The Way of The Livingness – The Light Outside Plato’s Cave

Before we explore The Way of The Livingness, let’s for a moment reconnect to Plato’s allegory of the cave. It is a story of a people trapped in a cave from birth, only able to look at one wall. There are masters of this cave who have a flame behind the prisoners that they cannot see. The masters stand behind the fire so their shadows are not evident but they place objects in front of the flame, casting shadows on the wall. The prisoners, having seen nothing but these shadows since birth, think that this is all there is in life.

For a prisoner to escape, they must first confront the light of this flame and allow their eyes to adjust to the reality of what they see: this light can be so intense that nearly all turn away and return to the wall. The reality is that few prisoners pass this light and even fewer exit the cave, but if they did, they would adjust to the new light and begin to see the ‘real’ world around them. Continue reading “The Way of The Livingness – The Light Outside Plato’s Cave”

Thank God for Serge Benhayon

I was pondering lately what my life would be like now if it hadn’t been for a seemingly random chain of events that brought me to Australia, then on to Brisbane… and by some quirk of fate sitting wondering what the heck I was doing at a workshop held by a man named Serge Benhayon.

Up until this point in my life I was an outright cynic of anything remotely religious, New Age, non-scientific or totally mainstream; even a trip to a chiropractor or a massage therapist was way out there for me. So imagine my surprise when I started to be all consumed with finding my purpose and needing to find myself, so to speak.  Continue reading “Thank God for Serge Benhayon”

How I Came to Love Glorious Music

I am a musician with many years’ experience and have played professionally since the age of 15. I am now a huge supporter of Michael Benhayon and Glorious Music because of their philosophy behind the sound they make and the non-imposing music that they produce.

When I first heard music by Glorious Music I wasn’t that impressed. I was comparing the technical ability of what I heard being played against everything I had ever studied, read or played myself. Most of this comparison I learned from drum teachers and fellow musicians.

Underneath every bit of criticism and technical advice is “you have to play a certain way, if you don’t you won’t fit in, you won’t be liked and you won’t be successful” and “if you don’t play this certain way, you’re not doing it correctly.” These are ideals and beliefs that I took on about playing music and every piece I listened to came under the scrutiny of my own mind, mostly to get approval from my drum teachers and every fellow musician who I looked up to. Continue reading “How I Came to Love Glorious Music”

Looking for Answers and a Game that No One Wins

There is a conman living within; he wears a dark hat and hides in the shadows. He’s the one that says “Hey, have I got a deal for you.” He brings out a small glowing ball, saying that it is the answer to life and places it under one of three shells on the table. One shell is marked past hurts, another modern religion, and finally intellectual pursuits.

I am so captured by the glimpse of the glowing ball: I stop what I am doing and watch intently as he begins to shuffle the shells. After all, it’s the answer to life!  Continue reading “Looking for Answers and a Game that No One Wins”

The Many Faces of “God”

Religion in our world today presents us with a plethora of definitions, identities and faces of “God”, with many of these definitions on the surface at least, bearing little or no resemblance to each other.

For many years I have found this both puzzling and disturbing as I am a person who holds an unequivocal inner knowing that there is such a Being, yet what I feel within me is completely different to these descriptions of “God”.

Contemplating this apparent paradox, I began to consider some of the faces of “God” to which I had been exposed in my life. Continue reading “The Many Faces of “God””

The Magic of God in Everyday Livingness

I have been observing and participating with the Magic of God in my everyday life for some time. So what is the Magic of God? I see it in our everyday lives: it is the amazing way circumstances play out to deliver something we require, or something that would help us, or give us confirmation. It could be a sign, a symbol in nature, an object, a chance meeting or a new opportunity to change our life’s path.

When we learn to take notice of God’s signs, read into their meaning for us personally, then could it be that there are opportunities given to us every day to assist and support us in our life? There can be amazing consequences of having full trust in God and in Divine Timing in our everyday livingness.  Continue reading “The Magic of God in Everyday Livingness”