Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders

When we are younger, particularly in the ‘Western world’, we tend to not see the hidden treasures all around in the form of elder people because we are not looking at them. We have been trained by media, TV, sports, music and fashion to pay attention to and follow youth, and to disregard elders as if they are irrelevant and embarrassing reminders of where we are going, that we don’t want to go. So we make the elders invisible. Continue reading “Hidden Treasure and the Illusion of Elders”

Where is the Love? Where Has it Gone?

In our present time of wars, drug wars, binge drinking, corruption at all levels (e.g. from pharmaceutical and weapons industries all the way down to local government), religious fanatics killing and enslaving, the booming global slave trade (now referred to as human trafficking, including child trafficking, sex trafficking and refugee extortion), poverty, extreme wealth, abuse, cyber abuse, self abuse, bullying, suicide – the list could go on and on – where is the love in this world? Where has the love gone? Continue reading “Where is the Love? Where Has it Gone?”

The Science of Boiling Water

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch water come to the boil?

I have a clear glass kettle that brings water to the boil even faster than pots on the stove (which as we know, boil very slowly – if at all – when we watch them!), and lets you see the whole process in motion.

There is a lovely sequence of events that happens, and a science to it. Continue reading “The Science of Boiling Water”

Trust and Appreciation

For the past 4 plus years I have been attending Universal Medicine courses, presentations and workshops, followed by my first retreat at Lennox Heads in 2015. Every single experience has been absolutely amazing. Each time I come away feeling clarity, love, purpose and truth, and feeling deeply supported.

Prior to Universal Medicine I was coping with life, not fully living in joy or in harmony with my body or my family. I had dealt with sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse throughout my childhood. Reflecting back, I realised that the people I loved dearly have been the ones who attacked me the most.

What really hurt deep was not what was physically done to me but seeing clearly that the people who chose to abuse me were simply very hurt and choosing to vent it out on others. The sadness for me was seeing that they chose to suppress love in order to attack and defend. Continue reading “Trust and Appreciation”

The Audacity Of A New Religion

It is interesting to consider the panic and mistrust that is generated when people start talking about forming a new religion. Where does this come from?

If someone proposed a new educational theory, medical approach, artistic technique or scientific theory, people rightly expect two things. One, is there a basis for the approach and two, is there some form of ability to have repeatable results in different contexts with different people.

Yet with Religion there appears to be some added hurdles, lest you be labelled a cult, sect or simply a group of crazies. There is a deep fear and even suspicion that gets generated if you mention a NEW religion. Why is this? Continue reading “The Audacity Of A New Religion”

Claiming Back My Body

I have been a master of lending my body in the service of others – of allowing others to do what they need to do with it to survive. I have seen my body as something that is not just for me, but also for everyone – in a way that has been at the great expense of me.

I would never knowingly abuse another person, or allow another to be abused, but I have willingly accepted abuse from others, and have certainly abused myself.

I have done this in many ways: in my role as the ‘good daughter’, ‘always available lover’, ‘do-anything-for-you friend’, ‘24/7 mother’, ‘caring doctor’ and ‘devoted wife’.

Well, all that is about to change. Continue reading “Claiming Back My Body”