How I Changed my Life – Thanks to Serge Benhayon

Before meeting Serge Benhayon and coming across Universal Medicine my life was a mess; I had a string of abusive relationships that did not honour me as the woman I am.

I was constantly running away from life and society and had spent ten years traveling on and off, often finding myself in some really dodgy and unsafe situations. On numerous occasions I found myself sleeping rough on a beach and I actually lived in a cave where I survived on mountain water and food found growing nearby. When I did go back into society to work it was easy for me to numb myself from what I was feeling with alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

I viewed society as the enemy. I saw it as an uncaring, heartless, cold place and wanted as little part of it as I could get away with.

This all changed when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

This was a magical turning point in my life where I was given a very honest but loving reflection on how I had been living and how there was so much more to life than the daily struggle I was finding myself in.

I was going in a ‘one way’ direction which consisted of continually repeating patterns of behaviour that were unhealthy, unhelpful, unloving and harming to both myself and others. But after meeting Serge Benhayon I changed my life completely. Through his loving reflection I realised the harm I was causing to myself and the harm I was causing to society by not being fully committed to life.

Since attending Universal Medicine presentations and receiving Esoteric healing sessions, I have learnt how to honour myself and to commit back to life.

I had been travelling on and off for ten years, flitting from job to job, house to house, relationship to relationship, but since coming to the Esoteric work and The Way of The Livingness, I realised it was time to grow up and face the maturity and responsibility I had been running away from.

I have now been in regular full time work for over four years, and in the last year I’ve been working as a manager for a successful business.

This would not have been possible if I had not listened to and taken on board what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been presenting for many years now.

I realise now if I want to truly change things around me, I need to be a part of it and then in time change it from the inside… not running away or turning a blind eye, or using distractions such as travelling, sugar, alcohol or caffeine.

I had always seen humanity’s sufferings as too big to comprehend and would get lost in the overwhelming feeling that I needed to do something to help in some way. When this seemed impossible it was easy to give up and use something to distract myself.

Now I allow myself to see and feel what is happening around me in society, but no longer feel hopeless and small within this.

We often feel we are too small and insignificant to change anything and have our say, yet this is a mass illusion most of us have fallen for. We choose to be unaware of how each and every single one of us is so important and can, in effect, have a great impact on all those around us, and the world as a whole.

I am now taking responsibility and claim my part in society. I work hard, commit to life and to people and I no longer run away.

None of which would have been possible if it was not for Serge Benhayon and the truth he presents.


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696 thoughts on “How I Changed my Life – Thanks to Serge Benhayon

  1. You talk about the harm you were causing yourself and others by withdrawing from life and I appreciate your honesty in this. We can easily delude ourselves that we are heroic in our rebelliousness when we turn our back on something when we are in fact saying no to not just ourselves but a huge potential for learning and evolution.

    1. Whenever we turn our backs on anything we are usually in reaction. And whatever or whoever we have turned our backs on is, as you say Gabrielle the very thing or the very person who was designed to bring us evolution in that moment. If we truly want to evolve then we need to stay put and have a closer look at what the situation is highlighting about us.

  2. Learning how to honour, nurture and love ourselves is such a gift. By taking responsibility and making wise and loving choices we are able to serve humanity in an energetic quality the honours everyone.
    Thank you SLE for highlighting this and for sharing your amazing transformation.

  3. Thank you SLE for a beautiful sharing, of turning your life around to be one of true commitment to life, society, and people. Realising the power and responsibility we have in the self loving choices we make and the impact that our lives have on each others.

  4. “I viewed society as the enemy. I saw it as an uncaring, heartless, cold place and wanted as little part of it as I could get away with.” Society is simply a reflection on how we’ve been and how we are in the world.

  5. ‘We choose to be unaware of how each and every single one of us is so important and can, in effect, have a great impact on all those around us, and the world as a whole.’ Well said and very true SLE. This is asking us to consider a deeper level of responsibility we have to everyone around us as well as ourselves. Every choice we make in life can either harm or heal, I agree our choices have an impact on others around us, people will either have the opportunity to feel supported and inspired by our choices or harmed by our choices.

  6. It used to be impossible for me to accept the world and the people in it for all my life, yet what I didn’t’ know was that I had no acceptance for me to begin with either. Since meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, literally EVERYTHING made sense as to why things were the way they were, and how I was not a victim of it, but a contributor to that, and that there was a purpose.

    1. Similarly for me too Fumiyo – understanding why things are the way they are and that there is a purpose to us being here completely changed my outlook on life and the way it is and how it makes sense that each and every one of us without exception has an integral part to play in society and a responsibility to commit to life in full.

  7. ‘We often feel we are too small and insignificant to change anything and have our say, yet this is a mass illusion most of us have fallen for’ So true SLE. Every single time we choose to speak up we make a difference. Each one of us can and will make changes once we are willing to feel the joy and power we have when we are responsible.

  8. Yes, humanity’s woes can seem overwhelmingly insurmountable most of the time. However it takes all of us to commit to life and be responsible for calling out the harm in our own unique way when we see it, feel it or hear it. The alternative is apathy followed close at heel by shame for our part in the process of decline that inevitably follows. I’m reminded of that lovely metaphor about the drop in the ocean – how many drops does it take to make an ocean? We’re each of us a drop every time we speak the truth, with our own unique role in the sea that eventually turns the tide.

  9. So beautiful to read and feel that you have learnt to honour yourself and commit to life; this is such a wonderful lesson on self responsibility.
    Thank you SLE for sharing your inspirational story.

  10. Thank you SLE for this. I could feel in me a reaction while reading this blog – that belief that we have to do something to make a difference, those thoughts of ‘we don’t have love within and available to us right now’ is a pure illusion as you say. Playing small makes me feel small but in the past I have lived life actively trying to be as small and invisible as possible. It’s one thing to then on the flip side say – if so much effort is being made to play small then how big are we that requires such effort. This has been presented by many over the years I’ve known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine but how does this fact feel? What if I surrendered to how big I feel, how grand I feel, how open and how much love there is that I am to feel?

  11. So true, Brendon. I have been deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon and other Universal Medicine students but I am also inspirational for others an i need to appreciate this.

  12. I really loved this sentence “I realise now if I want to truly change things around me, I need to be a part of it and then in time change it from the inside… It’s easier to stand on the outside pointing the finger and waiting for others to change things for us then it’ll be ok this to was a bit of a default program I had running to, it’s amazing what you can actually do when you reengage with the world.

    1. I realise I had been standing on the outside pointing the finger for most of my life, it wastnt until I came across Universal Medicine that I started to look within and then hay presto my life started to change. Learning to take responsibility goes hand in hand with giving and receiving more love.

  13. The realisation of the ‘play’ on words can be very powerful and ‘playing small’ are some of those words. Is it not true that by playing small we are putting ourselves on a pedestal for others to look up to? Pure illusion. We are so amazing and to simply bring our love to every moment in movement and expression is living the truth and fullness of who we are. We are greeted by the greatness in others in every interaction, spoken or unspoken, and by meeting that in our own fullness is ‘playing big’ in the way we have come back to be. Thanks SLE for exposing the illusion of playing small.

  14. I love this comment “We often feel we are too small and insignificant to change anything and have our say, yet this is a mass illusion most of us have fallen for. We choose to be unaware of how each and every single one of us is so important and can, in effect, have a great impact on all those around us, and the world as a whole.” I share this with everyone and anyone, we have been so caught in the illusion that we can’t make a difference but one smile, one look, one word can change on other persons trajectory in life, so it is crucial that that look, word, smile comes from knowing the power of love in this world. We have to be engaged in life to make a difference in life. Count me in.

  15. Beautiful writing. I am also discovering what committing to life truly means. The key thing in committing to life is the commitment to me, which means being in the body, feeling what is going and honoring those feelings by acting on them by means of expression in al kind of ways. Second part is connecting to my essence. In general it is making it about the being first, and then making it about the doing. Hard work without connection to the being means nothing, as it has now quality of love, joy or harmony in it.

  16. Great testimonial on the benefits of what is presented by Serge Benhayon and also your commitment to self responsibility.

  17. What an amazing turn around in life you have made happen for yourself SLE. Truly amazing, all credit to you for taking on the wisdom presented and having the commitment to see it through to being true to you. A vastly different expression to what you once lived.

  18. ‘I viewed society as the enemy. I saw it as an uncaring, heartless, cold place and wanted as little part of it as I could get away with.’ This is an amazing point to bring up here, as there are many who feel this way about life. Yet there is another way, a way to bring joy and the feeling that there is love all around us, just waiting for us to connect to it.

  19. I could really relate to the line….”I viewed society as the enemy. I saw it as an uncaring, heartless, cold place and wanted as little part of it as I could get away with.” Before coming along to Universal Medicine, I to saw society as the enemy, I was always in a lot of reaction to how people treated each other, I lacked commitment to my job, to myself and cared very little about current affairs, politics or what was going on in my own community. I can only thank with all my heart, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, for reflecting all they have and do consistently.

  20. Dear SLE it was a great pleasure to read your honest blog. At my workplace I met people who too feel “too small and insignificant to change anything” It is so beautiful to feel and see when they “find out that this is an illusion and instead allow themselves to feel that they are important and that they have an impact in this world”. It is our job to show people through living it by ourselves that they matter – I was deeply inspired to do so through Serge Benhayon – he was my first role model and he still is and will be it forever!

  21. The missing ingredient in the world today is true love. Serge Benhayon presents and lives life from, in, with, by and through love, a love that is shared with all and inspires all to live love so that love will one day flow through all humanity.

  22. This is an absolute amazing sharing and needs to be deeply appreciated. Your choices and the teachings of Universal Medicine and the work of Serge Benhayon is truly incredible- to see someone so switched off from life and humanity to the point that they are living in a cave! Then make a turn around and work full-time managing a business is HUGE. Thank you for your sharing, Australia needs to hear this along with health services as it is an inspiring story and a way forward for many.

  23. A truly powerful sharing SLE that deserves to be heard by many, many people. To make such a change in life – from the depth of overwhelm and retreat in the face of the callousness and harshness of our world, to actually knowing the power of what one person can bring, when he/she commits, is profound beyond words.
    For how many who are seemingly living as a ‘contributing’ part of our societies have truly moved beyond the giving up and overwhelm? How many appear to be living committed lives, but seek in the main to secure their own fortresses and places of safety – to have the things and the means to avoid as much as possible, all that does truly overwhelm…? Are their lives about themselves, or truly aware of the part they can play for all – as you have shared in your blog here.
    Hats off to you SLE, for you are a living inspiration. And I can categorically state myself, that without the love and powerful inspiration of the man that is Serge Benhayon, I would also still be living my own version of hiding and not wanting to be a part of it all.

  24. One of the big lessons for us in this life is that we are all connected. Our deep connection with ourselves and therefore, everyone else, is the thing that fills us up and shows us that we come from love. This is so joyful that there is no need to escape.

  25. It is amazing how when we see society as heartless, cold and uncaring we become that ourselves and lock away all the love that is there to bring to the world. Serge Benhayon has inspired so many of us with his steadiness and extraordinary love for people, to stop focussing on past hurts and to start to see the beauty in life and people again.

  26. I too feel as if I was running from the world a few years ago; playing the victim, not facing up to people, not really expressing, not being honest. This was all a way of making myself small and not taking responsibility. I allowed a lot of abuse to confirm me as small. I thought I was never the issue – but I was in fact the common thread. Once I dropped the arrogance and actually saw that, I was able to see that perhaps that isn’t really who I am, and perhaps I have a guard up to the world because my first thought is ‘I’ll get hurt’ instead of ‘stay open.’ I am learning to drop this guard – to let people in and let the true me out. To stop running.

  27. It is a mass illusion that we are too small to do anything about the way life is. By being our amazing selves we make a huge difference. By coming back to absolute truth we are an amazing marker for everyone. The more who do this the more encouraged others will be.

    1. So true Amanda. It is so embedded in our consciousness that we are ‘only one person’ and ‘what difference can we make?’ I used to look for obvious and instant outcomes to prove that we can make a difference. However now I just know and trust that without doing anything, we can offer a real difference by the quality of our being.

  28. Wow SLE what an extraordinary turn around from living in a cave on the beach to managing a successful business. Your story is a living miracle and was made possible through the love and support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. By taking responsibility for yourself you were able to commit more fully to your life, became more engaged with society and began to make loving choices for yourself. This is deeply inspiring to many people and a powerful sharing of what is possible with true love and true support.

  29. I can so relate to your sharing, the inspiration I too have received from Serge Benhayon is immense. The reflection he offers, for each of us to accept or not, is there to behold in our own time. There is a marked transformation within myself as to how I view life, my commitment and how open and willing I am to be loving. He provides a lived example of what we all innately know is within us. Because of Serge we are able to visibly see what it is to live a different way and create the space to make other choices for ourselves.

  30. You were inspired by Serge Benhayon and now in turn you are able to inspire many others through sharing your story. As you have now found and presented for the world to know responsibility and commitment to life are key to living a true life.

  31. I agree SLE we can ‘often feel we are too small and insignificant to change anything and have our say..’ it’s true, it is a mass illusion. If we know we are all connected and know it deeply within us, then can we really sit in the comfort of the illusion that what we choose for ourselves is not going to have repercussions for everyone else and the environment (Earth) with life?

  32. I ran away from life in very different ways to you SLE; but none the less still ran away.
    There are times today when that feeling of numbing or running away still haunts me, causing anxiousness and nervousness. Taking responsibility and committing to life, i.e. not running away, is absolutely the key.
    Serge Benhayon and his family are wonderful examples of fully committing to life; the truth he presents is life changing.

  33. When we run away from life and society because it is too overwhelming we are giving up on our selves as well as other people. I can see that if this is happening on mass, then it is understandable why the world is in the state that it is today, but I also see very clearly, if we each change and commit to life, how we can turn this around.

  34. Thank you SLE for committing to be a part of humanity again. We’re all blessed to have you back in the brotherhood. The changes that you have made are inspirational, thank you for sharing.

  35. More and more I am learning that ‘doing life’ is not the same as committing to life. When I worked hard and played hard I was living in a mental energy, a drive always in the next moment and looking for the next thing. This was actually a way to escape life, as in not wanting to really feel it and my part in it. There are so many ways that we have found to escape life and be in distraction and most of them are pretty good disguises so we can all agree to not expose them and keep going in this way. But we are starting to see the praise we pay for it and that the race to escape is getting faster and more intense, how much longer can we continue? For me it is about getting very real, with my feet in the Clay, doing everything that needs to be done with energetic responsibility and integrity.

  36. Tanya, your table of facts clearly shows the difference between these two organisations. When I was younger I lived with nuns in a Buddhist monastery and though the people were very dedicated and disciplined, their lifestyle was also one of escaping ‘the real world’. Universal Medicine presents a religion for people of all walks of life who are involved in everyday living and are endeavouring to bring love to whatever they do. Since being with Universal Medicine I have come to realize how much I was hiding and holding back from committing to life and now at 70yrs of age I feel I am just beginning my real work. Retirement is not an option as there is so much needing to be done to restore harmony to a corrupt world.

  37. Thank you for sharing your story SLE, I am deeply inspired by your commitment to life and as you say you are a pivotal part in that commitment and in bringing about true change to the world. We make the difference in life by truly serving, that is by being true to ourselves and bringing this truth of who we know ourselves to be into every facet, nook and cranny of daily living. This is how we inspire people, by being real, being dedicated to ourselves and humanity and enjoying the whole process!

  38. So many of us have had major life turn arounds thanks to Serge Benhayon, It’s such a huge thing to realise that we are not insignificant and because all is energy everything we do has an impact one way or the other.

  39. Wow that’s a pretty amazing story, to have your life turn around like that is no mean feat there’s a strength to been seen and shown that anything is possible with the reflection of love and when taking responsibility for ourselves is presented, Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are all of these.

  40. After reading this story (and many others) of someone committing to life through the support and inspiration of Serge Benhayon and the esoteric work no one can any longer
    judge or claim Universal Medicine or the true ‘esoteric’ way of living to be airy-fairy, secretive, exclusive, withdrawing from life, separating people, destroying relationships or else. The true esoteric means full commitment to being oneself, to all of life, to people and to service for humanity.

  41. I had a moment of exhaustion and overwhelm when reading your blog but the sentence ‘Now I allow myself to see and feel what is happening around me in society…’ immediately made me reconnect to people and the bigger picture I am part of and have a responsibility to contribute to and I can feel now how I am reviving.

  42. Commitment to life, to really being part of it, being me in full in every area of life is super powerful, for oneself but also for everyone else as we bring something that enriches and inspires everyone around us. Taking full responsibility makes us burst for life and the willingness to feel and care and stand strong in love and truth is amazing.

    1. I agree Alex, commitment to life is super powerful and supportive for everyone, including ourselves. And it is natural for us to commit to life in full, it is holding back that is a drain and not of our true nature.

  43. Committing to life, yes I can relate to not having wanted to be a part of the world as it was, having given up on life and trying to change some areas. Now, with commitment and purpose back I understand how I am makes a difference and contributes in a harming or healing way.

  44. Your whole blog is a great testament to having to be engaged in life to make a difference in life SLE and I thank you for the confirmation. When you say “We often feel we are too small and insignificant to change anything and have our say, yet this is a mass illusion most of us have fallen for. We choose to be unaware of how each and every single one of us is so important and can, in effect, have a great impact on all those around us, and the world as a whole.” We have an affect on everything just like the ripples on water from a drip, it is not always seen but it is always felt by someone somewhere. If we choose to contribute, then those drips start to make a body of water for others to swim in. Imagine each drip of love having that effect. I imagine it would make the world less prone to mans inhuman behaviour towards man.

  45. A fabulous account SLE – thank you for sharing this amazing turnaround in your life. Your words felt deeply honest and real and made me deeply reflect on similar choices that I have made since meeting Serge Benhayon and attending Universal Medicines presentations.

  46. It’s interesting how we can perceive the whole of society to be our enemy, when now I realise I have been my own worst enemy in my life. So learning to honour myself and treating myself with gentleness and love is what I have gained through listening to Serge Benhayon’s presentations. And the effects of this are extraordinary, and totally life changing.

    1. Yes Esther, very true, we can blame society, the world, anyone other than ourselves for not stepping into our lives, growing up, engaging, but in the end the main person to suffer is ourselves.

  47. SLE, I can totally relate to what you share, and it has been very similar for me; trying to ‘stay out of harm’s way’ or go ‘under the radar’, to not have to be a part of the mess we can feel in the world. Through attending workshops with Universal Medicine and Presentations by Serge Benhayon I became to clearly understand that the mess in this world is also my responsibility, and by not claiming my space in it all, I am allowing it all to keep going and getting worse. How can things change when we all decide it’s too hard, I’m not playing anymore? I have totally changed the way I have lived too, thank you again SLE for what you have expressed here.

  48. The power of who we all are is seen in Serge Benhayon, his life is showing us how, when living truly we can support others to transform out of their shells into the truth of themselves. If one man living his truth can inspire so many, what effect will a few thousand people living in the same way – with love and integrity – what impact will that have on the world – one that impacts the world exponentially.

    1. Great question Ariana and one that should be documented, how the life of one man inspired thousands of others to change who then went on to inspire others. The knock on effect is truly remarkable, many thousands of lives today living more healthy, vitality and joy-fully and yet never having heard of or met Serge Benhayon. Such is the true power of inspiration and all it takes is one. To all the ones out there, thank you.

      1. Yes Caroline, we are all indeed the one who can inspire others and this brings with it a responsibility to live with love and integrity and yet it doesn’t have to be a burden – it’s just a natural expression of the love within and the more we connect to that, the more it expands out as we have seen with the enormous impact that Serge Benhayon has had on many thousands of lives.

    2. Absolutely Ariana, the impact of one or many living what is true for them has the power to make more change than anything else ~ because it’s real, it’s lasting and it’s all about living ones true qualities and not holding back from claiming how amazing life can be and can turn lives completely around, just as in the experience here of SLE.

    3. A great question, Ariana. The inspiration that Serge Benhayon has offered to those who have chosen to listen has been nothing short of life changing for so many people. This inspiration will be one that is felt for a very long time through those who have made those choices to be, not ‘just like Serge’, but to be themselves. This is as a part of the exploration of what that means to truly be one’s self, it is truly living with that knowingness, and it has been inspired by Serge Benhayon simply living what has felt true for himself.

  49. I so relate to your experience SLE and I too ran, and hid and moved and withdrew from life. I am now currently on the mend and healing all of my feelings around the world being ‘too much’, ‘too intense’, ‘ too overwhelming’ and I am learning to live from my inner essence first and from this place observing the world and all its troubles and leaning not to get caught up in the issues but to just see them and bring my light and love to them.

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