Magic of Knowing… We are All One & the Same on the Inside

“We are all one and the same on the inside.” I have heard this, and I have expressed this, on many occasions! We have many external and superficial differences such as being a man or woman, boy or girl, short or tall, of diverse faiths, multiple hair lengths, hair colour and styles, different coloured eyes, different skin colour types, races, countries, the list can go on and on…

With these many differences, we can either choose to see only these differences and many more, and thus see what our eyes are taught to see and only what our eyes see, or we can choose to see that there could be another way to see things – a way that is without the need of relying solely on what our eyes see!

How contradictory is that?

Recently I had the most amazing five minute walk with a friend and it was truly magical in what we (I, and also, she) both got to experience.

It felt like we were in a time and space of our own, far away from the reality of what just the eyes can see! Yes, we were conscious of what our bodies and our hearts felt, but far more than that it was a feeling, felt from a deep place within ourselves.

This friend has changed the meaning of these simple words, “We are all the same on the inside.”

I put my arm around my friend while we were walking together and, at the same time, she just snuggled into me like a little girl, just giggling, saying a gentle “hello”.

I felt her preciousness, her playfulness in the manner in which she came to me, in the simple words spoken, the joy in her presence and the love I felt from her towards me. Not much had been spoken except a “hello” at this point of our walk together.

I was about to express this to her, when she expressed the same to me. We both looked at each other in amazement that we both felt the same about the other. You could say this was love: yes it was an abundance of joy and an acceptance in knowing that what we both felt was the same for each other, but neither of us could see it to that depth we felt for each other, in ourselves!

My friend and I realised at that point, that the cuteness I felt in my gorgeous friend, she felt it in me too; the playfulness that I felt in her, she saw it in me too; the little girl I felt in her, she felt in me too; the joy I felt with her, she felt with me too; the love I felt for her, she felt for me too! The love that was in her was in me too, and the beauty I saw in her, she saw in me too.

We were physically two, but walking as one, enjoying and being inspired by each other. It was like looking at your own reflection in a mirror and falling in love. Wow! What a reflection that was!

We are all the same and although we may have many physical differences, we are one and the same on the inside.

All same, same and NO different!

How strange it is that we see beauty in others but fail to see that same beauty in ourselves too!

Why is that?

Could it be that we recognise all the love, joy and playfulness we see in others, we just don’t acknowledge that we also have them in us too?

Could it also be that we are taught to see only the physical differences and live in separation from everyone – and even from ourselves?

What if we just saw people through the way we felt with them, not with our eyes, but with our feelings? Then the beauty we see with our eyes would be an expansion of what is already felt, and a confirmation.

Could it be this simple? If we went with how the other person felt in their true essence, then the outer differences are just like different clothes on a person, in this case in the form of skin, hair, nationality, religion etc. Because when you take off the clothes, then the inner body is just like every other human being, you’re a person and in the same manner, if you take away or see past the physical differences we see with our eyes, we are a being just like another, just the same.

Apples, just like people, come in different colours – red, green, yellow and even multi-coloured; they come in various shapes and sizes too. However, when you peel the beautiful skin off the apple, whilst each is different, they are still very yummy and delicious on the inside! Just like we all are unique, different on the outside, but all the same delicious, gorgeous beauty on the inside.

Would there be any hatred, comparison, jealousy, physical or verbal violence, conflicts or even war, if we chose to feel and see that the beauty in others lives in us too?

How different would it be if we lived in a world of feeling connected to others and sharing love and harmony; a world where we enjoy each other’s presence and reflections, and are inspired by each other? This frees us of any comparison to another and allows us just to be in acceptance and appreciation, knowing we are the same. We are all part of a jigsaw puzzle called Humanity and this puzzle cannot be complete without every single piece being connected.

I’ve been inspired by many practitioners and students of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. There were many times I would have complimented people on something and they always made me feel equal by sharing that “What you see in me, is in you too, we are same.” I did get what was expressed at one level, but this time, in the experience with my friend, I embodied that experience and can truly understand how we are in fact one and the same. I am greatly appreciative to everyone who is a reflection to me in my life, wherever you are.

by Pinky, Software Engineer, Brisbane, Australia

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