Trust and Appreciation

For the past 4 plus years I have been attending Universal Medicine courses, presentations and workshops, followed by my first retreat at Lennox Heads in 2015. Every single experience has been absolutely amazing. Each time I come away feeling clarity, love, purpose and truth, and feeling deeply supported.

Prior to Universal Medicine I was coping with life, not fully living in joy or in harmony with my body or my family. I had dealt with sexual, physical, verbal and mental abuse throughout my childhood. Reflecting back, I realised that the people I loved dearly have been the ones who attacked me the most.

What really hurt deep was not what was physically done to me but seeing clearly that the people who chose to abuse me were simply very hurt and choosing to vent it out on others. The sadness for me was seeing that they chose to suppress love in order to attack and defend.

I too then chose to reduce my immense love and joy as a form of protection so I didn’t have to feel the pain. I simply didn’t feel safe to be shining with joy and love, so I deliberately chose to tone it down. From about 7 years old I decided that this was the safest way to function through life – to not be too joyful in case I get attacked. This was my false sense of security and investment to make life about keeping me safe.

My deliberate choice to not be too joyful in case something horrible might happen was a contracted way to live. I thought if I made myself small by holding myself back it would not attract too much attention, therefore, I felt safe. This was what I had chosen pretty much my whole life.

Through attending courses, presentations and workshops at Universal Medicine I was able to see that with this false sense of security I was not truly living. With my fear of fully living my life and being joyful, I was capping myself so that I couldn’t see any possibilities that were out there waiting for me to explore, to express and to share.

I came to the realisation that life isn’t just about me but it is about encompassing everything and everyone.

I came to understand and appreciate that we are all deeply connected and how protection is a contracted way to live that is completely false. The truth about my choices was exposed and this was such a healing to understand and to heal what was not loving.

From years of exposing what was not love and starting to choose love again, I have experienced something I have never thought was possible – an amazing expansion. During Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 I felt the loving energy of a full house of people. It was incredible… out of this world. During a break I lay down on a massage table, closed my eyes and felt the energy in the room. I felt I was finally home with my family, even though I only knew a small percentage of the people there. I felt Love was emanating from within and I could feel it all round me; I could feel the love in everyone’s voices and the entire hall. I thanked God with appreciation in my heart for constellating me to be there in the hall to experience this amazing power of love that has always been there for me to access.

For the first time in my life I felt completely safe to truly allow my love and joy to shine, to be who I am and to not hold back expressing the joy I felt. 

I felt deeply connected to me, to my body, to everyone, everything and to God. The love I felt for humanity was so absolute, so full and expanded. There are no words to capture what I had experienced, simply deep appreciation for everyone.

A huge massive thank you to everyone who attended Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5 for expressing love and for creating the space for me to trust and to love again. Now that I have experienced what true connection to everyone and everything is, I know that whenever I feel disconnected I can choose to re-connect to love and to connect to God in an instant. In knowing that He is in me, all round me in every moment, always beside me and in every part of me and in absolutely everything, I can then choose to not hold back my joy but to fully express it with every part of my being, to celebrate brotherhood and return to God.

by Chan Ly

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1,552 thoughts on “Trust and Appreciation

  1. Chan your story is amazing because you have outlined childhood abuse and the effects on your life, and the deep changes you have been able to make with the support of Universal Medicine to return to a way of life that is loving and joyful. You story here is a testament to what’s possible, that we can recover out of traumatic abuse and live from the love and joy within again.

    1. Thank you Melinda. What I realise is that anyone can recover from traumatic experiences when we choose to reconnect to love and to our soul. Someone once asked me many years ago, what was my secret to healing the abuse I had experienced, and my answer was love. It was so simple and I didn’t have to go through counselling or medication which is almost unheard of. I feel it is the power of love that can deeply heal us.

  2. The love we are is the unifying factor that brings us back to humanity and wanting to be a part of it. Without love, we the people are the cause for not wanting to be part of humanity or living this life in the fullness it is supposed to be lived.

    1. We are all living in a body of love, no matter how hard we try to escape this we are always being called to return to love.

  3. Just being surrounded by others in contraction who don’t take kindly to our joy can be enough to make us want to play small and contract ourselves so as not to attract attention, to not rock the boat or be a tall poppy, even though that is exactly what those around us actually need us to be in order to resurrect themselves out of their own contracted state.

    1. I agree Shirley-Ann it is so important to not contract, shy away from shining our joy in all situations. It is always a blessing to be in the presence of someone who is fully expressing who they are and showering us with love and joy, it naturally lifts us up even if we may not be feeling that way ourselves.

  4. A gorgeous sense of your embodiment of love and of knowing God comes through your words in this excellent blog which I am sure speaks to so many no matter what our experiences appear to be this life time. For I certainly have contracted too as a seemingly safer way to be. It is so important for me to keep appreciating this love I have returned to in my life, and I would like to say I appreciate all those who have visited this blog so that it came up in the top posts and prompted me to read it again. My body says there is much for me to feel within its lines.

    1. Very gorgeous Shirley-Ann, appreciation is gold and I am learning to apply it to my life more and more. My experience during Sacred Esoteric Healing level 5 is something I will never forget and it is an incredible reminder for me that we are all deeply connected to everyone and to God.

    1. So true Rebecca, I have witness this and also experienced it myself. There is enormous power in being who we are, no holding back but like you shared shinning who we are for all to see and this is something no one can attack or penetrate because the power of love and joy is far too strong for any attack to stick or harm us.

  5. Wow, what an amazing experience Chan. I can feel where you have been, as I have also touched upon feeling this way, thanks to being a Student of the Way of the Livingness just like you. But this experience is not exclusive to those students, it is there for everybody. It is just a matter of choice. And I know there is more, it can always go deeper….

    1. I agree Willem, this coming home feeling and experiencing joy in a room full of amazing people is one day going to be our norm in society.

  6. Through the Sacred Esoteric Healing practitioners I began to re-learn about trust and appreciation. I’ve developed some solid friends over the past couple of years and what I love is about relationships. In the past if I lost trust in anyone, well they would be history.
    Since I realised that everything I perceive as ‘awful/bad’ in a relationship, is an offering of healing of a past hurt and I’m grateful. So I don’t lose a friendship, I gain a solid friendship from a solid foundation.

    1. Awesome Shushila, when we have issues come up with friends often that it is automatically seen as a bad thing, but they could in fact support us to evolve when we are willing to understand what the issues are and why they are there. Like you shared, we could develop a solid foundation through trust, love and understanding, and not to just walk away from relationships without understanding what is truly going on.

  7. Many people have an issue in trusting themselves and being truly present with their body. This is key to being able to build a true connection and solid foundation first with ourselves which naturally expands in our relationships with others.

    1. Yes, I agree Linda. It looks like everything in life is about going inwards instead of outwards. Whenever we seek to be love, we are often taught from a young age to seek love from people and things outside of us. What you share Linda is gold, and this will support many people to realise that we in fact hold the key to life and to living love consistently.

  8. Appreciation is a biggie for me, I knew how to appreciate others and expected this from others too and when it was offered it was never enough. I’m re-learning that appreciation begins at first within us then we don’t need to search elsewhere for it, in that appreciation we are confirmed as to who we truely are.

  9. Both trust and appreciation were lacking in my life. It is since meeting Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Sacred Esoteric healing modalities has this moved to a new foundation.

    The one I am going to focus on is appreciation. Why is it that we are ok to show our appreciation to others but not to ourselves? I regularly observe the need to be appreciated by others (including myself and still have this expectation from time to time), when who better to appreciate then one self? Just something worth pondering over.

    1. Same here Shushila, I am learning to appreciate myself so much more thanks to the amazing people I have met at Universal Medicine. With this, life has become a joy and my relationships with people are becoming more and more amazing every day.

  10. Chan I did my very first retreat in 2015 too and have never looked back. “I know I was finally home with my family” this absolutely takes my breath away because this was said to me at my very first attendance of the Sacred Esoteric Healing modality in 2014.

    1. I attended the same retreat Shushila in 2015 and it was my first time too. I loved it, it is an incredible event that is on every year and I wouldn’t want to miss it.

  11. We can reduce ourselves in life so we don’t stand out, or in an attempt to protect ourselves from being hurt. But we are only hurting ourselves more in the process. It’s huge to be able to move through this and reach a point where we realise this. Those times where we feel connected to everyone are markers of true community and brotherhood. They reflect a lot about how far we ourselves have come.

    1. Once we experience this marker it sets us for life to constantly return to love and brotherhood as much as possible. There are many things in life that doesn’t support us to do this but it doesn’t mean it is impossible because I have met many people at Universal Medicine who makes this way of living in true brotherhood look very normal and easy.

  12. ‘What really hurt deep was not what was physically done to me but seeing clearly that the people who chose to abuse me were simply very hurt and choosing to vent it out on others. The sadness for me was seeing that they chose to suppress love in order to attack and defend’
    Holding back our love not only hurts others, we hurt ourselves and our bodies, for love is meant to flow and be shared and released, and not contained, for love is too grand.

    1. I agree, love is indeed very grand and I feel we are only touching the surface of true love and its grandness. So, there is no end point to love, it just keeps deepening.

  13. A great reminder to appreciate what has constellated for me to have access to the teachings of the way of the Livingness, something I haven’t spent enough time doing before.

    1. I love sharing about how I was constellated to attending my very first Universal Medicine event. It blows me away every time I share my experience and how I came to The Way of The Livingness. Thank you God, for constellating the sequence of events for me to be where I am today and for meeting the amazing people at Universal Medicine who have inspired me to no end.

  14. “The sadness for me was seeing that they chose to suppress love in order to attack and defend.” This is the understanding we can bring to why people do what they do but equally not excuse it. You share a way out of that loop and bring a choice into this life through movements that re-imprint your experiences to reflect a more deeply healing way for others.

    1. When we understand the reason behind why people choose to hurt themselves and others, it is then easier to de-personalise any attack coming our way, because for someone to attack another person, they are deeply hurt inside and are also attacking themselves first before they are able to attack others. Observe and read each situation is key for me to understand what is really going on.

      1. Well said Chan, de-personalising the attack is vital to be able to respond in a way that offers another opportunity to bring more love to the situation. Knowing that what we put out there is what we are doing to ourselves should be information enough – but perhaps that is why we do not allow it to be common knowledge, because it calls for too much personal responsibility and accountability.

    1. When we step out of our hurts and let go of things that do not support us, we are then more equipped to support others to trust again and to do the same. It is amazing to be inspired by people who live their life free of hurts and emotions, as they reflect to us what is possible and how natural this way of life is.

  15. This is an incredible change to go from not trusting to complete trust of yourself and everything. We all have/have had trust ‘issues’ in some shape or form. A first start is to be aware that we don’t trust and then to ask, why not?

    1. Great question Simone. So many of our relationship issues stem from lack of trust and when we understand where this comes from and be aware of it, it supports us to heal the mistrust and learn that our hurts do not have to dominate who we are or how we respond to life.

  16. A very beautiful transformation with thanks to the important value of appreciation and to know that we are held in life through everything, even through times that are challenging.

  17. It’s scary when you start to walk your joy, which can be very much felt. Some people will respond and some will react. I am learning, sometimes successfully and sometimes not so, to continue to walk in that joy regardless of what comes. I can feel how important it is to stay open and not close down in reaction to the hurt. All of this incredible learning is presented for us to know what we (all) have within and no longer hide it away.

    1. It hurts to hold back our love and joy, I no longer do this regularly and it feels so different in my body. It feels so natural to just let out our joy and share this with the world. It is a strain to retain it or hide it, so why not have a go at letting who we are be seen? Also it feels absolutely amazing to not react to life but continuously work on deepening our connection with our soul and shine God’s light.

  18. Does this explain part of why when the physical scars heal we still having trouble dealing with situations or incidents, “What really hurt deep was not what was physically done to me but seeing clearly that the people who chose to abuse me were simply very hurt and choosing to vent it out on others.” For me this was true and a number of times the physical part healed and it was like something underneath was still there, like it was still living inside you. There would be dreams or nightmares, random memories, flashbacks and none made sense and were difficult to see. On the outside everything looked ‘normal’ but inside there was so much going on. It wasn’t until more and more I dealt with what I was feeling, truly feeling did everything begin to make sense and I started letting go of the past. This article takes things simply to another level in this.

    1. I find there are multi layers to healing and this is very beautiful to embrace. Whenever our body is ready for another layer of healing we simply just surrender and it naturally knows what is needed. We just have to deeply surrender to this process and it is effortless. As a result we feel lighter and lighter with each layer as we let go and discard our hurts and protection.

  19. Thank you Chan for a beautiful sharing I remember you sharing your amazing experience I too feel so much love and a sense of being held in that love at our workshops, I can remember a saying from childhood it was “don’t get too joyful the other shoe might drop” I never quite understood it but what it conveyed was scary and certainly dampened any joy that was there to be felt.

    1. I can recall when I specifically decided to hold back expressing joy, it was around the age of 7 or 8. For children it seems to be more acceptable by society to be joyful but as we grow up, we very quickly get a sense that it is not OK to shine too bright and be too joyful. Crazy why this is so and I feel our world is currently not accepting that we are all deeply amazing, grand and are multi-dimensional beings. It is currently designed to keep us small and it is time to deconstruct this hold over humanity and re-built and return to the truth of who we are.

  20. Chan you should have titled it Joy Trust and Appreciation. The joy in your writing here is truly palpable. It is certainly a joy to read and feel how much you have let go of.

    1. Ha ha ha…thank you Jennifer, so true, I have never felt so joyful before and deeply at one with everyone. Having experienced this in Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 5, it is now a marker for me to return to and keep deepening this beautiful connection with myself and everyone.

  21. What hurts most of all, more than the attacking behaviour of others, is how we leave ourselves and live in fear and contraction, not standing up to the bullying at play… living so much less than who we are is our greatest sadness.

    1. …and we can change that in a moment. I have found that if I take care of my movements and enjoy them, that whole scenarios can change around me and I don’t have to say a word. We do not have to hold ourselves small.

    2. I agree Bryony, this is exactly how I felt. Since speaking up about abuse and eliminating it where I can, this has made a huge, huge difference in my life. I am no longer living in fear but more in my power and joy. I am letting go of the sadness and being more joyful and this is thanks to the amazing Sacred Esoteric Healing courses I have been to at Universal Medicine.

  22. This was great for me to read and bring a deeper appreciation to my life. I live with a house full of amazing people- a few years ago I would have done anything to live in this situation and now that I do I find at times I don’t fully appreciate it, I can look at the small issues and then hold people out and not fully embrace all the love that is around me. As I write this I realise that I firstly do this with myself, I give myself a hard time for what I am not instead of deeply appreciating all that I am. When I fully shift this within myself I know that I will be able to shift this in how I am with others.

    1. I totally get what you mean MW. I too live with 3 very amazing people, they are absolutely gorgeous in every way but I sometimes forget to appreciate them and instead focus on the minor issues that are not important. Starting to appreciate myself and people around me feels great and this allows so much more joy in my life.

  23. From about 7 years old I decided that this was the safest way to function through life – to not be too joyful in case I get attacked. How many of us have made a similar decision in early childhood that needless to say is still playing out in our adult life – explains why we adults get oh so serious ( my hand is up here), and no longer feel the joy or the magic in life. I recently attended a week-end retreat with Chris James and boy was that a whole lot of fun and supported me greatly to connect with joy and lightness again.

    1. Beautiful Jacqmcfadden04, it is astonishing how many people walk the same path of contraction, holding back and living deep in our hurts. When we realise this is not it, life is not about being a victim, then the world feels like a very different place. There is more support now than ever before from God to live who we truly are, to live with a deeper level of responsibility, joy and love.

  24. The process of coming back to ourselves is deeply precious and joyful. This is a process that requires our consistent awareness and livingness and our lives can change so much because we are committed in moving in the direction of truth.

    1. Beautifully said Adele, this is the process I have deeply embraced and now, my body feels free of hurts and not governed by the past but living now in more connection to who am and I feel absolutely amazing for it. This then opens up space for me to truly give back to humanity, because every move I make is from love and not hurts, and this is a blessing for us all.

  25. Shows how we can hold the world to ransom almost out of our own actions or choices. We project out to see the world appearing to be a certain way and then choose to bring our actions in line to match what we see. In place of this is seeing the world for what it is, feeling this and then choosing to hold true to what we feel. It’s not that the world isn’t a ‘horrible’ place at points or that things don’t happen but it’s more about you and how you move within these. If you choose to go into these and join them or if you choose to see them and then support the truth of who we actually are to everything and everyone. There is no doubt life impacts us, with this though there must be a movement by us first away from who we truly are for this to be possible. Deal with this movement and you will see that the impact can no longer touch you, you haven’t moved beyond it you have moved to pull it up or back to a true quality.

    1. When we stay steady in our authority and stay connected to who we are, nothing can really rock our foundation when we make it about truth and love. It is when we disconnect from who we are that we then can easily indulge in our hurts, contract, go into protection and hide.

    1. It certainly is Kathleen, and it is the most magical way to live, with huge doses of trust and appreciation our life with be full of joy.

      1. Yes Chan, and it is the joy of the confirmation of evolution as this is exactly what appreciation does – it confirms we are learning and growing and expanding in awareness and this all brings us to more responsibility, which is the ability to respond appropriately and thus we get to feel even greater joy.

  26. ‘I came to understand and appreciate that we are all deeply connected and how protection is a contracted way to live that is completely false.’ This is a great awareness to come to Chan and to live in appreciation and acceptance of the love we truly are, we find the protection we once lived with will begin to naturally fall away.

    1. Thank you Anne. I realise that letting go of protection also means letting go of individuality, because protection does not exist when we are expressing from purpose, and it simply does not exist when we make it about all of us, leaving no one out.

  27. This is such a powerful sharing Chan filled with many points of great wisdom. It is so true that in the illusion of protection we are actually causing greater harm to ourselves and others, as the love we are within is withheld from being known, felt and reflected as the blessing that is for us all, thus withholding the healing we all receive from love.

    1. Holding back from expressing who we are hurts us all. It is all about individuality when we go into protection and contraction, there is nothing healing or evolving about this. What you’ve shared Carola is spot on and very inspiring.

  28. It is interesting to note that sometimes we are not aware that something is missing in our lives i.e joy, until it is pointed out to us. This in it’s self says a lot about humanity and the level of disconnection we are prepared to live with.

    1. We have normalised being miserable hence why it can sometimes feel foreign to see someone in absolute joy.

  29. What really hurts is to feel how miserable can life be when we choose to live so separate from our innate religiosity and divinity. This is so much so that life becomes all about relief coming from our ability to deeply abuse others.

    1. Our ability to hurt another person happens very quickly when we judge, when we see someone as seperate from us or when we go into jealousy. It first comes from a hurt we have identified ourselves with and have not yet healed that then leads us to inflicting more hurts onto others and ourselves. I feel this is why it is so important and it is our responsibility to heal our hurts, otherwise it will be an opening for us to be in protection and an invitation to abuse.

  30. It is through connection to ourselves and to humanity that we face our pain and start to heal our hurts. Withdrawal and isolation do not work, the wounds just keep festering.

    1. I agree Gabriele, and I feel the only way to heal our wounds and the world is to add love and appreciation as our everyday medicine.

  31. When we choose to tone our sparkle down in fear of attack from others, we attack ourselves more than anyone else ever can. It’s a coping mechanism to get through life, but it’s exactly that – about getting through life. Shine and sparkle and there is much more on offer, even if we do get attacked more.

    1. So true Nikki, it certainly hurts us deeply when we tone down our sparkle. No-one can turn it down for us, the choice is always ours, which means we are the only one who can turn it back up full volume.

      1. We control the dial and it is deeply saddening when we realise that – but equally empowering.

  32. ‘I felt I was finally home with my family, even though I only knew a small percentage of the people there. ‘ Very gorgeous Chan, we know each other deeply from our inner connection.

  33. Thankyou Chan, reading this again today reminded me of the many awesome moments I’ve experienced in the Universal Medicine courses, and how they continue to impact my life in positive and beautiful ways.

    1. I too hugely appreciate what Universal Medicine is offering humanity, and thank God for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Without them the world will be in an even greater mess.. Now, I am beginning to see answers and ways in which we can bring harmony and love to the world. I now understanding the meaning of love, truth and purpose. Everything in life now makes absolute sense and the overwhelm about life is no longer present.

  34. “Suppress love in order to attack and defend” – this is a pattern we seem to be repeating from one generation to the next. Not surprising the love quotient is felt to be far less than what it could be and we feel the gap between what is potentially available to us and what is being lived amongst us, and that hurts us very much.

    1. And that it is often those closest to us that attack and hurt us the most is staggering and wounds more deeply than the stranger danger we are taught to be most afraid of.

    2. Absolutely Fumiyo, whenever we can feel the absence of love it hurts us deeply but when we understand why then it offers opportunities for us to heal. No blame or going into sympathy, just simply taking responsibility for what is reflected and offered for us to learn.

  35. So beautiful to read Chan I can relate to shutting down my joy from a young age, it just wasn’t safe to be just me, even now I am still learning that joy can be in every moment when we come from love and feel the deep brotherhood that exists in our community, a taste of heaven on earth for sure.

    1. We learn very quickly at a very young age what is accepted by our family and society. It seems that being in contraction and abuse is OK and accepted by people around us, but when we are choosing to be joyful we often get attacked. This doesn’t make sense does it? But with all that we can feel as we grow up, do we confirm and contract further because of these attacks or do we stay steady, be who we are in full and live from absolute love and joy?

  36. Universal Medicine is a great business that supports people all around the world to live to their full potential. To hear about your transformation is inspirational and touching. Our body is key, it has an intelligence that can be capitalised on and it offers us a way home.

    1. I agree Sarah, our body is key and we have the ability to access the intelligence that is offered to us all, through connecting to our body. Learning to cherish and listen to my body’s intelligence has supported me in life and it is at Universal Medicine that I got to really appreciate who we all are and why we are here. The truth and love presented by Serge Benhayon is unifying, all encompassing and always evolving. Every presentation is done with the highest level of integrity, quality and love. Where else can we find a business like Universal Medicine in the world?

  37. Reading this has simply invited me to choose to initiate joy into my day, by allowing myself to connect and play with what I already know exists with-in me. The pattern of holding it back because another might react causes more harm to everyone in the contraction than in the expression of what is natural, innate and wants to come out.

    1. Exactly Sandra, very beautifully expressed. What you’ve shared took me a long time to understand and it was from attending the workshops and presentations presented by Serge Benhayon that I came to numerous realisations like this. They were filled with lots and lots of aha moments that were pure GOLD and filled with absolutely truth.

  38. Thank you Chan Ly for reminding us we are all one family. There is no need for us to see ourselves less than but rather equal to all, in other words, we are all love!

    1. It is extremely powerful when we embrace the fact that we are all one, all deeply connected to each other, and when we allow love to be our main form of communication and expression.

  39. Thank you again Chan Ly. Bringing our awareness to our body is always our key to surrender to ourselves. Truly. Since I have come to Universal Medicine I have deeply discovered this fact or actually re-discovered that on this planet earth, we need to live in full connection to our body – as without, we see – look around – it is not working. Hence why the works of Serge Benhayon are it, simply absolute exactly who we are and what we need to live and bring back again – connection, awareness of our body and everything in and around it.

    1. I agree Danna, and if more and more people choose to live in full connection to their body, I reckon we would not be in the mess we are in now. Humanity is very sick and this doesn’t just happen, it is a sign we have disconnected from our body and have veered off track away from truth and love for a very long time.

  40. Appreciating our loving choices – even the tiniest of them feels like it goes a long way towards healing what may have filled the space before.

    1. So true Sandra, the more I appreciate the more I see and feel is there to appreciate, this has a magical flow on effect to all my relationships as well.

  41. Understanding the ‘false sense of securities’ that we might employ is such a loving choice, one very worth appreciating in and of itself.

  42. Beautiful Chan, one of the greatest gifts Universal Medicine has offered me, is you see and live the truth that our greatest protection is to be all the love we are.

    1. Yes, this is the greatest gift of all, to be love. My understanding is that when one person lives all the love that they are, everyone including the universe receives a blessing. Amazing, true love is always for everyone and no one is excluded.

  43. “For the first time in my life I felt completely safe to truly allow my love and joy to shine, to be who I am and to not hold back expressing the joy I felt. ” This is beautiful Chan Ly. Coming to the realisation that because so many people suppress what they feel and hold back, when they see someone who expresses their natural joy and vibrancy in life it presses their buttons. For me learning to not take things personally is a work in progress around this.

    1. For me too Sue, learning to not react or take things personally has been a huge support. It allows us to be free of the emotional dramas and be more ourselves. I am also learning to express myself more and more without worrying about what people might think. In most instances people really appreciate it when I express and let them know how I feel and not shy away from expressing who I am.

  44. I got caught in a false sense of security in hiding and keeping myself small not realising how capping this way of being was for myself and everyone around me. Learning to develop a deeper connection and relationship with myself has been the key to establishing trust and honouring how my body is feeling.

  45. Thank you Chan Ly, I could feel the love you felt on that course, you shared it from your whole body and it came through your writing. It is so true, we can re-connect to the love inside, to the fact we are part of that great body of love, the great body of God, any time. It is us who wander away, and for us to come home at any point.

    1. God is deeply loving and unimposing, and we are constantly held in love and are left to make our own choices. When we choose to return to God, he is patiently waiting for us without any judgement whatsoever, just absolute love.

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