The ‘Purple Books’ Scribed by Serge Benhayon

The first presentation I ever attended by Serge Benhayon, in June 2008, was one of those “never to be forgotten milestones” as I was deeply inspired to make new choices in my life. These choices brought many changes to my daily way of living and I now enjoy a level of wellbeing unknown to me before.

There were copies of some beautiful books for sale at the event, their covers a rich purple colour, with white print highlighting the title on display, which I felt drawn to buy.  

There are several of these ‘Purple Books’ by Serge Benhayon, presenting the Ancient Wisdom Teachings. My copies of them have been read and enjoyed from cover to cover, several times over by myself and others.

I noticed that when my hands were resting on these books there was a strong feeling of an energy emanating from them; how they were simply a joy just to sit and hold, as well as read!

Over the years there have been various times where I have felt a little ‘off-colour’, out of sorts, scattered, with racy and relentless thoughts, in some physical pain or slightly anxious over something. This is when I have felt, “Ah Ha! Time to reach for a Purple Book and just hold it and breathe gently with my feet on the floor.” Without fail, in only a few minutes my mind is calmer, there is a feeling of dropping more deeply into my body and an awareness of the innate stillness within expanding.

Recently my husband was in hospital for emergency surgery; before the operation I handed him one of the Purple Books and suggested he just hold it.

He asked the reason why I offered this to him and what was he supposed to do or feel in just holding a book? My answer was just to hold it between his hands for no reason other than just holding it!

He decided to lower the hospital bed flat and he then put the Purple Book onto his chest with his hands on it. After holding it for just a few minutes, it was very obvious his body was relaxing deeply and he went off to sleep for over an hour, still holding the book.

When waking, my husband was very surprised that he could actually feel a certain “quality of energy, like a pulse” when holding this book.

Over the next few days I simply offered the book to be held whenever he felt cold or tired and, every time, he began to relax, get toasty warm and fall asleep very quickly.

This has continued post operation too. He even read the chapter on ‘Men’ in the Purple book ‘Esoteric Teachings and Revelations’ one afternoon! I playfully commented that these Purple Books could be likened to a teddy bear – like Paddington Bear, being held by a child.

In our home now there is a much-used phrase, spoken in a very affectionate and joyful way, regarding these glorious Purple books.

When it feels like the time to reach for a Purple Book, to read or to hold, we ask…

“Hmm . . . where is Paddington?!”

It is now seven years since my first meeting with Serge Benhayon. Over this time I have continued to be totally inspired by the consistent way of love, dedication and humility that this ordinary man and his family live, reflecting to us all that there is a more simple and joyful way to live as we deepen the relationship with ourselves and others.

Naturally I still love reading and re-reading these inspiring Purple Books and enjoying the deep wisdom that Serge Benhayon continues to share through them.

By Stephanie Stevenson, Amazing Woman, Esoteric Practitioner, Home-Keeper, Grandmother,  Sandhurst, Berkshire, UK

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753 thoughts on “The ‘Purple Books’ Scribed by Serge Benhayon

  1. I always love coming back to this blog, because there is a great deal in those Purple books, and each time I pick one up I find exactly what I need.

  2. The purple books hold an immense light; a light that does not impose upon anyone and stays in its place, that helps to come back to the body even by holding a book. In addition, the text and the many layers that are there for us. Then the color. The color is one of a profound connection with the all; a perfect reflection of what the book is all about.

  3. I take Serge Benhayons Purple Books wherever I go, I don’t always have time to read them but they are always there with me in whatever hotel room I am in, they the most important part of my travel kit. Passport, Purple book ready to go.

  4. Gosh – there’s so much to life than we like to assume or believe – when we begin to explore the fact that everything is energy, life is never the same again.

  5. There is an amazing and beautiful stilling feel about the books of Serge Benhayon that I love. It shows how so much in our life is done through energy and that we feel this much more than we commonly realise and talk about. Yet it is actually that energetic part of life that can be so very harming or healing.

  6. No amount of superlatives could ever convey what is in the purple books written by Serge Benhayon, and what you have shared Stephanie provides a good understanding about the power of True Love when expressed in writing.

  7. I have never read a book that presents the truth of who we are, how we have come to the situation the world is in then the books written by Serge Benhayon. And what I love (as well as many other things) is that all the books are the same price ($40) no matter the thickness or thinness of the book. There is so much wisdom that pours out of these books that feels my truth too.

  8. “Over the years there have been various times where I have felt a little ‘off-colour’, out of sorts, scattered, with racy and relentless thoughts, in some physical pain or slightly anxious over something……Time reach for a Purple Book”. Stephanie who would have thought a ‘Purple Book’ would bring you to you.
    There are times I feel I’m struggling with the things you have described and I’m going to reach for my own ’Purple Book’ too.

    1. Ha ha yes, a great place to start and a simple reminder that we have everything we need within, we simply need a little reminder every now and again. At which point we will be more aware of the other practical resources we need to build ourselves back to settlement in the body.

  9. Your openness and innocence are inspiring and I love the simplicity, void of any convoluted explanations or excuses with which you offered your husband one of the books by Serge Benhayon. This is truly a one of its kind Paddington bear.

  10. The love and Ageless Wisdom held within the purple books written by Serge Benhayon can be felt more deeply than words on the page.

  11. I can’t say I have ever felt or allowed myself to feel what you describe here but I love the simplicity and naturalness of what you share here.

  12. ‘I playfully commented that these Purple Books could be likened to a teddy bear – like Paddington Bear, being held by a child’. The difference being that no comfort is offered instead a way out of discomfort.

  13. Beautiful to re read this today Stephanie as it makes me aware how the purple books in our house are a constant reflection and not only when I read them but by the divine quality they hold that is emanating through day in day out. And I am the one that makes the choice to either feel it and align or dismiss it and be lost in my mind.

  14. I love the truth and wisdom Serge Benhayon shares in the purple books, they are the only books I have felt drawn to read for many years now. I travel a lot overseas for work and often I carry one of the purple books with me and you can feel it changes the quality of the hotel room having a purple book next to bed to read and cherish.

  15. The purple books are a gift for us to behold, as every word written carries the vibration of who we are in essence, and the way we can return to living the light we are, here on Earth.

  16. We really do have so much to offer to the world, with Serge Benhayon as our reflection of what is possible, of what each of us can bring to man kind, the possibilities are endless.

  17. So beautiful what you have shared Stephanie about the purple books and the power of love contained in these books felt by just holding them. I read the purple books mostly on a daily basis; sometimes I am too tired to read. So now I will instead just hold one before I go to sleep and just connect to the love and truth contained within.

  18. This is such a sweet, innocent and pure explanation of the quality these books hold. You are using the purple books as more than just books and that what I feel they were designed for. As a reflection of what a product we produce can look and feel like. If we entertain the possibility that a book feels like its author and actually holds a pulse, then a painting should also feel like the artist? And if all this is true, what is our responsibility when we produce anything? Serge always has a way of communicating things on many levels at the same time, these books are reminding humanity that what we make/ produce matters, as everything carries the quality of the way we live.

  19. I find the same- when I go into a state of anxiousness, if I come back to reading these books I am able to reconnect to a deeper stillness within.

  20. Reading this blog reminds me once more of the enormity these books are connected to. The constellation of words that are contained in these books is connected to the ancient wisdom that have been with us for ages and because we are from the same source only the holding of a book connects us already instantly to this origin and in that confirms who we are and where we belong. So it s not that strange that our bodies do feel so relaxed and at ease with these books as they give us permission to reconnect to who we naturally are. You could actually call these book religious as that is what they actually do in their activity.

  21. It may sound silly to ‘just hold a book’ but I know what you mean. The books written by Serge Benhayon hold such a deep quality of stillness and integrity that just holding them is helping you to reconnect to these qualities. These experiences you write about are testament to the fact that we do ourselves short when we don’t consider the energetic fact of life and healing.

  22. Love to read this blog today Stephanie. I also have several purple books by Serge Benhayon and am half way through one just now which sits next to my bed, which I am feeling the call to finish. Also when I am travelling a long distance in the car, I always take a purple book with me which sits on the passenger seat, right beside me, just like your Paddington Bear.

  23. I have often read Serge Benhayon’s purple books in bed but have never thought of actually cuddling them in bed – perhaps I should consider it?! They are obviously far more than meets the eye and contain a depth of wisdom and support and understanding that will be studied for a long time.

  24. It is a blessing to have books that ask nothing of you than being you and present us with the wisdom that we deep down know.

  25. “When it feels like the time to reach for a Purple Book, to read or to hold, we ask…“Hmm . . . where is Paddington?!”- This made me chuckle when I read it then moments later I began to cry. I have a purple book sitting right beside me as I type these words. I am feeling the energy of it’s powerful support also. The power and everlasting love that is it’s author Serge Behyahon. The part I have been reading is related to Energetic responsibility and he speaks about the truth that everything that is manufactured in the world also emanates either a harming energy or a healing energy, just as every persons energy field around them does. Your blog is confirmation of this truth and explains to me why I have reached for it to be by my side in the past few difficult days. These “Paddingtons” are emitting healing energy, without a doubt.

  26. I love it Stephanie, and what I feel very strongly reading what you’ve written is how open to the support you and your husband can receive from the purple books. They’re some of my most amazing and inspiring possessions and often I just open a page ‘randomly’ and always it’s so appropriate to read that page and feel how it’s just what I need to hear and read.

  27. Hi Stephanie, I like the way you name the purple books, Paddington… as indeed you can see these as teddy bears indeed. Something in life you can hold and trust on as it will always bring you back to the truth that we are.

  28. This made me giggle as I had never considered just holding the book! It reminds me of the way I was told to hold the Bible so I was slightly worried I would view it in the same way, but the thought of your household asking where Paddington is – well that makes it much more easy to go with 🙂

  29. We are feeling energy constantly and everything is energy and has a quality to it. It is neither surprising nor abnormal to hear and experience of Serge’s books being used as a healing tool by word and by feel. Essentially, in every word of these books is a way of living that Serge is offering and we can feel this very strongly when there is no reaction in the way.

  30. Every time I see, read or hold one of the Purple Books, I am reminded of the fact that I belong to a grand order, much grander than I am living now.

    1. Beautifully and truthfully stated Nico – we do belong to the grand order and flow of the Universe and are in essence multi-dimensional beings. The Purple Books remind us of this truth whether reading or holding them.

  31. This confirms what we all already know deeply and at times only some of us choose to be aware of, that everything in a world is energy first. The way we make or produce a product or object carries with it that quality ongoing. There is another part I read today and that is also when we share something, no matter the result, again above else the energy or quality we share ‘it’ in is key. So if we share something before there is an opening or an asking then this could have a great looking result but also it will always carry that quality until it is cleared.

  32. When I first started reading a purple book, I didn’t want to put it down and literally took it everywhere with me. No doubt this was from the energy I felt from reading the book rather than the interesting story or plot line. I was never someone who was hugely into reading books and would sometimes enjoy a biography about a band or famous musician, and I occasionally enjoyed 1 or 2 novels but not at great length, these purple books changed my perception of books forever, the evolving and deepening nature of the books is irreplaceable.

  33. I love the purple books by Serge Benhayon – and they keep on coming! They offer so much to humanity. On re-reading them I glean new insights that passed me by before. So many dimensions to them…..

  34. I must admit that reading Serge Benhayon’s purple books up to recently has been a real challenge to me. In fact, I had a number of them for years that were rarely if ever cracked open and know this was directly because of the way I was approaching how to read them. I was initially trying to read them like they were a study book from school, and that I had to remember everything that was being presented so as to regurgitate it at a later time when the relevant tests of life presented themselves. This approach so did not work as evidenced by the fact I could not even finish one page…. Slowly it dawned on me to read the words and just let them flow over me, kind of like in an observational mode with the full knowing that they are sinking in on levels that is not necessary associated with my memory and recall.

  35. I love this Stephanie, ..’where I have felt a little ‘off-colour’,’ and then you add a bit of colour with the beautiful purple coloured books of Serge Benhayon and the Hierarchy. Enjoy holding and reading the amazing and growing collection full of Ancient Wisdom, always reminding us of our divine nature.

    1. Indeed Annelies, although I do not always appreciate them as such, they always deliver that what you need in support to where you are at and are heading to.

  36. Thank you Stephanie, so cute to read your beautiful and playful expression again, which also communicates a great truth – we know the essence of love. Whether it is in a gesture of another, spoken words, from our own self care, or a book by Serge Benhayon our body responds to the powerful healing that love brings.

  37. Shows the energy of the books are far more powerful than the words necessarily themselves. Words can be just words. They are after all simply a form of expression, a way of conveying information. But it’s more than just information, it is conveying a certain quality of movement, action, that relates to the information being presented. We all feel it when someone is abrupt and rude and hence the discontent behind that. But in this moment it is more than just the words or the way of expression we pick up, we also read the persons movements and in fact their whole state of being. This shows that for a book to have such an affect on people, there is a certain quality of the way Serge Benhayon is living that allows him the ability to offer such a healing for everyone else. I certainly reckon this is worth taking due note of as this is what living an amazing and full life is all about.

  38. Thank you Stephanie, I have read this before and it’s very cute but it also powerfully conveys how everything is energy and how the energy of everything affects us – whether it’s a book, a person or a forest there is a potential impact from whatever the underlying energy is. It is great to have energetic awareness as we can feel and discern what is truly supportive or what is harmful, as what we see on the surface, or the words we read can sway us so to speak, yet the energy does not lie. Awareness of energy means life can be felt, choices can be made, and truth and simplicity can be restored by the use of this awareness.

  39. Thank you for sharing how your family has been supported by the quality of The Purple Books without having to read a word. If I cannot sleep I have often opened one up and read a short passage which I find incredibly supportive but next time I will place it on my chest!

  40. The purple books as scribed by Serge Benhayon reflect the truth of every aspect of who we are and our relationship with life here on earth and beyond. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings, as always have, offers us the opportunity to come to know that we have a choice in every moment, to resurrect ourselves out of our loveless existence and rise to be at one with the divinity that we are, so that we live from the light of our Soul as we move through this life, activating The Way of The Livingness.

  41. I agree Stephanie, the purple books by Serge Benhayon have been an amazing support to me, opening any page of the books you feel instantly blessed by the deep wisdom and true love these purple books offer everyone.

  42. “When waking, my husband was very surprised that he could actually feel a certain “quality of energy, like a pulse” when holding this book.” Beautiful. And now we have two more amazing books to add to our libraries – Space and Esoteric Teachings and Revelations Book 2.

  43. I love reading the purple books just before going to sleep they support me to come back to my stillness for a restful and re vitalising sleep.

  44. I love the trust and surrender your husband had with you, allowing himself to be playful and explore what these purple books offer.

  45. I absolutely love these books by Serge Benhayon, every time I pick one up and no matter how much I read it always leaves me feeling more together and more connected.

    1. Absolutely Fiona, it’s the same for me also. I have found the ebooks supportive too as I can access the immense wisdom of the purple books through my device. No matter what is going on for me the books offer a tremendous healing and as you say “it always leaves me feeling more together and more connected.”

  46. The writings of Serge Benhayon introduce us to a world of knowing we all know, but have not held as our truth or reality, and hence they support the reconnection to the magnificence we are.

    1. I agree Heather – these books contain great wisdom, information and intelligence that we all have access to but have not lived, as you say, as our truth or reality and so they have always awakened something in me that feels already known.

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