Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I Love about Simon Asquith

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

There are many students who attend Universal Medicine workshops who inspire me. What they are committing to, how they are changing, and the choices they are making and ways in which they are transforming their lives is inspiring and worth celebrating and sharing, as what is lived by one can inspire another.

Simon Asquith is one of these people who I am inspired by and felt to write about. Continue reading “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I Love about Simon Asquith”

The Gift of Clairsentience: Reclaiming my Ability to Feel Energy

We are all familiar with the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Most of us know we have a sixth sense, although it is not something that is openly spoken about or given any attention at all.

Our sixth sense is clairsentience: put simply, an ability to feel energy or what is happening around us.

Our clairsentient nature goes beneath the surface of what we are told and what we read, to allow us to feel truth in every moment and every situation. It is from using this sense that we allow ourselves to increase our awareness and provide understanding and healing rather than distort the situations that arise before us.

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Feeling the Divinity of God through Esoteric Yoga

During one of my recent sessions in my 6 week Esoteric Yoga program with Esoteric Yoga practitioner Vicky Geary, I experienced the most incredible moment where I felt that everything about life made more than sense to me in the most tangible way.

At the beginning of my 6 week program I didn’t know specifically what might happen during the program, but I knew what I wanted to focus on was to be around embodying stillness. By week 2, and after the support from another practitioner at a Universal Medicine clinic, I realised embodying this stillness meant to claim my delicacy and stillness as a woman and having it be there in every facet of my life, and especially in every way I express. Continue reading “Feeling the Divinity of God through Esoteric Yoga”

Being Number One or True Oneness: Bridging Modern and Ancient Understanding of Number

Of all of our numbers, number one seems to carry the most ambivalent messages.
Many of us seek to reach at least oneness within ourselves, whilst many seek it with a partner. The concept of two becoming one is a part of many traditional marriage vows. Then there is the idea of a Oneness with Nature, a Oneness with God and a Oneness with humanity.

If these are our aspirations, then why do few, if any, attain them? Could it have anything to do with the conflicting functions and qualities we collectively ascribe to the number one and to the quality of ‘one-ness? Continue reading “Being Number One or True Oneness: Bridging Modern and Ancient Understanding of Number”

Developing a Relationship – with my Essence

Developing a relationship with and connecting to and playfully exploring my essence, was something presented to me by Natalie Benhayon at the end of a revealing and amazing Esoteric ovary massage. Natalie has a depth of wisdom and is a true inspiration to me; the authority of her livingness is incontrovertible. She holds an unapologetic, unwavering solidness of love and an equal-ness for all others within her – especially from her eyes.

Natalie’s session was for me the last of a series of sessions with Universal Medicine practitioners. Each session stood on its own, whilst also being part of a whole unfolding package of myself. Continue reading “Developing a Relationship – with my Essence”

Leaving It Up to God

Recently I have noticed that, while I have been taking steps to stay connected to my body and be present with my movements throughout the day, I get to a certain point where I feel I have ‘got it’ and then I let go. It’s like there is nothing more at this point for me to participate in, so off I go and play around in my thoughts. But who or what is operating my movements if I no longer have any awareness of them?

It’s like I have completely given up on ‘me’ and gone onto auto-pilot, thinking it is all going to be sorted out for me now ‘I’ve got it’ and there is nothing more for me to do. Continue reading “Leaving It Up to God”