How I Changed my Life – Thanks to Serge Benhayon

Before meeting Serge Benhayon and coming across Universal Medicine my life was a mess; I had a string of abusive relationships that did not honour me as the woman I am.

I was constantly running away from life and society and had spent ten years traveling on and off, often finding myself in some really dodgy and unsafe situations. On numerous occasions I found myself sleeping rough on a beach and I actually lived in a cave where I survived on mountain water and food found growing nearby. When I did go back into society to work it was easy for me to numb myself from what I was feeling with alcohol, sugar and caffeine.

I viewed society as the enemy. I saw it as an uncaring, heartless, cold place and wanted as little part of it as I could get away with.

This all changed when I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

This was a magical turning point in my life where I was given a very honest but loving reflection on how I had been living and how there was so much more to life than the daily struggle I was finding myself in.

I was going in a ‘one way’ direction which consisted of continually repeating patterns of behaviour that were unhealthy, unhelpful, unloving and harming to both myself and others. But after meeting Serge Benhayon I changed my life completely. Through his loving reflection I realised the harm I was causing to myself and the harm I was causing to society by not being fully committed to life.

Since attending Universal Medicine presentations and receiving Esoteric healing sessions, I have learnt how to honour myself and to commit back to life.

I had been travelling on and off for ten years, flitting from job to job, house to house, relationship to relationship, but since coming to the Esoteric work and The Way of The Livingness, I realised it was time to grow up and face the maturity and responsibility I had been running away from.

I have now been in regular full time work for over four years, and in the last year I’ve been working as a manager for a successful business.

This would not have been possible if I had not listened to and taken on board what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been presenting for many years now.

I realise now if I want to truly change things around me, I need to be a part of it and then in time change it from the inside… not running away or turning a blind eye, or using distractions such as travelling, sugar, alcohol or caffeine.

I had always seen humanity’s sufferings as too big to comprehend and would get lost in the overwhelming feeling that I needed to do something to help in some way. When this seemed impossible it was easy to give up and use something to distract myself.

Now I allow myself to see and feel what is happening around me in society, but no longer feel hopeless and small within this.

We often feel we are too small and insignificant to change anything and have our say, yet this is a mass illusion most of us have fallen for. We choose to be unaware of how each and every single one of us is so important and can, in effect, have a great impact on all those around us, and the world as a whole.

I am now taking responsibility and claim my part in society. I work hard, commit to life and to people and I no longer run away.

None of which would have been possible if it was not for Serge Benhayon and the truth he presents.


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696 thoughts on “How I Changed my Life – Thanks to Serge Benhayon

  1. “Now I allow myself to see and feel what is happening around me in society, but no longer feel hopeless and small within this”. When we stop reacting to life because of wanting it to be a certain way a great step in our own evolution occurs. This supports not only us but also everyone we encounter.

    1. Whenever we go into despair at the state of anything or anyone then we’ve lost sight of the bigger picture. God has absolutely everything worked out in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine, his intelligence is beyond anything that we consciously know and there is no detail that he could possibly have over looked. God is all over the detail constantly, in fact He is the detail.

  2. It is interesting that we can feel the truth, but because we don’t know what to do to change it we chose to avoid the situation and bury heads in the sand or turn a blind eye to it. I was like you SLE my way of coping was saying I preferred animals to humans and spent my teens and early 20’s with horses so I didn’t have to face the reality of life. It looked from the outside like I was participating in life but I wasn’t, I was doing what I thought was enough to get by. Now and again I would change the goal posts so it looked like I was making changes and until Serge Benhayon entered my life I thought I was doing a pretty good job at making my life look good, but the flaws and cracks began to appear as my coping mechanisms got exposed.

  3. ” í am now taking responsibility and claim my part in society. I work hard, commit to life and to people and I no longer run away. ” This is so wonderful to read a simple miracle of responsibility by choice, lovely thank you for sharing.

  4. Yes SLE, to change the world is to change yourself. “We choose to be unaware of how each and every single one of us is so important and can, in effect, have a great impact on all those around us, and the world as a whole.”

  5. what I got from reading this blog today is that we need to become aware that we undeniable are part of the society we experience as wayward and very abusive in all aspect of life. Only by participating in full we can change it from the inside out. When we feel to distract ourselves from society we just are fallen for an illusion because then too we are still in it, part of it and contribute to it if we like it or not.

  6. With many of us withdrawing from life and trying to find an easy way to escape the daily grind, the fact that you have returned to the world of work and are committing to life again (and no feeling of the grind being present in your blog) is truly remarkable.

  7. Yet another miracle that is thanks to Serge Benhayon. A man that lets us not forget that we are far more than we are living, and that it is our choice to live that more in our every move.

  8. How cool it will be in the world when we all start to open up this way, to be really part of all there is for us to do, to look at to make it back to harmony and love.

  9. When we truly honour ourselves it is an honouring of everyone else as well and so all benefit from us making that commitment.

  10. I think many people could relate to living in reaction to the world, there is much to except and surrender to. The more we accept and surrender to the divineness we are the more we start to see the divine beauty in all and the world.

  11. A massive turn around in someones life, supported by a business that has been doing this for many people for years now. It’s no small turn around as I’ve said and testament to the very fact that it’s about us returning to something and not about going anywhere. This, “I realise now if I want to truly change things around me, I need to be a part of it and then in time change it from the inside” is a simple but key message for all of us. If we look out and turn away, walk away, feel overwhelmed or helpless then turn back within and build truly, how you are and everything outward will be forever touched by this power.

  12. I had little commitment to life and what commitment I did have was on my terms so not really any commitment at all. What ever our age, working regularly is a great support in getting back into life and finding purpose. Until I met Serge Benhayon I had absolutely no purpose other than to make my life as comfortable as possible.

  13. So true SLE, the lack of commitment to life is an exhausting way to live, I can relate as I did it myself for many years. Learning to commit to life hasn’t been as hard or scary as I once thought, it has been very empowering to embrace life and not to hide from it and to feel the true love and support that is available when we say yes to this.

  14. That is so true – equally for me, without the teachings, wisdom shared, love and truth reflected by Serge Benhayon, I would not be standing as I am – more and more able to live who I am – getting to know myself in full in this human life and equally in the awareness and deep inner knowing that we are not from here. That I am from heaven just like any other person here on earth.

  15. I can absolutely relate to feeling dismayed and repulsed by the way we as a humanity treat each other and what we have allowed to be accepted as ‘normal’ in the world. Throughout my life, especially growing up, the feelings of love, and Brotherhood that I felt within were incongruent with what I was seeing in the world we were and are living in. And so the choice I made in reaction to this was to rebel first, followed by trying to just fit in. Through the presentations of Universal Medicine I came to realise that the love we are within remains untouched and we all have a choice in every moment to live this love, as the choices we make on a daily basis is what contributes to shaping the way our society is. In claiming to be the love we are within through our living day we bring the power of one more person living love in the world, rather than one more person living and adding lovelessness the world. This is the responsibility we all hold.

  16. So many of us have been hurt in some way and have then reacted to humanity and society. We turn our back or only give the minimal needed to get by in life but never really offering our all to humanity, fully engaging in society or committing to life. The student body is a growing group of people who are committed and committing to life and who are active in their community – it is beautiful to be a part of and to witness.

  17. Shutting ourselves away from society to not feel the pain is in effect shutting ourselves away from the love that resides within us that would, when connected to, heal our pain as we become responsible for our own life.

  18. Energetically how many of us are living in a cave without any light and are happy to live in this level of illusion away from the light we come from? Every now and then God sends an amazing being who lights up the darkness for those who are ready to leave the cave and feel the reality that living in full day-light brings.

    1. Great point Greg. We can definitely find ourselves living in a cave without physically being in one. I know certainly I had even constructed my own, with walls of protection to cocoon myself from feeling hurt from the world – which in truth never really worked anyway. I now realise that the hurt I was feeling was not coming from the lovelessness in world around me, but all along was from not living in connection to and staying true to me in the face of the lovelessness.

      1. Agreed Carola, Love has to be lived then we need no walls of protection as our divine connection allows the ability to see the lovelessness for what it truly is, then it is observed and not absorbed.

  19. True change can only come from within when we realise that we are an equal part of how things are around us; when we blame and withdraw, and I did my part in it, we basically add to the existence we detest. You’ve shown us here that when you start to commit and take responsibility for your own life, things do change.

  20. Recently I have been realising just how much of a big lie everything in my life has been thus far. I have always been involved in gazillion projects, taking on every opportunity that came my way – however never really committed to any of it. I used to go to a netball club every week, missing only 2 practice sessions in one year at school and used to use that as a pointer that I’m committed to life. However, when I get a bit more honest about it, I can say that the reason why I used to go is to get the recognition for showing up every time because I knew that my teacher valued that. It showed in my performance as well, I was never really any good at the sport. There could be many reasons of course, but when you are not completely committed to doing your best, you never will.

  21. Wow. This is potentially how we could change the world – to embrace being a part of what is needing to change. So easy to criticize and/or ignore what we do not like, as if it has nothing to do with us, but we have everything to do with what we see.

  22. When we get hurt by life, or seemingly so, we can then lead a life of reaction but kid ourselves we are doing it our way and not buying into the rules of society. Yet when we do anything in reaction we are still being ruled by whatever it is we reacted to. We are in no way, shape or form free of it.

  23. Perhaps like me, you have always seen yourself as a victim of life, unfairly attacked, held back and wrongly treated and so justified, to feel put down, sad and hurt and somewhat mistreated in this world. Yes it’s true there is much that’s not loving in this life, but knowing Serge Benhayon has shown me that the world does not owe us ‘a living’ as we think it does – it just returns to us what we choose. We could not be more powerful, better equipped to make a life that’s true, vibrant and rich. But the responsibility for this always comes down to us and whether we say yes to Love. Thank you SLE.

  24. Thank you SLE for sharing your journey of committing back to life, meeting Serge Benhayon was such an amazing gift of love that you opened up to and choose for yourself and take your part responsibly into society , knowing that you can and do make a difference.

  25. What a journey you have been on, its sounds like you always knew the truth but needed a nudge to wake you up. I was the same, maybe not living in caves but I was wayward, I was numbing myself constantly as a way to run away and when I got that nudge, it was the best thing that happen to me. I am very grateful for meeting Serge Benhayon and any person that says a bad word about this man, must not know him because when you do know the depth of his love and care, he is is impossible to hold any ill towards. There are not many people out there like Serge, who dedicate their life to reawaken people and bring them back to the powerhouses they always were.

  26. It’s an amazing change to go from being overwhelmed by the world and given up on what you have to bring to humanity versus the commitment you now have and willingness to respond to what you see and feel in society around you.

  27. Accepting we have an equal part to play in this world is part of the responsibility we each have to contribute something of value to the world. Otherwise we sink into the stance that the world owes us something, and withdraw through the hurt we feel when people and life do not deliver.

  28. This blog is a great reminder to us all that playing small and running away from life is deeply harming both to ourselves and those around us. It is only with our full commitment to life and all that that entails, do we fulfill the true purpose of why we are here……to live and reflect heaven here on earth.

  29. A remarkable turn-around, SLE, which is such a powerful testament to the loving and empowering influence that Serge Benhayon has through his lived example and presentations of the Ageless Wisdom.

  30. It’s a pretty incredible turn around. To live with such enormous hurts for so long and yet be open to the possibility that you can contribute to changing that is quite miraculous. It’s better that you’re here with the rest of us, that’s for sure.

    1. It is a total miracle, when you look at how many people are feeling disempowered, disengaged with society because they feel the emptiness and pointlessness of the way things are. To be able to step back into life and be open to what that will look like is indeed a miracle.

  31. Thank you for sharing SLE, your story is remarkable but it’s not the only one I’ve heard like this when it comes to Serge. Our society is full of good advice, practical tips and ‘helpful guidance’ but none of it seems to lead to true, substantial change. Speak to people who have been inspired by Serge Benhayon to become students of Universal Medicine and themselves and you start to see the amazing difference that has taken place. It’s no coincidence to me that Serge actively lives what he presents. This seems to effect us on a molecular level, like seeing him draws out the potential inside of us. And then if we live it too we have the same effect on the people that we know. Now this is how true inspiration works to me – how beautiful.

  32. Thank you for your honest and inspirational sharing SLE. There is no doubt there are many parts of our society that are uncaring, heartless, cold. However, what a joy it is that you now bring care, heart, love and fire into the community; which in turn supports and inspires others to do the same.

  33. Contributing to life is SO much more meaningful (and useful) than giving up. Yes, it can seem like there is too massive a tide to turn back – a tsunami perhaps – but as you have realised SLE what we choose makes a difference. To paraphrase Gandhi, all we need do is; ‘be the change we want to see’ and we can do this moment to moment, which is to say movement to movement. Every move we make matters.

  34. Sometimes we need to fess up and realise that we can be our own worst enemy with the unwise choices we make ourselves, and not the society we blame.

  35. This shows how we all have a responsibility to live to our inner truth, as, how else are we able to return to a one unified truth if we are already compromising ourselves by not living and expressing that what we deep down feel to be our truth.

  36. Thank you for sharing this stunning story SLF. I used to react to bureaucracy and feel like nothing I did mattered but Serge Benhayon supported me to change all that through his incredible presentations on responsibility, reflection and energy. Now I know that every single move I make matters and it has changed everything.

  37. ‘…I no longer run away’. in fact you are not running away from yourself anymore, you are not blaming society anymore and feel yourself the victim. You (and others who embraced The Way of The Livingness) have become aware of how we are all part of humanity and live in this crazy society with our responsibility to consistently bring our light into the world to reflect there is another way.

  38. It’s amazing that in the reaction to the lovelessness, corruption, abuse etc. we see around us (and are part of) in life, so many of us choose to run away in some way – whether that be as you did quite literally SLE, or by burying ourselves in our own stuff so we don’t have to feel the enormity of the rot in society as a whole. It does feel overwhelming and can relate to the feeling of not knowing what I can do to change it so instead just ignoring it. But ironically by doing this we are adding to the problem. By staying silent and choosing not to change our part in the mess we are confirming it is ok, so we perpetuate it with our apathy, overwhelm, anxiousness…..or whatever it is for you. But one person choosing to live consciously and responsibly has a massive effect on the world. We do not need to wake up with the thought we are going to change the world. All we need to do is to love and care for ourselves, understanding that in doing so we are offering a choice to others to do the same. The power of this reflection is immense and unfathomable.

  39. WE all have a huge part to play in the way society is currently functioning. Taking responsibility for the way we live and communicate with others is a big step in the right direction to arrest the current ills of our existence.

  40. It’s interesting SLE that you went from living in relative isolation, existing on water and bush food, to living in society numbing yourself on sugar and caffeine… what strikes me is that both these ways of getting through life are essentially the same. Both offer a ‘way through’ that is not engaged fully and not taking responsibility for what it is we are contributing. They are both a way of copping out… thank God for Serge Benhayon and his reflection of truth and love… and for the fact you allowed yourself to wake up to the fact it lives within you equally so.

    1. The extremes are only the other end of the same continuum, we are forever offered the opportunity to align to love and all that it can support us with.

      1. Exactly Vanessa, and we are endlessly offered the opportunity to cop out and align to anything but that. Aligning to love and all that it can support with does require us to go against the tide and no longer fit in with the status quo, which can feel daunting for a while.

  41. Sometimes when we are presented with truth, we may reject it and push it away because we choose to avoid it. But you certainly embraced love and truth SLE, reflected and presented by Serge Benhayon and people at Universal Medicine. This is a beautiful blog showing us what life looks like when we choose to take responsibility, commit to life and purpose. Amazing SLE, from your choices, you too reflect truth and love to people around you.

  42. Hear hear. What I can relate to is feeling inspired by a man who lives a life full of responsibility and self love – to the point where I choose to change how I live based on what I see. Amazing!

  43. Imagine a marathon with no end, a Grand Prix with no finish line, or a cricket game with no end of play. Exhausting? Well, this is where we end up when we bury our head in the sand and try to escape from our ‘stuff’ and life. In running we make ourselves prisoners of something we really needn’t be. Thank you for the change you chose SLE.

    1. That is a funny analogy Joseph. A football game that never ends, that is like a horror story, but for 2 hours its awesome entertainment, but that extension of time exposes that it is not the truth, as if it was true and loving an eternity of living it would be natural.

  44. It is truth that calls us in from the wilderness of our lost selves, where we live in reaction to a world that has been deprived of our true light and choose to withdraw and seek solace in the shadows that offer some form of comfort by way of shrouding our vision of all that is there to be seen. Stepping back into the light is as simple as making the choice to no longer hide the beauty of that which burns within us all. It is the light of truth, of love and of God. Serge Benhayon is one of many teachers that have walked beside us throughout history that by virtue of their living way, remind us that we too can arise once more back to the truth of who we really are.

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