Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I Love about Simon Asquith

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

There are many students who attend Universal Medicine workshops who inspire me. What they are committing to, how they are changing, and the choices they are making and ways in which they are transforming their lives is inspiring and worth celebrating and sharing, as what is lived by one can inspire another.

Simon Asquith is one of these people who I am inspired by and felt to write about.

Recently Simon mentioned that my driveway was covered in mould and was getting a bit slippery so he came around and cleaned it. I had just come to accept it like this and didn’t even realise how slippery it had become until he pointed this out. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me it was. There was a real level of care in this gesture. Also when the driveway was finished it was sparkling like I had never seen it before and the whole house felt amazing.

What I can appreciate about this is the quality of the man that Simon is and how he is now bringing this out more, allowing who he is to be expressed and shared with others.

When I first met Simon Asquith he was elusive and cool: there was a distance with him and you got the feeling that he didn’t really like being around people for too long. This was only a few years ago and it is remarkable how much he has changed since then.

Simon is now one of the most sensitive and caring men I know and what’s more is he now doesn’t hold back expressing this with others. To have a male friend like this, as a woman it is teaching myself and many other women (and men also) a lot.

Kristy Wood & Simon Asquith
Kristy Wood & Simon Asquith

What I love about Simon Asquith:

  • Simon is a man who no longer plays the ‘man game’. He has broken out of many of the roles of what a man ‘should be’. I love this about him because you get to experience a man who is willing to express himself with an open-heartedness and great warmth.
  • Because of his love for people, Simon is prepared to stand up for what is true and call things to account regardless of the personal ramifications this will have for him.
  • When Simon is on stage performing and playing the guitar, there is such a joy in the way he is and moves that it is contagious. It supports you to let go and have a bit more fun and allow yourself to join that without taking yourself so seriously.
  • He is a man who expresses his tenderness. He shares how he feels, he listens and will often come into situations and support a group to come together, recognising what each person has to offer.
  • He has a real attention to detail and nothing is too small. He will go out of his way to fix the small things so that everything will run smoothly.
  • He is a great role model for kids as he has a lightness and playfulness while also being able to hold the boundaries and not act like a kid himself but continue to be the man. This is so needed in our current day – for boys to experience men who can express themselves and also their tenderness and love and know how to deal with life and the pressures men face.
Simon Asquith
Simon Asquith

As a woman it is amazing to know men like this as it supports you to also know that it is okay to be vulnerable and express your care and love for people. I love that there are men like this in the world, who are brave enough to make the choice to build a life on responsibility, care and love for self and all people.

Thank you Simon Asquith for the man you are and thank you to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for supporting men to return to who they truly are so that all can experience and be nurtured by the great love and care they have to offer.

By Kristy Wood, NSW, Australia

Kristy Wood Kristy Wood loves working with people to develop initiatives that build a sense of community and support wellbeing.

You can read more about Kristy Wood at

Simon Asquith Simon Asquith works with people all around the world to support them with technology, from the basics to managing audio production for internationally broadcast events. He is also a wicked guitarist. Basically he loves doing what it takes to bring people together.

You can follow Simon Asquith on Twitter @SimonAsquith08

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755 thoughts on “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I Love about Simon Asquith

  1. There have been such monumental changes for so many of us men through the inspiration offered by Serge Benhayon. When you describe that transition from being slightly cool and evasive, to the warmth and openness you experience now, it really strikes a chord, and I have seen this happen for many of the men through The Way of The Livingness

  2. Kristy, I love the fact that you openly share how you are inspired by your friend/colleague. Far too often we are only prepared to share the fact that we admire or are inspired by someone who is famous, a war hero, a celebrity etc rather than one of our friends or colleagues that we see every day.

  3. how wonderful that someone would take the time simply to appreciate someone else in depth… Appreciation is something that once you really start bringing it into your life, you will never stop because it has such far reaching effects upon ourselves and upon others

    1. Absolutely agreed cjames2012. We simply do not APPRECIATE Appreciation enough! It requires an openness of heart, an absence of comparison and a willingness to see the true light in another, to appreciate them.
      I love that this is expressed so publicly here by Kristy Wood – there is no ‘small’ in the seemingly small things, what she’s shared here is grand indeed.

  4. The men involved with Universal Medicine have instilled trust in men again for me. They are unique in that they are willing to show and express their feelings, they deeply honour and respect women and they will go out of their way to support you if you need this, nothing is too big or small. I feel blessed to have these men in my life. Simon Asquith is one such man.

  5. This is awesome Kristy and I totally agree with you about Simon – he gives women and their tenderness a run for their money. Simon is a very gentle man and it is this reflection along with other men I know, that has allowed me to drop the label of tough guys. What a healing.

  6. Thank you Kirsty for sharing your love of Simon, I so much agree with you, I feel a beautiful connection whenever I see him, appreciation of another brings great joy.

  7. Thanks Kristy for seeing the man Simon Asquith truly is. It’s important we all confirm each other in how we are with each other, appreciate it. It’s not what Simon did I am hearing from you but the way he did it, the quality was and is the key. With men doing all manner of things around the world it’s important to bring to light these type and style of things as well. No headline act or fanfare but very important all the same. I know Simon Asquith, I know him very well and he is a great man and a joy to be around. He is a man that truly loves being the man he is and doesn’t hide that away for a rainy day, he shares it with us all.

  8. Yes Kristy… We need more men like Simon Asquith in this world. Not replicas of the same person, but men who are actually embracing their tenderness, vulnerability and absolute joy in being who they are. Society squeezes men into a box, a form and some sort of mold that produces hard and aloof men from the otherwise lightness and purity that young boys possess naturally. Simon is a true role model for breaking out of the mold and being himself.

  9. Beautiful how you openly express your inspiration from another, so often we never express who truly inspires us and through your expression we are all equally inspired by both Simon for being the lovely man that he is, and you for expressing it so beautifully.

  10. “He is a man who expresses his tenderness.” Thank you Kristy, this is a beautiful testimony to man who has discovered the strength to be who he truly is.

  11. I love what Universal Medicine offers, where else can you read a women expressing such deep love and appreciation for a married man and feel nothing else attached but pure joy. This is the way love is.

  12. I am studying now for ten years with Universal Medicine and I see so many men, students, opening up in their tenderness. And not just that, by living more and more in my gentleness as a woman I noticed the effect on men, on my work and everywhere. They can relax more and become more tender too. There is so much pressure put on men to behave in a certain way, to be cool, to not cry, to take care etc…What if we let go those demands to them and be ourselves again. We support each other to surrender more and more to our tenderness.

  13. The love between you and Simon is gorgeous Kristy but what is so beautiful is that you can feel from your expression of it that it is the same love that is between us all and therefore you offer a reflection of brotherhood through appreciation.

  14. Thank you Kristy for a gorgeous blog about a gorgeous man Simon, I shared, some years ago a Livingness 1 workshop with Simon. I got to feel and experience this loving caring man in our interaction, I now feel the expansion of these qualities in him today, when i look into his eyes as we say hello to each other.

  15. I love your blog Kristy, while most of the world sits in judgement or jealousy, you proclaim another’s awesomeness! – A gorgeous appreciation of a man who is willing to live his all.

  16. I love that in having a friend like Simon it teaches me about the quality of men I would like in my life and when other men don’t bring the same level of respect and quality to the relationship, my relationship with Simon is a marker that I can refer to that supports me to go deeper and not accept less.

  17. Kristy it is inspiring that you express so openly your deep appreciation and love for Simon – a beautiful reminder to not hold back on sharing and celebrating the greatness in another.

  18. Beautiful Kristy and Simon. The photo of you two together is a knockout and reflects something incredible for us all.

  19. Beautiful tribute to Simon Asquith Kristy. “I love that there are men like this in the world, who are brave enough to make the choice to build a life on responsibility, care and love for self and all people.” Me too.

  20. When men reclaim the expression of their inner tenderness, women are called back to their own sacredness. Why? Because when men are expressing from their tenderness women don’t have to compete or try to ‘keep up with the guys’, so they are free to feel themselves and how delicate we truly are.

  21. When I read your blog Kristy I am reminded of the beauty that is in the world, for example, the beauty of men who allow their tenderness to be felt, the beauty of women who allow their preciousness and sacredness to be felt in every word that they write, the beauty of the people who attend Universal Medicine presentations who are willing to change their lives so that they can express greater love. Your blog was indeed a gift and a blessing to read.

  22. I don’t know Simon personally yet but sure would like to know such a great tender loving man, and connect with him. You have definitely put the spot lights on him, and he definitely feels like the role model men need, the world needs. Great sharing Kristy.

  23. This is a beautiful testimony and a great sharing There is something gorgeously expanding about reading a heartfelt appreciation blog such as yours Kristy…it leaves a warm fullness inside.

  24. Wowsers! That’s appreciation for you! It is so amazing to experience a man in his true power – not power play. Being all of himself to the best of his ability and being comfortable with it and allowing others to see him for who he is. Not much of this going around these days, but slowly with each man that chooses to be more of himself, the more it has a chance to be infectious!

  25. Imagine if, instead of unfavourably comparing ourselves to people we know, and critiquing their character, trying to find all their flaws, we got enthusiastic about their true beauty? Perhaps then we would finally stop this ‘not quite good enough’ stuff and see the abundant brilliance that we have inside and around us. I love that you were able to receive, understand and let in Simon’s kindness Kirsty. I love too that what he offered you was done without need, and just delivered with genuine care. You are both inspirations to me, to look about and see the great people and their qualities in my life.

  26. I Love that you love and appreciate him and that write this down for everyone to also appreciate. It is lovely beautiful to appreciate another, and in doing so we also reconnect more deeply with our own divinity.

  27. There is such a community feel about Simon just coming by and cleaning you drive way because he noticed it was needed. I really love to bring back this community way of living as it is sometimes so ‘painful’ to live in an apartment with many others but not ever talk together or do things for each other.

  28. That is so true Kristy, what I sense from this blog – is that the more we allow ourselves to be, the more we can allow others to be themselves too. I am currently aware how much we play roles, or I have played roles many of them, a far from who we are.. And how men and women, in this case Simon Asquith, simply show us the way by claiming their true selves and letting go of all the false roles we have imbedded in men and women. Thank you Simon for truly letting us know what we are worth. That is no roles – just the vibe/style of whatever we are here to express from inside.

  29. I love the appreciation you share here Kristy. The depth of love and care is obvious and tangible in the Universal Medicine student body, which continues to deepen and develop beyond measure, reflecting much to be appreciated as a way of living that is not filled with the usual suffering and burdened way that is accepted as normal.

  30. It is so confirming to read your heartfelt appreciation for Simon and all that he has reflected to you about the true tenderness of men. I have never met Simon but can certainly testify to how contagious seeing the joy of him performing is and how it lights up the stage. I have always been wary of men and it has been so healing to experience being around men who are willing to be open and let go of the many roles that society imposes on them that keeps them apart from each other and everyone else.

  31. ‘When I first met Simon Asquith he was elusive and cool: there was a distance with him and you got the feeling that he didn’t really like being around people for too long’. A couple of years on and according to the examples you have given us Kristy I can really appreciate how much we can all change just as Simon has, and be much more fully engaged in life and the people around us. Your blog is also showing me in regard to everyone around us, just how much love and potential we have, even the most standoffish person most likely has, underneath all their withdrawal and protection that can distract us from their true qualities when we interact with them.

  32. This is a beautiful blog Kristy. How inspirational Simon is for other Men and boys with his care and attention that he offers others.

  33. This is a beautiful homage to a man living his tenderness, beauty and strength. A way of appreciation that honours the true qualities within us being openly lived and shared.

  34. What a far cry from the usual gossip columns full of snide remarks that typify today’s media – to think that someone has published a blog for the mere purpose of appreciating someone else. Amazing…

  35. Kristy, this is an absolute Joy to read, and to know that you’ve published this here online for all to see…
    Knowing Simon Asquith, I agree with every single quality that you’ve highlighted about him here, and I would add another – that when you get to work together with Simon Asquith, there is nought but absolute equalness and support, from a depth in him that understands and deeply appreciates the truth that is in you, and nothing less.
    The man is living, walking ‘appreciation of others’ himself. It’s brilliant that you celebrate him, and the connection that you have here, thank-you.

  36. A gorgeous appreciation of Simon Asquith Kristy. How beautiful to read – and share – this uplifting post, rather than the put-downs that occur nowadays in mainstream media.

  37. I’ve never met Simon and yet I too can feel all these qualities you describe Kristy when I see him on a universal medicine broadcast or simply from his photo. What’s beautiful is the fragility and love in your appreciation of him. A true testament to you both.

  38. What a wonderful dedication Kristy! You are equally as in inspiring for simply sharing this, for everyone that reads it get’s an opportunity to reflect on our expectations of Men and how they should be/behave. It’s pretty great to know, that slowly this is turning around.

  39. Gorgeous what you have written about Simon Kristy, thank you for sharing this beautiful man’s true qualities. I still feel a deep connection to Simon after a number of years ago doing a TL1 with him.

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