Love Letters and the Magic of God

All my life I have had a strong feeling that God is real. Being brought up a Catholic this played out in my attending church and praying to God when I was struggling in life. However, at the time I always felt God was outside me so I would pray to him but I rarely felt I got any responses. Somewhere I thought that it was not truly possible for God to communicate with me.

Well this notion was completely turned upside down after hearing one of The Way of The Livingness sermons at a Universal Medicine event, setting in motion a series of events which confirmed to me that we are receiving love letters from God all the time, and that the magic of God is real.  

In recent years, through the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have rediscovered not only that God is real, but also that I am held in God’s love and that love is expressed through me, in everything I do and say.

Despite this, what I didn’t understand prior to The Way of The Livingness sermon was that God is always sending us love letters to remind us that we are held in his love but that sometimes we aren’t always opening the love letters from God, and/or at other times we are not even willing to go to the letterbox to see if there is a letter. This analogy really spoke to me and in being open to the fact that God is communicating with me all the time, on one recent occasion he offered me a day where His love letters were impossible to miss.

This truly magical day started with driving to an overnight beach break with my daughter. On the way (we were driving at 100 km/hour on the highway), we were met with the most beautiful display of butterflies flying in and around our car. Never before had I encountered this and I knew it was God communicating and that I was receiving not just one love letter, but hundreds!

When we arrived at the beach there were a huge number of people looking for a park (Easter holidays!), and I initially started to get stressed but then had a feeling everything would be okay. In the next minute, an older couple stopped me and said they would wait for me to do a loop so we could have their park. Due to the traffic they did have to wait but wait they did, only going to their car when we were ready to park, simply confirming the magic of God with another love letter, and communicating to me that we are never alone and that we are always supported.

Feeling I was having the best day ever, yet another love letter was received when I arrived at our accommodation and we were told we had been upgraded and our breakfast would be included. This was incredible because we were already using a super discounted deal to stay at the resort.

The next love letter from God was simply me (unconsciously) choosing to park in a parking area directly under where our room was located so I didn’t have to move my car. There was also a trolley to assist us to transport our bags to our room, which was already super close.

By this time there was no doubt that I had gone to the letterbox and was opening many love letters from God.

One may think it’s no biggie to have simple everyday events of butterflies on the freeway, the easy park, an upgraded room and perfect positioning of our room, but the more I have developed my connection to my body and to God, the more I am aware of the magic of God… everywhere.

And what I have realised is that taking notice of everyday simple communications that support our days to flow with ease and simplicity is precious; they are always there if we are but willing to see them.

The Universal Medicine The Way of The Livingness sermons as presented by Serge Benhayon continue to be perfectly designed to show us all that the magic of God is real and that God is communicating with us all the time. All that’s really needed from us is to be willing to be aware that God is sending us love letters ‘all’ the time, and make the space in our day to look in the letterbox to lovingly receive them.

By Sharon Gavioli, Registered Nurse, Adult Educator, Counsellor, Age 54, Brisbane Australia

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796 thoughts on “Love Letters and the Magic of God

  1. I love Seeing butterflies, God has given us the most perfect communication system nothing beats knowing we are communicating with the divine.

    1. How beautiful are butterflies, no really, how incredibly beautiful are they? Just reading the word transported me back to the garden I played in as a child and the butterflies that were part of my magical days.

  2. Love letters and the magic of God are all around us all of the time, and are available to us all equally. Being observant and fully present in our bodies is what is required to be aware of, and to accept, read and appreciate these blessings from God.

  3. I know that in the past there would have been a whole container load of unopened “love letters from God”, waiting for me as I lived in a way that I wasn’t aware of the magic that was all around me; I had no connection to God. It’s impossible to go back to that container and make the choice to open the letters but as a result of living in a way that my awareness of life is growing stronger each day these love letters are beginning to drop into my hands; some days I don’t even have to check the letter box!

  4. And to also know that we are deserving of this. I still have thoughts that if I have made mistakes then I need to suffer, however, I don’t feel that God operates in this way. I feel that love is there and available to us whenever we choose to connect back to it.

  5. Thank you Sharon this was beautiful to read again. Since my last read I have such a deeper awareness, understanding and appreciation of the Magic of God, which is great to feel. I can also feel now after reading your blog today that there is more room to deepen this again, to be more aware of my Love Letters from God everyday. It’s such a beautiful topic, there is so much ugliness and distress in this world and it can be easy for that to be the sole focus, when in fact we are surrounded by immense love which we can connect to and live from – which we get all these awesome reminders about!

  6. Sharon I love your “going to the mailbox” to see if there is any “Love letters from God”. I too realize we need to be open to communication from God at all times and that God is within us and not outside of us!

  7. Everyday our mailboxes are full with letters from God and these love letters represent every experience that we have, and knowing this allows us to understand the opportunity these letters (or blessings) present us with. However, it is important to note that although the love letters may be moments of revelation or inspiration, sometimes in order to initiate our growth they may not always be smooth sailing. In fact, some may even be downright uncomfortable and rock our status quo boat big time. That’s human life for you.

  8. I love this line Sharon – the fact that “we are never alone and that we are always supported.” So true – and the more we develop our connection with God and the Hierarchy the more we open to the support that is always there, (even if we reject or disbelieve it).

  9. Reading this article tonight I am reminded that it is up to ourselves to be aware of and receive the message God is delivering, otherwise we are forever lost in a sea of unsureness and not knowing of our own making.

  10. “we are never alone and that we are always supported.” This letter keeps coming up for me repeatedly these days. I completely agree with you Sharon that it is a case of being willing to go to the letter box and reading what is before us in life. Where I used to believe that to ‘read life’ meant like a book in front of me I have learnt recently that reading deeper is comprehending or reading the feelings within my body when it is faced with life. For example I was caught by the sunrise this morning, very light pinks, oranges and blues and within me I felt the word ‘Delicate’ – thats how I felt inside and the letter was coming from within and around in the sky. It’s like nature reflects the letter within us that is to be read, our bodies are the letter box that hold all these letters.

    1. Thank you Leigh, that was beautiful to read about your experience with the sunrise and how the love letter from God was read both inside and outside of your body.

  11. In how delightful… So simple and so lovely… Love letters from God… And imagine, even if we come home to some devastating news about our health, or something so usually so disturbing, that even this can be a deeply caring message from an innately profound wisdom.

    1. We are trapped in the illusion of life and operate from within that illusion. We receive news that we deem as ‘bad’ and everyone around us confirms that the news is indeed bad. We then deal with whatever it is that is happening from a very one dimensional perspective, which always throws us and those around us into emotion, it’s a knee jerk reaction of us all and yet there is another way and that way is to understand the deeper and truer aspects of life . There is nothing in life that is not God, He is The Everything of every-thing and so when we return to living that wisdom everything will be transformed.

  12. There is a constant flow of love letter popping into our mail boxes, in order for us to be showered by these blessings we need to have an awareness that they are being sent to support us in our evolution back to God, and that when we receive them to appreciate and heed what they are lovingly sharing and reflecting to us.

  13. We can take so much for granted can’t we, these are playful messages that could so easily be washed over as just good luck, or karma. But they feel like playful kisses saying have fun, you are loved and I am with you.

  14. This is a great reminder of the magic that can happen when we choose to check our inbox instead of getting lost in the struggle of trying to make things happen. The willingness to recognise that we are not alone opens the way for the Magic of God to flow in abundance.

  15. What a beautiful ode to appreciation of the love letters that God is sending us all the time. It is so easy to take these for granted and get caught up in the frustration of when things are less flowing without recognising the part we play in this. Thanks for the reminder to choose to be open to this constant communication.

  16. This is beautiful to read Sharon your blog has inspired me to remain more open to this communication from God and to appreciate what is constantly on offer for us all.

  17. Thank you Sharon for a beautiful sharing, reminding me that Gods love letters are continually being sent I just need to look in the letter box to receive them, and to know that in every moment I am lovingly upheld.

  18. Yes you inspire me to look at my life differently. I did not believe that God is constantly communicating with me, but by observing life differently and seeing the magic of God, things are shifting now with me step by step.

  19. This is a lovely sharing and we are still receiving letters from God when ‘things’ don’t seem to be going our way – the message is that we are going the wrong way about life.

  20. Love letters from God… What a beautiful idea, image, picture, indeed what and amazing concept that God could be in such vibrant communication with us… And yet when experienced it moves out of the concept field into a tangible and beautiful reality.

  21. I love this Sharon – what a beautiful confirmation that we are never alone, even in our darkest moments, all we have to do is be willing to be aware of the continual love letters from God and open them to feel the deep love and unseen support that is always holding us.
    “God is always sending us love letters to remind us that we are held in his love but that sometimes we aren’t always opening the love letters from God, and/or at other times we are not even willing to go to the letterbox to see if there is a letter”.

  22. Beautiful Sharon thank you. It is very inspiring to read your sharing on how God is constantly communicating with us and continuously sending us love letters. What I have observed with love letters is that it is very important to stop and appreciate each one as it arrives, as this then allows more and more to be offered to me.

  23. ‘I have rediscovered not only that God is real, but also that I am held in God’s love and that love is expressed through me, in everything I do and say.’ – I loved reading this line several times as it encapsulates so beautifully the richness and magic of life that we are Divinely a part of, held in and surrounded by, that is undeniable and forever inspiring whenever we surrender to interconnected-ness and oneness of God through the Love in our hearts.

  24. Beautiful Sharon, when I am connected to myself I too get lots of messages from God and although I understand some and not others, there is no doubt that there is a message there. Recently I have had a couple of big messages to show me that I was not present in the moment. Constant presence is for me a very important thing to be always working on and these huge messages were wake up calls.

    1. Thanks for your comment Doug, it highlights how tailor made each communication is, like a loving parent who knows exactly what is going on for us. It’s quite amazing to consider that God is a fellow “brother” (in the true sense of the word), and we are held all equally with such love, and that God knows exactly what is going on for each of us in the detail and communicates in such a personal way – to everyone all the time! Now that is a lot of love to ponder, feel, celebrate and be aware of!

  25. I think the parking spot is the reminder from God that it’s that easy, leave it to the Universe and it will provide… But we still go into trying to control everything from our eating to what we think is best for us, in truth we do not know where we are needed at any given time and when we allow the unfolding the ‘ love letters’ never stop in support. It’s such a joy to be part of the unfolding that roles out in front of me. Magic indeed Sharon!

  26. I too got swept away into thinking that God was outside of me. I prayed often feeling that everything lay in the hands of God taking no responsibility whatsoever for creating my life. I was also under the belief that only when something ‘good’ happened God had communicated with me although when I fell ill at the age of twenty four giving me an opportunity to reflect on myself and my life, I knew deep within me God was communicating with me and it was big time! I am realising that God communicates in all kinds of ways and very often when I least expect it. It is developing a consistency to be open to it.

    1. Thank you Caroline, when I read Sharon’s blog today I must admit I was shocked to realise I used to think God was outside of me. Now through the work and modalities of Serge Benhayon I can feel very much how God is everywhere including inside my innermost heart. It’s such a natural feeling because it’s true, and a truth is a livingness from the inside, unlike the beliefs we can hold as truth that have come from outside of us, but are not true at all.

  27. This is a gorgeous blog Sharon, I remember hearing that line in The Way of The Livingness Sermon too. I definitely have days like you had – where it’s undeniable God is communicating and it’s truly magical, but I’m also aware a lot of the time I might be too focused on life, or distracted and missing thousands of communications – or love letters. How important is it to then stay totally aware, because who wants to miss a love letter from God?

  28. It is a beautiful to appreciate that the letterbox is always full and it is only ever up to us to be willing to go there to receive all the love or lessons showered upon us to remind us there is far more to this world than we allow ourselves to see.

  29. Out walking yesterday, I had a sense of something my body was communicating which meant a change in a lifestyle way would be required. As I walked around the corner 3 pigeon feathers dropped at the side of my feet – yes, an amazing confirmation that I did need to make this particular change. Messages from God via nature never cease to amaze me – they are always there if we choose to be in awareness and presence.

  30. Magic of God is all around us, at all time. He doesn’t take breaks from sending out love letters. Imagine the enormous love we have to acknowledge and feel when we choose to keep our inbox open all times? I can already feel some tension arising in my body, wanting to take a break from that massive dose of Love that would inevitably remind me I am that too and I have responsibility just as much.

  31. I love this blog. We may just have a ‘good’ day where things go smoothly and leave it just as a lucky day, but instead appreciating those occurrences as a confirmation of communication with God feels very important in order for us to deepen our relationship with God.

    1. And vice versa Fumiyo. When we perceive we have had what we consider a bad day those experience could well be love letters that we can still learn from, just a little more challenging.

  32. I find myself reading these blogs about God and the realness of him in everyday life and I feel it’s no coincidence. I haven’t really had my eyes open to see the simplicity and support that is there all around me but that is changing. It’s humbling to see that all I ever wanted is there before my very eyes and it’s like a hidden landscape that is not hidden at all it’s just that I haven’t trusted to look.

  33. Thank you Sharon, it is always lovely when we are open and aware enough to spot the hundreds of love letters God sends us everyday, it always brings a smile to my heart whenever I spot one, and I am learning to appreciate each one more and more.

  34. Sharon, what a great analogy for how we can communicate and feel God in our lives, and how amazing to feel that we are held in a love which is constantly there speaking and communicating with us. I’ll need to check the letterbox a little more often now that you’re reminded me!

  35. I can feel in coming back to re-read this that I have been forgetting to check my mailbox! I can sometimes get caught up in daily life and not only forget to check the mail but also forget the fact that there ‘is’ a letterbox, a constant flow of messages from God, just waiting for me to be open to receiving them. Time to open the mail!

  36. Who said that miracles have to be grand gestures like raising people from the dead, or walking on water? There are little miracles happening in our every day, if we but open our eyes to see them.

  37. Beautifully expressed Sharon, having spent most of my life shutdown to the love letters from God it is life-changing to now remain open to receiving these powerful and simple messages from God, it has been an absolute blessing in my life.

    1. God’s constantly calling Himself back. We are the part of Him that’s gone AWOL without consciously knowing that that is what we’ve done and so the God that knows that He’s God is constantly calling the part of God that’s forgotten that that is who he is back. Beautiful eh?

  38. It is true we only need to be open to receiving the love letters, and then we will see them in every part of our life.

  39. I once read that if we came ‘ face-to-face’ with God, we would simply self immolate as could not handle that much love. Imagine now turning our lives around, starting to know God for the experience that is there for all of us, building this bridge, feeling the deep and profound transformation that starts to take place as this experience becomes lived, and then feeling the miracle that is that divine love all around us, and through every cell in our being.

  40. Thank you Sharon – We can never be reminded enough about the Magic of God, that is truely there in every moment.

    1. It’s funny how so many people see the idea that God is communicating with us as pure fantasy and yet God’s communication is the truth that supports us to get out of the fantasy. It’s the truth that cuts through the lies.

  41. Thank you Sharon for a beautiful reminder that God is communicating his love to us all the time. As my awareness of this grows I can see this magic happening in my everyday life, a confirmation of his love.

  42. Beautiful Sharon, every day god sends us messages, nothing happens by accident, we are constantly given opportunities to learn from what life has presented to us, I am amazed how the magic of god presents precisely what I have been avoiding in my life so that I may learn.

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