Where is the Love? Where Has it Gone?

In our present time of wars, drug wars, binge drinking, corruption at all levels (e.g. from pharmaceutical and weapons industries all the way down to local government), religious fanatics killing and enslaving, the booming global slave trade (now referred to as human trafficking, including child trafficking, sex trafficking and refugee extortion), poverty, extreme wealth, abuse, cyber abuse, self abuse, bullying, suicide – the list could go on and on – where is the love in this world? Where has the love gone?

Were not all religions originally based on love? Were not all religions originally from the one religion of love?

Love for one another, love thy neighbour, love all of mankind, love will save the world, love is all we need, love conquers all, unconditional love… but what have many institutionalised religions become? Nothing but a human created set of rules (sometimes cruel, harsh and discriminating and definitely NOT loving) based upon some old scriptures that have been twisted and turned, re-written and re-translated to become the basis of how almost the whole of humanity act, think, indulge, hate and disregard one another.

I stop now and think; I have been a part of this, joining the masses, saying this is normal, ‘I’m all right Jack’, ‘we have to look after our own’, or just hiding inside my own little bubble of life, doing my own thing, cutting off the rest of humanity as though I was not a part of them and they were not a part of me. A ‘part’ of this, not by being a drug trafficker or any of the other abhorrent pastimes listed above, but a part of it nonetheless by accepting that all this happens, and never doing anything about it.

We can all do something about the state of the world we live in, from the smallest word lovingly spoken to the greatest act of love; every single loving act will conduce towards a more harmonious society.

Yes I did hear all those love statements and think “yea, OK, nice thoughts, lovely sentiment, but really I mean, really, does anyone, apart from the Dalai Lama that is, think that it is possible to not just love thy neighbour but love the whole of humanity?”

The answer is YES, there are many people who truly believe; large and small groups spread across the globe, growing steadily in number, in strength and most important of all, in love.

Normal everyday people who truly believe that love is the way, laying down the foundations for a better world to live in for the generations to come. Already enjoying harmonious lives and living examples of true beauty. Lovingly helping others around them unconditionally.

Through the living example of love personified, Serge Benhayon, his family and Universal Medicine, with an ever growing number of students practising true love for all humanity, there is the greatest possibility to find where the love is. It has not gone anywhere, it can be found inside us all! Truly inspired!

by Christopher Murphy, Kindergarten Assistant and Universal Medicine student, Drøbak, Norway

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