The Science of Boiling Water

Have you ever taken the time to stop and watch water come to the boil?

I have a clear glass kettle that brings water to the boil even faster than pots on the stove (which as we know, boil very slowly – if at all – when we watch them!), and lets you see the whole process in motion.

There is a lovely sequence of events that happens, and a science to it.

What is the science of bringing water to the boil?

The only difference between ice, cold water, hot water and steam is the temperature, and the rate of vibration of the water molecules.

If we add energy to a body of water (or any body), the rate of vibration of the particles increases and the particles spread further apart, creating more space between them.

The boiling point of water is the point at which the liquid water molecules are vibrating so fast that they spread apart to become a gas.

So, we have a body of water – introduced into and held by the kettle (or watched pot).

We add energy to the system, via electricity, which is converted into heat.

The heat energy increases the rate of vibration of the water molecules.

Firstly we see this as an increased movement within the body of water. This actually has a scientific name – Brownian motion – which describes the fact that as water molecules heat up, they move around faster.

Then we see tiny bubbles start to form, which are small spheres of water molecules moving so fast they have expanded from the liquid state to become a gas, and joined together.

These spheres rise to the surface because they are lighter than the denser water molecules, and are released from the body of water into the body of air above it, where they merge with other gases and other particles of that vibration.

As the heating process continues, the energy of the water rises, and more and more spheres form, and the spheres become larger and greater, and join together to form even grander spheres, and the water moves faster and faster, and soon the whole thing is one joyous whirling mix of water and steam and air.

And if the kettle had a whistle on it, it would be singing with joy!

What can we learn from watching water boil?

When water is asked to heat up, to raise its vibration and come to the boil, it does not resist.

Imagine if it did! That watched pot would never boil! Indeed, if those molecules of water dug their heels in and refused to move faster, even decided to go slower out of spite, we may well watch the water turn into ice!

Why does water accept its natural evolution; what it is called to do and be?

Why does water allow itself to be filled with energy, to join with other molecules of water as a bubble of gas, and to rise and be released from the body it comes from, knowing they are always connected, and part of the one whole?

And why don’t we?

If we take the time to watch water boil, we create the space to allow ourselves to feel this process happening in our own bodies.

We can feel that as our energy rises, we become lighter and clearer, and our particles move at a higher rate of vibration, spreading further apart, creating spaciousness in us.

And we can feel that the same process happens in people as a whole. As we vibrate at a higher rate, we create movement and spaciousness within each of us, and within all of us as a whole. Some of us expand so much and rise so high that they can move to another plane of life – one just as real but not seen with the physical eye or heard with the physical ear, only felt.

As more and more of us are inspired by the light and spacious ones above, we too vibrate at a higher rate and our particles expand. We come together to form spheres of people, all vibrating at this higher rate, and as more and more of us rise, we magnetically pull the others, inspire the others, to arise with us.

And one day soon we will all be joy-fully moving together, rising together as one body to the next plane of vibration in which we are held, to begin the joy-full process again.

I am forever inspired by the life and work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

by Anne Malatt

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790 thoughts on “The Science of Boiling Water

  1. I find it interesting how even though the particles of water are moving faster as they heat up there is also more space between them, like there is a harmony or unity in the movement that allows the space to also expand…

  2. The beautiful reflection you bring here for us to look at.
    Also, there is a humbleness in the way the water rises naturally. There is no arrogance, it just has its natural evolution.

  3. This is a great example of how something that expands its own vibration becomes so much lighter and changes its movement.

    1. I love what you have shared here Sally, as the way you have explained the principle of raising a vibration can be applied to everything we do – when we commit to expanding and lightening up.

  4. “If we add energy to a body of water (or any body), the rate of vibration of the particles increases and the particles spread further apart, creating more space between them.” The science behind healing.

  5. The magic of boiling water. Life can be made up of the most mundane things. Equally so it can filled with magic. The things that fill either a mundane life or a magic life are the same – the secret lies in the beholder.

  6. I suppose one answer to the question of ‘why water obeys its evolution and we do not’, is that water does not have energetic forces directed at it to make sure that it stays in its current or lesser form. What we can learn from water is that it’s easy to follow the call to evolve and the struggle actually comes from the resistance.

  7. What I find fascinating is that water can have so many forms that look so completely different and the only difference is the vibration of the molecules, we can definitely apply this to us and our lives and note that our lives may vary in how they look or appear or feel in accordance to what vibration we are choosing and living in.

  8. This is a great reflection for us. There is a simplicity, flow and ease in the process of water coming to the boil and becoming steam, in a seed becoming a tree or any other example we can think of from nature. All these reflections are reminders that we too can live with this flow and ease, that life doesn’t have to be a struggle and that to surrender to the pull of our true essence, we will be expressing ourselves in the fullness of our potential.

  9. When looking at resistance in this way one sees the sheer folly in it! We are all designed to rise in harmony as this is a known scientific fact, as even the most chaotic cell is moving towards harmony. All illness and disease is a movement towards harmony, and yet most of us resist, preferring to be part of ‘the cult of individuality’ and then we think we are intelligent!

    1. With a greater understanding of life and how it is designed to bring us back to harmony, no matter how far we have roamed from home, we can approach life with a deeper appreciation, awe and joy at how blessed we are. From the ‘cult of individuality’ stance we miss these offerings.

  10. ‘We can feel that as our energy rises, we become lighter and clearer, and our particles move at a higher rate of vibration, spreading further apart, creating spaciousness in us’. This is so true and a great reminder to stay connected or deepen our connection and not fall back into habits that create a denseness and heaviness in our bodies and thus in life. We can be light and bring light, we have a choice in every moment.

  11. I loved how you relate the science of boiling water to us being in the same vibration. We are no different to everything around us.

    We’ve just had new walls and paint in our bedroom and cannot believe but also feel the spaciousness that has been created. The room is the same size and space but there is something magic in removing the old with something fresh and new – a forever beauty full cycle.

  12. A brilliant example of how particles can do so much more than we realise – what could be possible if we resist nothing and give life everything?

  13. A beautiful science and one I use to understand how, in reverse, we became so dense that we took on a physical presence and now we have nowhere to go but to return to the higher vibration that we come from.

  14. It is a great analogy showing us how if we allow our particles to expand outside of our body we become more of what we truly are. Or we can choose to remain dense and contracted.

  15. It’s interesting to note that no matter (pun intended) what the material, medium, plane, object, etc all is energy; and particles make up matter. Each single particular has the intelligence of the whole universe. How is it then can we connect to and raise the vibration of these particles to expand the space and hence intelligence in our bodies? It first starts by connecting to and being with the body..

  16. There is a simplicity and beauty in the science and order of the universe which is reflected to us in the seemingly mundane and ordinary things of life we can so easily take for granted if we are not paying attention.

  17. I love when life is talked about as a science as it reveals a divine order that we are part of and that we are not just randomly existing. To think it is random is to avoid being responsible for our part in the divine plan.

  18. Multidimensionality is what we call our space.. The blog is simply showing us that. There is no way around — but to feel that we are all made of cells that are made of energy — we are all one and the same, evolving to the next depth of space..

  19. It would sure be lonely if only one water bubble rose on its own, and physically it is impossible. Awareness and observation allows us to see what is truly natural in nature and to reflect how natural we are living in our day to day lives.

  20. Your point on water not resisting the boiling process is so valid. It highlights the ludicrousness of human life, that we resist obeying universal laws and magnetic pull to evolve, to continually become aligned to higher vibrations.

  21. I love when people break life down so simply. Many mornings the kettle will boil and I don’t give it another thought, it’s just water boiling right? Not now as there is so so much more simply to life going on to appreciate. Water is an amazing part of life and the cycle described here is relative to us all. When life is just about coping or getting through it is wonderful to see people exploring another part, a part that pulls us out of the small and allows us to breath in the bigger picture.

  22. This is a beautiful analogy Anne and a powerful reminder that we are all connected and part of a oneness, to live without this awareness we block or stunt the natural pull to evolve.

  23. Such a powerful representation of how we are all born with bodies that are made of the same components, equally responding to the vibration we chose to surrender to, determining the quality of denseness of lightness we therefore live through our bodies. The more we resist the vibration of love the denser we become, the more separated and individualised we become, as does the ice. Yet the more we surrender to the higher vibration of love the lighter we are, and the more we realise that the true body that we belong to is the body of oneness.

  24. A beautiful explanation of two gloriously scientific processes… the boiling of water, and the evolution of man. Thank you Anne.

  25. I love this blog Anne in makes me feel all bubbly and warm inside. I love how science is interconnected within our lives in such a beautiful way showing how we are all connected to the all always. Awesome thank you.

  26. When we make life about energy first we understand that there is no point resisting our pull for a constant expansion to a lighter way of being so might just well surrender to the divine process and choose to be who we truly are.

  27. This blog is a great example of the extent to which we are subject to laws that become known to us through science. Our body is water in a very high percentage, so we are subject to the same laws that affect water (being water whose particles expand or water whose particles become denser). The only difference being in our own capacity to go one way or the other by our own will.

  28. Loved what you have shared Anne just reading your blog I can feel the particles in my body expanding with joy, thank you.

    1. Lovely to read this blog again and like you, Jill, I feel a spaciousness in my body after reading it, which I will carry joyfully into my day ahead.

  29. I do love watching water boil and now wish I had a glass kettle! What I loved about reading this blog is that we consider water in its various states to be different, yet it is all the same. It is only the amount of space between the particles that changes. I can relate this to the human body. At times it can be quite dense with the particles close together. At other times it can be light and open as the particles dance in the space we have chosen. This spaciousness is felt by others and creates a pull in them. It is like applying ‘electricity’ to the dense particles, which would love to have more space.

  30. Anne, I love how you have used the example of boilng water to show how expansion and space occurs. We live within a Universe that is constantly expanding so it makes sense that it is possible for us to expand and offer more space within our body too.

  31. It would appear from what you present for us here Anne, that water is very obedient to the laws of the Universe! And us humans are made up of a majority of water in our body (just as there is more water than land on Earth), this begs the question – if water is so obedient to universal law, what force exists that we allow to ‘dense up’ our bodies so that we are not pulled at the same rate of expansion as the molecules within us are wanting to go?

    Put simply – everything within our physiology is designed to pull in harmony with the Universe (God’s body) we live within, yet there is also something we call upon to resist this evolution: the call back to who we truly are.

    We have a lot to learn from the humble kettle – the wisdom of the Universe right before our very eyes, performing a symphony of symbolism every time throughout our day that we stop to have a cuppa! But it would seem for the most part we are too busy reaching for the coffee and the ensuing ‘rush’ or checkout, to truly pause and consider what is here revealed for us to assist us out of the daily grind we get so caught up in.

    I adore reading this blog Anne – it reminds me that Heaven is always on Earth.

    1. You are so right Liane. Heaven is reflected to us in so many ways, if we are just willing to see it. For us a support to make life on earth heavenly, and then get back to Heaven once again.

  32. “If we add energy to a body of water (or any body), the rate of vibration of the particles increases and the particles spread further apart, creating more space between them.” I love this metaphor for life. If we live our energetic truth our particles will also create more space between them, our vibrations will increase and thus we evolve.

  33. I love how your questions about water relate to human life. “Why does water allow itself to be filled with energy, to join with other molecules of water as a bubble of gas, and to rise and be released from the body it comes from, knowing they are always connected, and part of the one whole? And why don’t we?” After all we are all interconnected – and come from the same source. What if parenting and our education systems taught this – cooperation and understanding rather than competition and judgement? Energy first.

  34. This is delightful inspiration to start the day. It’s been said already but so very true as you have playfully demonstrated here – that all of life around us reflects our true potential.

  35. There is a science to everything as you have illustrated with the vibration of the ice, water and steam analogy Anne. And as I read your blog I could not but feel the science of our emotions and how they all vibrate in our body differently too. For example anger feels different to the cascade of frustration, resentment, bitterness and rage which all too would have their own unique vibration and thus have a different effect on our bodies. We have much to learn about the science and evolution of our human bodies and the world around us and what a joy that will be to learn.

  36. “When water is asked to heat up, to raise its vibration and come to the boil, it does not resist.”

    I love this line Anne, indeed all that you present here for us to ponder. The simple fact that our human form is made up of a majority of water, whose very nature is to respond to warmth so that its particles can grow and expand and up their vibration, shows us that within us lives an alchemy that needs no effort on our part other than to surrender the resistance we employ to offset this process. Perhaps this gives us a clue as to why our current rates of illness and disease are so high – we have allowed a great stagnation to settle over that which by essence knows only how to move with the flow of life.

    1. Thanks for the connection to ‘warmth’ Liane. I know my body likes to be warm and cosy and I respond and make sure I am. Now I have a deeper understanding that, like water, it is essential for evolution for our particles to ‘warm’ up and expand.

  37. The fact of water particles boiling together and becoming steam is just natural, it is what would happen under Universal/energetic laws. Working together in collaboration and unity is simply natural. If our present day world does not reflect this truth, we are going against what is natural. And disobeying what is natural, naturally has its consequences.

  38. Just like water has no choice but to surrender to the boil, there is no choice for us to evolve. We are just under the illusion that we have choice in the matter and in this, create resistance to what we can not resist.

  39. If water did try to resist boiling based on the energy it was being fed, it would be a nightmare. Quite possibly it would explode. Perhaps we are doing the same thing when it comes to evolution? We are trying to resist something that is impossible to resist.

  40. When it was time to buy a new kettle there was a glass one on sale and remembering this article i was inspired to buy it. Interestingly because I live in a hard water area and I don’t have a water softener there is a layer of lime scale that forms on the metal base inside and can also cloud the glass. This reminds me of the stuff we can hold onto and cloud our vision. Now every time I clean the kettle and remove the build up I check in with myself to see if there is any clearing needed and allow my body to let go and expand.

  41. This is a beautiful analogy Anne, and an opportunity to ponder on why we are so good at resisting the constant pull to a higher vibration- that of evolution and are so afraid to let go of that which keeps us in separation of our divinity?

  42. Watching the kettle boil at work is a moment when I choose to re-connect to myself but as you point out it is also an opportunity to reflect on the expansion that is on offer for all of us.

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