I now know that truth without love does not work very well because I was trying to be ‘right’ and this was just empty words that actually harm others… Truth has been central to my transformation over recent years. What is presented by Serge Benhayon resonates with the deepest part of me and it is through truth that I return to love.

by Mark Payne

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916 thoughts on “Coming to the Truth about how I was Living…

  1. Oh my goodness, what you have shared here is so important to understand “it was me that was feeling how I had been living”. We know deep down inside the truth of everything, we know what harms and what heals, yet there are patterns of behaviour that are more familiar and hooking that even though we know they harm, they are far more addictive than the way we know we should be living which is harm-less.

      1. It is probably the element I have struggled with the most – how can we continue to choose something, or a way of living that we deep down know harms us?! this is where the only logical answer is energy.

    1. Forces at play thrive on keeping us attached to ingrained and harmful patterns and we add to it by making a story out of it. Being aware that we are simply vessels with two sources of energy flowing through us, invites us moment by moment to choose which one to align to. Seeking comfort above truth and love is one to watch for

      1. kehinde2012 I appreciate you bring into the conversation that there are two sources of energy at play and if we were to once again see the astral plane, it would be a huge wake up call for humanity because we would be able to visibly see what energy has been playing with us all this time. Currently we are the puppets and the Astral plane like the puppeteer pulls the strings and we dance to their tune.

  2. This is really lovely to read particularly as you say you struggled so much at first with yourself ‘Appreciation became a focus and as I deepened this awareness I was able to feel the beauty in others – they are just like me’.

  3. Making small changes to our lives very quickly changes a great deal of things, because one loving change develops into another one and so the process begins.

    1. I agree Sally, big change often starts with small simple ones, that when added together become the sum of our true essence.

  4. This is a great point to highlight here Mark ‘ I now know that truth without love does not work very well because I was trying to be ‘right’ and this was just empty words that actually harm others’. So true, that’s why Serge Benhayon is deeply inspiring because he reflects a way to express truth with love that unifies everyone.

  5. You highlight something really important here Mark, that we can stop beating ourselves and others up which is a great step but the next one is to deepen our appreciation of who we are and where we are.

  6. I have just finished a workshop and in the workshop someone was expressing themselves in a way that I couldn’t quite understand and I wanted to understand what it was that they were saying, so I introduced myself and explained to them my dilemma. They repeated themselves again, I got to feel that they were coming from a hurt and that they felt judged by the group, but interestingly they were also judging the group so then we have an impasse because to me it then felt as though we were stuck on a who is right and who is wrong.
    For me I know what is my truth and I live this to the best of my ability I know there was a time that I was so enthusiastic about what I had found to be true that I felt I should convert everyone in my family. Then I realised that everyone has free will, and this should not be interfered with as it was given to us by God.
    So for me having had this conversation I feel there needs to be a deeper level of understanding because we are so quick to judge one another and it is in this judgement that evil can play out and the only winner is the separation between us.

  7. Universal Medicine provides a great opportunity for each of us to feel where we are at regarding our essence to then start peeling the layers that separate us from it.

    1. Very true Eduardo and the opportunity is provided, one is presented with Truth which is a mirror in which one is able to see what is not true in oneself, if one is willing to look.

  8. Being offered to feel the truth of how we have been living and the impact this has on our body brings a profound realisation and awareness of how far away we separate from knowing who we truly are. When we are honest with ourselves we start to open up to make changes that consider ourselves first and the true impact our choices have on our body, the more we seek the truth of who we are within the more willing we are to not accept and drop the disregarding ways we have adopted.

  9. I appreciate your honesty here and feel it takes some courage, even though you had all of this stuff come up, to still be able to feel what was true to you and overcome this fear and anxiety. And this is very cool what you have shared ‘I now know that truth without love does not work very well because I was trying to be ‘right’ and this was just empty words that actually harm others… Truth has been central to my transformation over recent years. What is presented by Serge Benhayon resonates with the deepest part of me and it is through truth that I return to love.’ Same with me. When I first met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine every cell in my body knew what he was presenting and teaching was true, there was absolutely zero doubt … that is quite something. I have never had that so clear in my life as I have with Serge and Universal Medicine.

  10. It is amazing to read what is possible when reflection is at work, the power of not imposing and letting another come to the truth in their own time, without an agenda or investment.

  11. Caring for ourselves in every little choice develops a true, steady and deeply nurturing foundation to our way of living and being.

  12. This thing ‘always hard on myself and therefore hard on others as well’ is a common theme for me too. And the key, as you already stated, is the appreciation in moving past this behaviour – a working progress. And I appreciate that too.

  13. Rediscovering the truth about love is life-changing as many have experienced after attending Universal Medicine presentations and meeting Serge Benhayon. The more willing we are to be honest about the behaviours we have taken on the more we open up to be able to let go of what is not true.

  14. Life is so simple when we can love and accept ourselves and others exactly as we are. I agree Mark it’s an amazing experience to feel the love that Serge offers others, a love we all equally can return to and live from, and then express to all each day.

  15. Judgement, with a sprinkle of shame or comparison, is a toxic mix. When you really feel them its a crushing weight that is difficult to shift out from under. But the weird (and somewhat wonderful) thing is that its us that impose it, so the opportunity to make the shift is as simple as a choice and then we find the love has not gone anywhere – its always waiting, does not judge, and welcomes us home when we choose it.

    1. It is good to name that toxic mix though isn’t it? Because what you share here is we can change the way we approach anything, we can change the movements and the way of thinking so we are not configured to look at a situation and feel less or separated – which often leads to the judgement, shame and comparison.

  16. This is such a great story Mark. I love the honesty in it and how you describe life as being so uncomfortable when we are not living who we are and instead living out a picture of how we’ve been told is the right way to be. And then the shift in how you feel about yourself and others when you realise that actually there’s nothing wrong with you and everything is completely fine when you allow yourself to be yourself.

  17. Truly inspiring Mark. I love what you say about truth without love being harming. When we fight each other over right and wrong, it’s just so pointless. I have learnt through Universal Medicine and it’s practitioners that there is no right or wrong, there is only love and that for me has changed my life so much. My relationships with my partner, friends and family and even strangers actually. I focus more on feeling people’s essence and the energy they are in, rather than what they are saying. This has supported me to be more love and therefore truly loving with myself and others.

  18. “I was being supported, being called to be more” this is the powerful message of Universal Medicine in that it is consistent in love and appreciation of all that we are.

  19. I am deeply inspired by how two words “hi Mark” could bring such a healing to someone. Love is more than just what we say, it is about letting everyone in for all they are and holding them no less than the delicious being they truly are.

    1. Thank you Joshua, there is a richness to simple exchanges like saying “hello” to others when the quality comes from our love.

    2. Yes, beautifully said Joshua, if we allow it so the beauty of the whole universe is expressed through us, which is all-encompassing as we are part of it and we can but feel it.

  20. A true miracle Mark Payne. Its your life captured in a moment of a blog. What a transformation! Well done.
    The work of Universal Medicine is exposing to the bone. Its unreal compared to what life we all lead before we came to ’the work’. I’m still unfolding .. and have moved through absolute mountains of a lesser way of being that imploded on me and was very destructive in similarity to Mark. I have come a long way in such a short period and continually in awe and appreciation of more exquisiteness that keeps pouring out through Serge and the magnificence of the student body. We are ALL CERTAINLY amazing beings – extra-ordinary!!! AND, in conversation tonight imagine if we all bringing Our Love – what a world we would be living in!

    1. It is truly amazing the transformations people have made in the Universal Medicine student body, for myself I can relate to Mark in the sense of the destructive thoughts and low self worth, and to be where I am now feeling healed of so much and enjoying the beauty of my soul and connection to God, and expressing the true essence of myself. There is so much to appreciate within the ups and downs of life, sometimes I’m connected to me and other days not so much – a work in progress but what a beautiful work it is!

  21. I know that feeling of judging myself very well and interestingly it is the antithesis of what I am being presented with at Universal Medicine. How can I love myself when I am in judgement? What I am becoming more aware of is the subtle mental thoughts that can increasingly become bigger if I do not catch and call them out. No matter how amazing and joyful I have felt I have allowed such mental thoughts in simply to try and diminish the love I am living but boy it is wonderful to nominate this when it happens.

  22. I agree Mark from my own observations and experiences in life that there is no right and wrong in truth there is simply love and not love the honesty of which can be felt in our bodies.

    1. And in those experiences in life it is always important to realise and accept that we will make mistakes – the trick being to learn from them.

  23. There is so much honesty in this blog. I can completely relate to feeling uncomfortable when attending Uni Med courses, but like Mark shared, I knew the truth that was being presented, I knew it because I felt it. It just took a few years to drop the belief that I was not good enough for what I knew to be true for me to finally appreciate myself, everyone else and the magnificence of spending time with others who also knew truth and love.

  24. Being exposed to how we are living and what we have accepted that is not true can be confronting but with each step towards building a true and more loving way of being we return to a steadiness and caring way of living that allows us to live from the quality of who we really are.

  25. ‘I could feel that he saw all of me and accepted me as I am,’ Serge embraces everyone with this same quality and it is very warm and inviting when we feel this level of love and acceptance from another.

  26. “Appreciation became a focus and as I deepened this awareness I was able to feel the beauty in others – they are just like me.” This is the magic that happens when we start to appreciate ourselves more – we recognise and feel that we are all equal.

  27. This is such a powerful testament that we never ever can be told what to do to live truth, to live the love we are, as we know it and can feel it, and we are reminded of this whenever we are met with the reflection of truth. It is only our openness to feel our truth and respond in truth, or not, that determines the quality of life and the degree of love we find ourselves living.

  28. Moments of discomfort are an interesting subject. Not only what generates the discomfort in us, but also what do we make out of it and hence what do we do with it? Is it about us? Is it about ‘the other’? Is it about what we know will come our way if we say yes to it? One thing is for sure, you can only experience discomfort if you are trying to generate and protect a life of comfort (which does not necessarily feels cozy, by the way).

  29. I so love how you acknowledged and allowed the discomfort to be there. It’s so easy for us to make ourselves do things once we decide in our mind that something is ‘good’ and become a follower. It feels very much loving to afford ourselves that space to be wherever we are at, and not being caught in the idea of where we should be instead.

  30. How beautiful it is when we are seen for all that we are, when we are not held to ransom by what we are not. When we are held in love it gives us the space to be all that we are and not identify with our behaviours that are not who we are.

    1. It is so very beautiful Nikki to be met in this way, and it is a gift in fact that we can share with another. This highlights the responsibility we all hold of how we meet and respond to each other.

  31. Heavens this is the most extraordinary turnaround! I know what you mean about feeling like everyone can see everything, it is challenging but actually the most wonderful gift at the same time. If we connect back to when we were children, we could all see and feel everything, our awareness was really acute, but we learnt incredibly effective tools to dull that awareness and then to defend our lack of awareness! Not logical but then again it is understandable because we didn’t know how to live life feeling all that we felt.

  32. ‘Serge was able to see the light in me, well before I could feel it within myself…’ This alone is so healing to receive from another – and we all have the ability, divinely so, to see and connect to the light in others, even if they are not living from this place. It is healing because it gives people the chance to feel that they are more then just a functional human being, they are in fact Heavenly.

  33. Beautifully shared Mark how you were able to open up to the love that you are and now know yourself to be. The reflection that Serge offers to us is so miraculous that in that instant of being met we feel our own love, and this takes us on a journey back to reclaiming all that we innately are.

  34. We live our normal but do we really give a lot of thought to exactly what that is? Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine help us take a good long hard look at every aspect of life – does the way we live support us to be all that we are, or actually the opposite?

  35. I went to an event the other day and I had not attended anything for ages, as the Uni Med team had been over seas. The last couple of months had been hard and as I sat I begun to feel really disorientated. It got to the point that I was so dizzy, a part of me was thinking, it was the perfect excuse to leave. I didn’t end up leaving but instead just allowed my body the feel strange. In the end I am so glad I stayed, as I knew deep down that the spinning was clearing the ill energy of how I had lived in the months before, the room was healing me, the presentation was awesome and I felt amazing by the end.

  36. In choosing to let go of the false behaviours we take on we are able to know the essence of who we truly are and feel the quality of love we hold within.

  37. It is true that often we are the ones who get in our own way the most. I can relate to this of giving myself a hard time for my past choices and not valuing who I am and what I bring. It takes work to let go of this pattern and be open to a new way of being with yourself.

  38. Appreciating ourselves and our inner qualities forms a sound foundation from which to explore our way of living.

  39. I love your honesty Mark and what you present here is great for me to read today ‘I was identifying with all the things I was doing that harmed others and myself.’ … that’s where I can often get lost, making choices I know do not support me and then beating myself up for those choices, so identifying with them, but as you note here meeting Serge Benhayon offers something very different to be met by someone who never judges you no matter you choices but sees you for the love you are, even when we ourselves don’t see that is such a gift. And today I needed a little reminding to that, so thank you for this blog.

  40. Mark I cannot tell you how much this has meant to me this morning. Sitting outside the courses, going home before you have even been in…oh dear, I can relate and I didn’t actually do any of that because I live so far away I had committed before I got on the plane. But we can hold a little back – just in case – and then we don’t really commit or value ourselves, our time, or our investment. Time to invest in ourselves, in why we are here and truly offer back to the Universe in appreciation of its patience!

  41. Embracing the discomfort of how we choose to live is a great way to start making choices that actually support the body to feeling its divinity and interconnectedness to everyone and everything. Or, we can always react to the discomfort and seek more comforts which ultimately leads to more entrenched discomfort.

  42. Coming to the truth about how we have been living and what we are and have been doing to ourselves with our choices can be mighty uncomfortable indeed.

  43. Thank you Mark, I was reflecting today on how hard it used to be to constantly see my unloving and unsupportive choices when I first started working with Universal Medicine. It wasn’t always uncomfortable, sometimes it was joyful and liberating to have a new understanding and the opportunity to make a new choice. The honesty of why I was making unsupportive choices could at times be quite uncomfortable but if I was not hard on myself and willing to understand why then the healing opportunity the new awareness offered would be graceful instead of awkward or with a lot of resistance. The beautiful thing is that all the work I put into examining those choices has created a foundation now of new and loving choices which have brought purpose, simplicity and joy in how I live every day.

  44. I love reading this blog. The resistance in you in the early days reminds me of myself in some ways. Knowing there is something more, and being open enough to go there, but then at the last minute making the choice to hold on another day.. thinking I’ll deal with it later. Later never comes unless you get real about why you’re holding on to a certain way of being, that you know isn’t you. And then the moment you entertain the idea that there is actually so much more than all the things we identify with, your awareness opens up and everything starts to become clearer.

  45. There would be many who will benefit from your expression of your truth and your journey to becoming a student of Universal Medicine and life itself. It is through loving ourselves and our bodies that opens us to the truth.

  46. Thank you Mark for sharing this blog with us all. I love your honesty and humbleness and that you did not give up, but kept returning even though you felt so out of place and uncomfortable. When our bodies hear truth, they pull us back for more because as you beautifully shared,’ it is through truth that I return to love’.

  47. “Hearing the truth that Serge Benhayon presented connected with the deepest part of me and I knew I couldn’t stay away.” I agree Mark. Serge Benhayon offers so much to the world. One day he will be recognised as an amazing world teacher. In the meantime I feel very blessed to know him and receive his presentations live. His words make sense of humanity and with all the questions I have ever wanted to ask, he has an explanation for, because he connects with multi-dimensionality.

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