The Magic of God in Everyday Livingness

I have been observing and participating with the Magic of God in my everyday life for some time. So what is the Magic of God? I see it in our everyday lives: it is the amazing way circumstances play out to deliver something we require, or something that would help us, or give us confirmation. It could be a sign, a symbol in nature, an object, a chance meeting or a new opportunity to change our life’s path.

When we learn to take notice of God’s signs, read into their meaning for us personally, then could it be that there are opportunities given to us every day to assist and support us in our life? There can be amazing consequences of having full trust in God and in Divine Timing in our everyday livingness. 

In my experience every moment of my life offers me an opportunity to have this confirmation provided by the Magic of God. I connect to God through my inner heart – a feeling and a knowing that I don’t have to look outside of myself to find God, as it is a knowingness I have from within.

When I trust my connection with God then I know that whatever I need to have, or do, or wherever I need to be, happens and He delivers a moment of Magic. These moments can be as simple as an everyday example of meeting (supposedly by chance) particular people with whom I connect and this ‘chance meeting’ usually unfolds to benefit either, or both of us, in some way or another. It is magical because there are no rules, no beliefs or ideals, just a knowing, and an expression or action results from that knowing.

The Divine Timing comes from knowing when the time is right to take action or sometimes letting go of a situation so it can unfold when all ‘players’ are able to provide the resource for whatever is required.

A recent example of how the Magic of God and Divine Timing unfolded for me was when I was looking to live in a bigger home to grow and support my business. About four months ago I saw a unit for sale and knew that it would suit me perfectly. I couldn’t afford to buy it so I went to the real estate people and told them that if the buyer was looking for an amazing tenant then here are my details.

I then let go of the idea of living in this unit and eventually bought an investment unit at a price I could afford, which also was achieved with the Magic of God and Divine Timing.

About a month ago the bigger unit that I felt would be a perfect home for me became available, with the new owners wanting to lease the property and not live in it themselves. I found this out because I acted on an impulse to pick up a copy of the local real estate paper. I applied and was approved on the same day I inspected it, moving in ten days later. The difference in the rent between my previous rental and the new one is provided by my investment unit, which was settled on the same day as I moved into my new home. The Magic of God delivered my new home and my investment unit in one bundle! But I would have missed it had I not listened to my body.

One may see this as being a set of coincidences; however, for me I feel it is the result of opportunities of how God presents his love and support for us all. And it is ongoing, not just the occasional sign, symbol or even the right house – his magic can be seen and felt in our everyday livingness and I am thankful it has been a part of my life.

This story could go on forever as that is how ‘God’s Magic’ happens in life. Everything I required for expansion in my new home is now with me. It has taken just two weeks to set up my home. These weeks were filled with Magic of God moments that were given for me to act upon the impulses which I know (and feel) have all been as a consequence of Divine Timing – everything I needed was often at half price, or on special and just sitting there waiting for me to buy whatever was required.

With my open arms and heart and willingness to take action, all was provided, thanks to the Magic of God.

I deeply appreciate Serge Benhayon’s presentations on how the Magic of God is a part of our everyday livingness, if we so choose! When we keep recognising and appreciating the amazing resource of God’s love for us, it is never ending!

By Susan Wilson, Esoteric Practitioner, Albury

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856 thoughts on “The Magic of God in Everyday Livingness

  1. So gorgeous to read your blog this morning, especially when I feel how I have let anxiousness run my life in the past and still does at times, when we connect to God within us we can appreciate that every moment can be filled with the magic of God moments and trust that we are deeply held by heaven.

  2. The power of connection is huge. Meaning that when we connect to our essence it is like the love of heaven is pouring out of the sky and shining upon us.. Knowingly we are then aware of the greatest love.. and that this love is our love. When we connect we feel the magic and moves on God”s magic, instantly playing love with us.

  3. Thank you for the reminder that there is always a bigger picture at play – and that everything that happens now is simply preparing us for the future.

  4. A beautiful blog sharing the magic that we are all offered to be part of in our everyday lives . Who would not want to be part of this as it is always there waiting to be seen and appreciated with the light, love and joy of God magically in our every day livingness.

  5. My understanding after reading this blog today is that the magic of God is actually a flow, a movement we can say yes to or not.

  6. ‘When we keep recognising and appreciating the amazing resource of God’s love for us, it is never ending!’ It’s there always ready and waiting when we are, and it’s in the smallest things and the biggest thing of all in this is to let go any pictures or images we may have of how it should look.

  7. “With my open arms and heart and willingness to take action, all was provided, thanks to the Magic of God.” Amen, this is a beautiful prayer.

  8. “With my open arms and heart and willingness to take action, all was provided, thanks to the Magic of God.” this is all that is required, an open heart and a willingness to say yes to what God’s love is providing, simply beautiful.

  9. There’s magic and God everywhere, its whether we want to see it or not. And when we allow it, everything in our pathway is God communicating to us whether it’s a leaf falling in front of us or a bird flying past our view.

  10. The realisation that there are no coincidences and that we are constantly offered messages, often playful messages, we know that we are not alone but are held in the embrace and love of God as we find our way home.

  11. Being open to being aware of and respond to the Magic of God, expands and deepens one’s awareness and appreciation of life.

    1. Actually it is so natural to us to live with the magic of God and to fit in with its movements of expansion and deepening of awareness. Life only becomes complicated when walk away from this magic, the magic we all are made in.

  12. How blessed are we to be aware of the Magic of God through the teachings of the Ancient Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon.

  13. ‘When I trust my connection with God then I know that whatever I need to have, or do, or wherever I need to be, happens and He delivers a moment of Magic.’ Building and deepening my relationship with my body is deepening the relationship I have with God. Reading your blog this morning, my body confirmed what you have written. There is a knowing, a solidness in myself and when I connect and surrender, all is there in front of me.

  14. It’s funny isn’t it… We think of the magic of God as when only so-called lovely things are reflected back at us… But the magic of God is there even in the things that unsettle us.

    1. We are always being called to a greater awareness when we are prepared to feel and read it ALL, even if unpleasant. When all is seen from love in its beholding light, we can see through the reaction to what is there for us to respond to.

      1. Yes Victoria, and indeed this is the thing… That God’s love is actually a beholding light and it holds all of us, whether we know it, admit it, or deny it… It is still and always will be there.

  15. Yesterday I drove to work and a double rainbow what just near me. For me a powerful confirmation of the choices I was making that day that my life would be living in absoluteness. I said “Yes”.

  16. Nothing is a coincidence – you could call it the Magic of God. Its an opportunity to repeat and reimprint or a step in evolution. I marvel, like Susan, the amazingness and confirmation of constellations. Either good or bad we ‘so’ think it is the love of God in repose or motion…

  17. When we have conditions on life, and the divine to prove to us that we are supported we are not meeting life we our own divine essence. So how can we see its appearance in life?

  18. I’ve come to learn that when I get myself out of the way and simply say yes in full to the next step, there is a flow and the Magic of God is revealing the next step, and the next one, and the next one after that. It is simplicity in its fullest, unquestionable, spacious and so so easy. We are simply moving in unison with the All.
    It is when I get ‘me’ caught up in something, when I question and I doubt or hesitate, that the simplicity falls away and there is no longer the flow. The Magic of God is always with us, being offered – it is whether we choose to be with it, open to it, or not.

  19. Having and trusting our divine connection to God show’s the simplicity we could all live if connection was our choice of movement.

  20. Learning to read and discern the Magic of God around us deepens our awareness and appreciation that we are always being supported and guided to learn and evolve with every opportunity and moment.

  21. A gorgeous blog to re-read thank you Susan, trust is the key word here, trust that we are deeply loved and that all is provided for us “There can be amazing consequences of having full trust in God and in Divine Timing in our everyday livingness. “

  22. I love this blog. You have me remembering the many instances where I have been looked after. Once I let go of my need to control situations and protect myself the whole world opens up.

  23. Thank you for sharing the magic of God in your life Susan, you were so beautifully supported. Just the other day someone shared a magic of God moment with me. Her brother had died recently and the other day they were dining at a cafe where he would often have breakfast with them, at the exact place where he used to sit she saw a butterfly, as she conveyed her story to me I could feel how deeply touched she was by the loving magic of God that was presented to her. I realised that the magic of God is all around us everywhere ready to touch anyone and everyone who is open to receive its blessing.

  24. Learning to surrender any control in life allows me to be in the flow of life and to feel the magic of God that is constantly at play around us. If I can’t feel the magic of God one day, it’s because I have disconnected and gone back into some control pattern – note to self on those days – surrender, surrender, surrender.

  25. This was great for me to read today as I have been pondering on the magic in everyday life and have seen I have not been open to this. As you share there needs to be a willingness from us and our bodies for this to be felt, seen and appreciated. What I have come to realise is that the magic is ALWAYS there it is just are we there with it?

  26. I still marvel at the magic of God, always in awe at how the divine plan is rolling out wither we choose to see it or not. I have had many moments when I look back and see how all was always in line with plan. When we surrender to this truth we feel the grandness that we are for the plan is far bigger than most would like to admit.

  27. There is a far greater depth of ourselves, of love, of Soulfulness that we can be living, and in every moment our lives we are offered the opportunity to live in connection to this divine quality, with God. The world is alive with the magic of God but it is only through our connection to our hearts that we can come to be guided by, celebrate, learn and embrace the constant communication God has with us all, calling us to live the light we are.

  28. Trusting the connection with God – definitely, and what I feel also is a key is to let go of pictures of what that magic is going to look like. God doesn’t take breaks, His magic is constantly at play. It is us being open to be able to clock and appreciate all that He delivers – because we have moved in a way to place ourselves that is aligned with the flow of what is needed to take place.

  29. It is lovely to re read your sharing on The Magic of God Susan. On my walk through frost this morning I encountered a couple of Magpies that were quite happy to just stand on the path I was walking on forming a kind of guard with no flinching as I walked within inches of them. In the distance was a Hot Air Balloon drifting on the thermals!

  30. “With my open arms and heart and willingness to take action, all was provided, thanks to the Magic of God.” I love what you have shared Susan. How beautiful to know and feel how lovingly cared for and supported by the Magic of God; if only we are but open to receive and feel.

  31. This line really resonated with me “I don’t have to look outside of myself to find God, as it is a knowingness I have from within.” I think at some points of my life I have thought that the magic of God was a sign “out there” that I was waiting to see, your blog confirms that it is inside that the magic begins and outside it gets confirmed.

    1. Beautifully said Sarah – ‘ is inside that the magic begins and outside it gets confirmed.’ I spent a lot of my life looking outside for a connection to God, but now have discovered that the greatest confirmation of who we are, of knowing God, comes from within, as you have shared.

  32. Reading your blog reminded me about the magic of god that we all could see if we choose to and are willing to let our pictures go. It is beyond any circumstances how held we are in gentle hands of God. Thank you for sharing.

  33. The other day I was driving down the street where there was a sign on a van I went past and the words on it was so poinient for that moment and what I was feeling, I had tears well up as it confirmed how much we are all loved.

  34. When we are open to learning something in every moment in life, then we can not fail to feel the ‘magic of God’ in our lives, there is such ‘divine timing’ you can feel the whole plan working, it stops just being about you and just your life.

  35. In separation to God I am constantly making a mess that has to one day be cleaned up. With God in my heart, I am forever inspired to bring my all to all that is before me.

  36. The more willing we are to be open and aware the more we are able to see and understand the Magic of God around us confirming to us how much we are truly supported.

  37. I find that the more I choose to see and appreciate the Magic of God the more obvious it becomes and more supportive I find it is. It is so easy to dismiss something as being a coincidence but seeing how things have been placed and constellated to be there for you to see at that very moment is something very special and worth appreciating, especially in a world where we can think everything is against us, we have an incredible amount of support.

  38. Hi Susan, I appreciated your expansion on the Magic of God by it being a co-operative experience – you following your body’s impulses and these directing you to the love and support provided by God.

  39. When I let go of control the Magic of God has the space to expand and flow in my life. Such a beautiful blog Susan – thank you.

  40. Being open to the magic of God is an important part of life. When an opportunity occurs we are able to take full advantage of it as you did Susan. The beauty of a rainbow or nature that we connect with on a walk. Birds I find quite significant even in my own garden and the happy little surprises like a visit from some wildlife I have not encountered before.

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