Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I Love about Simon Asquith

Kristy Wood
Kristy Wood

There are many students who attend Universal Medicine workshops who inspire me. What they are committing to, how they are changing, and the choices they are making and ways in which they are transforming their lives is inspiring and worth celebrating and sharing, as what is lived by one can inspire another.

Simon Asquith is one of these people who I am inspired by and felt to write about.

Recently Simon mentioned that my driveway was covered in mould and was getting a bit slippery so he came around and cleaned it. I had just come to accept it like this and didn’t even realise how slippery it had become until he pointed this out. This may not seem like a big deal, but to me it was. There was a real level of care in this gesture. Also when the driveway was finished it was sparkling like I had never seen it before and the whole house felt amazing.

What I can appreciate about this is the quality of the man that Simon is and how he is now bringing this out more, allowing who he is to be expressed and shared with others.

When I first met Simon Asquith he was elusive and cool: there was a distance with him and you got the feeling that he didn’t really like being around people for too long. This was only a few years ago and it is remarkable how much he has changed since then.

Simon is now one of the most sensitive and caring men I know and what’s more is he now doesn’t hold back expressing this with others. To have a male friend like this, as a woman it is teaching myself and many other women (and men also) a lot.

Kristy Wood & Simon Asquith
Kristy Wood & Simon Asquith

What I love about Simon Asquith:

  • Simon is a man who no longer plays the ‘man game’. He has broken out of many of the roles of what a man ‘should be’. I love this about him because you get to experience a man who is willing to express himself with an open-heartedness and great warmth.
  • Because of his love for people, Simon is prepared to stand up for what is true and call things to account regardless of the personal ramifications this will have for him.
  • When Simon is on stage performing and playing the guitar, there is such a joy in the way he is and moves that it is contagious. It supports you to let go and have a bit more fun and allow yourself to join that without taking yourself so seriously.
  • He is a man who expresses his tenderness. He shares how he feels, he listens and will often come into situations and support a group to come together, recognising what each person has to offer.
  • He has a real attention to detail and nothing is too small. He will go out of his way to fix the small things so that everything will run smoothly.
  • He is a great role model for kids as he has a lightness and playfulness while also being able to hold the boundaries and not act like a kid himself but continue to be the man. This is so needed in our current day – for boys to experience men who can express themselves and also their tenderness and love and know how to deal with life and the pressures men face.
Simon Asquith
Simon Asquith

As a woman it is amazing to know men like this as it supports you to also know that it is okay to be vulnerable and express your care and love for people. I love that there are men like this in the world, who are brave enough to make the choice to build a life on responsibility, care and love for self and all people.

Thank you Simon Asquith for the man you are and thank you to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for supporting men to return to who they truly are so that all can experience and be nurtured by the great love and care they have to offer.

By Kristy Wood, NSW, Australia

Kristy Wood Kristy Wood loves working with people to develop initiatives that build a sense of community and support wellbeing.

You can read more about Kristy Wood at

Simon Asquith Simon Asquith works with people all around the world to support them with technology, from the basics to managing audio production for internationally broadcast events. He is also a wicked guitarist. Basically he loves doing what it takes to bring people together.

You can follow Simon Asquith on Twitter @SimonAsquith08

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806 thoughts on “Inspired by a Universal Medicine Student: What I Love about Simon Asquith

  1. Serge Benhayon has broken the mold that men are incased in. Almost from birth, they are molded to be in many cases the total opposite to who they truly are. And I hate that as a society we do this to men. A boy is born full of love and is open hearted and by the time they reach 9 -10+ all that has seemingly gone and been replaced by a hard veneer, why do we do this?
    Boys are just as sensitive as girls and yet we crush their sensitivity and delicateness and then we complain because they grow up to be hard and abusive, that they do not understand women and how to treat them? This makes no sense to me at all.

    1. As appreciation is a known wisdom that we are divine vessels and when we live with known authority, and thus living in the confirmation of this living way, we can then live with True-purpose.

  2. The magic of the photographs in this blog is that they capture the depth of both of you, Yep, you look good, make up, clothes and so on but the real beauty is in your eyes.

  3. There is nothing sweeter than a hug from a tender man (or woman for that matter). For a man truly is in his power only when he lets himself be.

  4. Appreciation is so powerful. The love and appreciation in this writing is an invitation to us all to voice our appreciation of Brotherhood in action.

  5. It is completely Gorgeous when we let go of protection and allow ourselves to be who we truly are letting love out and in. Something I am learning more and more.

  6. My children adore this man, as do I. He is a man who is wears his innermost on his outermost – the best style that money cannot buy that comes from the inner richness of who we truly are.

    1. ‘He is a man who is wears his innermost on his outermost – the best style that money cannot buy that comes from the inner richness of who we truly are.’ Sheer poetry Liane!

  7. What is lived by one can inspire another: yes- when we see someone fully living, unapologetically claiming every choice they make, it is deeply inspiring. We are all equally role models to one another, all of the time. A point of inspiration to reflect on what exactly we’re reflecting back to others and the world, energetically first – feeling where we/another is at and the care and quality they are bringing, and not just looking at the picture of what they’re doing.

  8. Simon Asquith is very humble, quite funny and genuinely a nice guy. His workshops are simple and he really takes care to make sure all questions are answered and no participants are left confused.

  9. The role models we are now finding in these wise and sensitive men who have been inspired by Serge Benhayon, is testimony to his great tenderness and openly caring nature, to his willingness to express his joy, his love and his divine spark. I have watched over the years many men become transformed by their friendships with Serge, and it is one of the most beautiful things to witness – the returning of a man to his own sensitive nature, where he is equally strong and powerful but so very delicate and caring.

  10. It’s heartwarming to feel this love and care expressed to one another. There is not an ounce of trying to prove or get recognition for what is being done. Only a self-less and self-full response to what is needed.

  11. There are so many things to appreciate about your blog Kristy not least because it’s so rare to feel such appreciation expressed like this but also because Simon is an awesome guy and knowing him over the years and seeing him transform is incredibly inspiring. Yet all through that process, his depth of love and care for others has been abundant.

    1. When we can see, feel and appreciate the absolute beauty (divinity) in another, it helps us understand that there is always more going on below the surface of our perceptions (often laced with judgements) than we care to realise. If we see God first before we see anything else, then what is not of this love and this light does not define who we think that person to be.

  12. Very beautiful this is. What you appreciate about Simon says so much about you too, Kristy – what you hold so dear to yourself, the value that you live in your everyday life. There are obvious physical differences in a male and a female bodies, but the true essence of who we are, what we are here to express, all comes from the same one source.

  13. I’ve rarely read someone eulogise a man without measuring him on his work, performance or strength. Let us have so much more expression like this, celebrating men’s beauty and sweetness and what they bring.

  14. It is gorgeous and inspiring the more we appreciate each other and is infectious. We all benefit and get to appreciate ourselves more the more we appreciate each other. It changes the way we interact rather than always making it about us we make it about love and claiming the essence and truth of who we all are.

  15. “This is so needed in our current day – for boys to experience men who can express themselves and also their tenderness and love and know how to deal with life and the pressures men face.” – Absolutely it is, there are many damaging ideals and beliefs about what it is to be a man or how men ‘should be’ and to have a living reflection of someone who isn’t bound by this is something to appreciate.

    1. It sure is something to appreciate Fiona and whilst it is a ‘normal’ way of being because we have strayed so far away we need to stop and appreciate more and show others this is the way we can be and is possible to be rather than just thinking of it as a possibility.

  16. I have also witnessed the change in Simon over the last few years. He is a great example of someone who had been heavily invested in the music industry, ‘cool and distant’ which was covering up the exquisite, dedicated, loving and playful man he actually is. This shows me no matter what front we put on, there is always something beautiful just underneath the surface.

  17. To read of your appreciation towards another man Kristy is beautifully expressed, men like Simon are deeply inspiring and a powerful reflection that serves all men and women.

    1. They sure are Anna and deserve to be truly appreciate for who they are rather than simply what they do. It is about the quality of who we are and what we bring rather than making it solely about our output and function.

  18. I am forever grateful for having come into the lives of the thousands of people who have been inspired by Universal Medicine. The level of care, understanding and integrity of these people is second to none and a living proof that regardless of our background and previous choices we all are able to turn our lives around.

    1. It was incredibly beautiful to hear Serge Benhayon appreciate the students of Universal Medicine this morning in a webinar, this man never ceases to amaze me.

  19. Before I got to know Simon I saw him walking around the hall at a place a course was on, I noticed him because he walked in a way that was really inviting, warm, open and confident with no charm or cockiness. It is refreshing, to say the least, and very healing as you share here Kirsty.

  20. Beautifully inspiring to be inspired by Simon’s love of people and the way he holds himself with such joy from the inside out, it’s totally infectious.

  21. This article is a tribute to what there is to appreciate in another person when what is seen is done so without the filter of protection and judgement. This article shows the love that can be felt for another human being.

  22. Awesome, more of this please, lets celebrate and arise one another, no more comparsion or competiton; lets bask in and enjoy the blessings that are around us in the form of gorgeous people.

  23. I could write a blog like this about every student of Universal Medicine that I know, having seen profound changes in hundreds of people with my own eyes. Seeing these transformations has given me a new insight into the potential every human being has and when I look at anyone now I can see how grand they truly are.

  24. What I love is that when I look around my life it is filled with people who inspire me deeply. Whatever it is that I may be struggling with, someone is there to offer a reflection of how I can deal with this or what a greater truth in this area might be. I am surrounded by deep love and wisdom but I only get to see this when I open myself to it.

  25. Confirming another so beautifully as you have Kirsty can only be confirming of your own similar qualities of tenderness and openness especially with children.

  26. I love what you have shared about Simon. There were so many students I did not know when I first came to Universal Medicine. But during any events or music, Simon always stood out for me. He would either be attending to the audio, mikes or on his guitar. Every time I observed Simon, he was present with himself but when he was on stage with his guitar he was something so powerful yet so tender. I never saw a man look at their partner in such a loving and committed way than Simon – wow.

  27. I love this, that someone can notice your driveway needs cleaning and then actually come round and clean it. Awesome. I have noticed that although I have not as yet made any such grand gesture I am opening up and expressing myself in the world similarly and this I love too.

  28. What I love about you Kristy is your willingness to show your love and appreciation for another, allowing all of us to share and bathe in such gorgeous appreciation.

  29. It’s beautiful to read your sharing here Kristy, the precious way you value Simon’s qualities is admirable too. How very rare it is to read an appreciation of a man without agenda or buying into common power plays. Thank you for such a loving read.

  30. The appreciation for another at this level, to know someone who lives who they are, and to really appreciate that is a great, great gift in life.

  31. I know Simon Asquith too. He is a true man and real to his intentions. Easy to get along with and a joy to work with also. Him and his wife make a glorious couple who are absolutely majestic as a duet in music .. .. maybe one day there will be album to experience the love they share with each other and all – truely inspiring..

  32. I love that there are people like you both in the world, who notices someones driveway is dirty and goes round and cleans it? And who writes publicly about their appreciation of all of someone’s amazing qualities? I hope this is the future for people.

      1. There are many students of Universal Medicine, including Greg and Nicola who are huge inspirations for myself and humanity.

  33. It’s one thing to come to see that all the good gestures, charitable acts and nice things we do are often fake, and driven from a need to feel better in ourselves. But it’s another then to put this aside, and offer the world without reservation or looking to hide, our unabashed care and affection. To lay it out simply for others to take or leave is not easy for a man these days, encumbered as we are by many layers of ‘rejection’. So how beautiful that men like Simon are letting other people in, showing them they care, without games, conditions or guilt trips. It should be normal but really is remarkable and so well worth appreciating as you have done here Kristy.

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